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Managing Director David Shostak Vigoda

In 2010 the group market through online shopping services such as and similar sites has become a multimillion-dollar business. Every day tens of thousands of people buy coupons with discounts from 50 to 90% for services at beauty salons, entertainment and restaurants. And with the growing number of consumers often suffer the quality of its services. Customers who bought services at deep discounts from time to time are seen as providers of these services “Second class” and “freeloader” is not worthy to receive service on par with regular customers. As is customary, we assume free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Service Number group decided to change this vicious practice, and in fact, prove that “good does not mean expensive.” In order to protect their customers from poor service and unfair relations service has launched a unique for the domestic market of the project: quality assurance services on the shares of a special group of “auditors.” The audit team consists of 50 people, mostly women, aged 25-35 years who regularly under the guise of the usual “coupon customers’ experience shares on itself. Per share for the whole period of its validity have 5.1 Auditors and the results fill special forms in which all reflect the pros and cons of the service received.

The results of testing each supplier will now be available to users online services directly on the site This will improve the quality of services provided by stock and serve customers with reliable protection against unfair service. According to Managing Director David Shostak “We do not just sell Coupons with huge discounts, we feel a responsibility to our customers for the services they receive on the shares to Quality and service are now receiving the participants’ service on-line coupons “are not always satisfy both us and our customers. So today it is the quality of services provided to customers is our top priority. Quality control services, we put at the forefront, believing that it is in the eyes of this user, we stand out from any other similar service. ” We are happy to answer your questions!

China And World Beauty Industry

Not all of our readers have the opportunity to visit Beijing. However, those who managed to make such a journey would be able to say with certainty that in this eastern city, there are places that are very similar American and European cities. And this is the place where the dominant global brands of fashion. First of all, it concerns the boutiques and jewelry stores. The Chinese tend to prefer silver jewelry. But it does not bother jewelry companies from different regions, both known and very young.

More recently, Tiffany, founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in 1837 has announced that in the fall of 2011 on display will be presented to her collection, and place presentation will be Beijing. For all its nearly 200-year history of the company for the first time will issue "a collection of the year" is not in New York. Symptom is very remarkable. Perhaps now the Chinese women, whose number is over half, followed by Ondra Hetbern in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" will say, being in the same store, 'this is the best place in the world where nothing bad can happen. " Even a few short decades concerning the fantastic situation becomes a reality before our eyes.

According to many professsionalov in the "beauty industry", Chinese jewelry market has now become a priority. This year, he will surpass 70 billion yuan (over 10 billion dollars), and in the future growth of its projected total at least thirty percent. At the same time these figures relate only jewelry is growing very rapidly and market cosmetics and so it as part of the latest permanetny makeup.

Model Trio Radiators

Radiators are supplied fully assembled in length from two to 16 sections. Each unit is tested positive pressure 24 atm. Model Trio, as well as all the products Faral, has an internal anti-corrosion process, which ensures reliable operation when connected to the heating system. Among the assemblers are often widely believed that aluminum radiators can not be establish a single system with a boiler, equipped with copper heat exchangers. This statement is based on the basis of physical incompatibility of metals aluminum and copper.

These two metals are in direct contact form a galvanic couple in which a "strong metal" is copper, which attracts the ions of aluminum and aluminum after a while becomes a foil. However, this statement does not apply to systems made of polypropylene tubes or from the composition pipe, because in such a system is no direct contact between aluminum and copper, and thus galvanic couple is torn. Therefore, the system of distributing made of polypropylene pipe is installed into the boiler Ferroli wall with copper heat exchangers and aluminum radiators Ferroli, and will last you a long time and no problems can not create. In contrast to the iron radiators, radiator for choosing their own home, the buyer must pay attention to several important points. The first is the performance of the radiator.

These include operating pressure and heat. The first indicator measures the water pressure, which can withstand this heat sink, not explode. For modern aluminum radiators manufacturers specify a working pressure of 16 atm. The pressure in the central system heating high-rise buildings usually do not exceed 6 bar. but when it starts after the summer, non-working, period, stress can be more serious, and the radiator with a low operating pressure is unlikely to survive. At the dawn of the emergence aluminum radiators on the market of operating pressure was 10 atm. While this is more pressure in the central heating system, however there are cases where an incorrect system starts these radiators out of order. Heat output – a measure that speaks of how much heat the radiator gives the section. For example, manufacturers often resort to aluminum radiators marketing course, exaggerating heat radiators. Thus, looking through a flyer, you can see that the heat radiator – 200 W at T 70 C, but no one identifies what it stands for. In fact, the difference between the average room air temperature (assumed 20 C) and average temperature in the heating system (at T 70 C operating schedule of the heating system should be: submission – 100 C, tank line – 80 C), it becomes clear that these figures do not correspond to reality. Properly consider the heat transfer radiator at T 50 C, and most aluminum radiators one section measuring 100h600h80 mm can heat the area about 1.2 m3, which corresponds to heat transfer at 120 watts. To pick up a radiator, you must inform the seller as output of their homes. It is important to take into account the characteristics of each of the house. For example, if the room corner or some kind of wall is frozen, it is also necessary to take into account, otherwise even with the new radiator at home would not be very heat. It is best if you bring a building project, which shows the thickness of the walls of glass, type of roof covering, ie, Features outdoor designs. Knowing all this, sellers may find necessary number of sections.

Diamond Cutting

Create individual and intimate layout of your home, select your apartment from a number of typical building solutions wishes everyone. It is easily the case with the premises, where partitions are gozobetonnyh or partition wallboards, although they have their flaws, working with them does not require major building interventions. The hardest thing the owners of apartments with monolithic walls or panels production houses. But here, no despair, modern diamond cutting concrete structures will help you express your individual style, and it is not a hindrance nor a stone nor iron. Determining the location of a new opening or arch must first obtain a plan of premises in HOAs.

In this regard indicated the structure of internal walls, more marked in bold structural engineering, more subtly marked with other partitions, with the dismantling of the problems which practically does not occur. Diamond cutting bearing designs require more thorough approach and is divided into several stages. First, you need to invite a specialist design office (in homes, only put into operation, refer to the Engineer Tehnicheksogo supervision of construction and to obtain permission from the designer is your house) to get the project making the opening and, if necessary, a way to strengthen and production design work (BPD). Second, choose a construction company or a private operator for the production work on the diamond cutting of the opening and subsequent amplification of the opening. Then pay attention to the cost of working skills, not Wall to ask questions, kotntrolirovat compliance CPD alert with shock effects on the supporting structures. And third, it is necessary to prepare a set of documents for obtaining a permit redevelopment dwelling. The period for consideration and decision-making can reach 8-10 months from the filing date. You can also turn to specialized companies, then all the signatures will be collected trustee, but this service is 60-100 rubles.

It is worth remembering that the redevelopment of residential premises prohibited interference in the building facades (although judging by the large number of commercial establishments on the ground floors of houses, this story bypass) complete dismantling of the bearing structures, construction of new residential premises without a window opening, increase in area of kitchen orders. site, a bathroom at the expense of living space, increasing the area of the dwelling at the expense of food, san. site, a bathroom room remodeling, resulting in less floor space turned out, than it was before it, the installation of steam radiators and underfloor heating device on the balconies and terraces, the elimination / reduction of channel cross section natural ventilation. In case you are not authorized alterations may face a fine, an order of coordination of production of the opening or moving partitions in 2-4 months, or the decision to bring all the original mind.

Xenia Modern

– What innovations have you implemented recently in your project? – A very interesting thing we started – is a mini-competitions. The site "Golden verses" we have started free mini-competitions for all want outside the main competition program. The system is simple – register online, go to the section of mini-contests and trying to post my poem there. The first prize of the jury determines, and the other prizes – voting members. All very much – this is a great opportunity to face off with other writers and see how the vote for the poem readers. This is a very interesting experience and we will continue it. – I know Xenia, you're sending about modern poetry. Tell us about it.

– Yes, that one lucky break, when work and hobbies together in one unit. It all began in 2009 during the first contest "Golden stanza" and was intended a newsletter for participants – project news, classifieds and more. But I was so fascinated by this event, it quickly grew into something more. Today I tell my subscribers, not only on competition. We discuss poetry, read poems of modern poets and the classics, discussed and reviewed the various poems. I get many responses and I have even formed a permanent group of literary critics in the my mailing list, write to me every time reviews of published poetry and a detailed analysis of errors and successes of the ion or the author, whom I stand in the court of my audience.

Urban Search

Chest Method Instructor. (In 2005, the Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador, demonstrated the unique level of effectiveness of this system, for detection of explosives, obtaining 1st place in the International Olympiad Competition K-9 in Indiana, United States, for police and military, where the main units involved U.S., Canada, Latin America …) Captain Edgar Maroto, Expert Dog Behavior Research, Head of the Dog Squad of Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police of Ecuador, the Galapagos National Park. Inspector Adolfo Montesinos Rojas, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Canine Brigade Chief of Police of Caracas, Venezuela. Chest Method Instructor Sergeant Major Jose Buendia, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Instructor School of Dog Training Corps Carabineros de Chile. Lt. Mario A. Gonzalez, Expert in Search and Rescue in Collapsed Structures of Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department, Instructor USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), Florida Task Force One, USA Mayor Luis Alberto Marin Guerrero, Expert Dog Behavior Search the National Police of Colombia, Guides Canine Instructor at the National School of Carabineros and Principal Investigator of Project "Dogs of Peace" for Humanitarian Demining, the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia. Chest Method Instructor. The official closing day of the Exercises of Humanitarian Allied Forces, May 2008, which was put into effect an important and effective demonstration Canine Rescue Team Fire Department Chest of El Salvador, speaking well, Jaime Parejo on it and later as a lecturer at the many experts and authorities of many countries involved, the Southern Army Commander General of the United States Keith M.

Office Partitions Petersburg

Office partitions Petersburg As the saying goes – 'meet on clothes and was escorted to the mind' it is the interior odezhka our offices of a unique, fantastic quality, very comfortable design that luchshayu odezhka for us, and not unimportant role in this play very office partitions. How unspeakably using mobile office partitions, fixed office partitions more strongly glass partitions or other create the most pleasant odezhku? Ochenb gently need to contact the company engaged in manufacturing and installation, in fact, office partitions, then you will make a surprisingly high-quality design project, will answer all your questions and develop a work plan. Face of nothing – a thirst for all the advertising tells us, recalling the above saying can not you do not agree on the quality of design, comfortable office, a lot depends on individual style, and even for the most part whether live or business will sink into oblivion. Therefore you should choose a supplier, taking into account then it is to get quality and not aba prodkut like a penny, then to then had been excruciatingly painful. Do not be lazy call and chat, ask questions, and work out options for 10 were the most it would be, because we are not talking about pencils and paper, but the image vamsi – your clothes.

Vobschem choose a costume for their own wedding. It is in fact cell office dividers fit perfectly into your interior, because our employees see to it, in order to obtain high quality products and modern. We can offer you all sorts of amazing true office partitions and satisfy even the most demanding customer. uniqueness, aesthetics and reliability for all then why promote the realization of your building and resourceful individual corporate identity. Sortimert our walls dyuzhe raznnobranet, including: in fact, cellular, in fact, office partitions, more steady, no doubt, office partitions, in fact, glass partitions, in fact, glass partitions, transformable wall. Repairs or alterations to the office, I must admit, painful step, then to get very high quality product and truly elitist outcome is one resolution – that office partitions. And then where to buy them this alternative problem..

State Houses

When visiting the region of Amazon can be pereceber the life of the peoples of this community presents life and joy. A people come of the Maranho and the Cear to produce foods evidences its regions and to construct worthy life. When arriving in Rorainpolis the impression that apprehends in first momenot is that still exists a people who inhabits the region stimulated for the military regimen, its houses wooden remember the first come inhabitants of the Maranho to plant and to inhabit. Everything is in cosntruo. the houses are distant one of the others with a lot of great land in relation the biggest cities of Brazil. Perhaps it lacked in the future can have a project of settling with railroad transport in a region that almost does not have mounts. It can be thought about this possibility for the sustainable development. The road transport is expensive and faces the operation covers constant hole due rains to be permanent.

When the user travels itself very faces a deteriorated highway due to conservation, BR 174 existing since the time of the dictatorship the transport of goods produced in the region is full of holes harming. In relation the solar energy could use to advantage the sun that is always active, instead of continuing spending in plant that uses fuel to ilumiar the houses of the colonists. In relation the communication not yet has cellular in maioira of the territory of Roraima. The people is waiting for decisions politics that delay very, perhaps for viability technique, or because still it is a State in Construo.A degradation of the environment is increasing, therefore meets many would saw making the destruction of the local habitat, extinguishing animal and deforesting everything that finds for the front. After speaking of Rorainpolis, where he had a ticket of four days. In Manaus experincai of five days was another one.

The city is giant has millions of inhabitants meets a true urbanization degradante, a city that swells with northeasterns come to live in poor houses in the periphery. The marginalizao is visible degradante and, much people from fear assaults as in the great urban centers of the Pas.Esta city does not stop, seems that all run for an accident of time in when, here does not have almost oxygen as in the cold and pleasant bushes. the place barulhento and is poluido. It was a trip where I could observe much thing, but still is tried to analyze others aspectso that they had made of this people in its majority of the Maranhense and the Person from the state of Cear. One a true place of suffered life and race to support the capitalism wild that does not observe the native peoples around 60% inhabit in the Amazonas.A politics have ranso of the traditionalism, but it perceives that some citizens are questioning this reality that she needs to move, seno will tonaro Manaus in a place impossible to live.

Environmental Wastefulness

However, it is very important that if it visualizes as this control is made. When it is returned for the analysis from productive process inside of the aspect that describes the form of development of the product, is confirmed that only one small parcel of the plants possesss somebody assigned person for the projetual task or a department or a department of project, what leads to conclude that this control is carried through of form not planned inside of the execution proceeding of the product. This lack of planning is suggested that is responsible for possible raw material wastefulnesses and, in this point, esbarra in problematic the excellent ones for the sector. 5. Destination of the residues Even so the representatives of the sector declare to make control of the productive processes inside preventing loss of raw material, the expressive majority not yet obtain to have total exploitation in its plants discarding lesser residues (very small or defective leftovers of serragem, pieces etc.). The reaproveitamento of the residues is internally made in the manufacture of complementary parts and/or small devices wooden.

However always it has parcels of size or characteristics inadequate that they finish being discarded for 68% producing them. (SECTAM, 2002) 6. Consideraes ends Currently, the exploitation of residues wooden constitutes a significant source of income generation and electric energy for communities of the Amazon region. As proposals to face problematic the decurrent one of raw material wastefulnesses, it is suggested to characterize and to quantify wastefulnesses wooden in the industrial processing, to identify to the degrees of wastefulness associates to each stage of the productive process, to identify to technologies and processes to minimize these wastefulnesses, to detach those that present greaters degrees of economic viability and technique in the conditions of the state of Par and to identify local consuming markets, national and international for products derived from the exploitation of residues, whose production observes principles of ambient protection.

Rock Consumption

Today we live in a world that grows to each day, that and that avanatecnologicamente also dumb its ways of living. In this perspective, surrounding omeio comes suffering alterations and the balance sewn in cosmo amilhes of years has if I insult. Thus, this study it had for objetivodiagnosticar the ambient vision of the employees of the Frum JosAlfredo Appeals court judge Snows of the Rock, in the city of Itapetinga, with intention to depossibilitar the accomplishment of ambient projects that aim at to the improvement ambient daqualidade of this public sector. Through the qualitative research efazendo questionnaire use one became collects it of data, and, first, foitraado the profile of the interviewed ones. Obtidosque was perceived through the results these employees knows what it is environment, perceives who and as if fazmal to the environment, as to preserve it and in what noambiente is possible to change the habits of work so that the environment comes to be benefited. Still, vlido to say that all action human being is capable to transform the nature, being able, thus, to impactar it.

Therefore, one becomes necessary, ahead of this perception buscarformas to live better in the work environment and it are of it. Valley salientarque the Ambient Education is an important instrument of sensitization in searched conscience ambient, being able to take the changes of attitudes searching amelhoria of the ambient quality. INTRODUCTION the population growth in the last half of this century, folloied of the fast technological advances, produced the intense capital dochamado consumption natural, establishing a scene of disruption of equilbriode diverse ecosystems. This disordered consumption of the ambient assets tempromovido a clutter in the organizacional structure of the livewares and novivos gifts in the Land, therefore the disaggregation of this set of ambientaisaliados elements to the position lack pro – active in on questions to the environment, it has proportionate the disequilibrium and the lack of perspectives how much sobrevivncia of the future generations.