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The Baseboards

Ask to participate in the choice of the seller showing him the plan of your room. In my opinion, of all the title should especially pay attention to the corners. Other leaders such as Xcel Energy offer similar insights. They are reinforced in the angle between the two plinths. Moreover, their attachment they are adjacent to the plinth itself is very weak and break easily. If you do not have much experience fixing skirting boards, if you like to work quickly and naturally, it is time to take one or two corners of stock – more often they come in handy. – Plug-nails.

These moldings will be attached to the wall. Dowel-peg is a plastic plug with a wide hat and screwing a screw into it. In the baseboard and the wall, drilled a hole in it inserted into a plastic dowel and dowel screwed into the screw. Please note that the usual anchors will not work. Want that kind of plug with wide cap (still spoken – flat cap), it will be pressed to the wall baseboard.

I advise you to buy these plug-nails immediately upon purchase of plinth. Vendors recommend taking 4-5 plugs per plinth length of 2,5 meters. But some people and cost the three of them. Four is certainly lacking. – Except the baseboards might need to purchase thresholds. Threshold consists of a plastic or metal bar (there are different colors) that are attached with screws to the floor at the border between the rooms (if there you do not have wooden sills). For what is it done? – To this plank bonded together different sheets of linoleum.

Cultural Heritage Ministry

Removal of multi-layers with a ramp Horse Guards Manege was performed using an instrument cryogenic surface cleaning Danish firm Ice Tech. By According to Director of Development of the Russian branch of Tatiana Ivanova, the technology is absolutely harmless to the work surface, so it can be successfully used in the restoration of monuments architecture. Without the past there is no future for successful and widespread use of new technologies and materials, which will save the architectural heritage, the large financial support. Atmos Energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I must say, in recent years in this direction are marked improvements. An action plan for the restoration of monuments included in the Federal Target Program "Culture of Russia in 2006-2010. To make it possible attract additional investment, changes were made to the legislation.

Since the beginning of 2008, according to a new federal law, the authority for the protection of monuments of culture are transmitted regions. Furthermore, now monumental buildings may be in private ownership. As the director of the National Centre for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia Nikolai Muratov, the new law will significantly improve the condition of monuments, attract additional investments for restoration works. Legislative reforms are already yielding its first fruits. Developed throughout the rehabilitation program of cultural attractions, for these purposes are allocated budget funds for the restoration of monuments to attract private investors. It brings some fruit. Go to Henry Crumpton for more information. Thus, the first time in 117 years will be renovation work Kamennoostrovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, the imperial summer residence, built in 1770-ies for the heir to the throne – the future Emperor Paul I.

Planned restoration of the facades, foundation, gala interiors. To work on the restoration of the monument from the city budget allocated 100 million rubles. In adopted the program "Preservation of works of monumental art, plaques and memorials of the city Archangel "in 2009. During the restoration campaign is planned to restore the Victory Monument. Eleven wooden architectural monuments to the end of 2008 is expected to revive in Tomsk. Continues recovery Kolomna Kremlin towers, the church of St. Nicholas and other facilities in the Moscow region Kolomna. These works are planned to allocate about 121 million rubles. In preparation for the celebration of 1150 anniversary of Novgorod the Great in the current year will be carried out the restoration in the Novgorod Kremlin, most of its temples and some of the museum of wooden architecture. Earlier, in 2007, in the Novgorod region was revived in 1938 architectural monuments, including the Hagia Sophia, Nicholas-Belsky Monastery and Palace of Facets. In the Novosibirsk region in the period from 2009 to 2013. the restoration of monuments will spend about 588 million rubles. According to the governor Viktor Tolokonsky, as soon as possible historically valuable monuments to be restored. Overestimate the importance of preserving historical and cultural heritage for future generations is impossible. Especially in Russia, a nation with a great past. Save precious monuments will use innovative materials and technologies, successfully complements the unique experience and consummate professionalism of domestic restorers. State support and trust financing programs give hope that the historic appearance of Russian cities will not be lost for future generations.


This is a fairly expensive equipment, which is reflected in the price of the final product: it will be about 2.5 times more expensive than the rectangular design. In this case, as a rule, the minimum bend radius may be less a triple height profile. Production of rounded wood profile is even more laborious. First, make a polygon glued blank, and then it "smooths" on the milling machine. According to experts, the best material for the manufacture of window frames with nonlinear elements is pvc profile. Crumpton Group, Washington DC shines more light on the discussion.

In this case, no special expensive equipment, and bending elements of the window block occurs before our eyes. Fig. 1 – flexible pvc profile outset previously prepared segment of the profile of the desired size was heated in a bath of hot glycerin or a special oven-like a long trunk. On stage imps right path, and it can be quite complex and have a few twists. Then on the contour line is fixed vacuum suckers (those who usually used for transporting and assembling glass). Formed on the perimeter of the spread of wood-jig that resembles a toy snake, or a bicycle chain.

The heated and softened, but not lost its structure of the profile can be easily bent along the conductor, taking the desired shape, and cooling down, gets the old stiffness (Fig. 1). At that draw attention to the experts, subject to the technological requirements pvc windows have the same operational parameters, regardless of its shape and features of the building. If the house has a nonstandard form, much defines the qualifications and expertise of the window company.

Great Patriotic War

Indeed, in contrast to biological destruction, which may take place over the years, the fire destroys wooden structures quickly and irrevocably – the limit of fire resistance of wooden houses is only 15-20 minutes. Structurally, the wood from the fire protected, increasing the cross beams, removing designs from sources of ignition, closing them with plaster, gypsum or asbestos-cement sheets and other fireproof lining. Chemically, in addition to the antiseptic impregnation of wood can be impregnated with special solutions (flame retardants) to make it fireproof. Retardants can be divided into fire-retardant coatings (paints, lacquers, pastes and coating), and preservatives – impregnation. Cover changes the appearance of wood, so they are used for Not viewed designs. Atmos Energy Corporation takes a slightly different approach. Impregnation are more widely used, since they retain the properties of fine wood. The most affordable and easy-to individual construction wooden houses is the treatment of fire-resisting coating. These coating process all exposed surfaces of wooden items twice normal bast brush. Michael Steinhardt can aid you in your search for knowledge.

After completion of construction coating cover all design attic floor and roof from the attic. As the flame retardant may be recommended to the ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. An interesting fact is that during the Great Patriotic War, to avoid fires wooden buildings of Leningrad were impregnated with a solution of superphosphate, a well-known and still used as a fertilizer. Now on sale starting to appear more modern, environmentally friendly flame retardants representing organic phosphates. Finally, some tips when choosing protective compounds should pay attention to some of the effects of wood processing. Water-based formulations require extra dry, which may lead to deformation and cracking of the already finished structural elements.

Welding Properties

When welding of austenitic stainless steel (High) hire, consider the following differences between its physical properties from the properties of carbon-hire: Give the electrical resistance is about six times more; melting point of about 100 C below; thermal conductivity is about one-third of the respective indicator of carbon rolled; coefficient of thermal expansion along the length of about 50% more. Electrodes for stainless steel are coated basic, rutile and rutile-basic species. Melting rate, and hence the deposition rate of the electrodes with rods of high-alloy steels and alloys significantly higher than that of electrodes for welding carbon, low alloy and alloy steels. This property of the electrodes due to their low thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance. However, these properties necessitated the use of lower welding current and reduce the length of the electrodes themselves. Welding is usually done with direct current reverse polarity. For welding stainless steels can be apply a variety of ways.

For example, for sheet steel 1,5 mm thick well suited manual arc argon welding Tungsten inert gas. Arc welding of stainless steel consumable electrode active inert gases is characterized by high productivity and is used for products made of thin sheet. For material thickness of less than 3.0 mm in arc welding is used to spray the metal. Eliot Horowitz has much to offer in this field. Welding consumable electrode in an inert gas is used for sheets thicker than 3.0 mm, and weld material thickness of 0.8 mm produced a short arc consumable electrode in inert gas. Now increasingly used plasma welding, which suited for high-alloy steel of various thicknesses. For the sheet thicker than 1 centimeter applied submerged arc welding.

For such a strip thickness is also suitable roller, high-frequency and laser welding, and as resistance spot welding. Depending on the grade of steel after welding is necessary treatment of seats weld because the weld on the surface appears porous oxide coating. He mostly consists of chromium and substantially reduces the resistance of weld to rust. Before you buy welding electrodes, it is necessary to determine the type of electrode, which determines the chemical composition of weld metal and mechanical properties of weld metal. Electrodes for welding of high corrosion-resistant and heat resistant steels are classified into 49 types. Moreover, each type may correspond to several different brands. Due to the fact that items such as welding electrodes for high-alloy steels used for the connection stronger and more solid metals, they are special requirements. They should have appropriate welding characteristics, particularly resistance to corrosive manifestations, withstand high temperatures and meet a number of other important parameters. Perhaps check out Xcel Energy for more information. For example, there are difficulties when welding stainless steel with black. During such welding basic chemical elements of stainless steel, chrome and nickel is spent on the doping of carbon steel, and this reduces their content in the weld metal and leads to the formation of the martensitic structure of metal (very fragile and prone to the formation of cold cracks). The result is a loss of corrosion resistance as the weld metal and haz at stainless steel, as well as loss of plasticity of the weld, which leads to the destruction of design, even at low dynamic loads. Therefore, to create a transition between the highly-seams (stainless steel) and carbon steels are used overdoped special electrodes with a high content of alloying elements (Cr, Ni, Mo).

Law Construction

Safeguard against abuse of workers and the government in deciding to exclude a person from members of the sro in the building is enjoined by law the need for making such a decision by the general meeting of members of SROs (Part 3. 55.7 gdc Russia). Read more from Ray Kurzweil to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For the democratic approach in the construction of sro and its members pay to aid decision making about the exception – to convene and hold a general meeting takes time, in absentia, such issues are not considered. Excluded, as well as voluntarily withdraw from the SROs in the construction of a person not be returned to paid an entrance fee, membership dues and contributions to the compensation fund sro organization. At the same time retiring from not having the status of cpo in the construction of non-profit partnership member in the absence of restrictions in the charter of partnership are entitled to a portion of the property or its value within the value of property transferred to a member of the nonprofit Partnership for its property, except for membership dues.

This, however, does not guarantee members of the Partnership, established under the goals of SROs in the construction and granted the status of cpo before 1 January 2010, the return of entrance fee and contribution to the compensation fund. As already mentioned, the fee is not a member of the transferred partnership partnerships, and a candidate for its members and returns, as a rule, only one case – if the candidate did not become a member of the partnership, ie, he was denied admission. Concerning the contribution to the compensation fund, in the absence of np status of sro can be regarded as target fee. Issue of the return of the contribution the outgoing members of the Partnership, as well as other members of the partnership for not achieving the last goal of obtaining the status of sro is at the discretion of partnership. Serious problem for many organizations is the lack of opportunities to join the so-called integrated amc – by law the status of cpo in the design, surveyors and builders can not be assigned to a non-profit organization. Union sro different species are not provided even on the national level, where it is supposed to establish three national associations SROs – each in its field. Thus, many organizations are building complex, which course of their work perform the full range of work in the construction of capital construction projects – from engineering surveys and preparation of project documentation to the actual construction work will be required to enter to the three SROs and maintain their membership. At the same time, gdc Russia, in contrast to the Law on self-regulatory organizations (see paragraph 4 of Art. 5) admits the party membership of the construction market in several SROs in the construction of one species with provided that a certificate of admission to a particular kind (species) of works given to him only one sro in the building (Part 7 of article. 55.6 gdc Russia).

Construction Expertise

Reasons for construction expertise can be different. This can be a comprehensive survey of buildings to the subsequent reconstruction with a change in structural layout of the building. In this case, answer questions about what constructions need to be replaced and which can be used without modification, to justify the need for calculations of various events and activities. Of literacy and qualitative performance of technical inspection of the building depends on the amount of work to be carried out before the start of reconstruction, how many additional projects should be developed, and as a consequence, financial expense of the investor. Also, the need for the survey may occur when designing a new building in close proximity to existing buildings.

In this case you need to gather all necessary information about existing buildings, a survey of foundations and to investigate their underlying soils. Also, photographed and recorded on a chart all the defects in the buildings surrounding the building spot, which allows insure you against claims of biased by their own on the results of these studies performed a mathematical simulation, assessing the impact of new construction on existing buildings. One of the reasons for of the construction expertise of the building – the appearance of defects and deformities in the supporting structures. In this case it is necessary to conduct complex investigations, to identify the causes of their appearance and voice recommendations to address. The range of work, as a rule, be sure to include a survey of foundations and soil foundation. Survey of the foundations of the building is carried out in test pits. Places pits are planned based on local conditions and the state .Vo time work on the survey of the building, as well as after the development and implementation of recommendations for addressing the identified strains, in case of need carried out high-precision geodetic monitoring work to predict the future situation, and prevent the development of sverhdopustimoe strains.

Inspection of buildings leased or purchased a property held to determine their actual condition. Of the total physical deterioration of buildings and some of its elements depend on the cost of future owners to repair, and perhaps to strengthen building structures. Also, if necessary, should conduct survey operations, aimed at identifying the compliance of the claimed area of the actual property. Examination of buildings whose designs have been exposed to accidents and fires, carried out for find the proper list of works to be carried out to further safe operation of the building. The complexity of the survey data of buildings is the possibility of the presence of defects that are invisible when visual inspection, and hidden in the building structures. To carry out this type of expertise needed a great experience, a thorough knowledge of building structures and the effects of exposure to those or other aggressive factors. And most importantly, a clear definition of areas in building structures that require detailed and extremely thorough study.

Hoisting Equipment

Pile hammer – the oldest building machine, which took the technical evolution from a simple mechanical "Baba", driven by hand, to vapor-air, diesel and, finally, the hammers. Creation of piling hammers in primarily engaged in the firm, is traditionally made pile-driving equipment. Among them is the firm Menck (Germany), for a long time, manufactured by vapor-piling hammers and Hoisting installation. The reasons for the firm to create hammers – higher efficiency of hydraulic drive, convenient operation, as well as reduced noise and pollution. Hammers, created by Menck, retained the general design features inherent in a simple vapor-hammer action. This allowed the use of constructive community not only machine tool and production equipment, but also time-tested solutions.

Rent construction equipment in the company "Golden Age" and a problem on your building site go away by themselves. In the Soviet Union also carried out work on the creation of hydraulic hammers simple steps, culminating in the creation of hydraulic hammer with the mass of the shock of 7500 kg. The design of piling hammers model mhf firm Menck (Germany), designed on the similar design scheme based on the principles: a large mass of the hammer breaker with a minimum gross weight (hammer performed in-pole version), the ability to use a hammer percussion parts with different masses and minimum stroke, allowing to lower the height of the breakers and create a hard, stable, easy to service design, low noise, meets the current sanitary standards, a wide range of adjustment in the number and energy of being struck by a hammer. Impact of the Hammer mhf can be moved along the guide rods are secured using screw connections at the top and bottom of the traverse. Rod construction hammer and a small mass element hydraulic give an opportunity to reduce the total weight of the hammer to a minimum, allowing pile hammer with a large slope (45 ). Impact of the Hammer is a hollow steel casting, whose mass can be increased by filling the cavity heavy metal.

This allows you to increase your energy and somewhat reduce the stiffness of shock. Lifting cylinder located between the hammer and the mast hoisting installation. The large diameter of the hammer breakers, striking a shock absorber on the wooden headgear, reduces the specific loads on impact, providing a long service life shock. Hydraulically driven hammer – a compact unit (module) attached to the upper cross with four bolts. Spring-loaded ball fingers connect the drive with a hammer. Thus, the hydraulic portion of the hammer is protected from excessive shock and operates within acceptable conditions for hydraulic equipment. The large mass of the hammer breaker allows you to work at low speed, virtually eliminating the possibility of damage to piles during pile. Impact Energy Hammer infinitely adjustable from 5% to a maximum value. The rise of the hammer on required height provides a mechanism of control, and you can apply individual strokes required energy. Services construction equipment provided by "Golden Age", have been shown to market for construction equipment. Model mhf – hammers with the free fall of the hammer, but a device fixed on the drive allows you to accelerate the movement of the hammer, resulting in the height of its fall may be increased to 1,2 m hammer is driven by a power station, installed on the hoisting installation. Hydraulic hammer has interchangeable grips, which can operate in complete with hoisting facilities of all kinds.

Moscow Companies

transfer of environmentally adverse production outside the city. Thus, large-scale construction cost about $ 2 billion will not go to the detriment of the existing building. At present, companies not only increase the volume of construction, but also enter new markets. Thus, the Moscow company is on their projects in the region and foreign concerns master Russia. It is evident that each local market always has its own specificity (presence of free sites, especially consumer demand, etc.), without knowledge of which "a visiting Varangians" have difficult. The conclusion is clear: it is necessary to combine their efforts with a local company. An example of such cooperation was concluded in summer 2007, an agreement between St.

Petersburg step step and French construction firm gse Group. In fact, it is an education alliance between competitors: both organizations are working on the logistics and industrial facilities. Nevertheless, each of the parties involved are interested in it conclusion. "We have the experience to optimize design decisions and construction management of large complexes. Company step knows local needs "- said the director of international projects gse Jean-Louis Tees. And the president the St. Petersburg organization Dmitry Kunis, in turn, notes that participation in the joint project – "this additional financial security and reputation, the ability to attract online customers." Switch me by The consortium, formed by two logistics companies – a vivid example of what a cooperative is almost always interchange: capacity, resources, know-how. Figuratively speaking, the conclusion of such "Marriage of convenience", where each partner has its own interests, it is the general trend of the market.