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Erich Schmidt

Google has announced that he leaves the project of Google Wave, that tool was trying to agglutinate messaging service features, microblogging and even email. Google Wave will be not removed for now, but more features will still not developing or will try to improve the service. (network topologies) The press release from Google is clear and they affirm that Wave has not been adopted by the number of users that we hoped for. The majority of users chose it as the year 2009 bluff just a few months ago, and the truth is that the potential which is presupposed was never reached. (types of topology) This does not mean that the project of Google Wave has been a waste of time, because some technologies that were developed for him will be used in other products in the future. Update: Erich Schmidt, CEO of Google said the following about the closing of Google Wave: what happened is that we liked the UI and we liked a lot of new features, but was not too much follow-up from users.

(Types of network topologies) What we will do is take these technologies and apply them to others that have not yet been announced. We basically take the benefits of Google Wave but not as a different product. It is an intelligent product and we love what you can do. We tried things and also celebrate our mistakes. Original author and source of the article

Virtual Business

This space is very small in order to explain in detail how project management offers techniques and tools very applicable to the administration of business opportunities, taking into account the following elements: the role of project manager may be perfectly assimilated to the role of consultative seller project team can be assimilated to the Virtual organization that the seller needs to create and coordinate to ensure the fulfilment of the objective of the project, in this case the closing of the business. Elements such as personnel selection, identification of roles, comnunicaciones to the inside of the motivation of the members of the project and identification project team and conflict resolution are all applicable to the development of an organization established for the closing of a business. Risk management plays a fundamental role in the management of projects. One of the key elements in the control of projects is the measurement, evaluation and control of the risks. We should apply the same concepts to sales opportunities.

Most of them, not to say all of them, have a high content of risk, which we usually face in a very subjective way through perceptions and judgments, not in a little more scientific and methodical way. This may help us to qualify better each of the business opportunities. An exercise that can be interesting and constructive is as follows: see the definition of project management that there is on Wikipedia (click here). Compare your sales with the development of a project process. You will see that there are many similarities between both tasks. Then identify which are the tools and techniques used in project management and which of them can add value to the quality and effectiveness of your sales process. One aspect that I strongly recommend is to sale of highly complex scenarios, where selling processes are long and the type of good or service that is the subject of sale is complex and highly sophisticated, give business executives training in project management. It is very important for two aspects; they can apply the techniques and tools of the project management in the work of sales complementing the selling techniques Advisory and in addition, they can develop skills in order to transnmitir the customer and better understand the process of deploying solutions that sell.

Usually the solutions sold are object of an implementation process that unfolds through the configuration and implementation of a project. Certainly at the stage of sale you need the seller to explain in detail as it is the implantation process and that has implications. By the tanbto training in this type of concepts will help that it can sustain better what It is selling. A good place to start may be to visit a site specializing in the web related to project management. I recommend the website of the PMI (Project Management Institute), American body which dictates guidelines in terms of project management.

Web Directories

Do do do do Web directories provide a m? all f? cil obtain links since the Webmaster of the directory you want to to? adir links in the directory to make it as m? full s possible. Do do the largest? a of Web directories are free, but there are some who charge a fee for the included? n or require a v? nculo reciprocal. T? you decide whether you want to or do not pay to be included in a directory. Anyway there are many free directories you can find. Definitely recommend trying to get that you figures in the Open Directory Project / DMOZ. This is the largest Web directory. Do do do thing? nico is that it can take m? s of a? or s? lo so that a moderator to review your presentation? n. Looking to find directories, simply for Web directories in your engine b? favorite search.

3 Getting links from other sites you can promote your website by exchanging links with other Web sites. So, best thing is to write an email to the webmasters of those sites. It costs nothing and is a m? everything effectively promote your Web site. To find related websites and do Exchange links, simply have to use your engine b? search favorite and find? s a great list of sites. Do you create a link from your site into yours and then write an email to the webmaster hereof? ndole who haven’t done so, and pidi? ndole encompassing change, a link to your site on yours. Do this can do you with a large n? mere of sites, and ACE? increase the popularity of your site.

Then, you have to keep track of the emails that you have sent. Do in this way sabr? s who you have answered and who does not. Who has included your link and who does not.

Nagasaki Tradition

Nor destruction, neither constant aftershocks, kilometric tails, neither shortages nor threat hanging over their heads, have been able to achieve that they lose their outer stillness, his sense of honor, his deep education or his legendary courtesy. The Japanese never give you an answer that is not impregnated with an exquisite consideration. The ferocity of nature has been such that to overcome this crisis, Japanese people should resort to the same courage and spirit of self-sacrifice that rebuilt the country after being defeated in World War II. Despite cruel adversity, Japanese is manifested not frustrated or invaded by indignation. Sensibly considered what happened as inescapable and shows suffered and resistant before the tribulation. The misfortune not makes you lose your moods, tested it only. Harakiri, Kamikaze, Samurai, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Sendai, are words that summarize almost three thousand years of history, tradition, a way of conceiving the existence.

Japan knows very well what is suffering, sacrifice and resurgence. Japan, historically imperialistic, blown subtlety with pain, calm with belligerence, placidity with sacrifice and legendary tradition with growth. After the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the imperialist and belligerent, nation sowed peace and harvested development, turned its back on fanaticism to embrace the training agenda, abandoned weapons to lead the technology, supplied the lack of space for dialogue and the concurrency with the world. His formidable technological, economic and social development was rooted on a tradition of submission, pain, sacrifice and social organization. Their own geographical situation is karma that marks their fatal destiny and that from time to time, is present with extreme cruelty. But, despite the destruction suffered in this fateful hour, Japanese, once again has shown stoically his civility. A civility transmitted from generation to generation and molded in the crucible of the fortitude of the unshakeable vocation of resistance, of order, respect and, above all, loyalty and love of their country.