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Mozilla Thunderbird

Email and free with unlimited space in the present time is that you can quickly communicate especially important. Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. In addition to a mobile phone, it is now also common to have an own E-Mail address. According to Ray Kurzweil, who has experience with these questions. Here are several ways to get to your own email address. There are also people who not yet so quite clearly come with the modern technology and need some help. This article shows you all the key points that are to be considered in the creation of E-mail.

The functioning of email is very easy and can send with a simple letter can be compared. You need only a special software, which is in a position to be able to communicate with the respective mail server for sending and receiving the email. There is a box with which you can create a new e-mail message or can retrieve his mail box in these programs. Since most use people Microsoft Windows as the operating system, is the choice with respect to the software mostly on Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or claws mail. At the beginning it is advisable to work, until man has developed a certain security in dealing with one of these programs. There are also a lot of other email clients that have all certain strengths and weaknesses. The main task is only the sending and receiving of emails.

Receive emails, you need have a special email address frequently using just the address, as it has received from its provider at the order of an Internet connection. It is usually an address that consists of his own name and is decorated. It requires only the access data for the server and must simply enter in the E-Mail program these data. In most cases a clear guide gets you right when ordering a DSL connection, how to mailbox can set their own E-Mail, so that you have usually no problems to set up an own E-Mail address and to make work.

Deutsche Bahn Solutions

As one of the first providers, ASDIS has successfully obtained the certification compatible with Windows 8. Berlin, 18.09.2012 – one of the first providers ASDIS successfully the certification compatible with Windows 8 “received. After numerous certifications since Windows 2000, the Berlin specialist in system management – software proves well its compatibility with the latest Windows release from Redmond. There is the ASDIS Solutions GmbH Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner for over 15 years. Even before the official launch of the new Windows operating system, the experienced developer of ASDIS ensure that customers who want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, can continue to rely on the product.

We are proud of the early recognition by Microsoft and the confirmation of the excellent security, robustness and resource conservation, which are inescapable for security sensitive environments.”says Shauna Hubner, head of professional services and responsible for the Windows 8 certification. The independent software vendors, the since over 20 years on the system management of complex IT environments is focused, to demonstrate that its products are still on the State of current technology. For us it is the highest award that our products have been certified since the year 2000 for each desktop and Server version of Microsoft.”says Daniel light field, Managing Director of ASDIS Solutions GmbH. More information about supported platforms, see under: plattformen.html about Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft Windows. It is developed since 2007 as the successor of the Windows 7 operating system. The general release of Windows 8 is announced for October 26th.

The surface is modelled on the design of Windows phone 7 and better be suitable for touch screens. About ASDIS Solutions GmbH, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and ensure changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures.

Free HTML Video Player

Annika Hoffman E-Mail: bye bye Flash, HTML5. Petra Diamondss opinions are not widely known. The online world is in motion and surrounded the presentation of videos in the Web browsers are increasingly turning to the modern HTML5. DVDVideoSoft is the best free tool available. With the free “free HTML5 video player and converter” videos in numerous formats in HTML5 compatible formats can convert and then embed in your own homepage with player. DVDVideoSoft helps all users who want to make videos using the modern HTML5 technology on the Internet. The new Windows freeware “Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter” produces videos that are suitable for playback in HTML5 compatible browsers with just one mouse click.

While the software irons out even problems of HTML5 technology: creates videos that are compatible with all Web browsers and dien equally well played back in different browsers. This is ensured by a private player that has the same look in all browsers and performs the same function. The approach of the HTML5 technology is actually, the To delegate, so it is no longer necessary to install additional plugins such as just the Flash Player playback of multimedia videos and audio recordings directly to the browser. However, the big problem is: the developers of the Web browser can not agree, what video formats are now supported by the HTML5 specification. And there is no single player interface used equally by all browsers. So, the video playback at any browser looks different. “Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter”: destination videos, player and HTML insert generated at this point “Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter” jumps into the breach. The freeware converts videos in numerous standard formats in the two target formats MP4 and OGV, which are compatible with HTML5 and all contemporary browsers play off them in. The HTML5 video player, developed by DVDVideoSoft, is easily integrated in any Web browser and any Web page.


Misconception, misconceptions and an answer that better than you think mass mail – in Germany the opt in standard for newsletters mailers is prescribed by law. So users from annoying ads are safe. In addition, more and more companies submit to the double opt in. This standard is stating that a potential recipient also must get a confirmation email after registering for a newsletter, for clicked a link to the final registration included. Only after clicking this link the registration is complete and the addressee receives the desired newsletter. With this procedure, each address list is flawless and mass mail does not automatically land in the Junk folder. Two problems – a solution which are opportunities offered by a mass mail, often underestimated. Newsletters provide recipients with relevant updates and information that has requested it (you can be sure this fact when using double opt-in).

And yet, mass mailings are perceived often as spam mail. Ray Kurzweil is full of insight into the issues. But why? Most frequent errors Bulk mail shipping many email marketing campaigns are unfortunately only in quantity, but not on quality focused. A comprehensive address list is no guarantee for successful newsletter campaigns. Who gives the feeling of its recipient, that the promised information (so that the receiver would get, and why he has signed up to the newsletter) will not be delivered his distribution list looks to be fast little. But even if the information is well researched and informative, so poor design and lack of personalization can lead to high rates of the logon. Although a mass email to a mass of recipients is addressed, this does not mean that the individual loses its individual value. The personalized approach with a suitable title and the name of the recipient is the minimum for email marketing campaigns. This is especially the case if you call your addressees to a purchase, the use of a service or otherwise.

What is repeatedly misunderstood when mass mailings often is also a fallacy in connection with bulk mail shipments before. Some people think is, you could send such large shipping volumes as well by means of own E-Mail client. Anyone tried this however, paralysing the own server and even more, it risks sending a newsletter, not correctly displayed for each recipient. For this reason which are different E-Mail clients, different showing a mass mail. The forecast, a mass E-mail to the recipients Inbox will look like is rarely predictable – unless you use a proper email marketing program. The top solution for sending mass emails for sending newsletter requires more than just an own E-Mail address. Professional software provider provide the necessary tools to succeed with mass mailings. Not only the possibility of detailed preview is a big plus from ESPs (email service providers), but also the professional templates provided. Still shipped in a hosted Solution on the server of the ESPs. So, you need fear no interference or queues on your own servers. The mass mailing is misunderstood and unrecognized. Who nevertheless learns to deal with her properly and professionally carry out the shipping, fully exploiting the potential of the mass mail and benefit. Stefanie Paul

World Usability Day 2010

With user friendliness for less ensure there is now hardly a field of work in everyday business a company can be placed directly with the concept of usability in connection customer frustration. No matter whether it is an online shop, a CRM system, or the instructions for use for the company’s coffee machine the effective and user-friendly design of technological processes is further gaininig significance. The World Usability Day arose from this principle. The day of action will take place this year for the sixth time in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and deals primarily with the development and practical application examples of usability. Of the World Usability days on November 11, 2010 theme focuses on the influence of our communication behavior through technical developments and information. In this sense, various products are considered closer that apply at the present time as a common means of communication.

Such as mobile phones, smartphones, email, CRM systems, chat, instant messaging and some more. The opening ceremony of the Organizing Committee will take place at 10:30 in the Robert-Bosch-Saal at the Rotebuhlplatz. It follows a series of lectures, workshops and briefings, providing a comprehensive information content for both lay people and experts. Also Bjorn Rafreider, one of the shareholders of visual4, the Stuttgart-based Agency for media, communication and design is one of the participants of the lecture series. In his remarks, Rafreider is to optimize the user experience in the processing of Softwaregestutzten QA processes”enter. The lecture starts at 15: 00, in the room A302 / 303 (3rd floor).

The Agency visual4 is one of the sponsors of the pioneering action day for several years. So even at this year’s event at the Stuttgart Rotebuhlplatz. The intention is clear: active participation in improving the user experience for customers and users of software products. Because usability is already more than just a handy keyword marketing. The workday a company is strongly influenced by usability. Whether it is standard software such as Outlook, or company-specific ERP or CRM software – a simple and effective operation reduces working processes and contributes to the acceptance of the software for the users. Because, the more intuitive and faster the different software solutions can be operated, the more time is the employee for the really important tasks in everyday business.

Testsieger.de Compares

baby-markt.de is test winner notes from 1,5 to 5,0 refund partly tedious Hamburg, October 14, 2010 is still a dense jungle online shopping for young parents, or is the Internet a good shopping centre for children’s and baby products now? Stumbling blocks there are many, especially if the product is not right and must be exchanged. For young parents, for which financial resources are often limited, it can become an undue burden, if after a revocation the repayment of money very late or only after long, time-consuming inquiries. What shops can parents buy a sure? Where can I find the right products, and it quickly at a reasonable price? “The results of the study: test winner is baby-markt.de and very easily reached the note as the only provider” (1.49). The shop convinced all along the line through an extensive, good prices, fast delivery, easy reversal and an impeccable website. Babyprofi.de (1.64), occupies space two followed by the triple team babyland-online.com (1.76), amazon.de (1.74) and babybutt.de (1.77). Who focuses primarily on cheap prices, find deals in the test with myToys.de. As the only provider with the price rating very good”sets itself apart from the competition myToys.de and receives the award winner”. General online shopping in the area of children’s and baby products worth: good at the half of the shops parents can buy quickly and without problems.

Fast delivery convincing customer service ordered today, delivered tomorrow: some shops that is quite literally to take. Five of 28 shops supplied the goods directly on the next day, 19 shops within three days. Only four suppliers needed more than three days. Before the purchase, the service impresses: parents can at most shops safely customer support contact. “” Nine providers was good “, even very good at ten” the hotline can be reached. When revocation parents must wait on their money on delivery the customer must not wait for the refund of money often: four tested shops let their customers beyond the statutory period of 30 days, waiting for their money. Especially for young parents, this is not sustainable and therefore resulted in the devaluation.

Two shops only repaid the amount upon request, two further repayment took place only after almost two months. On average, parents wait about 15 days on the refund. Improvement of data security payment opportunities remains air upwards for many shops at the data security: over one-third of the provider encrypts the personal data of its customers do not. Only 18 of the tested stores use secure SSL encryption for the transmission of customer data. The payment, however, is comfortable and secure all 28 shops offer either credit card or PayPal. Nine providers parents can pay also only the goods receipt, then conveniently by invoice. More information and results see: studies on testsieger.de: the test winner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent product and price comparison page with on the Internet. Total free over 330,000 test reports from 1,500 different sources and about 500,000 buyer reviews available are the consumers. For the product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and buyer reviews. A price comparison is connected with the product evaluation. With testsieger.de, consumers can quickly and easily compare the best products and buy in over 4,300 online stores at a reasonable price. Contact: testwinner Portal AG balance 177 20148 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: phone: 040-4135-2652

Smart Shopping

card4you presents the first smart shopping Club in Germany. Simply smarter shopping”. This motto went last week to Germany’s first smart shopping Club card4you.de at the start with the aim to enable each purchase at a better price. So thousands daily experience discounts at more than 500 of the most popular online shops and about 15,000 city are partners at the new shopping portal now. For the first time all known shopping benefits such as cashback, coupons and local discounts under one roof are United.

The smart shopping principle: price-conscious customers need only an address, to save on every purchase. No matter whether online or on site, each card4you user will receive special rates at the most popular shops, brands and locations. Useful tools such as the product search or the browser toolbar help and make the next purchase the smart savings experience. Unique highlights include the new friend bonus, where each card4you gets in addition given users up to 10 percent of the cash back of his friends and the new card4you shopping card with more than 15,000 local discounts. card4you.de launches just in time for the festive season and perfectly secure in his upcoming Christmas shopping great savings. Extra high Cashbacks by up to 25% on perfume, toys, flowers and technology already make shopping for the feast. Account get just free card4you and Los save directly. Among all new users who log on to the 24.12.2013 at card4you.de, an Apple drawn card4you.de air and many more great prizes iPad.

About card4you.de card4you.de is Germany’s first smart shopping Club with more than 15,000 Cashbacks, coupons and local discounts. Thanks to card4you.de, it is now possible to save online and on-site with only a portal with every purchase. card4you.de is a start-up of card4you AG from Augsburg, which among other things realized for many years customer clubs and added-value offers for renowned banks. An experienced team to the founder of Oliver Dumpe and a unique network of partners behind the card4you solutions and portals.