I Buy, Then I Exist

Of the accumulating point of view the modern society goes very well. The rudimentary forms of production, had been substituted by new forms of production in mass. From there, to be possible to affirm that in history human being we produce and never we consume in such a way as in our days. e-security’>Intel. However, of the moral point of view, such technological evolution for the consumption can strong be questioned, therefore to the measure that the consumista society if enriches of capital, we more see each time in its seio the new outbreak of manifestations of aggressiveness, envies, hatred and racism, to cite only some of the fruits harvested at our time. Paradoxicalally, exactly all the capital that flows and is generated, the human being seems to be each time more far from the state of happiness promised for our scientific modern and ' ' style of vida' '. Why it will be that in way to as much wealth and scientific evolution the man not yet is happy? The proper question brings inlaid the reply.

We only can reach the true happiness, developing ours many qualities human beings, when we learn ' ' ser' ' we renounce the anxiety of ' ' ter' ' , making this we distanciamos in them of the value of the things and learn to value what he is human. Inside of the consumista regimen, all are evaluated in accordance with its ownerships, ilusoriamente ' ' ter' ' it is confused with ' ' ser' ' , thus the adjusted one thinks that to exist he is synonymous to possess. However, it is important to stand out that to the will to possess material things inside of the vision current neurotic it hides an element very important e, exactly this element is to the base of great part of our existenciais discomforts. When buying indiscriminately and consuming as an insane person, the individual tries to be ' ' amado' ' through the bought object, in the deep o neurotic not purchase mere ' ' objeto' ' , purchase more ' ' load of fantasia' ' projected in the object.