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Radiant Trinca

Emptiness prolongated situated between dendritas of the casting zone. 29. Extreme reinforcement. Metal excess of the casting zone, located in the face of the weld.

Illustration 22 – Examples of discontinuity in welding. (Source: Brazilian foundation of Technology of the Welding, 1996) 30. Respingos. Metal globules of addition transferred during the welding and adhered to the surface of the base metal or the made solid casting zone already. 31. Overlapping. Metal excess of the overlapped casting zone to the metal of base in the edge of the weld, without being casting to the base metal.

Illustration 23 – Examples of discontinuity in welding. (Source: Brazilian foundation of Technology of the Welding, 1996) 32. Weld in asymmetric angle. Weld in angle, whose legs are significantly different in disagreement with the project configuration. Illustration 24 – Examples of discontinuity in welding. (Source: Brazilian foundation of Technology of the Welding, 1996) 33. Trinca. Type of discontinuity to glide characterized for an acute tip and one high reason length and width. 34. Trinca de Cratera. Trinca located in the crater of the weld lace, being able to be: (a) longitudinal (Figure) (b) transversal (Figure B) (c) in star (Figure C) Illustration 25 – Examples of discontinuity in welding. (Source: Brazilian foundation of Technology of the Welding, 1996) 35. Trinca in star. Radiant Trinca of inferior size the width of a pass of the considered weld. 36. Trinca to interlamelar. Trinca in form of steps, situated in parallel plans the direction of lamination, located in the metal of next base the casting zone. Illustration 26 – Examples of discontinuity in welding. (Source: Brazilian foundation of Technology of the Welding, 1996) 37. Radiant Trinca. Set of trincas that they leave of one same point, being able to be located: (a) in the casting zone (Figure) (b) in the zone affected thermally (Figure B) (c) in the base metal (Figure C) Illustration 27 – Examples of discontinuity in welding.

The Next

But the question is not that we are confused by the technical complexity of the job, because something distant and like we have already taken place, and theoretically we are aware of the work at this time. And not that it is night, and we have three days on his feet, and before a final decision we took five minutes, but in a totally different – that this task should be executed in a joint group. Together with another pair of similar teams from different cities, who see each other here for the first time, with different levels of training, age, equipment, with its approach to problem solving, their psychology and experience, ambitions, views and aspirations of these opinions to defend. And it's terrible, because working with other people is much more difficult than working with his team alone. AKP – is when we go through the next stages of the block and looking at what they do and what they judge, and given his past experience, already know exactly what will now be free time.

But we suddenly give a regular stage, and we understand if we refuse, it means that we surrendered, we were broke. It does not matter, then what we have with all the long we can go further in the distance, just that it was our chance, our chance to prove to ourselves that we can do more than calculated at the beginning. This was our chance and we missed that chance, and another will be gone.

Adel Copil

Even jade is shattered, even if gold breaks, even tears quetzal feathers. Not forever on earth, only a bit here. ARE YOU REAL? Are you true you root? Only those who dominates everything, the Giver of life. Is this true? Is it not, as they say? AMay our hearts are not torture! all that is true, which is rooted, say it is not true that he has no root. The giver of life is available only arbitrary.

AMay our hearts are not torture! Because a l is the giver of life. ONLY Netzahualcoyotl a L Zan yehuan, Ipala neouhua. Ninentlamatia, aic azo ic ac “? “Ac azo aic? Nonahuiya in tenahuacan. In tictlazotzetzelohua zan, in motechpa e Huitzo in monecuiltonol, Ipal nemohua! In izquixochitli, cacahuaxochitli, nocolehuiya zan, zan ninentlamatia … Only he, the giver of life. Vana wisdom had me, does anyone not know? Does anyone not? I had not pleased the people’s side.

Precious realities make it rain, your happiness comes from you, Dador of life! Fragrant flowers, beautiful flowers I wanted them forward, I was vain wisdom … Ma FOUNDATION IN MEXICO 1325 “Go and see a wild cactus, and there you will see an eagle quiet is erect. They eat, there is combed feathers, and be content that your heart is the heart of Alli Copil you wherever you go to throw water makes more twists and turns! But wherever he came to fall, and have seen among the rocks in the cave of reeds and sedges, Adel Copil heart of wild cactus that has sprung! AY reign and there we’ll be there: there’ll wait and encounter all sorts of people! Nuestros hearts, our minds, our arrows, our shields there they will see: all around us there the conqueror! Aqui be enduring our city of Tenochtitlan! The place where the eagle squawks, where the wings open, the place where they eat and where flying fish, where snakes are doing arenas and Silver! AESE will be Mexico-Tenochtitlan and many things have to happen! Cuauhcohuatl then said: – Very good priest is my lord! ALO gave your heart, we’re going to hear what my parents, elders all together!

Cheap Gifts

Someone get a nicer gift, and someone to give him. But, nevertheless, like all gifts. After a gift is an expression of our feelings and emotions. This is an indication of our attitude to the man. Gifts for my birthday? What is the gift is the most versatile? Hard to say. It all depends on the taste of a man who presented a gift. But the most original gifts – a handmade gifts.

Especially popular right now are jewelry polymer clay, or baked glass, fusing techniques. The thing is that these materials are obtained from truly original gifts. It could be earrings, bracelets, pendants, key chains – anything you want. There may be a variety of variations of colors and shapes. A perfect gift for home interior candles handmade become.

Here you can show imagination and make a decent gift candles. Because you decide what will be the shape, color and aroma candles. Can think of in order to make a custom casket with his hands out of the available materials at hand, or buy them at the gift shop. Handmade candles are a great addition to the interior, give you peace, harmony and fill your house a wonderful aroma. Of inexpensive gifts is to give preference to the author's cards. For several reasons. First – this is a field for imagination. Pretty paper, stickers, rhinestones, beads – can translate any idea into a fantastic gift. Second – one has only to imagine admiring a person's face, which will be addressed such a card, just like all the questions disappear. Of course, the materials are great many – should only take and act, but there may be a problem. Not every person can make a really nice thing with his hands. And all purchased materials, along with the time spent on making "masterpiece" will fly into the trash. What to do? Ask for help of friends? Is it worth it to distract them and have not fully confident that they will bring to life a brilliant idea? In fact, it's simple! Can use the Internet gift shop. There is no need to fear that the idea was not realized. In the gift shop you easily and conveniently, you can view all presented gifts and pick up something special. A wide range of products and as a gift (and stylish things just for yourself) the gift shop will be provided. The more that can be done and personal order, which will be truly exclusive, original and unique gift. And, acquiring exclusive original thing you can safely give it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, and to make rave reviews from friends about "their" golden hands. And let it remain a little secret …

Viewing Area

Measurement made diagonally from one corner to opposite corner. Sizes range from LCD monitors 15 inches to 25, but does not always mean more is better, the main thing that you feel comfortable. Native resolution: LCD monitor always has a definite recommend resolution. You can not exceed it, but you can do less, but image quality will deteriorate. If you need to change the screen resolution often enough CRT monitor should suit you more. Angle of view: One of the problems specific to LCD monitors is that you can not see anything, if you look at the monitor at an angle greater than the allowable. Therefore necessary choose a monitor with wide viewing angle, especially if you plan deltat presentation.

CRT monitors now let's look at some things to consider when buying a CRT monitor. The size of the tube and the apparent area: the size of the tube and the visible region of the CRT monitor is of paramount importance. The size of the tube will help you determine how much space you will need to monitor on your desktop. This is expressed in inches, measured from one angle of the monitor to the opposite corner. Viewing Area (also called the diagonal) shows how large will otobrazhats your entire working environment. Tube type: Traditional CRTs have curved screens, while as newer models are generally flat. Flat screens improve clarity and reduce glare, so it's best if you want to reduce eyestrain.

Maximum resolution and refresh rate, the maximum CRT monitor resolution can vary from 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz and 2048 to 1536 at 70 Hz. For normal use at home, 1024 x 768 at 75 Hz is sufficient. You should make sure that your CRT monitor refresh rate supported above 70 Hz – anything below 70 Hz can cause screen flicker and cause eye irritation. Point size CRT monitor to determine how sharp a picture – this figure can vary from 0.24 mm to 0.28 mm. Less pixel size often indicates a sharper picture. Of course, to the untrained eye, the difference in picture quality on this parameter are not very noticeable.