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Summa 112

The SUMMA 112 is the Emergency Medical Service of Madrid (whose initials formed the name), unique establishment by law of CAM has all health humana insurance jurisdictions throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid, in emergencies, emergency and catastrophes, which has collaboration agreements with other institutions SAMUR, individual insurance Red Cross, civil defense, and Municipalities in the provision of ambulances to transfer patients
These skills also expands the water rescue, such as St. My first choice is is an innovative health insurance service company John’s Marsh and others, as well as in health in collaboration with the Fire Department in his GERA service, rescue at height.
Its main base is in Madrid, on Calle Anthracite N 2.
The currently has 112 Summa:
Cellular UVI -26
-18 Rapid Intervention Vehicle (V.I.R.)
Helicopter medical -2
-37 S.U.A.P. (Emergency Services)
-1 C.U.E.S. (Specialized emergency center small business insurance in the town of El Molar with the latest advances in medical informatics)
“Just as many ambulances SERMAS (Health Service of Madrid)
The two Emergency services offering emergency health care and emergency within the Community of Madrid were the 061 and SERCAM.
The 061, is created from the Emergency Special Service group health of Madrid (SEU). It was created in January 1964, although then it was conceived more as a complement to outpatient care night that as a insurance plans real service oriented to give a complete urgent attention, as it limited its family medical insurance activity to the time slot from 17:00 to 9:00, well as the holidays, his birth 37 years ago is one of the pioneering experiments in Europe in the setting up of outpatient urgent medical attention.
In 1989, the SEU in Madrid was the administrative structure on which the developed part of the aetna insurance actions needed to address the issues that the report prepared by the Office of the Ombudsman in the year 1988. The application in the Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (CM) of the Emergency Health Plan insurance of INSALUD led to the redevelopment of the SEU, beginning in 1989 the transfer to the primary care areas of the Continuous Care (PAC) under the legislation and including the creation of an Emergency Coordination medical insurance Center (UCC), and putting into operation in January 1990, the health emergency telephone 061 numbers allocated by the Plan as telephone health emergencies.
From 1989 aetna health to 1994 were deployed mobile emergency 9 Units (EMU) and was consolidated in addition the SEU – 061 in Madrid as the twelfth Primary Care Management (GAP) Insalud-Madrid.
In 1994 as a result of internal analysis on the present and future of a service of this nature and to tailor the structure of the service demands of citizens, the SEU-061, Madrid starts a new process of transformation that aims to improve health care, focusing on aspects most directly concerned with emergency and emergency extension as a phone for the entire population of the CM The key project of transformation healthcare plan consisted in increasing the number dental insurance of UMES to 15, in the deployment of Home Care Unit (UAD) for urgent attention at home, after hours of operation of the Primary Health Care centers in the municipality Madrid, and the externalization of unassisted emergency medical transport and transfer of 150 employees assigned to the PACs to the Managements of Primary Care Health Institute, Madrid.
From 1996 to 2000, group insurance the GAP 061, Madrid, won the System Certification Quality Management accordingto the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 for its services by AENOR, performed the first self-evaluation in the context of the EFQM Model The appointment of health personnel assigned to emergency device (UMES and Coordination Center) and emergency doctors and nurses according to the Resolution of 26 July 1999 of the Executive Presidency INSALUD health plans and began the implementation of systems management decentralization through the implementation of participative management by objectives (MBO) and signature of the managed care contract between the GAP of 061, Madrid and Insalud.
The SERCAM, born in 1997 on the proposal of the Presidential Adviser on the approval health of the development of the Emergency and Rescue Services of the Community of Madrid, is created in the Presidential within the scope of the Directorate General of Civil Protection and under the operation of the Fire Department insurance companies of the Community of Madrid. In 1996, a pilot operation is put into a helicopter in the park medicalized Fire health plan Lozoyuela, in 1997 he began to run a second helicopter in the park located medicalized Fire Las Rozas.
In 1999 he was transferred the Directorate General of Civil Protection of the Presidential Council for the Environment.

Christmas Party at Sir Paul Judge

If more parties. And this really special. In one of the first posts I told global you that Sir Paul Judge is a very wealthy lady one commercial day he decided to donate 8 million pounds to Cambridge University to create a business school. So management the school where I am doing the MBA financial is called the Judge Business School. equity The case is that he invited every year to all school students (more than trading 200 between MBA, MPhil and PhD) to a Christmas party at his account apartment in London. If in his apartment in the living room money of his house comfortably fit 200 loans people. In the photo below comes less than half. Os story. This man lives in a penthouse fully occupying 18th and 19th floors of a banking building called The Panoramic. The apartment is beside the Thames, across consumer Vauxhall Bridge and company MI6, next to the Chelsea neighborhood, a stone’s throw from banks Big Ben and Parliament, also near the London Eye. Those who know the city say the market price of the apartment can market be around 30 million pounds, about 45 million. Insane, is it group “In companies short, the story is that we left Cambridge in three buses and it took about 2 hours to get to central London.


For taxes means the appraisal of an object, either a work of art, a jewel, a home or business. Usually when talking about appraisals (in Spain) it is usually in mortgage valuations (which are regulated by a ministerial ECO/805/2003 of 27 March and subsequent amendments) and are those assessments that are performed on real property (land, buildings, mines, etc. …), which are used for the use of well priced as collateral security for a loan or mortgage. These assessments should not be confused with those made by employees of real estate, that prior corporation to the sale of a flat, usually perform a valuation of it. These appraisals are not valid at the Bank of Spain.
When applying for account a mortgage, savings bank or charge a valuation of the asset to be used as collateral in case of default (it is sometimes possible to go to financial the bank with a valuation responsible within a business appraiser particular). The valuation performed by an appraiser belonging to a company valuations accepted by the Bank of Spain, who visits the property to appraise, which is usually measured, photograph and plan it. He subsequently had a valuation report of property, which trading is audited once or several times accounting by his company to check the conformity of the report with the law and with the market. Once the report is audited refers to the bank or the individual that requested it. Subsequently, the bank can grant a loan which corresponds to a percentage of the appraised value of the asset used as collateral. It is generally lend up to 80 of the appraised value without putting other guarantees that the property appraised. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation To overcome this percentage the bank requires that besides the mortgage applicant others sign as guarantors, which share responsibility in case of default.
Depending on the value the appraiser either consumer must be an architect or technical architect (residential or commercial buildings, industrial technical engineer or industrial engineer (industrial buildings), or Agricultural Engineer Agricultural Engineer (rustic farms, livestock farms in rural land or buildings ), etc … Sometimes a property must be appraised by a set of techniques with different degrees, due to its complexity. Thus, a mining operation may have to be assessed by an engineer of mines that mine tase, an architect tase or industrial engineering buildings and an agronomist to tase the land.
Valuation Method:
Generally, the appraiser estimates the value of the property by the comparison method, investigating the sales prices of similar properties. This method is used most often for the appraisal of housing, industrial buildings, garages and shops. If they are hired, plus capitalized rental income and obtain a second value, different from that obtained by the comparison method. The assessed value is always the smaller of the two values
In the case of urban land, also can calculate its value by other methods, such as the residual method Residual Method Dynamic and Static. Basically, these methods allow what is to calculate the land value from the value of selling the items that you can build on that land and discounting the benefit of the developer, construction costs, financial, commercial, etc …
Some properties like the rustic farms, the economic use (that are buildings that can only be used for companies a type of business, like a campsite, a quarry, a hotel, etc …) involve two assessments. On one side of the building banks cost rate (the valueof land and construction costs) and secondly we were to calculate the business value by banking capitalizing the income that can have that business. The assessed value is always the lesser of two values.
As in almost all sectors, companies and appraisers appraised more or less professional, so that while some companies are consistent with the values that are in the market, others are overly prudent or overly generous. If the appraised value is well above the actual value of the property, the bank can lend more money, which means that many bank managers office lobby their appraisers for higher ices. This practice, widespread, making many mortgage loan guarantees not really cover the value of the loan.
The Banco de Espana conducts regular inspections of companies to control pricing.
Some appraisal firms are independent companies, while others belong to a bank or savings bank or investment group of savings banks.


If you would like to open a business in your city to What is the first thing you think ‘public or not’ many new Internet entrepreneurs believe that only by having a page is more than enough to that visitors arrive, working online is the same as in real life, you must disclose your way of doing business in Internet traffic are varied, but in this post I want to emphasize and give some tips to make your site or blog relevant. Write well (or as staff best you can) part time that is generating quality content, jobs in if you manage to attract agencies readers to your blog will surely come back again, this means a constant traffic is increasing over time, if you can not spell or not think you can study a little more opinions on the issue and generate your own content, NEVER COPIES TO ANOTHER BLOG. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with worked with MCI, Tyco International and more If you are copying to another blog just give the credit to the author of the blog, or possibly exchange Pidele permission to post. Put yourself in place of the reader, ie think as if you have some thematic blog is because that is what you have mastered the subject or is passion, before post as the reader thinks’ I would think you read this,”subjects are more worried that your readers and sales jobs above all as clear as possible using examples logical and simple to understand. Update your blog frequently, if you are someone who writes a post every month management jobs surely your readers stop visiting your site, my recommendation is at least 3 or 4 post a week, in my case posteo human resources day, but not a rule , what is certain is that it does not stop. It occupies an autoresponder for example in this blog you will find on the right side of your screen in a form that says ’email follow us’ every time I posteo somewhat sends a notice to your mail informing you that there is an update to the forum, ie a article or post again (if you do not register yet, you expect ‘), surely so did you automate your blog today and will be easier and enjoyable the presence job search of your reader making it back many times you want. Care for the design of your blog, if you’re of those people who have banners everywhere, neon signs, pop, etc ‘best to remove think we’re not in the nineties, a clean and most simple is best, not need flood of publicity, even if your content quality can surely be a bad design could obscure the page to your readers. It is agency sociable, ie occupies social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, wordpress, technorati, etc, these sites link to your content and each time you post something there is a chance to see your blog reader and enter on. Participate in communities such as forums, blogs, discussion groups, leave your link as a signature, NEVER leave your link out of hand, participates with quality content and provide intelligence, if you do every day in a year really that your popularity and Many fans will remember DO NOT SPAM, many blogs and this also applies url you can leave your personal or business in the relevant section when you make a comment in the body of messages are NOT allowed, this is simply returning to I said previously ‘clean blog’ If someone sends you an email or posts a TU opinion as an administrator to answer you as soon as possible, a web consultants blog or updated without delays in the content is more attractive and encourages the reader to leave again his comment as he knows that it answered. In general, these are some tips on how to make your web readers in a part time jobs home do not despair all takes time and read and tantooooo after over 2 years on the Internet I encourage my blog so do not worry about it all in stride and step

Username: Vitellone

John A. Martinez Perez
Juan Antonio Martinez Perez was born in Granada on 20 May 1977. Place of business site ‘3 Abbey Road, Abbey Court, NW8 OAU, London, United Kingdom Tel: agencies 953 50 human resources 37 90 Mobil: 0034 630142282 E-mail: nonomartinez
2005 Program ‘European Young Entrepreneur’ by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of practices Londres.Programa of 6 months in business in the UK. The program aims to promote and develop the skills of practical work in registered businesses in the UK market in different sectors such as Barclays Bank and Deloitte and Touche, among others.
2004-2005 Diploma in ‘Marketing and Business “by the Regent s College (London). European Business School and Internexus.Curso that consisted of two modules:
‘Cambridge Business Espa ol Exam Course
agency ‘Business Workshops

Socrates Scholarship 2002-2003 University of Torre Maura, Tor Vergata (Rome)
1997-2004 Degree in Law from the University of Granada
‘PUBLIC Managament: ESPA OL COURSE, by the Regent job search s College management jobs (London). European Business
School.Ano 2005.
Ano 2004.
‘PHILOSOPHY AND NELL DIRITTO ERA DI INTERNET, Tor Vergara, Facolta di Giurisprudenza, Ano
‘COURSE ON THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, Universidad de Granada, 2001.
‘THE NEW STAGES International and European Law and Security, the
Universidad de Granada, 2001.
Ano 1999.
‘HUMAN RIGHTS, University of part time Granada, Ano 1999.
‘COURSE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, University of Granada, Ano 1999.
Ano 1998.
‘Federalism and Regionalism ON THE EVE OF S. XXI, of the University of Granada, Ano
‘English: Advanced Espa ol, the Cambridge Certificate. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon can define the exact right guy for the job ‘CASTILIAN: Mother Tongue. ‘ITALIANO: Excellent.
2007 Promotion INROAL S.L., GENERAL MANAGER. London, UK. jobs in Creation of the Branch or delegation of the developer-promoter Almeriense in Central London.
The aim was to establish the Delegation, the exponential growth of turnover, strengthen brand in the UK market, ensure and guarantee the attainment of results and returns in line with the strategic plan defined.
To do the duties carried out were: – Elaboration of financial accounting. Analysis of financial statements, monitoring of accounts and closing accounts. – Realization of the analytical accounting and cost control for the project. – Management of the budget. – Implementation of taxation. ‘Creating .-.-‘ Research Branch’ Office .- Creation of the Working Group, and Corporate Image material for LONDON-Coordinator Delegation of Strategy plan for accomplishment of sales jobs salesconsultants agencies estimadas.-supervision and direction of the Delegation .-
2007-2006 EXPOBUSINESS LTD, MANAGING DIRECTOR. London, UK. Business Center. Offices and meeting rooms fully equipped and provided to all businesses, SMEs and multinationals in Spain, the space needed to perform their work in the UK.
This functions to play were coordination staff and direction of the Office, Increase customer base, business plan development and launch of the magazine and acuerdos.Constitucion ‘A2zspain’ first magazine in Spanish Encarta TIMES.Desarrollo THE business with major Spanish companies. Intense contact with executives from leading companies in the sectors managed.
2005 GALLARDO and ASSOCIATES, Lawyer partner, London-Madrid Increase customer base for business opportunity, create own portfolio of clients to provide legal advice and / or extra-market studies for Spanish SMEs with business interest in the UK.
2005-2004 BLAUVERD HABITAT SL, TIME AND SALES MANAGER TRAINEES. London, UK. Delegation in London, builder developer of first and second residence on the Costa de Levante.
Period Program implemented by ‘European Young Entrepreneur’ by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Londres.Finalmente as Sales Manager with management responsibility of the agencies and media centers, exponential growth by sales turnover, analysis of financial statements , market studies, development of new negocio.Coordinador part time jobs line of events held for brand expansion and / or sale directa.Marketing.
2004-1996 SIMARPE S.L., ADDRESS, Jaen.


FELIPE LAMADRID Etchings Paintings Sculptures Felipe Lamadrid Litoral 25 11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) felipe.lamadrid Felipe LAMADRID Introduction A comprehensive biography and full dedication since 1979, the practice of engraving and printing painting , we have served Felipe Lamadrid (Puerto de Santa Maria) to get to posters the interesting results it has exposed. The effects achieved by Felipe unpublished by the checkers and the etchings of acid to sugar and resins, leaving open possibilities far recorded the usual concept of classic mode. The three ink prints or artist’s monotypes are included in a non-representational art, where the abstract and explicative key constitutes total freedom of action. Francisco Calvo Serraller LAMADRID Philip was born in El Puerto de Santa Maria, BIOGRAPHY. Toggles the 1970 Afghanistan study academic painting by award-winning Fine Arts Academy of Santa Cecilia and the Hon. Ayuntamiento de El Puerto de Santa Maria. canvas 1973 First National paintings Young Exp “Figures and Sketches”. Research the photographic aesthetic photographic photography Sacra 1974 .- San Marcos. 1975 .- He began to contribute poems gallery and sketches prints in literary magazines such as Bahia, Gemma, Sapina, the weekly El Puente, Martal, Seven, etc.. 1976 technical degrees portrait and get the scholarship I B. M. An Afghan-American entrepreneur father is the Afghanistan

Radio and

natural hospital benefits Radio and community TV morning. The CNE clarifies that management of government is not propaganda. My first choice is is an innovative health insurance service company The premium for properties in the Mutun faces two clinic ministries. Evo strikes back to prensa. ASSURANCES THAT GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY Police execute terrorist suspects resisted arrest BECAUSE Firing weight loss projectiles. (Erbol) LIVESTOCK demanded insurance US.3.000 per hectare Mutun, Administrative manager says ESM manage Dalence low department price. (Erbol) MANFRED nutrition CAMPAIGN IS FUNDED AND center LEOPOLDO Goni, son of medical V dental ctor Paz Estenssoro, Ramiro, the scores of vile servants.


1). a. Electronic commerce is the coaching buying and selling of products or services through electronic means, such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted skills electronically has grown extraordinarily since the spread of the Internet. A variety of trade is thus encouraging links the creation and use of innovations such as electronic funds transfer, the supply chain management, Internet innovation marketing, management the online transaction processing (OLTP), electronic exchange data interchange (EDI) systems, inventory management, and automated systems for data collection. Modern customer service electronic commerce typically uses leaders the World Wide Web at least at some point in the cycle of the transaction, although it can encompass a broader range of technologies, like e-mail. b. Internet Marketing or Marketing-E. The “E” stands for electronic. Includes everything related to the promotion and marketing of products, services and even ideas that are exchanged between a supplier and the training public who are cyber-oriented. And all this using the various facilities offered by the Web and direct marketing by email, the search engine promotion, advertising on other websites, etc.. c. Is a coherent set of data, structured according to agreed message standards for transmission by electronic media, prepared in a format capable of being read by the computer and it is processed automatically and without ambiguity age. strategy 2). Travel Distribution and e-Marketing -””””””” – Translate this page EyeforTravel’s Travel Distribution and e-Marketing – Travel Industry Summit for Russia and / russia / ru-brochure-logix.asp – 42k – Cached – Similar Pages v Mediaparks,””””””””’-”””’:”” ”: (e-””””’ … – Translate this page ””””””””’-”””’ Mediaparks .

Competitive Advantage

Porter’s competitive strategy described as offensive management or training defensive actions of a leaders company to create a defensible position within an industry, actions that are the answers to the five competitive forces that the author indicated as determinants of the nature and the level of competition surrounding a company and as a result, is seeking a significant return on investment. Porter identified three generic strategies that can be used individually or together, to create long term in that position defensible that outperforms competitors in an industry. These three generic strategies were: Leadership in costosQue is to keep the lowest cost compared to competitors and achieve business technology a high sales volume which is the focus of the strategy. Therefore the quality, skills service, reducing costs through greater experience, building efficiency from economies of scale, rigid cost controls and particularly in variable costs, are the subject of innovation constant scrutiny and outspoken. The strategy of low cost leadership is customer service the foundation of success of companies like: The diferenciacionLa differentiation is considered managers a protective strategy barrier against competition due to brand loyalty, which as a result should produce a management training lower price sensitivity. Differentiating means sacrificing market share and engage in costly activities such as research, product design, quality materials or increasing customer service. Sinembargo, this situation is incompatible with the strategy of low cost leadership is absent in all industries and there are businesses that can entrepreneur compete with coaching low costs and prices time management comparable team building to those of competitors. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is the chaiof the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee Company distinguished by using the form at some point of differentiation are: the approach is to focus on a specific group of customers, in a segment of the product line or geographic market.

Mexico City,

Mexico City, 15-Septiembre. President Felipe Calderon informed the Senate that left the country of 23 to 25 September to make a working visit to New York and participate in the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Council UN Security. In addition, the president of Mexico participated in the Third Summit of Leaders of the G-20, to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, according to the office he received in the session on Tuesday the Senate.