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The State

The project is impracticable and Par goes to lose its cultural identity, therefore a time that the territory is broken up everything is changed, and one of these changes will be the culture that will go to lose itself total. But this will be determined in the plebiscite that will happen in day 11 of December of 2011, where each person will have the right to exert its citizenship one more time, and will go to have the chance to choose what it finds better for the state. Additional information is available at ConocoPhillips. A SIMPLE ONES YES WILL BE THE SUFFICIENT TO IMPROVE OUR STATE? DYOLIANE SOUSA PEACE. GROUP: 6 TE5 The population of the West of Par, since many years comes in this fight of the creation of the State of the Tapajs. Will be 27 cities integrated to this new State. In the last days the accomplishment of the plebiscite was approved in the legislative chamber and of the Senate that goes to be day 11 of December of this year of 2011.

The creation of the State of the Tapajs is very important for the people of the West of Par, therefore it will go to bring improvement of life for some populations, will also have populations that less he will be favored. The State of the Tapajs in the region of the West of Par is more than a project politician, is a project of strategical development of national, economic and social security of the North of Brazil. The new State will also serve approximately to materialize the monitoring and the sovereignty of the wealth, providing the harmonious development of Brazil, generating 200 a thousand new jobs. In case that the States of the Tapajs and Carajs in less are created than 2 perhaps years already it can have an election for governor. With the creation of the new State, our city will go to develop itself and will have an improvement in the health, education, housing, etc. .


E it was demonstrated in the ballot boxes for the votes, null, white and abstinence, not only for the holiday. Therefore it gave to vote early and to follow trip. The votes would have to have IDO for the adversary, but it badly was assisted when he started with attacks menosprezando the force and the character of the woman. In the Internet, I could observe opinions that had moved with the woman of fiber and fighter. today many women are antenadas in its hours of recess and could observe opinion of certain men as: woman place is in the kitchen, washing clothes, serving in the table and the bed. Stupidly, the ones had been these that had more raised Dilma to be to be the first President of Brazil. That it can give continuity, win obstacles, learn each time more, elaborate offences infuriates, respect the critical ones they will help that it to more still grow, searching and solutions alternative. With the patience and wisdom of mother, it will lead this nation, as the necessities of the children of Brazil.

Congratulations to all the men who love and give to value ace women as partners and half of the soul, as polarity, therefore one does not exist without the other. It is the Yin and Yang, the natural Law, existing in the world. Nothing it is created without the other polarity. WE ARE ALL ONE, IN GOD. a candle lights some candles, illuminating everything its return deep Peace to all MORAES NORM AP SILVEIRA. ' ' With the best votes, on behalf of that they trust a government for todos' ' That Brazil always continues with its projects and the goal pointing a future clearly and promissor' '

Public Works

After all, to have the support of twenty percent of the Brazilian electorate, as Marina showed and demonstrated to have, means that the environment found echo next to a significant parcel of the Brazilian population. The PV would have elements for, at least, to influence in the decisions regarding the chains that would go to assume those ministries whose actions if reflect directly on the territory and the environment. The PV and Marina could argue next to who won the lawsuit in as the turn, exactly having assumed a neutrality position: We do not help, but also, we do not confuse? E, somebody with sensitivity enough to occupy the Palace of Plateaus, certainly would be sensible to the representation of twenty percent of the Brazilian voters. Therefore if somebody left victorious person in the presidential elections Brazil in 2010, this somebody was the environment, together with all those that militate for the ambient cause. Marina Hisses and the PV would have to search to assume the control of the sectors that at risk cause impacts on the environment, compromising the support and placing the future of the coming generations. It is the case of the activities of mineral exploration, of the activities of estruturao of the road net and those activities that have immediate consequences on the territory and, after that, if they make to feel on the environment. This would be the case of the actions led the handle for the Agrarian Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, with its territorial plans and for the Ministry of the National Integration, with its projects of ' ' revitalizao' ' of hidrogrficas basins and its regional politics. In the case of the Ministry of the Cities, we must always remember that the urban expansion leads, inevitably, to the competition for territories, with called ' ' space construdo' ' fighting for the natural areas, until then preserved, or against areas of farming production, competition this that, the medium and long run, will have consequences for the environment.

The Concept

All these processes observed in the current society have been determinative to speed up this process of gradual indispensable indignation the change of any politician-administrative system. Let us see then each one of them: 3.2.1? The reinveno of the space and the politician-ideological interaction the acceleration of a revolutionary process of -, to a large extent, for the possibility that if has to make ideas to circulate freely on one definitive territory, target of the revolution, or is of it searching to articulate a teia of relations that will construct the necessary militancy to the revolutionary objectives. At a first moment, such distance can be perceived that gradually it was diminished by the globalization that in them brought the concept of global village. Imperialismos and massificao of cultures and behaviors to the part, are known that exchanges between cultures were and are basic for the evolution of social structures. Already at as a moment this space of interaction only was not gradually diminished, as it came being, but reinventado for the Internet. The space in which if it interacts is not more the ground of no metropolis, but the proper virtual space that the Internet projects.

Such reinveno created for the society the possibility of the joint in mass of its interests becoming them immediate requirements and not only remote possibilities of governmental action, given the efficiency of the canals of public pressure, that is so bigger the more numerous is the manifestations of support to a cause. If this phenomenon esbarrava in geographic difficulties to happen today not esbarra more. 3.2.2 Governmental action and performance popular: the acceleration of the processes of institucional adaptation: The reinveno of the space generates inevitably a remodelagem in the time that permeia the interaction. It was common sense, until very little time behind, the notion of that the laws if remodelled, or of that the institutions were reconfigured and until created in a very lesser speed that the social transformations, natural and technological for which they had to correspond.

Eurofighter Sukhoi

Currently, they are capable to use missiles and modern bombs, as the powerful antiradar missile Russian Kh-31 Krypton. However, the hunting has little reach and capacity of limited load, beyond low ascent reason. However, three multi-functional huntings of combat if detach in the inventory of the Air Force of China, although to be in service in small numbers: the Shenyang J-11, version of domestic production of the Sukhoi Su-27, the Sukhoi Su-30MKK, of Russian manufacture and the Chengdu J-10. Certainly such aircraft represent the most powerful vectors of the PLAAF, capable of, with adequate training them pilots, if to impose in any scene of modern combat. The hunting Shenyang J-11 was produced under license, being in the truth a Sukhoi Su-27K. The capacities of the aircraft Sukhoi Su-27 and its variants are recognized world-wide, being considered capable in operation today in the planet, therefore, excusing bigger commentaries. The project of the J-10 aircraft was made in Israel that, together with Russia, made use the Pequim the ways necessary to construct such aircraft.

They had it to the Israelis projected as a national version of the American hunting F-16. The J-10 is one modern hunting that represents a great advance for China. However, the aircraft is in service in limited numbers, and the progress of aircraft of the call generation 4++ and the fifth generation in Russia, the Europe Occidental person and the United States denotes that its potential can be contained. Stories exist of that the Chinese would be projecting an aircraft of fifth superior generation to Eurofighter 2000 and the Rafale Frenchman. The proper net of Chinese state television already cited the existence of the project, however the information, not-officer, of whom one future aircraft comes to be superior to Eurofighter 2000 is contestvel. The new and modern light aircraft Chengdu FC-1, not-operational in the PLAAF, are being tested.

Presidency Time

Journalist Vladimir Herzog was at the time of the fact the director-responsible one of the Department of Journalism of the TV Culture of So Paulo and publisher of culture of the magazine Vision. Its death would cause great impact and repercussion in the public opinion what it would come to cause fort suspicion to the official version. Sources according to cited, the secretary of the Press of the Presidency of the Republic, Humberto Barreto, would disclose then for the first time to the climate of existing confrontation between the president and the agencies of repression politics, especially of So Paulo, on contestadores of the distenso and to the minister of the Army, general Slvio Fleet. In result of this fact its secretary of the press Humberto Barreto arrives to ask for resignation of its position, but it are presumptuous to remain for the proper Geisel, that discloses to need people fidiciary offices to disarticulate the project adversary. Geisel already wise person who some military of high patent of the Army already articulated a military blow for dep it, but had a man of extreme loyalty and confidence that already came has much time monitoring all the events: this man was nothing more nothing less than its minister Head of Security of National, general Joo Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo who would succeed in the presidency of the Republic leading Brazil to it to the return to the democratic system. With the approach of the mass of seventh day for the soul of Journalist Vladimir Herzog, then the Golberi minister of the Couto and Silva transmitted recommendations to the So Paulo Journalists so that they did not accept and they prevented provocations capable to radicalize the situation still more. The mass would be praid by the cardinal-archbishop of So Paulo, dom Pablo Evaristo Arns, one of the critical greaters of the Military Regimen and would congregate thousand of people in the Cathedral of If in an environment of great tension, finishing for becoming it first manifestation politics of spread against the government of president Ernesto Geisel. . .

Social Service

Not forgetting that in eight years members of the house of representatives can guarantee a retirement being enough to follow some requirements, good lesser what a worker ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ he needs to fulfill. Today with the advent of the Internet, of the use of vdeoconferncias in the judiciary one also, he would not be reasonable of to be used this way also between the Members of the house of representatives and Senators to diminish the expenditures with trips for Brasilia or its States? thus also to leave that each one of these politicians make politics of inside of its proper offices and not needing in such a way to perceive the highest wages to represent the people, representation this, many times forgotten as soon as installed it elect position. They could dislocate only one time for month until Brasilia to make a speech its projects and to guarantee support of its colleagues. With this technology that we possess in programs of computer, the example of the Brazilian federal prescription, the politicians could be folloied of house for any citizen and thus to be valued for the personal works of each one, in detriment of this people chose who it, would be one politics much more valued, therefore it would make for the people something that would like that they made for it, and this only for the will to make and not unchained for the patrimonial ascension, then would not need to declare its good in manchetes of periodicals therefore all profit would be through its proper profession..

Portuguese Kingdom

E in other countries, the republic also elapsed in the truth of illegitimate Coup d etat, as it occurred in Brazil and Portugal, in this with the right to a previous regicide. Thus, we see that the republican system in some hypotheses can until being natural for a people who suffers from ' ' Syndrome of Ado' ' , or either, that orphan of institutions is and necessary if to raise front to the international community. This is the situation of the too much American countries (except Canada and others in Central America), but is not the case of Brazil. Brazil yes, as excessively, it was during three hundred years a Portuguese colony. However, in contrast of the other colonies, it did not have an institucional rupture, in which the country left of being a colony and politically passed to one republiqueta independent but dependent economically. Brazil was the only country in Americas that the part of the Kingdom evolved (in contrast to rebelling itself) of a colony, also more independent of what the European part of the Portuguese Kingdom, therefore that one arrived to be busy for the Frenchmen during certain period. From then on, the independent Brazilian entity of Portugal continued its true evolution, when breaking up itself of its European part it continued with its system of total legitimated monarchic government, being that also the first state to recognize the independence of our American Monarchy was exactly the biggest example of republic, that had been the United States. By the way, this was not the only independence with monarchic continuity, therefore when the Norway was seen independent of Sweden, independent Belgium of Holland and independent Greece of the Ottoman Empire, all had opted to the monarchic continuity, through the choice of real houses that had given to continuity to the project politician of those countries (being that Greece unhappyly finished victim of one another republican blow).

Jonival Lucas

In 2006, in fact, Wagner was the great winner. Using the popularity of president Lula, institutionalized the call protest vote, with that Squid in 2002 chooses, and penetrated deep in the redoubts of the Carlismo. Weaveeing alliances more esdrxulas in order to take ahead its project to arrive at the government of the state, as of> in the measure where they had not claimed to gain election, to only mark position finishes for stimulating the petista candidacy. For all the effect, the PT dragged part of the right, stimulating the imagination and the opportunism of adventurers of some matrices, being that some had finished defeated as what it happened with Jonival Lucas, Benito Gamma, Udurico Young chicken among others. The victory of Wagner if of the one in the Bulge of a process of national transistion, where the government of President Lula places the social one as flag,> that is, significant advances in the social field (as the stock market family, for example), had been obtained and evidently very it is for being made still in as a government (as to teach to fish, for example) without, however, to have an institucional expression that becomes them irrevocable rights. The consolidation and magnifying of these rights, or better, distribution of income, will depend on the form as it will express itself institucionalmente in the federal and state level: moreover, these distributions of income will be given for the specific weight that each one of the component forces of the alliances politics will have in the process of this institutionalization. In this direction it is only possible to admit that the conjunctural changes of the victory of Wagner in the last bahian lawsuit will not only have a national dimension as it also tends humilhadamente to have influence in the internal hegemony of the party of the workers defeated in So Paulo. ghts.

Having important tax it defeats to the section best structuralized and more advanced of the DEM, in one of the main states of Federacy, the emergent joint of the left center in the Bahia, necessarily unbalances the estruturador axle of the right with the victory of the Squid in 2o turn of the 2006 elections. It was necessarily the So Paulo section of the PT that almost obtains, paying with the local defeat, to express with bigger clarity that, in the game politician is necessary very well-taken care of not to ruin all a done joint. However, beaten in the last elections the Carlismo it is not deceased, however, it dives in its deeper crisis and starts to have its internal unit not only eroded for the natural tension of the defeat for the government of the state and the Senate, as well as for the age and state of health where if it finds its leader bigger. A time conquered the government of the state, will fit to the PT to determine that model of active state economically and with distribution of income if desires that ones of the problems most serious of our state is the concentration of income in the hands Jeorge Cardozo Luiz Professor, Graduated Filosofia (UCSAL/2000), Specialist in Educao (UNEB/2003), Special Pupil of the Mestrado in Public Politics (UNEB).

Social Service

To work such condicionantes if makes in the dialogue, in construction of the peace culture. Strozenberg in says that ‘ to them; ‘ the process of reinforcement of the peace culture does not have to inhibit the feeling and desire of changes, but, over all, to contribute so that these changes can occur of not violent form, and counting on the effective participation of the directly involved actors in questo’ ‘. (STROZENBERG, 2006:81). This is the challenge. ‘ ‘ Agent can make the things in the shout or the word. He can be a number or a citizen. He can for an end in papo or follow the hope because the choice is nossa.’ ‘ (ALMEIDA, 2008).

Thus being, the social, professional assistant that she meets inserted in the different fields, and the relation with these different actors, needs to assume itself of the tools of mediation who are ece of fishes and in its form of specific professional performance thus to contribute in the diffusion of the peace culture and in the construction of the dialogue that if presents necessary, making possible the view of this learning to the collective one of the society. Balestreri illustrates this well assertive, when it suggests that ‘ ‘ if we want, one day, to live a true one? human culture of citizenship and rights? , we need to go beyond the accusation, adding efforts for the construction of a new model of public security. The partnership, therefore, enters the community that if express through its organizations and the policy, is basic so that let us reach a democratic platform of greater plenitude.’ ‘ (BALESTRERI; 2003:17 and 18). Some assays of dialogues exist appearing and that it has presented a north for this question. A sufficiently illustrative case is the Project Papo de Responsa, that appear of an interaction between the civil society (AFROREGGAE), civil policy and private initiative (Natura). This project if dedicates to divulge the culture of peace and the necessity of that all assume its parcel of responsibility in the construction of a society more insurance, engaged in the defense of the human rights and in the respect to the differences.