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Plastic Windows

Choose a plastic window Oh, those repairs meal – the daily quest of building materials and good hands. Of course – we want to do everything to be beautiful, practical and serve as long as possible. That’s how the windows, which choose, there are so many – just head around, eyes run – in the newspapers almost on every page of advertising – “buy from us – and get a free installation,” but wonders as we all know – does not happen – and often under the colorful ad units lies that we, unfortunately, do not know, and do not try to find out. And how do you know how to choose the window – and is very simple – we will help you make the right choice. So – plastic windows are expensive and cheap. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can aid you in your search for knowledge.

From What does it depend? – The number of cells inside the window profile (in a box and sash) – the number of cameras in the windows – window color – plastic quality – quality furniture – Configuration window, if the number of cameras in the pane clear (single-chamber or dual-chamber), the PVC profile try to understand. Currently the market offers a system of profiles consisting of three, four or five cameras. Naturally the more cameras the better – soundproofing, thermal insulation in the five-chamber windows always on top, but it is worth paying attention to one detail – not always the price for multi-chambered system meets your needs. Just listen to commercials “Five-chamber window at the price of three-chamber” – maybe, but to be honest – this is a fairy tale. Either you choose a thin-walled profile (it is quite easy to push with your fingers – believe me, there are such), or the quality of the surface This profile is poor. Let me explain – all the profiles differ in extrusion speed – the higher it is (more miles per day) so the price is lower but the quality of the surface, respectively, are the same.

For this class usually include all three-compartment sections – the so-called economy version – what a bad minus the surface – very dirty and clean stubborn stains stains are very difficult, and without it is simply him.sredstv can not do. In expensive series of profiles – the perfect surface (gloss mirror) and is easily washed with plain water or soapy water. With color box, I hope, too, is understandable – in the standard profile is white. But often white just does not fit the style (this may be the need to preserve the facade of a dwelling house) and was then selected from the laminated window profiles. Color range is wide enough for any manufacturer, but even if that is the color will not appear, it can be easily laminated to a suitable color for a special production. The price of these windows are naturally higher – as a rule, up to 20% on one side and 30-40% for duplex lamination. Quality accessories, as recent observations, also leaves much to be desired – not worth the risk and ordered him out windows that contain an unknown brand – it is better to opt for such brands as ROTO, AUBI, MACO, GU – all these well-known brands have earned the respect to the quality of their products and their range has nearly everything you need to satisfy customers.

Technical Regulations

Harmonization of redevelopment housing in Moscow is regulated by 25th article of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the decision of the Moscow City Hall on February 8th, 2005 under number 73-PP "On Technical Regulations conversion and (or) redevelopment of residential and commercial premises in residential buildings in the city of Moscow "(in the red. rulings of the Moscow City Hall on November 15, 2005 883-PP dated 25 th September 2007 831-PP). Redesign flat – it is changing its configuration, which requires a change in the data sheet of housing and binding agreement of the Housing Inspectorate. Conversion of apartments also require approval from a number of city authorities in Moscow and a set of installation, replacement or modification of utilities, plumbing, electrical or other equipment, the need to make revisions to the technical plan of the dwelling. Harmonization of residential redevelopment starts with developing a sketch or design project redevelopment of apartment: According to the draft approved by a simple rearrangement (non-structural walls and dismantling equipment new, decommissioning, replacement of technical equipment, unless changes are made in the stanchions of cold and hot water supply and sewerage system). To do this quickly draw sketch drawing of the planned changes and documents apply for an apartment in Moszhilinspektsii allow for the issuance of documents. By design project is coordinated capital redevelopment of apartments (Organization of openings in bearing walls, ceilings, changes in construction of floors, unit or reconstruction with / y).

The project is developed mostly with technical conclusion and an act of the hidden works. When training, the proper completion of all required documents, as well as carry out works, which include project development and coordination of redevelopment areas, you seem too difficult, then entrust this work to professionals from any relevant organization profile. Permission to redevelop the apartments are in Moszhilinspektsii (State Housing Inspectorate of Moscow). All issues of harmonization of residential redevelopment are in the field of competence. Before serving Moszhilinspektsii documents, you may need the approval of project documentation in the following organizations: The sanitary and epidemiological control, MES, DES, architectural control of Moscow. List documents required for registration of redevelopment of apartment: BTI plan, if it's red lines – requires the 2nd instance of engineering plan to redesign and explication (in black), so you can sravnit.Dokument, proving ownership or a notarized power of attorney to conduct rabot.Pismennoe permission of the owners (in the case of joint ownership) and all registered in the apartment housing zhiltsov.Ediny Paper (7 days prior to filing with the Housing Inspectorate of Moscow). Redevelopment project of apartments in old houses, often fraught with difficulties because of the abundance of small living space and special requirements of the LCD. Design projects replanning bedroom and three bedroom apartments in new buildings offer much greater design options.

Of course, in all cases, comply with all requirements of engineering and fire safety. Relatively low cost of modern apartments and a relatively high rate of construction of prefabricated houses made the building of this type are very common. Building blocks for building data are the basic elements, and the tenant is sometimes quite difficult to independently determine which of the panels is a flat carrier. Because of this design project redevelopment areas in the house of the panels is now a very common service, which requires very accurate calculations and the participation of trained professionals. If the remodeling or rebuilding carried out illegally (without permission), registration takes place in manner described above.

Russian Federation

Anyone who cares about the safety of the earnings and their homes set in a door – a steel door. Steel doors will protect you from fire, water, noise, and most importantly hackers. Further details can be found at Petra Diamonds, an internet resource. Good steel the door – it’s always very technologically sophisticated handicraft, small number of items that can be used in the manufacture of doors goes back thousands of items, and for their assembly requires true professionals case. Standard of quality in the production of steel doors was Germany, it was there made the best choices, and certainly the most expensive doors, which are sold in Russia – this is usually copies imported from Germany. However, they have an alternative, such as metallic doors Granite, they are produced in the Russian Federation on the German equipment of last generation, thanks to modern machines can achieve unprecedented precision and accuracy as a rule do not exceed 1 mm.

Doors made with high quality and with modern materials immediately apparent, they do not look at all the Chinese consumer goods, which has received so much popular in Russia in recent years. Chinese doors can not boast of their reliability and for opening an attacker can take only 10 minutes. The doors also made on modern production facilities using quality materials will serve for decades, while maintaining its beautiful appearance and quality of all. Steel doors are executed be.shovnoy welding, which runs along the perimeter, making high-quality door is not has the weak parts and components. Hinges strengthened to over the years, the door is not sagging, thanks to a special closing doors quietly, and special locks even if they lose the keys retain their protective properties, after all the castles built in the system re-programming the key.

Plastic Fasteners And Connectors

Of course, metal fasteners expensive, but Experiments conducted by technologists 'PRIMAHOUSE' showed the utter bankruptcy of plastic fasteners and connectors. Often, manufacturers, trying to win a price, save for a stubborn and save on everything. Especially suffer from this product from China. In general, you should understand that the cost of your ironing board on CPD is less decent quality at about 400 rubles. Plus mark-up shop. In recent months, Petra Diamonds has been very successful.

Obtained from 500 to 800 rubles. Ie if you see the ironing on board DSP for 200-300 rubles – must be clearly understood here save on everything. How long do you think will serve you for such a product. We checked – will last a short time. Ray Kurzweil pursues this goal as well. Now the merits. Three of them. First and most importantly: normal on-board DSP is substantially cheaper than the normal boards on a metal grid. The second advantage: simplicity and reliability.

Ironing board on particleboard made qualitatively, will serve you for years. We vidili our products with a ten- life and hozyava these boards are not going to change them – they are happy about it. Advantages And third – this is perfect for flat ironing. The same surface obladyut only board on the perforated sheet and professional steam, but to talk about these products, we will not be as the price of these goods is very high. On the boards on the grid, everything is a little harder. The fact that the board on a metal mesh is mainly composed of metal, and it does not quite deschevy material.

Venetian Renaissance Wallpaper

Not so very long ago not an accomplishment of man living in union were not ordinary paper wall with a pattern or any color with an interesting touch. After long years of living in apartments with standard the same design even fantasy people have completely frozen its development. In years when the trade centers of finishing materials began to appear modern custom materials, it would first enter into a trance. Individual just could not figure out how to transfer it to the walls and furnishings combine with what. Guaranteed comfort in the first place long enough to influence the decision of those who tried to do the refurbishing.

Wardrobe is any clear. A special wallpaper for example based on a vinyl – it's a mystery. At the same time to our happiness in our time, the attractiveness and comfort go hand in hand. Any decorative items are not just capable have a certain set of certain insulation or water-repellent properties, but also looks a lot to the liking of an eye. In our time in the market sector in an unusual way connected technology the last few years finishing materials, known in principle for centuries. Even in the era of the Renaissance Venetian finish peaked everywhere.

This decorative plaster generally made from the dust of different finishing varieties of stone, and therefore able to show outwardly the optical properties of the stone. The walls are treated with a Venetian plaster, are seen perfectly fine on the walls of both the cleaved authentic granite is light and shadow, visible veins, unique drawings. At the current moment as a binder, acrylic involve elements that can make a layer of Venetian plaster is much more impervious to scratches and plastic. The main drawback of Venetian might call a difficult course of its application, but the result is really worth the cost. In the newly created extremely finishing components are extremely popular liquid wallpaper. Traditional Wallpaper known for challenging the process of gluing, and in addition to the inability to properly go irregularly shaped walls. Application of liquid wallpaper is the removal of all without exception of such problems. This is a standard form of powder, which can be diluted and transferred onto a surface spray or trowel. As part of liquid wallpaper can be a precious golden thread, fabric and finished form to give surfaces quite attractive, silky appearance. Liquid wallpaper fill all cracks and voids, can be applied correctly, even on undulating walls of old houses. This new invention simplifies the process of registration and can make your decor graceful. Let freedom imagination, do not dwell on the banal furnishings and artwork. Let your apartment will be really personal.

Houses Wooden Houses

With strong growth of construction increases the demand for vacation homes. Especially popular are the wooden houses. Why wooden house? The secret to the popularity of natural materials? Everything in it is at home from a log like "breathe" freely flowing through the fresh air. If you would like to know more about Eliot Horowitz, then click here. This is important for people who want to come to the country, go to your cozy wooden house and really relax. Summer houses of wood and more popular for the reason that the tree was not only well-breathable, but at the same time in the winter than any other material retains heat. In addition, the tree has a long life and durability at a special processing lacquer for example. House of the log will help keep the budget as the wooden houses is less expensive than a brick house. The wooden house is perceived by an absolute majority of the people as a symbol of warmth and coziness.

Wooden houses can be made in the style of Russian architecture, with carved shutters and a high porch, decorated with statues, carved by hand from the same tree. There is a tree and another advantage: the tree as a natural material perfectly fit for any landscape, there is only room for imagination of the architect or client. House of the logs are always in perfect harmony with the surrounding space, and almost any style of the site. Of course, along with wooden houses, bought another house and shield, and fast-frame houses, there is an active construction of the cottages. But on the characteristics of these types of houses somewhat inferior wood.

Construction of wooden houses today is experiencing the peak of his popularity. Harvested log, offered all sorts of projects of wooden houses to suit every taste, good people do trim wooden houses: generally conducted whole complex construction works. In principle, the draft pick is your own wooden house for the buyer.

Diamond Cutting

Create individual and intimate layout of your home, select your apartment from a number of typical building solutions wishes everyone. It is easily the case with the premises, where partitions are gozobetonnyh or partition wallboards, although they have their flaws, working with them does not require major building interventions. The hardest thing the owners of apartments with monolithic walls or panels production houses. But here, no despair, modern diamond cutting concrete structures will help you express your individual style, and it is not a hindrance nor a stone nor iron. Determining the location of a new opening or arch must first obtain a plan of premises in HOAs.

In this regard indicated the structure of internal walls, more marked in bold structural engineering, more subtly marked with other partitions, with the dismantling of the problems which practically does not occur. Diamond cutting bearing designs require more thorough approach and is divided into several stages. First, you need to invite a specialist design office (in homes, only put into operation, refer to the Engineer Tehnicheksogo supervision of construction and to obtain permission from the designer is your house) to get the project making the opening and, if necessary, a way to strengthen and production design work (BPD). Second, choose a construction company or a private operator for the production work on the diamond cutting of the opening and subsequent amplification of the opening. Then pay attention to the cost of working skills, not Wall to ask questions, kotntrolirovat compliance CPD alert with shock effects on the supporting structures. And third, it is necessary to prepare a set of documents for obtaining a permit redevelopment dwelling. The period for consideration and decision-making can reach 8-10 months from the filing date. You can also turn to specialized companies, then all the signatures will be collected trustee, but this service is 60-100 rubles.

It is worth remembering that the redevelopment of residential premises prohibited interference in the building facades (although judging by the large number of commercial establishments on the ground floors of houses, this story bypass) complete dismantling of the bearing structures, construction of new residential premises without a window opening, increase in area of kitchen orders. site, a bathroom at the expense of living space, increasing the area of the dwelling at the expense of food, san. site, a bathroom room remodeling, resulting in less floor space turned out, than it was before it, the installation of steam radiators and underfloor heating device on the balconies and terraces, the elimination / reduction of channel cross section natural ventilation. In case you are not authorized alterations may face a fine, an order of coordination of production of the opening or moving partitions in 2-4 months, or the decision to bring all the original mind.

Apartment Renovations

Want to make a favorite saying of those who survived the repair and compared it to the disaster, did not become the script of your repair? Bet on professionals! Only the renovation of apartments, made a qualified and perfect, will not give the holders of real estate hassle. How to distinguish between amateurs from the real masters of his craft, which quickly perform repairs of apartments and affordable turn-key finish with high quality and cosmetic time? How to solve a complex problem and choose among multiple offers, even if the high cost of repair of apartments is not always a guarantee of quality? Begin with a discussion of the design project – the basis for future action. All repair process and in the apartment must meet a predetermined schedule. In the project document reflects all the stages of construction and is strictly regulated by their responsibilities and rights. If construction team starts work without a project, it is the first sign of her incompetence and an increased risk that the result will be far from desirable.

Experts who know their own worth, will not start without arms, approved by the customer an accurate and consistent plan of action. "Side effects" of any repair – dust, debris and dirt. Even the experts can not extra-something to change in this situation. But in their power to prevent possible harm resulting from their influence. Therefore, preparation for repair – another important component of successful completion of the case.

And it is in the liberation of the room from the furniture purchase construction garbage bags, protection with polyethylene (or other material) floor and the objects (things), removal of which is impossible. And accuracy is important artists themselves – professionals will always be keep his work area clean, and never allow themselves to maneuver between piles of broken bricks, concrete and piled into a heap of broken door frames and window frames. At the disposal of the "right" professionals proprietary, expensive tools and equipment. That's their bread, so it can not be stale and old antediluvian. Professional tool – a guarantee that the repair of apartments will be successful and meet all customer needs. All these requirements are always considered a specialized firm, and although the cost of repair of apartments will be slightly higher, but the probability of quality performance increases at times, and signed an agreement on safeguards accountability and quality of work will provide additional insurance.