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To assume professionalisation commitments institutionally, to harness structures cooperative work and to generate processes of internal invigoration is not possible without modifying the present conditions in which the teachers move. A greater commitment with the institutional autonomy, that allows differentiated projects, to establish compensatory mechanisms and to assume control processes, completing itself with the taking of brings back to consciousness collective, claiming criticism and of the professional ones on its conditions of work but also on the exigencies of the new professional profile that is to allow the configuration of curricular projects. The exigencies of a greater coherence of the initial formation with the new proposals must be completed with a modification of the permanent formation, that is to be contextualised in center, starting off of the reflection on the own practice and incorporating cooperative methodology. The greater demand of catalytic scholastic autonomy as of a new concept and you practice professional, must affect the formation of advisers and also take to the pedagogical reframing of the direct rolls. One needs at this level of one greater professionalisation than respects the school model in which we move and harnesses more plus the exercise of the function (making possible suitable conditions on formation, a certain stability and the administrative recognition) and to make of the function a profession. The greater problem than is necessary to surpass in all this process is the one to avoid the vicious circles, thus, the search of the efficiency and of the quality they can indirectly take to an automation, harnessing directly or a classification and a super specialization to us within education.

Paralelamente, the distribution of tasks with major or minor autonomy degree can impel a desprofesionalizacin of the lowest links, is first factor in the loss of quality. The reflection on the autonomy and its relations with the professionalisation cannot be the excuse that allows to derive the speech on aspects that are latent. Bibliography Davini, Maria Cristina the educational formation at issue: Policy and Pedagogy. Paids editorial. Buenos Aires. Barcelona. Mexico.

Of the Carmen, Luis Meant and felt In Notebooks of Pedagogy. N 223. March of 1994. Madrid. Spain. Diker, Gabriela. Terigi, Flavia. Formation of Teachers and Professors: Trip ticket. Paids editorial. Questions of Education. Buenos Aires. Barcelona. Mexico.


Divination of tomorrow is, likewise, poorly viewed by certain religions and is antagonistic with certain spiritual visions. Happily, the tarot is a significant instrument for many activities besides guess tomorrow. -Inquire about past and present. Instead of guessing the future, tarot is able to clarify issues about a past or present action; can auxiliary to develop a plan to achieve goals; get clarity about actions and ways of thinking themselves or to find arrangements to a relationship. -The positive qualities of the cards join the existence.

The tarot is an incredible resource for meditation and affirmation. Choose a letter that identifies a peculiarity connection from which you want to meditate or increase in your life into a visible position and think about it throughout the day; This will cause that style of conduct or idea on you. -Symbolic study. The tarot is good to explore symbols of archetypes. They are incorporated in our brains since we come to the world, however only the We identify to warn them.

Tarot is full of these representations, and to examine them, is understood much about the intellect and its operation. Another present and on hand to study extensively allegories are religious, astrology, Alchemy, psychological, numerological and color. -Philosophy and spirituality. The tarot helps to generate a form of life and spirituality, because he represents the journey of the spirit in life and everything they have learned and understood on the road. Tarot teaches to understand models of life and deal with difficult times. -Orientation. It can be used to guide. It is a means of communicating what you have in the intellect, essentially in the corners more hidden which are not open to the conscious. What a letter teaches reflects much of what we think and how we deal with the situations. -Originality. The tarot can be used to develop stories, drawings, music and poetry; and many other creative activities. It is helpful to perform brainstorm for a project or in the Office. -Entertainment. The beginning of tarot was an entertainment which even today is played in various parts of Europe, so it can be an interesting instrument for festivals among friends. Is known that up was employed as a game that inspired poetry and sayings about famous or public persons. No matter his predilection, tarot manages to intensify your life in ways beneficial and personal blossoming. Like all factor in its existence, due to treatment attributed to him and his dream and desires for their existence. Which focuses on love and light, you will see the tarot as an instrument of union with its purest and most alive part, and any utilization which awarded, will be enriching and rewarding too.

Romero Rector

This way the Government keeps authorities University in individual negotiations of small contributions to cover areas that go into collapse. It’s a strategy to bring to our houses of study, as for example mentioned by the Federation of Association of professors of Venezuela. Is very fair and correct observation and request, that it is not possible that the authorities of several national universities continue managing universities crisis created by the Executive with similar siege suffocating, because this is done at the expense of the conditions of study of future professionals they graduate from them, and at the expense of the working conditions of teachersworkers and employees, victims of occupational abuse and deterioration in their quality of life. From here, which is no surprise to the Government, which the universities claim their rights and request fair budgets, fulfillment of obligations of the Government, and they know manage the coffers of bolivares fuertes for the universities in an equitable manner so that universities comply with its raison d ‘ etre, to ensure academic quality, performance, academic projects and decent wages. The national Government should pay more attention to the budgetary crisis facing universities, is known on the subject, the case which concerns us at the University of Carabobo, Valencia the maximum House of studies people teacher Jessy Divo of Romero Rector explained that the 1.820.252.504 bolivares you need the institution for this year 2010 the planning Office for the University sector (Opsu) approved only 712.952.10 bolivares which represents a shortfall of 1.082.503.904 bolivares. This budget cuts will have impact on primordial aspects as security, health, transportation, teaching, and extension as well as the providences student, since the budget than planned by the Opsu for UC represents barely 39,12 percent of the actual calculation that requires the University to operate properly.

Antoni Gaudi Manufactures

In the figure of Antoni Gaudi, it is important to distinguish the task of the artist (architect and Designer) of the manufacturer’s. This planter would have as basis a Gaudi design, since the architect was always characterized by its total involvement in their projects, for which studied and designed from architectural spaces until the door knobs, thus controlling even the smallest detail of his work. Therefore, the safest is to deal directly with this design, which should also be especially to their liking, since repeated it in two of their most important houses. Passionate about both traditional and industrial materials combinations, Antoni Gaudi pursues a great naturalist dream, and in his work manages to blend the structure and decoration in a vivid plastic mass, in a totally unique and personal style. This planter has a belly as a traditional vase, that narrows toward the base and completely smooth surface, on which the decoration is developed as a central element freely. A constant in Gaudi is the harmonic combination of naturalism and abstraction of vegetal inspiration, with designs dominated by typical of Art Nouveau, in compositions marked by the asymmetry curve and the track.

. Two heads of Faun, modelled with great realism, which seem to lean, appear among a dense vegetation stand out at the top. The Faun represents the ideal union between man and nature, a concept which was always fascinated by Gaudi, and which was the basis of your architectural project.