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American University

In the middle of the last decade, shortly after the spectacular break-up of the Soviet giant, a group of scientists from the American University of Yale tried to sketch the indent of a hypothetical strategic isolation of Russia. It was, at first glance, a bizarre policy fiction project based on the premise that the old empire, weakened by the loss of much of its Asian territory and the tiny Baltic States, would end fenced off by a coalition of like-minded countries to the ideology of the other great Empire: the United States. Americans University proposed the creation of a safety belt in the European and Caucasian confines of the Russian Federation, also considering the possibility of a strategic alliance with China. Thus it could watch the subjugation of the former great nuclear power which, according to American scientists, should not return to lift head. Recent events in the Caucasus armed intervention of Georgia on South Ossetia, forceful response from Russian troops, rupture of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Western pro Georgia, permanence of contingent of Russian peacekeepers in Ossetia and Abkhazia indicate that the aberrant script of American scientists is materializing.

Old continent politicians condemn military intervention from the Kremlin, but remain very cautious when it comes to contemplate the imposition of political or economic sanctions against Moscow. Who there are estimates that the 27, which depend on the supplies of black gold and natural gas from Russia, prefer not to tighten the rope: the winter is in doors. But while it is true that the majority of the countries of Western Europe fears possible energy retaliation by the Kremlin, the cast of confrontations is not limited solely to the perception by NATO of the separatist conflicts in the former USSR. For its part, Russia forgave not the successive enlargements of the Atlantic Alliance carried out from 1997, when NATO chose to integrate into its ranks of former allies of the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact.

Faces University

It must be avoided at all costs in addition, continue wasting human capital, talent than the universities encloses with its teachers and students, these must be well integrated, knowing you manage, use, to achieve the efficiency of them expected and which are adapted to the reality that the present demands, avoid the temptation, the repetition of ideas, promote research, the appropriate use of new communication technology in all fields. Also, consider as well portatl.educar.com/foros, reminds us that the new paradigm implies radical changes in the attitude of students, teachers and administrative changes in relation with the design and delivery of teaching and communication systems that the institution sets. Remember, the flexibilization of University teaching structures implies, new conceptions of the teaching/learning process in which accentuates the active involvement of the student in the learning process; attention to the emotional and intellectual skills to different levels; the preparation of young people to assume responsibilities in a world in rapid and constant change, and flexibility of students to enter a world of work that will require training throughout life. It’s getting current pupils and teachers forming in new collaborative learning environments and become new users of the training participants of a teaching/learning process, where the emphasis is moved from teaching to learning and that are characterized by a new relationship with knowledge, by new practical learning and adaptive to educational situations in permanent change specifically, not can the national universities continue to ignore the need to give way to the necessary transformations that involve that arises a new paradigm, a new academic culture, promote the changes demanded by the current scenario and avail himself, as very well says Malo, establish basic skills that give step know-how, thinking, in addition to making effective bonding Research teaching, updating and training for innovation and research, as well as know used modern communication technologies, such as the Informatics and others, specifically the TIC that focus the autonomous and customized learning. Connect with other leaders such as Eliot Horowitz here. Consider also as says Carlos Tunnermann Bernheim, we can not doubt, that today also witnessed the emergence of a new productive paradigm in which the most important factor is no longer the availability of capital, labor, raw materials or energy, but the intensive use of the knowledge and information. The most advanced economies today are based on the increased availability of knowledge and information. Comparative advantages depend increasingly on the competitive use of knowledge and technological innovations.

This centrality of knowledge makes fundamental pillar of the wealth and power of the Nations, but at the same time, encourages the trend of how simple consideration merchandise, subject to the rules of the market and subject to private appropriation. Today, the wealth of Nations is in its people, in the cultivation of the intelligence of its people, so it is needed to give priority to investment in human capital: education, science, technology and information. * Teaching retiree of postgraduate’s Faces University of Carabobo Coordinaror specialty program of quality management and productivity, Faces, University of Carabobo postgraduate Area.

United States

news economics USD the Retail Sales in the order of the day yesterday the U.S. currency registered a minimum of 4 months ago against the majority of currencies, while widespread optimism that reigns in the market led to several investors to invest in higher risk assets. Against the euro, the dollar recorded minimum of 7 weeks ago reaching the 1.3700, while against the pound recorded minimum of 4 months ago, and the pair closed at the 1.5290 area. Yesterday the official data with respect to the balance of trade, showed that the gap has widened during the month of March, for the first time in eight months, since imports of crude oil increased, but on the contrary exports decreased. Since last year, both exports and imports in the United States fell, above all by the delicate situation lending after the global crisis, and also cuts expenses implemented both consumers and entrepreneurs.

However, a sign of improvement, imports declined at a pace lower than estimated, only a 1% fall in March, compared to the fall of 5% recorded in February and in other months. For today are awaiting Retail Sales and Crude Oil inventories, indicators which will be announced at 1230 GMT and 14: 30 GMT respectively. If the results are surprising, it may that the dollar will rebound after losses registered yesterday against the euro and the pound. However if the results prove below official estimates, the dollar could develop a bearish session during the day today. It would be advisable to follow closely such publications, given that investors may take advantage of fluctuations in the market. EUR euro continues to strengthen against the dollar yesterday the euro advanced against the American currency, especially once the Member of the ECB, Axel Weber, claimed that there is no need that the ECB continue buying private assets to boost credit development.

Book Fat Burning

Years were those who had to wait to finally have a method that gave us real results in a matter of loss of weight, but of weight in fat. Fortunately already in Spanish the fat burning furnace book of Rob Poulos, method that is changing the way of seeing the world of weight loss dramatically by the brilliant results offered and in a very short time. The fat burning furnace book is a guide to burn and expel fat body but intelligent and comprehensive since it focuses on acceleration of metabolism to have a constant burning calories even while the body is at rest or while resting. Using the two main pillars to lose weight that are feeding based on a specific but non-restrictive diet that uses the nutrients as a main weapon to use those energy reserves that have accumulated for years in the form of fat, also supplementing the diet with a routine easy and quick exercises well focused in the same way in the stimulation of the body metabolism work itself only. On the other hand the fat burning furnace book achieves not only lose weight but having to change muscles strong, firm and marked as everyone wants to have. More than 35 thousand people are now that have found that the fat burning furnace book provides real results and in record time without spending on complementary products or appliances that never work, with only easy advice to follow this method guarantees lose 19 pounds and 25 centimeters of abdomen for men or 25 kilos and 8 sizes of dress for women. The decision to have a better quality of life is in you. Original author and source of the article..

Government Society

Simultaneously the knowledge ends up translating new products of high technological sophistication and also in new ways of thinking and intervene in matters as complex as it may be a proposal for organizational development. Knowledge, appears as a transversal axis of a range of emerging paradigms. The need to build and permanently apply new knowledge becomes an imperative for anyone who directs an organization, both as to who directs a territorial Government or a development agency as well as in last term, for any individual. One of the first symptoms of change towards a new society was the process of globalization and economic integration, free trade, joint between countries, sectors, companies, organizations or groups. The process that creates the bases for knowledge can circulate freely at the planetary level, allowing exchange cultural and encourages reflection on as presented and inserted into other societies, especially regarding the tradeoffs that has represented poor countries. Likewise, increasing scientific and technological development has been linked to the formation of skills and capabilities to move human labour towards more complex and sophisticated, tasks tasks of research and production of scientific knowledge.

Your result: the proliferation of new varieties of goods and services or their adaptations as a mechanism of survival or expansion in a globalised and competitive market. In the same way the new information and communication technologies emerges as factor trigger of this new economy is identified the technological revolution, access and use of new information and communication technologies, or the arrival of the Internet, which allowed digital transmission to long distance and low-cost large amounts of information and that facilitated work and collective learning. New technologies open up step to a global society, a society in which people or groups of them can interact in real time even though they are geographically dispersed. However, conflicting results in organizations have shown as a result of the introduction of new technologies, so the study of the access Foundation reveals it: although it seems contradictory, because always relates to the Internet with the emergence of the knowledge society, various aspects demonstrate the danger that the incorporation of the Internet to the organization rather than limit the generation process of new knowledge Camacho, (2003).

Encuentro Nacional

On 20 November 2010, the ANUESCA Cultural Association, El Campello (Alicante), conducted the ninth national meeting of poets and writers, that annually performs with great success, and provided with social and solidarity, ends uniting culture and solidarity in a single purpose. This year, the benefits of the Act were intended to Haiti, since a year after the great catastrophe natural that struck this Caribbean country, the plague and other innumerable problems, continue whipping to Haiti, a country that to continue his departure to a thriving recovery, needs the solidarity of all of us. ANUESCA, at the call of the IX national meeting of poets and writers, featured the participation of poets of numerous populations of our Spanish geography as they were Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Madrid, Toledo Cordoba and many more, because we were 29 participating poets, plus a number of dance students from the Conservatory of Alicante. Participating poets were, by order of appearance, Alfonso Ponce, Jesus Mellado, Antonio Jose Royuela, Cristina Espinolsa, Fernando Sanchez, Rosa Garcia Oliver, Marcelino Menendez, Carmen Pedreno, Ricardo peak, Jose Manuel Regal, Rafaela Lax, Manolo Parra, Carlos Fernandez, Pilar Redondo, Beratriz Ramirez, Antonio Gomez Hueso, Jose Luis Lopez, Aurea Lopez, Maria Jose Arques, Isabel Martinez Miralles, Conchi Rivera, angela Diaz, Juan Benito, Jesus Sastre, Maria Carmen, Harmonie bottle, Ada Victoria and Conchi Galindo. The Act was prefaced by the Councillor of culture Lourdes Llopis, and completed by the President of ANUESCA, Harmonie bottle. The Act was charged with emotion, good poetry, good rhapsodists, good atmosphere and on tod, of solidarity with the most disadvantaged. It was an act that everyone will keep in our memories as an endearing and worthy of being hosted in our hearts forever event. Our most sincere gratitude to ANUESCA Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares Poet and rhapsode participating in the IX national meeting of poets and writers, ANUESCA original author and source of the article.


Cry to the Sun and sudo, toast poetizo, crisp both dreaming and little gain will collide the treetops, fluids are exchanged, the mouths are filled with and knows well the wine. It will try again and emerges a new flavor in the mouth just love, love of the real, but not everything can end badly. Hello, Topacia va despacia Hi Lady, sweet anochecedora shadow, light of sunset coming out of the shadow, harmony, wanting out turned on early in the morning. Death wound, wound failures I not met and happy, friendly and long lasting life. I in good shape with ease in the gait of dark shadow me aparto I and fled and at sundown divine perhaps?, will I? homeland Italy from Evita La bota love it conquered, patria perpetua, bota, a single love of Mary Eva, there is hosted and enjoy, there it goes, it’s wonderful. Italy WINS and convinces her, there love, Italy dazzled the soul, Mary Eva benefits will marry? Italy going for long Italy land of perpetual dreams Italy who both loves Italy which gives you cane, beer and cherries.

Italy forever, Italy gives you fly, Italy yuyo ya’jooj that boot that makes Mary Eva crazy with those lands where you will study in 2006, his year be think that Yes the the the there will be. Always in GALICIA live Magdalena, always here, always green I think day and night, for what return to Venezuela? although the unpredictable fate is changing, perhaps return, Galicia the Green girl, Galicia without the alien Nightingale owner ignorance, with their animated forest, who sings in the morning, and dream Magdalena rivers lives in Galicia without intending to move ever. His house and everything is here she is poor, where would go?, lives their daily work and not earn both to go changing. GALICIA, land of Magdalenita my Galicita, her daughter to what move?, for what the scam? green here is green, beautiful and radiant.

Alexis Jimenez

Fernando Alexis Jimenez the day that Juan Carlos told me that he was going to buy the car, had eyes large and bright, with the same fervor platonically which perhaps had Alfredo Nobel when he discovered dynamite it, in 1867. Your hands could not stay quiet and sailed over the desktop, with concern a child who plays naughty in a park after all afternoon doing work in House’s own. First ask God to show you what is your will in this respect, I told him. He looked disappointed, as if you were sharing bad news.

But it is a beautiful car, good blade, engine that roars as African lion and a dreamy cushions, argued pesaroso. Minutes later he fired and I saw him leave the Office with a boredom that was reflected in the slow steps. Certain day, Church Road, was in a main Avenue by pushing the pileup. He sweated. Finally, and when I was a few meters, appreciated his frustration by the force with which dealt a blow to the trunk of the car and later as a child that turned off the TV, began giving kicked one of the tires. Problems, Juan Carlos?-asked although I admit that it made no sense interrogate him, before the obvious situation. Yes, this blessed truck which pulled out hand.

Let me halfway – consulted the clock and continued: what is serious is that in five minutes should be chairing the praise in the cult. God, why I happen to me?-the next time I found, opposite the Plaza de Caycedo, in full Center of Cali, he was putting a notice classed in a newspaper of Santiago de Cali, trying to sell the vehicle, for much less money that had bought it. I am praying to God that buyer is, low. Why is us so bad? A few days ago a woman who closed a business selling pies near the Church, complained of his luck and asked me: why are going so bad?.

Venezuela System

Venezuela, knowledge society: project country Teodulo Lopez Melendez I said that in the so-called project national Simon Bolivar Prime Plan Socialist development economic and Social of the nation 2007-2013 is the conception of the present regime on man, society and the political project, so it must respond in terms of reflection. I propose, then, another vision of the Venezuelan, to build society and political system which should replace the present. In sum, my vision to begin building in 2013. It is what I will try to. The old speeches are delegitimized. A shortage of the inventors of world.

We cannot allow that Venezuela continues to be an ahistorical territory. To emancipate us from serious problems afflicting us should untie a philosophically emancipatory process. This being human intelligent which is the Venezuelan should organize towards the emergence of a new social order. We must make us attentive to the incitements of the present and the challenges pragmatism of the circumstances having in hand the answers of a renewed political philosophy. The movement should come from below upwards, come from a thinking society, from a global humanism.

The Venezuelan’s this time lives the break with a world that wobbles. What is required is a fluid and permanent exchange of diverse understandings. There to give a common response to the everyday demands of democracy. Many cling to ways deciduous and when least expect you spigot opens and deflate which punctured balloon. Same thing happens to political systems that ignore the renewal and change. They can last until middle age – 50 years remained the Venezuelan political system known as democratic stage – or languish in adolescents and even children. Conceptions which gave rise to the foundations of the democratic system have remained unaltered beyond the convenient and make water. Political organization we know melts pushed towards the closet by an obvious and manifest fatigue that the rulers do not understand and demands own a body that needs to be structured with new ingredients.