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Nikolai Belov

In particular, the architect Nikolai Belov said that she – like the traces of past life, like the wrinkles of laughter and sadness on the face. " Those who want to create in your home a truly unique environment, we can advise Murals. In the interior, it creates a special charm and originality, can solve design space in a sophisticated and refined style. Wall painting recreates the various effects can mask the unwanted tabs or extra doors, turn the wall into the prospect of leaving in the garden or the sea. A variety of ornaments, pictures, objects, animal and genre scenes make it possible to enjoy the atmosphere of different countries, cultures and times. For murals and quality of paint used, resistant to abrasion and fading. Work performed by such dyes are not require special care and will last two to three decades. By "home centenarians today can be attributed, and a window.

According to experts propleks Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technology and frames of polyvinyl chloride can serve more than half a century. In particular, the operation of the profile proplex is 60 years. The window is increasingly becoming a real highlight of the interior. Made in an arched form or with shades of wood, translucent structures today pay more attention to themselves designers. For example, a spectacular touch to the interior will be the French windows (to sex) from a dark profile. If the type of window in this picturesque enough, then this technique will help to further decorate the room.

Belgium Material

It is needed when working in the winter on the new concrete cover, humidity which bring to the regulatory parameters is impossible. In applying the 'breathing' roof in mass construction necessary for the project of roof design scheme of the device roofs showing layout of the layers and structures of nodes and adjacencies. Partial attaching the roof to the ground can be achieved by applying the lower layer: the perforated material, the usual material, pasted mastic as a uniformly distributed spots, continuous or broken bands mastics surfaced material that has surfaced bottom layer applied to the canvas by broken bands of 'breathable roof' has been successfully applied in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and other countries. When laying the material by or to meet technology needs to pay attention to the fact that he had a sufficient thickness of the lower cladding layer. The minimum thickness shall conform to the size of the irregularities (roughness) screed base.

Very tech devices from the roof membrane materials with an adhesive layer. Such a method may apply to both new roofs and repair old ones, but the base should be prepared with great care. To date, these materials are rather a rarity in the Russian market and apply is very limited. Roofing mastic of bitumen-polymer and polymer mastic can be applied to various surfaces (steel, concrete, asphalt) of any, even the most complex configuration (pitch, which laid mastic are not limited to, down to the domes and steeples). But there is one important condition: the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the same thickness mastic cover. This The biggest drawback mastics. Mastic is applied to the base in liquid form. After solvent evaporation, it solidifies, forming a continuous seamless waterproof film.

Thickness of the film depends on the number of solids in the mastic. In mastics, whose composition does not include a solvent, curing occurs without reducing the thickness of the deposited composition. Pay attention to the fact that the roof slopes more than 12% and temperature Outside air above 25 C in the mastic is necessary to introduce special fillers, which increase the viscosity (thickening agents, cement, etc.) Modern types of cements do not require a protective layer, as dyed they have necessary decorative properties, and the material itself rather resistant to weathering. If you need to protect the roof from mechanical damage (traffic areas, installation of engineering equipment, etc.) a protective layer of gravel (10-20 mm), coarse sand (2-5 mm), small-sized asbestos or bitumen sheets, etc. The ideal protective layer is a river pebble. And yet. Do not trust the installation of a roof at random people. Trying to save money on the project, as the material and pay workers wrapped triple costs. This applies to any type of roofing. Criteria for selection of firms tend to: availability of licenses, warranties, contracts with timelines, readiness to conduct a preliminary study designs and in writing inform the customer about possible problems, a willingness to intermediate inspections and a high level of communication culture.

The Car Market Today

At the moment, the development of science and technology affect the majority of areas of society. Indeed, wherever you look around, everywhere felt the impact. All sorts of new items and know-how are invented every day and only soon superseded by new products and inventions and morally obsolete. Every producer of commodities must confront a brutal war of the market and steadily develop, upgrade their capacity and production. This also applies to motorcycle and auto technology. Currently, passenger car market by a large selection of cars of various models and manufacturers. Leader in the production of passenger Car could be called Japan.

That is, manufacturers in Japan such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, , occupy the bulk of this sector and the growth trend is increasing. Among European manufacturers – auto giants Mercedes-Benz, bmw, Opel, Renault, Woltsvagen, Skoda, Peugeot, In our time, they also have a pretty strong niche in the automotive market, ably competing with the Japanese autocompanies. Although the choice of vehicle – a private affair of each person, but still must adhere to some public tips and rules. The automobile market is constantly mutates and adapts to the buyer. On what new items at the present time is worth paying attention to? That has a great demand? By popular today inexpensive passenger cars owned Chevrolet Aveo, the new model Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta, Skoda Superb Combi. Models, such as car Mazda CX-7 should already be attributed to a more expensive car. There will have to fork out.

At the same time, improved and motorcycle sector technology, exclusive cars, sports cars. Speaking of motorcycle technology can recall the snowmobiles, which are spread with the advent of winter, excessive increases. Take a look at Yamaha Nytro M-TX and Polaris Hush Pro-Hide. Among racing Auto update is necessary to isolate the model Porsche 911 Turbo. Develops and avtotyunig. With the invention of new spare parts, production technologies, models, specialists in this field does not cease to amaze the public with the latest developments.

North American Outsourcing

Egorov). it outsourcing – an international phenomenon and global. Resources are taken in those markets where it is most cheap and instantly delivered to the markets where the demand is as high as possible. Thanks to modern communication capabilities of this direction was significant development due to the minimization of transaction costs of suppliers in the it services sector had the chance to realize almost 'pure' model of global redistribution of resources (global delivery model). Costs it outsourcing in the world, according to the analytical agency idc, by 2007 should exceed $ 100 billion.

The main consumers of these services will remain the North American companies (44% of global costs). However, Active noticeable increase in the consumption of it outsourcing services in other developed countries. it outsourcing is becoming a standard practice to reduce costs of many leading companies in the world. It is no secret that in our country the cost of labor significantly less than the cost of labor in more developed countries in this field. According to research firm Gartner Group, in its country indices Russia has the background to capture 5-6% of the global market for it outsourcing. In 2007, year, for example, it would mean for the country additional export income of over $ 5 billion, which exceeds our annual income from arms exports (up $ 4.3 billion in 2003). Despite all these advantages, Russia had initially faced with several challenges due to the fact that the situation 90 years not favorable for the development of exports of it services. Despite the large number of suitably qualified professionals it potentially suitable for participation in the international project, saying the lack of entrepreneurial culture, as well as managerial and marketing personnel necessary qualification.

Customer service is also hindered negative image of Russia as an unstable country with high levels of corruption, crime and bureaucracy. To take its rightful place in the international market, Russian companies must learn to correctly position the themselves and the state – to help them in this. Last 3-4 years, young Russian it export industry learns to recognize and show off their competitive advantage. In addition to these external factors of it outsourcing is greater role for the company as a whole. Interaction with foreign colleagues helps to learn from successful companies understand the importance of organizational issues to improve the quality of delivered services, to borrow new technologies. Also significantly increased the level of strategic potential of the company compared to companies operating in the local market, and remains the country's image-leader in high technology. In conclusion It should be noted that it outsourcing is a modern and promising tool for the development of Russian it companies which will help improve efficiency and service quality.

The Art of Vodka Making

One of the important places in the technology of making vodka from the very beginning of its production in the Russian occupied distillation methods of treatment. Because even in xv century, the distillation process were not so ideal to get pure alcohol without impurities and odors, Russian consumers have always tried to deliver product from the acrid smell through continual search, first of all, effective methods of cleaning grain alcohol from the impurities – fusel oils, esters, aldehydes and other substances. Since that was not covered copper-glass apparatus, to improve the distillation process was impossible. Therefore it was necessary to use different techniques to improve the quality of vodka. All of these cleaning methods divided into mechanical and biological.

For mechanical cleaning methods are: – sucks crude alcohol (ordinary bread wine) with a further strong cooling it fast – play in another vessel after settling and – filtration of crude alcohol, water-alcohol mixtures of vodka. Filtering, however, developed a long time and thoroughly. Methods filter came from generation to generation, they are constantly improving so far. Filtered through felt, cloth, felt and other materials, including charcoal. Initially used an ordinary coal, but since the beginning of the twentieth century, filtering is conducted through activated charcoal. Better absorption capacity have beech, linden, oak, alder, birch charcoal.

The first four species – are expensive and used mainly in the xviii century when a nobleman's home distillation and the manufacture of high-grade vodka. Moreover, their use is limited to certain geographic regions. Birch charcoal filter was cheap enough and is widely used in Russia for five centuries. Now the production of vodka is fully automated. At distilleries in filtering used activated charcoal, which greatly improves the quality of produced vodka.