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National Gallery

Some of the typical edimburgueses neighborhoods can be observed along the Royal Mile. Full of shops and restaurants is a good area to eat typical food affordably as the fish and chips. In the middle of the promenade by the Royal Mile lies the Cathedral of St Giles, of free admission, it has a beautiful stained glass and a beautiful chapel. In addition, it is part of the history of the country for being where John Knox undertook the Scottish reform becoming the first Protestant pastor of the Cathedral. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is located precisely at the end of the Royal Mile. Residence in Scotland of the British Royal family concentrated in its interior a large number of rooms, secret passageways and basements, which can be visited when not occupied by any member of the Royal family.

Also in the Old Town can stroll through numerous alleys and Miss while visiting shops, restaurants and houses that are hidden in these peculiar districts within the historical center. But without a doubt, to perform a true immersion in the old town and its mysteries is worth walk one of the many passageways that run through the edimburgues subsoil. And is that you can visit some of the passages that lived centuries ago people reportedly manifested in the form of ghosts once you are inside the dark passageways, and is highly recommended for the bravest. Those who are not it can come to the port of Leith where the ship Britannia is docked. This has been used by the British Royal family for 44 years for their journeys by sea and now you can visit the rooms of its interior and imagine how life was in the sea of royalty. Moreover, the New Town is a clear example of European neo-classical urbanism and he shows the influence of the Georgian architecture. To know it it is necessary to walk through the three main streets, which are the parallel Princess Street, George Street and Queen Street, which concentrate the major part of the social and economic life of the city.

You can also visit the National Gallery of Scotland, which has more than 30,000 works ranging from the beginning of the Renaissance to the 19th century. Another of his best-known museums is the National Museum of Scotland, formerly known as Royal Museum, brings together a large collection of archaeology, Sciences natural, technology and art. And there is no better way to conclude a trip to the Athens of the North, close to Calton Hill to admire from the heights all the beauty that is home to a city with two personalities. By: Andrea Sanz original Autor and source of the article.

President Alfonsin

appropriate technology; in other words, was the vindication of what we knew as the home to countries such as ours, the night of the crisis came in mid-1982 when passions are aquieten; is recognised that the message of Park North of President Alfonsin in the summer of 1986; certified the entrance to heart of what is known as a post-industrial society. The lifestyle of industrial society was losing the culture of the home: it only curiously subsisted in some marginal rural areas. The times suggest the relearning of appropriate technologies. More as the transmission from generation to generation was lost, urgent need to spread the culture of the home through the educational system recently we learned via the reform of experiences as the course for teachers of agricultural techniques that took place in Ojeda. Or the pampean bees invocation made by Professor Norberto Martin from high Italy.

My friends Gloria Ortiz, Marito Monti v Juan Enrique Romero, I have known experiences as the fish farming; the breeding of turkeys with milk goats; the development of natural fertilizers (composit); obtain energy through fermentation of manure, or the petrosun, seaweed from maize or sorghum saccharine. They are still in the old libraries, those almanacs or primers of the Ministry of agriculture, which gave advice to family farms and orchards. All these experiences from the past or the current scale, should be employed to a program General economy domestic, facing up from the institutional sphere that corresponds. In our optics; This systematic return to the home, would pass through the educational system. In each elementary school, the existing dining rooms or to create should be stocked/total or partially with the products of the orchards or farm of the respective schools, operated by the teachers; students and parents organized into cooperators: we know that this is done with success in many places; more it should be done in all sites.

International Forum

Malaga, headquarters of the International Forum design Universal the Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga will host the International Forum of Universal design, on 17 and 18 February. It’s an activity that will bring together professionals from across Spain, from the public and private spheres, to the latest news of the sector for the second year. The thematic areas to be addressed will be technology communication service, transport and mobility, the design of cities and the design in the service of the user. The event will feature an exhibition area, with free design stands and modular, a Networking area, an area for the presentation of projects and innovation solutions for everyone, a space of experiences in which public administrations have their good practices and the parallel holding of the 2 th International Congress which brings together over 600 delegates. The organizer of the event poses the following objectives:-provide innovative solutions, betting to boost training, innovation and collaboration to implement universal design in all areas. -Get the representation and participation of all sectors related to dependence and mobility. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 87 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting..

Web Market

Currently, the Internet market is one that offers greater possibilities of development and benefits in the long term, its constant growth at the level users makes it fertile ground in which to invest. If you have an idea of business to the web or already has one in physical, you should consider joining since Internet which will have access to millions of users, a market bigger and greater opportunities. Through a web page or a portal you will arrive to show his idea, expose their way of seeing the world or offer a solution to certain problems. On the Internet most importantly differentiate themselves and try to be unique, so the service offered through its website shall be good. It is important to think about hosting that will be used, because as you well know, it is the means by which all your information can reach the world and which will put limits to everything you want to make or place on the web.

We need to have knowledge of the different plans offered by hosting companies and choose well your provider. Many problems happen to choose one company that offers hosting to cheap, in the majority of cases have no experience do not have enough technology to provide a back service up or guide to solve any problem that arises with your hosting. He is recommended to seek information from the provider and check their level of professionalism as a company as well as its reputation in the middle to ensure that you will have at your service a strategic partner that will help to meet the objectives posed and does not pose an obstacle for the project’s success that has in mind to make you lose potential customers or affecting your image on the web. Among the decisive factors for choosing a hosting service also must consider the level of investment that is willing to perform, since it also depends on the type of hosting you can choose, but you should always consider the nature of your business or idea you have for your website.


Part I. Introduction in Guatemala, there are international organisations and non-governmental institutions that works through the financing of friendly countries, and who maintain their presence in certain and certain territories of the country. Much of this aid has achieved positive results in certain sectors. However, renaming to repetitive projects that is notorious do not achieve the expected results, they return again and again be driven either by the same agency in cooperation or another that keep the same line ideology. In the case in point of projects aimed at institutional strengthening, large amounts are invested intended to conduct studies of diagnostics, popular consultations, elaboration of investigative documents and detailed reports that are rarely useful to subject institutions of assistance. This must be, that studies mostly contain information known to the authorities, but the great dilemma lies in how generated strategies and policies that improve specific situation in the provision of services either reduce vulnerability factors, applicable, executable. A common phenomenon in many of the projects of technical assistance and cooperation, is hiring international experts of short term, which usually require a time to learn the reality of the country, in some cases the language and when they already know it must break because his consulting time has expired.

In these cases, no wonder that recruit a counterpart or national consultant that accompany assistance and that the end is who finishes doing consulting, with fees very underneath of which are recognized at the international consultants. It must be present, to want to apply favorable experiences in other countries, many times it is not general rule for assuming that in all countries to be having results successes. There are characteristics differentiated in terms of culture, language, social structure, environment, development, education, resources, distances, potentialities that make different one country from another. Aspects related to the laws and internal policies are relevant. The aspects of security and control, are fundamental. A common problem in many of the projects that fail is to try to manage them by remote control from another country. In some cases, they move the powers of coordination to national professionals or experts, but guidelines and managements of projects are managed at a distance. In this aspect, loses the sense of direction and control of the results.

Progress and end of project reports although today they have become basic elements for measuring results and progress in the implementation of projects, rarely tend to reflect intangible aspects that are also part of the implementation of projects. In this aspect, the part of physical supervision and contact with the reality and the environment where develop is lost. Qualitative and quantitative indicators can be implemented, but there are aspects that are not measurable and that eventually can experience unexpected results or unforeseen. Often held for the part of the project management in purchase of equipment and furniture, at the end of them, remains in some case in limbo, without an owner, without a use planned before your purchase and investment that are then donated without greater importance to institutions that are underutilized in activities that are not possibly related to the monitoring of the projects in most of the time. Continue.

Contact Center

According to information, in any mfc usually : * System E-turn personal reception * system of registration of applications / appeals * Contact Center (Call Center), often with the knowledge base * as well as electronic document management system We are often their products close contact center, half of the system of registration applications and paperwork, even though we have in our portfolio, the mfc has not yet set, as is usually something already there. But it does not matter. Now, the very event. To begin with, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality selection of speakers: real people from around the mfc shared their experiences and even the vendors are barely vparivali their decisions, all of it was interesting to hear. Opportunity to listen very contributed to the decision of the organizers of the demo area with stands from the main hall to separate the mobile wall (many people have seen such walls in conference rooms, which allow a large room divided into several smaller rooms, there was two-thirds of a conference and one-third of a demo-band), leaving a wide passage, so it was all perfectly audible.

And the fact that my mobile booth was right at the pass (thanks to our marketing manager), I could, without departing from the stand I'm interested to watch the reports. On call-centers themselves say little: a telephone platform there is usually very simple, often lack basic solutions of any vendor, because the load in the call-center minimum – 5-10 seats, usually one turn. But the technology (both technical and institutional) construction of the system by the operators (we call it a knowledge base) was given special attention as an integrator, and speakers. It is sad that it was not Despite the fact that the task of building the mfc are put all regions the same, but that budget is allocated to a different order of magnitude, and sometimes two orders of magnitude, so that small regional mfc have to spin at much save. On the other hand, the state has paid to develop a model system for the mfc, it is distributed for free, requires only the introduction. Has also been successfully used by Russian commercial development: in addition to our experience, a lot of experience, the company Incap (Capella (from Yaroslavl. Actually, after I listened to that made in Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk, Bryansk, small Dagestani town of Kaspiisk and other cities, you realize that actually go forward and it really works. Speakers are people just fans of their business, they really work and bring visible benefits. Straight even takes pride in our country, we can also when we want. About the second event of the state services I remember but I'll write back later in the week;)


Google YouTube site is in talks with several Hollywood studios to launch a global service of Pay-per-View (pay per view) at the end of 2010, putting it head to head with Apple in the race to dominate the digital distribution of film and television content. Google has been trying to convercer to studies and to the networks of marketing of this artistic field on the importance of a transmission and international service, this is what offers the service of movies on demand linked to the world’s most popular search engine. Google uses its search technology and YouTube will help to direct viewers to this new service, which is likely to be first launch in the United States.Coming progressively to other countries and regions. Negotiations have been ongoing for several months, but have acquired greater importance in recent weeks, amid intensifying competition between media companies and technology about digital distribution of movies and television programming. Apple this week expected to publicize improvements for your device from television, which connects the living room with the Internet through various types of network topologies, finally, expects to open a device to application developers.

Netflix, the company’s subscription of films, which is in charge of acquiring digital rights to films to its streaming service, while Hulu, the video site owned by Walt Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal online, is planning a $2 billion initial public offering. The Google project has caused excitement in Hollywood because movie studios are seeking new revenues to replace different cinematographic productions DVD sales, which are in sharp decline. Viewers will hear instead of download movies and pay about $5 for new titles. The films will be available at the moment of their publication on DVD and iTunes Store of Apple and, which means that Google you could tell with the latest blockbusters to the power of service. Google has been looking for a breakthrough on YouTube since it acquired the video site for $1. 65bn in 2006. YouTube attracts millions of users, but is still best known for its user-generated content. However, it has affected several content agreements and in April launched a service of movies free.


To prepare a single project it is necessary to find a centre of interest for our student and from there to pull thread in all directions to achieve work crosswise, touching different areas of knowledge, based on a central topic that interests your child. There is no appropriate or inappropriate topics. Many things can be drawn on any topic, no matter if they are horses, recipes of pastels or cubist painting. The topic actually is just the excuse to work and be able to deepen in various aspects, thus demonstrating our student as everything can be traced, and therefore if we observe with an open mind willing always we can learn and there will always be something that surprised us and connects us with something we know or we are interested. If, for example, we take horses as a theme, we can work on the care of the horse, the anatomy of the same, different types of breeds, which places are native to each race and make a map, that they eat, where is grown that, the story of the horse and its relationship with man and how has been used even to technologically advance along the life of humanity, how is an equestrian, how is a Hippodrome, where horse races, come from a ranking of the fastest horses of the last 10 or 20 years, make a model of a stable (this if only already would be a project)draw and paint horses, study the mythological figures related to the horse as the Unicorn or Pegasus, watch movies or read novels about horses, you can even search, if you interested them, recipes made with horse meat, can go to a riding to ride a horse or pony, etc, the limit puts the interest and imagination. And this is extrapolated to any topic, always we will have the opportunity to deepen and cover the topic from various aspects and different areas, we can calculate, do statistics, make maps, study from diverse points of view each topic, even get new themes and projects from an initial proposal of work that can go transforming. For example, if by studying the horses, we began to study various aspects of this topic, and us begins to motivate more how used horses to cultivate the land, and we want to know if they are still used, is grown now, etc., we can derive towards that side without problems, project is our and we are the ones who decided that direction will takewhere we acotamos and where you stretch, important thing is that the process is interesting and fun.

Ted McGrath

TEDS wood Opinion what exactly is this package? Created by Ted McGrath, a professional Carpenter of educator, and member of the AWI, Teds work of wood is a large collection of more than 16,000 projects of carpentry and plans where you can follow to build your own House of furniture, garden chairs, dog houses, feeders for birds, covered and many more.Ted McGrath spent the last two years give shape to your package of woodworking and, according to him, this package is today online more complete. However, with so many wood working packages out on the market and on the Internet today, is Teds wood really worth worth money? To answer this question and whether this package is really so let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Ted McGrath woodworking package. TEDS wood Opinion the pros and cons it suitable professionals for different levels there is no doubt that many wood workers can benefit from this package.Beginners will find the nature of these woodworking plans clear and concise gives them a solid foundation to build its first projects, that build their confidence to go ahead with more complex woodworking projects and increase their skill level.Advanced and professional woodworkers will appreciate the wide variety of different projects and the value of time savings of having a set of high-quality plans waiting for any challenge. Very useful bonuses when you download woodworking package also receive these three bonuses: 1. free drawing and CAD Viewer 2 plan.150 raw 3 woodworking videos.The complete guide to woodworking joinery carpentry complete guide for woodworking (a guide to 200 pages with tips and tricks from carpentry) is very useful for beginners and premium videos can help any worker of wood to hone their carpentry skills.

Surprisingly organized with 16,000 plans, what awaits Teds work wood to be quite disorganized.However I thought it was fairly easy to find the exact project that I wanted to. Product money back guarantee comes with 60 days warranty money back and if you are not completely satisfied with what happens to you, you will receive your money back. Cons can take time to download the package from this download package size is not small and if you have slow Internet connection which can take a couple of hours to download all planes.In this case, may be a good idea to upgrade to the DVD Edition (can be members of the zone). The fact that there are so many different projects for woodworking and plans can be a little overwhelming at first, the members area can be a little overwhelming at first.However, the plans are organized by categories and once he started to reach, is that it is not difficult to find what you want. TEDS wood base on line Opinion overall, there is no doubt that the detail work of wood is a package of very extensive and detailed wood that comes with a lot of solutions for any project to work the wood that comes to mind. There are other large packages online for woodworking and some of them are cheaper than this, but I have serious doubts that will find any package that is as broad as this with its thousands of detailed instructions for all kinds of projects, big bonuses and very good customer service. I hope that they found this comment Teds work wood to be useful for you, all the best!