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Who is behind Facebook, the site of friends

The program is a nice internet Facebook social communication tool effectively, an instrument that allows us to contact and file addresses and other information from friends and family we know. But it is a mine of information for the intelligence services that exploit these data, and thanks to Facebook, know everything about you.We reproduce below an old article, very relevant to Facebook. According to need a specialized source requested anonymity, it was discovered that Facebook is a military weapon of espionage and destabilization created by the most extremist of the right (the sinister “neocons” or neoconservatives) to capture information from end users and handle geopolitical and strategic. According to the source in all 16 participating Facebook intelligence services of the United States, beginning with the CIA, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. “Everything we collect and store everything. Nothing escapes them: photos, emails, conversations, pictures, music, etc… With that set up a “profile” “psycho-socio-political and every subject and keep you in sight.Once you enter, and do not let you go, and if you do, all your private information is there. ” In the commercial exploitation and consumerism, according to The Guardian, unscrupulous traders are Silicon Valley, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Blockbuster, Sony Pictures, Verizon and Conde Nast, among others. “It is a service that promotes individualism to maintain greater control of the mass. Usually the fools to believe they are important and leads them to commit any act that the real parties seek to carry out without the direct involvement that implies. If I put a good picture of me with a list of my favorite things, I can construct an artificial representation of who I am.It also encourages a disturbing competitiveness in friendship: it seems that with friends does not have the quality and quantity is king, “says Tom Hodgkinson. “Does not take much brains to join the group and always encourage you to recruit more ‘friends’. Vouchers, he adds the number of ‘friends’ to recruit. Not for nothing are the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom, the countries with more subscribers, “casually that keep more troops occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Facebook is a well-funded, behind him is a group of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, with a clearly defined ideology, reflecting on his website and hope to spread throughout the world. As soon as PayPal, is a social experiment, an expression of a particular kind of neoconservative.In Facebook, you can be as free as you want if you do not mind bombarded with advertisements for the major brands in the world. As with PayPal, national boundaries are a thing of the past. Although the project was originally designed by the star of the covers in the media Mark Zuckerberg, the real person behind Facebook is the venture capitalist and futurist philosopher of Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel.S lo three members comprise the board of Facebook, and are Thiel, Zuckerberg and a third investor called Jim Breyer from a venture capital firm called Accel Partners.

Legacy Figure

Legacy Figure indispensable Maria Felix Mexican Cinema. Controversial figure and admired for her legendary beauty and originality. The prosperous relationship F lix Mar a de los Angeles to film (47 films) began by chance. He was looking in shop windows in the Historic Center of Mexico City (between the streets of Palma and Fco I. Madero) when the director Fernando Palacios approached asking if you would like to make movies. The answer is also in the world of clich s, but those that make up the legend of La Dona: “Who said I want to get into the movies If I feel like it, I will, but when I want, and will be through the front door. ” From Dona Barbara (1943), actress and the characters began to coalesce into a single unit. Many experts say that Maria Felix always played herself in all her films.Reviews more adventurous, like Paco Ignacio Taibo I-author of “La Do a (1991) – note that the appearance of the actress in Mexican cinema scene was so shocking that the writers and directors eventually write stories according to their personality. The result was a curious mixture of fact and fiction that eventually build the myth of Felix. His fascinating image highlighted in titles like Woman Without a Soul (1943) and The Devouring (1946), Fernando de Fuentes kneeling Goddess (1947), by Roberto Gavald n, and Do a Diabla (1948), Tito Davison. It seems that she herself would enrich the image, so that his collaboration with director Emilio Fernandez allowed him to complete a trilogy heterogeneous summarizing its merits and favors that even today, the public treat it royally: Enamorada (1946), Rio Escondido (1947) and Maclovia (1948).His exceptional presence enriched the Franco-Spanish co-production La bella Otero (1954), by Richard Pottier, and in a lighter tone, gave lessons in seduction Faustina (1956) by Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia, which also involved Fernando Fernan Gomez , Conrado San Mart n, Tony Leblanc and Jose Isbert. Closing the Spanish catalog, this latest comedy featured actress in a voluptuous side effects of which are still perpetuated in the big screen. After his last film appearance in The General (1970), Mar a F lix was related at least three film projects, none of which has crystallized. The first was the film version of the novel by Carlos Fuentes “sacred zone”, whose plot bears more of a relationship with the star’s life. The second, the controversial adaptation of “Tona Machetes, a novel written by Margarita Lopez Portillo, who finished filming with Sonia Infante.The most recent was the adaptation of “The Aspern Papers” by Henry James, to be entitled “Unusual splendor” and would be directed by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo. During 1997, the press of events in Mexico speculated a return of Felix, next to Veronica Castro, playing a television version of the play “The Loves of the vampire criminals Morales Hugo Arg elles. Like her country: “U.S. so close and so far from God,” it seemed inevitable that devoured the dream machine of Hollywood. But she resisted. His argument was that they wanted to learn English or liked Indian roles he was offered: “I was not born to carry baskets”, “I am offered the roles of Indian and Indian women do in my country, abroad only plays queens” said. If something is lost with this decision, he made up with popular support and admiration of the intellectuals of his country and the Old World.His best-known biographer, Paco Ignacio Taibo, noted in his work, obviously dubbed “La Dona” – Maria Felix not only possessed “a singular beauty.” She was also instrumental in contrast with the actresses’ traditionally submissive “in their country. The Mexican writer Carlos Monsivais described it as “a succession of costumes, ‘close-ups, attitudes and memorable phrases” and as “the person he saw in the luxury stage their inner strengths.”

The interest-only mortgage and housing bubble

In recent years we have seen how the banks have given a lot of facilities to its clients so they can purchase goods as necessary as it is housing. In order to let mortgages available to more people, have created conditions that at first glance, are very convenient for the applicant’s credit. Even many people have seen the purchase of houses and other property as a business in which you can get a big profit. The video included below, contains a short report by ABCNews which exemplifies how a housing bubble can be fed as a matter of time before it exploded, with the dire consequences that we know for families, investors, financial institutions and the economy in general.

Worship and Rites

Worship and Rites Religious Worship, Ceremyons and traditions associated with religion differ substantially between various Abrahamic religions. Among the few similarities is the cycle of seven days in which a day is nominally reserved for worship, prayer or other religious activities, this tradition is related to the Biblical story of Genesis in which God created the universe in six days , and rested on the seventh. Islam has to Friday as a special day for prayers in congregation, has no concept of ‘day off’. The practice in Orthodox Judaism is guided by the interpretation of the Torah and the Talmud. Before the destruction of the Temple, Jewish priests offered sacrifices there three times a day, after the practice was replaced by Jewish men pray three times a day, including the chanting of the Torah, toward the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.The obligations of prayer for Jewish women vary by denomination, in contemporary Orthodox practice, women do not read from the Torah and should only say certain parts of some of these services daily. Other practices include circumcision, dietary laws, Sabbath, Passover Seder, the study of Torah, phylacteries and others. Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism and the Reconstructionist movement have different views. Christianity does not base their worship in the Old Testament texts, so they have no sacrificial rites as such, but its entire theology is based on the concept of God’s sacrifice of His Son Jesus for their blood to grant forgiveness of sins. However, offerings to Christian churches and charity toward the poor are strongly encouraged and take the place of sacrifice. Additionally, self-sacrifice in the form of Lenten penance and humility, in the name of Christ and according to his commandments (cf.Sermon on the Mount) are considered forms of sacrifice pleasing to God. Followers of Islam, Muslims should observe the Five Pillars of Islam. The first pillar is the belief in the unity of God and his prophet Muhammad as final. The second is to pray five times a day (salat) in the direction (qibla) of the Kaaba in Mecca. The Tecer pillar is Zakah, is a portion of personal wealth to be given to the poor or other specific causes, which means the donation of a specific portion of wealth and personal savings to people or causes that God mentions in the Quran . The normal portion to be paid is two and a half percent of personal savings. Fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam, in which only Muslims should be able to do so. Finally, Muslims are also obliged to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life. Only individuals whose financial position is insufficient or health are exempt from making the Hajj.During his pilgrimage, the Muslims spend several days in prayer, repentance and most notably, circuvalando the Kaaba among millions of other Muslims. At the end of Hajj, sheep and other permissible animals are slaughtered to commemorate the moment when God replaced Abraham’s son Ismail with a sheep to prevent their slaughter. The meat of these animals is then distributed around the world Muslims, neighbors and family need. The Baha’is do not have a strict regimen of prayer but, nevertheless, still guides the prayer given by Bah ‘u’ll h and Abdu’l-Bah . The Bah ‘ s must make ablutions before praying and reciting at least one of three obligatory prayers (written by Bah ‘u’ll h daily. Baha’i Prayer often takes the form of a private activity during which Baha’is may choose to pray to the Qiblih (the Shrine of Bah ‘u’ll h ).Many Baha’is also hold meetings in their homes devout prayers and holy writings are read, sung, sung or recited. Baha’i devotional meetings are open to people of all faiths. A pilgrimage was established by Bah ‘u’ll h Baha’i, but the political conditions in Iraq and Iran prohibit most of the Baha’is visit these places. Originally, Baha’is were to visit either the House of Bah ‘u’ll h in Baghdad or the House of the B b in Shiraz, Iran. Baha’is currently references a ‘pilgrimage’ generally applied to the nine-day trip that visits Baha’i holy places in Haifa and Acre Bahji, Israel. Should also be noted that in addition to prayer and pilgrimage, Baha’is put emphasis on giving a place to worship in daily life. The work is seen as a way of honoring God as is the study of the scriptures.

The Big Bang

A guide for beginners (and experts) about the big bang: Separating fact from fiction Hugh Ro ss The big bang cosmology is an explosive issue. In the last century there have been heated reactions, and bitter resistance from opposite directions, but, ironically, by the same sorts of reasons: religious reasons. A group of opponents of the big bang includes those who understand the implications of the theory, the other is to misunderstand that. The first group of people understand that the big bang denies the concept of a universe not created or self-existent.The big bang theory, based on data accumulated over centuries, points to a supernatural and an initiator start with purpose (therefore, personal) and transcendent (beyond the limits of space, time, matter and energy) . Obviously those who reject the reality of God or the possibility of knowing God find this idea is disgusting, an affront to their philosophical worldview. It is also offensive to those who write universe with a capital U, who have been trained to see the universe as the ultimate reality as the totality of all that is real. Again, his response is religious. The second group of people hate the big bang because they think, wrongly, that argues for rather than against, a theory of origins without God. Associated with the “big bang” with blind chance. They see it as a burst random, chaotic and not caused, when in fact it represents just the opposite.They reject the date given for the beginning of the universe, thinking that recognize a few thousand million years mean to discredit the authority of their sacred books, is the Koran, the Book of Mormon or Biblia.1, 2 Understandably, these people predict final destruction of the theory or choose to live with a contradiction at the heart of their belief system. Despite the opposition of their enemies, the key elements of the model of big bang – actually, a bunch of models that differ slightly from each other, stand firm. In fact, they are now stronger than ever, with the help of its allies more powerful and important: the facts of nature and the technological wonders that bring them to light as well as men and women who seek and report these datos.3 The following pages are a summary of accumulated data that support the big bang, paying special attention to eight of the most recent and important confirmations. A problematic term The big bang (in English, “Big Bang”) is NOT a big bang, the way he understands most laymen. This term conjures up images of bombings or explosions of dynamite. An “explosion” of this kind would produce disorder and destruction. In fact, this “explosion” represents a release immensely powerful yet carefully planned mass, energy, space and time within the strict limits of physical constants and laws that have a careful fine-tuning that govern their behavior and interacciones.4 Power and care that exceeds this explosion reveals the potential of human design in several orders of magnitude. So, why astronomers use the term The simple answer is that, for better or worse, hard to shake off a nickname.In this case, the term did not come from the proponents of the theory but rather as one might suppose, a hostile opponent. The British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle coined the phrase in the 1950s in an attempt to ridicule the big bang, promising contender for his hypothesis of “stationary state”.

Text of the

Risk factors are established risk factors for developing this disease. Age The chance of having prostate cancer increases rapidly after age 50. Over 70 of cases are diagnosed in men over 50 years. Race Prostate cancer occurs about 70 more often in African American men than in white American men. The men of Asian people in the Pacific islands have lower rates of incidence and mortality. Nationality, environment and lifestyle in Sweden gives the highest risk of prostate cancer, it presents intermediate values in North America and Europe, and low in Taiwan and Japan. However, the Japanese who emigrated to the U.S. suffer with a frequency similar to that of other men of that country. Diet Nutrition appears to play an important role in its development. The geographical distribution of this cancer shows high values in industrialized or developed countries.Studies are underway to test whether certain substances reduce the risk of prostate cancer. For now, eat less meat and dairy fats, and eating more than five times a day fruit and vegetables. Physical inactivity and obesity, regular physical exercise and maintaining a healthy weight may help reduce the risk. Obesity defined as body mass index greater than 29kg/m2 is associated with twice the risk of prostate cancer in men with normal weight, moreover, in these cases, the tumor is diagnosed in more advanced stage and more aggressive. Family history of prostate cancer seems to occur more frequently in some families, suggesting that there is a herary factor. Having a father or brother with prostate cancer doubles the risk for this disease. Labor Workers in the rubber and cadmium in solders and batteries seem to be more likely to develop prostate cancer.Cadmium is a heavy metal that disrupts the natural process of cellular DNA repair and may allow uncontrolled proliferation of malignant cells in tumors. Infectious agents and sexual activity has been considered infectious agents transmitted through sexual contact may cause prostate cancer. However, epidemiological studies have provided virological and immunological results. They have shown no specific evidence for an infectious cause of prostate cancer, such as gonorrhea, human papilloma virus (HPV) and other types of urethritis, prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. Has recently been reported that daily masturbation between 20 and 50 years reduces the risk of prostate cancer citation needed and is believed to be due to the elimination of carcinogenic substances in the semen. Snuff The snuff, according to recent studies is also a risk factor for prostate cancer. Cigarette smoking increases the production of male hormones.They stimulate cell growth and, therefore, the growth of prostate tumors. On the other hand, the cadmium content in cigarettes is also another risk factor.

In fact do

In fact do not expect anything of humor (gags only two – the ad) This is a dramatic story of real, everyday life of a young couple both journalists, who have just married and start their life. Begin their work, and intend to start a family. It seems to him very soon and ‘tricks’ or delay his wife’s idea of having children on the advice of a friend to give away a dog to have something to watch and so forget to have children as soon … then the have. The dog is the protagonist of the film ..The truth is that it is quite junk … but people like me who have dog … what do I say! It is a movie that will appeal to all dog lovers … and I guess that does not have the dog as well … it ends, you chafar a little bit at the end, me putting a lump in the throat of those who try to hold back the tears … jo! That almost cried to my 35 A aza! (And the truth is that many people in the cinema cried her eyes out … in the final minutes came a llorera and sonar acojonante mucus in the room … we go from ‘Finding Neverland’ I felt such a sensation in the cinema. But seriously, I recommend it, go and see it, is very good … and you know that if I think the movie sucks I tell you this very clear, that this does not write or buy or sell or manipulate any film (it my personal opinion, free and independent, movie buff, which is about 3 movies per week on average in winter)