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This article was developed, with intention of assisting the interested parties at the moment of the construction of a presentation in slides. Either for a pupil of basic education, academic, or for any professional interested in using this program as tool auxiliary of a presentation of one determined work. To follow, it will be possible to know the functions of the tools used in this program, all withdrawals of proper the Microsoft Office Power Point that if finds in the Windows. They will be demonstrated through windows, with its had sub-windows, as well as basic tips for the fast construction of a presentation through slides. I – Power Point, its functions and forms of construction In way to as many changes in this so famous ' ' Society of informao' ' , it is that it arrives to be almost impossible to advance without has a basic knowledge so that if it can decide simple tasks as to type a text, for example, or to make a craft, it does not import the level, or the area that it is destined, is necessary a previous knowledge in the computer science area, however nothing of frightful. However, the basic requirements in the age of the information if do not restrict to a simple digitao, are necessary the interest of are creating who it, therefore, when it is about the presentation of a work, either related to the education, I deal it, the half academic, etc, the presentation by means of slides if it becomes a constant..

Trading Strategies

Many people know about the market forex. Someone is content to simply know about the existence and purpose of this market. But there are others who have acquired knowledge into practice. Indeed, to become a member of the foreign exchange market, at the moment it is not difficult, but worth a hurry? Perhaps we should start with the theory. Read, understand, try to understand. It is not difficult, just takes time. But even after this work, it is unlikely you will succeed overnight solve their financial problems, having made several successful transactions. The first thing you have to do is not to strive for profit, but merely not to lose their money.

What would make, you need to think about trading system which each develops, and eventually improves just by himself. It is understandable that at first create a truly workable trading system will fail. Exactly the same way as successfully carry out a fundamental analysis. But this does not mean that we should not try to understand all the subtleties. Reinvent the wheel does not have to, you just take the time to ready-made trading strategies, try them in action, and take something for the foundation.

This will be a win-win option. Since such strategies are used for decades by traders from all over the world. That is, we can only choose the one that meets your criteria. And then follow the "recipe". And that's what have. Trading strategy is. It is assumed that you are not lazy, and know exactly what signals it can serve as these signals are interpreted. At what time intervals, it works most closely, etc. And now, Add to all knowledge of fundamental analysis, technical analysis. Plus money management rules, some psychologists are also not hurt, maybe you'll add something else. Trading system, it is something individual, each developing it for themselves. As a result, at your disposal a set of rules to be followed to achieve the intended results. In my opinion, is not difficult, but for those who decided to take a good long time Monetary market, the process will still interesting. We need to understand that the creation of the trading system is not a waste of time, but a necessary step on the path to financial freedom.


Precisely, the company seeks those competitive advantages through well integrated marketing programs that coordinate the price, product, distribution and communications from the supply of goods or services in order to meet the needs of a market goal. Not the slightest doubt, that the management of markets increasingly more is facing the major challenges arising from the changes, demand of consumers, new business openings, technological development, economy, aspects, that can not neglect, most now, that has affected seriously computing and its technology in its operation, supply and advertising products all this has led to the need to rethink the scope of mixture of markets according to the competitive reality of the present. Therefore, management should evaluate how the marketing unit must be organized, what should be its functions, where are their weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, threats, which is very significant to the incidence of Government’s actions that have significantly impacted on the Venezuelan business system, leading to that originates a scenario uncertain, turbulent, risky, where many companies are afraid to compete the truth, to face this reality for the Venezuelan casemanagement markets must face the challenges, if you really want to continue to exist, catering for the market that has conquered, satisfying the demand, needs of their consumers, and of course, for this purpose should undertake actions, programmes that will counteract the effects of the variables of contingencies arising from the actions of the State. Strengthen their strategies, determine the extent, the competitiveness of the stage where acts, as well as consider, be aware of the effect of each action taken by the State and its impact on national productivity, find the It is how closer to strengthen weaknesses in the State with regard to business productivity, aspect that leaves a great deal to say and it has caused serious problems in providing products commodities for consumption by Venezuelans, making the country heavily dependent on imports, seriously affecting the national consumption and the manufacture of domestic products that meet the demand of consumers the Venezuelan companyYou must redefine their administrative systems, their functional units, seeking more integration between it, having trained professionals, personal preparation, staying a day in which modern administration requires in order to ensure efficiency, productivity thanks to a good integration of its functional units.

Site Design

Beginning any work, including on the development site, is redefining the feasibility of this work, its meaning and direction, tasks that will solve the developed site. Design – a creative process, but it needs to be formalized. For this, we espd (Uniform System program documentation) gost 19.102-77 "under construction". gost 19.102-77 provides for five stages of program development and program documentation for computers, complexes and systems, regardless of their purpose and scope, to which, subject to the application software (GOST 7.83-2001 "Electronic Publications"), include and develop the site. This is a technical task, conceptual design, engineering design, detailed design, implementation. In our case, we can make a similar gost 19.102-77 table by adjusting the stage of development, stages and content of works in relation to the task – Development of the site. Stages of development Stages Contents Work 1. Terms of Reference The rationale for developing the site Problem Collection of raw materials selection and justification of performance criteria and quality of the developed site.

Justification of the need for online marketing research. Internet-marketing studies of needs (of the needs), which satisfied with the proposed goods and services. Other leaders such as Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center offer similar insights. Analysis of the selected market segment. Isolation of competitive advantage (novelty, utility). Defining the target audience. Psychological portrait of a visitor (Age, sex, education, social status, profession).

Identify key queries. Creating a semantic core. Rationale for the possibility in principle solve the problem. Development and approval specification choice of name and website name. Determination of the volume and type of information materials.

Project Management Consulting

Project management requires a special approach. In history there are a lot of cases when, due to the vagaries of a single person months idle entire projects. The task of director is to form a project team that, at exit get the desired result. Seems to be simple, set a goal, explained the problem, but the realization of these goals there are many obstacles that are often not associated with the development that must be addressed is the manager. Check the job of a manager is difficult. Project management is used to introduce new developments into production, in modern conditions the relationship between R & D and sales decreased.

Development come to implementation of the raw, in-service finalized. This is well illustrated by the example of a software product that is finished for years. When forming the project team should first clearly define the objectives of the project. If to base a theory of the project, the chances of success will increase. Then you need to create a project group, special attention should be paid to group cohesion. In any group having an informal relationship.

Each participant group unknowingly plays a role (the soul of the company, debater, blonde, etc.). Managers need to understand who is who in the group. To successfully manage the project he would have to rank the group on the definition of the informal grounds. The main features of informal types of personality in the group: – ideologue – the best understanding of the purpose, is responsible for what is best to do better than others overall objective of the project, the goal adopted by the group (we go) – the leader – provides common goal, the leader may offer a way to achieve this objective, and implement it – an expert – he knows the history of the group, the behavior of members of the group that was earlier, following the building of relationships in the group – the critic – wants to take the place of leader-so his nature, the goal is the same as that of the leader, but how different – outsiders – no comments, but they need a group, they are an important link the group leader does not necessarily win the critic, most importantly, to Outsiders followed him. Here is a brief description of the informal group. Managers should know who is who in the group. To implement control in a group manager can not directly disagree with the leader, falling prestige. When decisions a manager can barely support the criticism, clearly support the criticism is also impossible, to influence the group leader and the group will follow the leader. To influence the leader's need to maintain a connoisseur, a leader listening to the connoisseur, but to influence the criticism, it is necessary to maintain an ideologue. The leader must understand and control group. Direct intervention in the group is dangerous. In many enterprises, managers use corporate culture () do not quite understand the problem of the impact on the team.


The most important aspect when the challenge is assumed to lead a work party, I fodder that is the deal with the subordinates, position that the conduct of the people is not predictable. When we assumed the leadership of an equipment we will most of find the occasions three types of attitudes towards us: 1. – A group of workers will show their unconditional support to us. 2. – A small group will be against to us abiertamente. 3. – Other that will do solely the necessary thing to stay in the position. But the suitable thing is that the leadership style that we use generates positive a climate labor with people who support and innovate in favor of the company, with this it will be possible to be obtained that the majority of our subordinates is located in the group of the people who show their support to us and who little by little are dissolved the group of which they are against to us abiertamente.

From my perspective, from a beginning, we must act as usually we do it habitually, is not recommendable to assume poses or gestures that do not represent to us, are necessary that we transmit a real image, practically does not pretend to be another one person who is not. The poses are open pies faster than we imagined and this will cause that the people hardly trust us when we communicate an order or we give some instructions. In order to begin to delegate we must consider the following aspects: 1. We must have the necessary knowledge, we cannot delegate functions or activities of subjects or aspects that we do not include/understand in its totality, it is important to be informed very well and updated. 2. We must develop to an effective communication one hundred percent, the principle of a successful communication constitutes the knowledge to listen and to analyze what they transmit to us, since this will help to give us account us that not necessarily all the initiatives must start off of us, because the other members of the equipment also can contribute valuable ideas.


The world advances at a vertiginous speed, almost, are times that we cannot reach it. Technology, Internet, social networks, intelligent telephones, buy online, electronic books, etc For some years, concretely from year 2005, today, in Spain, we can do something that before we could not, what is? To divorce to us by Internet, if, indeed friendly, from that date has proliferated the call Express divorce that is not another thing that a divorce in mutual agreement where all the conditions already are agreed to by the spouses with the aid of a lawyer. Before, it was necessary to be separated legally a year to ask for the divorce (surely to give time to the time and to see if there were some possibility of reconciliation); today, however one can be divorced directly without happening with that proceeding. It is only enough with being married during 3 months. Before, people were going to the office of the lawyer to ask for the proceedings of her Express divorce (divorce in mutual agreement); now, however, people do from house, with no need to waste time and to very reasonable honoraria (about 400 more or less, following the office and of if you have children or goods to distribute). The proceedings are truly simple for the denominated Express divorce, that is to say, it is only needed to send its data by Internet or telephone, and to have corresponding certificates of marriage, birth of the children there will be if them, of empadronamiento, and a copy of the antenuptial agreements of settlement (if they have separation of goods before notary) and, if already they are separated legally, a copy of the separation sentence.

The duration of the Express divorce can oscillate between one to three months, following the service load that has the judge, on that falls the subject. Hundreds of offices exist or companies that transact these procedure of divorce by Internet, I personally remain with two; the first mainly by its clarity at the time of explaining the proceedings and their easy navigation; the second for being one of first in putting this service. However, before to initiate any proceeding, would not be of calling more to the telephones of attention to the client to make sure of everything before initiating any procedure.

Site Significance In The Modern World

In the XXI century – the century of information technology and digital devices correctly understand that the majority of people, most of their time either watching TV, radio or a newspaper, but for their favorite computer. Many people still need to think about the site, and often business owners are hesitant to this seemingly simple step. For example on-demand creation of websites in the Yandex search engine to display the number is much smaller than, for example, 'Making music'. Why is this happening? Especially bright picture is observed in Russia. This is most often seen on people "old school" who believe that modern technology in any case not be able to change the situation, with regards to their business. But also meets a younger generation that spends countless hours on the internet, and denies or does not give due importance to the site from a marketing perspective.

This is most likely due to their upbringing, their environment. But there is also a positive picture, with each year of such people are fewer and few people are surprised by talk of a site or sites promoting, that is good news. One The American company has recently conducted a study that found that most Americans today do not trust any other marketing tools as much as the Internet. And at the same time people spend in Internet much more time than, for example, behind the TV. One should think about it! Millions of major companies have already made their choice in favor of the Internet and receive a double income now. Take a look around, that is a popular hobby among people today, where they spend their time? The case for our homeland, for his beloved Russia.

Project Manager

Disorganization. We all know that asking managers the same information over and over, who refuse to take note or completely emotional and are on the edge of spontaneous combustion. His disorganization creates unnecessary effort and frustration throughout the team. An effective manager provides a clear direction where team members can travel from start to finish a project. Ensure that the ball moves forward every day of the project. The disorganization leads to frustration and anarchy. Stubbornness. In a project to be completed in three months, a Manager was already a month behind.

He refused to alter the delivery dates of the project, insisting that he could complete it on time and eliminating unnecessary time removing this task even though the team told him they were in trouble. Never saw the completion of the project that because of his stupidity was removed as a Project Manager. The Manager may believe that their view of reality is correct, but it is imperative to balance their own perspective with the rest of the team. Decide without listening to the team leads to folly. Negativism. A project manager argued consistently negatively.

Focused on the work that had not been made, the crisis of the week, who was not doing their job, etc.. This negative attitude about work, the staff and the project's purpose was frustrated energy, enthusiasm and passion for the job. Is the manager who always sees the glass half empty and who frustrated the team's energy. It does not mean you always need to be happy or be smiling to people all the time. But to succeed the manager must believe in what you are doing and positively motivate your team. Cowardice. Imagine this: the manager, for being depressed when you have the time to hand over the budget, blames team members, shareholders or any person alleged to have contributed to the origin of this problem. It is easier to involve other to identify the real cause of the problem and solve it. It is right to be self critical and aware of personal weaknesses and errors. For leaders who truly continues to grow in leadership skills, need to be first, not the last, to admit their mistakes and learn from them. Distrust. Managers who do not teach important skills, do not show wisdom in their decisions and do not demonstrate integrity, will not earn the trust of its staff. Team members must believe that your Manager has everything you need to manage the project and the wisdom to make decisions with respect and integrity to put the team's interests ahead of yours. If any of these attributes is lost is only a matter of time before they take it off.