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Panel Order

The PORTICA GmbH’s ambitious commitment pays off marketing support for training in association with the IT service provider GEDAK. Kempen, 10 September 2013. Now the active insertion of budding it specialist for application development and Informatics merchants in the workday to that Timothy Hausmann, Philipp Panka, Hendrik Leyendeckers and Fabian Goting have taken a school project for the occasion, to modernize the entire ordering process for the canteen food of the PORTICA right led. You have developed a Web-based application that replaces the manual ordering process. So far, staff had to find to the canteen to order food. There, they took a card for the desired Court by a Panel.

This consisted of an order coupon and a removal order. The order coupons were to be provided with personal data by hand and were then collected in a box. Upon presentation of the pickup’s license was issued of the food. That did not fit to PORTICA”, explains Timothy Hausmann. After all, is the optimization of processes for IT, logistics and Finance of the special area of the company. So, the trainees took a school project as an opportunity to remedy. You completed all works independently from planning through implementation to documentation. Within the framework of project management took Timothy Hausmann as budding computer science clerk to an analysis (scoping, kick-off meeting), the creation of project management documents (specifications, project plan, status reports) as well as the documentation, presentation and user training.

The team (Philipp Panka, Hendrik Leyendeckers and Fabian Goting) was responsible for setting up the systems, the planning of the database and Web application development. A close cooperation promoted the creativity, so that from the start late February until now a modern and user-friendly solution emerged. The employee can call the app via any PC on the corporate network and a computer in the canteen.

Internet Projects Finance

Practical knowledge for the personal road to success. Dusseldorf, 27.08.2012. It is again Grunderzeit in Germany. Many good ideas are waiting to be implemented. On the issue of financing the success author Andreas Frank delivers with its new plant startup and funding Internet projects”helpful tips and gives profound answers to pressing and topical issues. The reader learns what salary should pay a founder, why Berlin currently but is not the right location for a Start-Up and why swarm financing can also be dangerous. The reading makes it clear that the individual situation and preference of financing is very important. There is no a way to success, but the portal can be for many of the King’s road.

The idea is the beginning. “But without the possibility of funding the best idea will be not more than a mind game.” So Andreas Frank in the preface of his new work brings the problem of many founders to the point: How do I finance my project? The restrained Promotion of Internet projects through the banks is a major stumbling block. Apart from the fact that most people feel great desire put a striptease of the soul from your bank Advisor, offers the great opportunity in financing new course to make the current banking crisis and to break new ground. Crowdlending, Crowdfunding, or Crowdinvesting give the impression of a miracle remedy for many. A new Internet platform, which proclaimed as needed to meet financing needs is felt every week. Andreas Frank warns any medial slaughtered idea behind to race and proves in his book, that there is not the Royal a route to success, but that each founder must weigh the pros and cons of the different financing ways for themselves. In this search for the right way, Andreas Frank’s new book provides a very good orientation. Well legibly written, he informs about common forms of financing, evidence suggests, whether be bootstrapping the right way for a founder could and what government financing programs available.


The PROJECT group was founded in 1995 convinced investors and analysts for years with stable designed real estate development funds with yields between 7 and 12 percent. Bamberg, 02 April 2012: The recipe for success and unique feature of the Franks: consistent strategy of equity capital and specializing in the development of residential real estate in five selected German metropolitan regions. Now, the Bamberg underwriter with the Fund 11 and 12 put two new real estate fund of the successful series of real values. Just in time to the beginning of spring, the PROJECT Fund group starts the sales of their two new real values funds 11 and 12. Thus, investors will receive the opportunity to invest their capital in German residential real estate developments of the PROJECT Group also in the future profit. The concentration on the short phases of new construction and rehabilitation of real estate form the core of the PROJECT stability concept: holding times of only two to four years selling prices are eliminates planned, a subsequent rental or subsequent revitalization costs completely. In addition to these stages offer the highest Yield potential in the field of real estate. Therefore, the investment strategy pursued by PROJECT with absence of any debt financing for investors is highly interesting.

One time investment and ratierlicher capacity building PROJECT has identified exactly the needs of German investors and offers a one time investment funds with the real values Fund 12 as well as with the real values Fund 11 the ratierlichen assets with equity capital-based residential real estate development. The one time investment is with maturities of 10 years and a 10,000 euro plant. Investors can choose between a removal of up to 50 percent of the sum of drawing or a predictable monthly income independent distribution by 8 per cent in the year. Alternatively, there is a monthly savings Variant.


In the first part of these articles entitled Cybernetics transposition, we define the term Cybernetics as the person who is in control. We mentioned the importance of living consciously to understand ourselves better and understand our experiences. When we don’t live consciously, the relationship with life occurs at the level of unconscious reactions. As a result, we are not able to learn from our experiences, and we become victims of circumstance. To paraphrase Jung, am not what has happened to me, but what I have chosen.

The reality is that we have options: can reduce life to suffer anything that happens to us, or we can put us in control and see the possibility of expanding our awareness into every experience. Today we will explore what we mean by the term transposition. Transposition is defined as a process of Exchange. In the context of the method of the Cybernetics transposition, transposition refers to the basic technique of transferring the success from a particular area of our life to any other area. What we do is to reproduce the success previously achieved in any aspect.

Said a somewhat more easily, we take the memory of a success in one aspect of our life or look the same in different time and transponemos it to create success at another time or another aspect. How can you help us then transposition Cybernetics? The answer is simple: transforming a success whatever we have previously experienced on a solid foundation of success in another area. But what happens if we have never before experienced success? It is virtually impossible to find a person who has not had some sort of success in your life. Let me give you an example: If you ever tried to learn a language other than their mother tongue, will have surely discovered that learning a language is no easy task. However, all handle our language in a manner more or less acceptable. We are certainly able to communicate our ideas, emotions, etc. This is one of those successes that we are willing to dismiss as the phenomenal success that actually is. If as an adult, ever attempted to learn how to skate, you will noticed the surprising success that is for a child to stand for the first time. These are successes we can easily transfer to another area of our lives at any time using the simple techniques of CT. If he thinks objectively and with care, will be counted that there are many successes that have already experienced in her life. My suggestion is that you start by making a list of those successes, so that you can begin to change your own self image.

Various Events

The topic related to the flowers Peru is quite broad and interesting at the same time. Flowers in its different presentations are ideal to give life to a room and enhance the decor of the same. Important on this occasion is to know what kind of flower is ideal to decorate the different scenarios of that special day. The flower type plays a very important role in creating the proper atmosphere. Not all decorations must be with roses, there are many other options to consider. One of the most beautiful events and therefore need many flowers are marriages. It is important to mention that the Peru flowers are varied, there are many types. In a marriage must be considered a separate budget only for the purchase of flowers.

The price of these varies depending on the flower type, size and quantity. Remember that a flower is not prettier by the simple fact of being more expensive. Large jobs can be made with enough creativity and good taste. Another tip to keep in mind is that if the flowers aren’t in season will be more difficult to obtain and therefore more expensive. A good decorator could guide you on these issues to make a smart purchase.

In a marriage flowers are needed to decorate the Church, to repair the House of the bride and to decorate the reception room. In the latter place known table centres are needed. These floral arrangements are considered one of the main elements of decoration at a party. Therefore, it should be selected in accordance with the rest of the decor of the place and following some guidelines. The Peru flowers are perfect for all kinds of arrangements. There is always a type of flower for every kind of celebration. The Peru flowers are really beautiful and decorate any kind of environment. Today, thanks to technology can be this kind of shopping over the internet. With Envios Peru won’t have that worry. Original author and source of the article