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The Device

This is something that concerns the planned prevention. But there are unforeseen and emergency situations, when the device suggests various ways to the owner that he must visit a service center for the extraordinary preventive service. Signals, which gives its owner the printer, usually boil down to three basic. The first alarm is a noticeable increase in noise when printing. If the printer was printing, publishing is not Slave to the user before the noise, it's time for a visit to a specialist.

If, apart from the noise, there was a crackling and grinding, you should visit the service center as soon as possible. Prior to that, it is advisable not to use the printer at all. The second sign misfortune to be given a printer – it's rough treatment of paper. Simply put, it begins its "zazhevyvat." Such behavior of the device indicates that the printer needs to be an effective internal cleansing. Worry about status of the printer is in most cases where a computer monitor messages start appearing on the various errors that occur during printing. The most unseemly are error messages in the print head. In this situation it is necessary without delay to seek a meeting with a specialist. How do I clean the printer Protect the printer from dust at 100 percent, no one has not worked. Even if the device cover cover every time you print, the dust still finds its way to the arrangements. Therefore, the printer requires regular cleaning of dirt and dust.


Caching of data can help you speed up the site while reducing the load on the primary database server. There are three options for the Joomla global settings to control the caching. In this article we will tell you about general principle of caching mechanisms and present some significant examples, which are directed to choose the optimum time to cache. – The principle of caching when the first claim to the material or the module is saved as soon as all the data you have selected a specific files that are located mostly in the directory cache. Such a mechanism can guarantee you that the file names will never be able to cross with existing ones. Besides that, these files are cached objects as it contains additional information about this unique zakenirovannom object. The next time, the manager checks whether there is such an object under the same parameters.

For example, name, content, date of document creation and data modification. If that is not found, means any material change, or have not received yet keshirovku. If you are requesting an object and it does not exist in the cache, the user before displaying the data, they will be placed in the cache. But if such data from the cache already exists, then the program will check the creation date, creation time. If date and time will vary on a large interval, more than the lifetime of the cache, the object would have to cache again. The advantages of long-cache was found that the lifetime of the cache is approximately equal to 900 seconds or 15 minutes.

Dock Management

LED helps to better understand the player, depending on its color and flashing mode can judge the level of battery operation, or possible error. As in previous models of iPod Shuffle battery built in and can not be self-replacing. It uses lithium-polymer technology, performed with the help of batteries, the most compact. Battery capacity 220 mAh, while a full charge – about 4 hours. To charge the device, you first need to install it in a special adapter that comes with the player, then this very adapter cable to connect to a PC. At listening to large files on high volume (large files result in increased consumption charge) player works about 11 hours. Copy data to standard player can srposobami OS as a removable disk, which is recognized by Windows as a player.

To copy the music to listen to your player, you will need to download the free program iTunes (in kit does not include a disc with this program.) Then insert the iPod shuffle in the dock (Supplied), connect the dock to the USB port on your computer and sync. ITunes interface is easy and makes clear the work with the program. There is a huge presence of different settings. For each song can be display priority and then by priority to form a playlist. You can make a list of songs by genre, by artist, by name in alphabetical order and download the playlist, which is in your WinAmp. The quality of sound, as well as on design, functionality and ergonomics, iPod shuffle is on top.

The sound quality and pure, and even if you connect to powered speakers – will not hear any distortion. Specifications Type of iPod: iPod shuffle Memory Type: Flash memory Memory Size: 1 Gb Play: successively randomly display: none Hours: 12 hours connection to the PC: USB 2.0 Package Contents: iPod shuffle, Earphones, Dock Management 'QuickStart' Warranty: 12 months in delivery includes player, branded earphones Apple, USB-cable, a mini-cradle, quick start manual. All these accessories are placed in a small box with a transparent zaokruglennymi edges, which also corresponds to its own style of Apple. iPod shuffle – it's the world's smallest digital music player and weighs just 15 grams. It will carry up to 240 songs on your sleeve, on your bag or belt. Weight player makes it almost weightless in his hand, and of their dimensions, he perfect fit even in a miniature female pen.

Children’s Activities In The Suburbs

"What is this wonderful thing – vacation!" With these famous words of a lion Boniface accept any student. After all, vacation – it's plenty of spare time, which can be done as it pleases: to spend time with friends, play games and engage in favorite hobbies. However, not all children get to really relax and gain strength. Most mental load in modern schools and a sedentary lifestyle, to unfortunately become quite common. This holiday animated series replaces the child and computer games that have a negative effect on his physical and psychological health. As a result, the child quite an early age face problems such as fatigue, weakness and lack of sleep. That is why the child during the holidays just need to completely relax and spend as much as possible time outdoors, play sports and get positive emotions.

Not every student who lives in the modern metropolis, the city can go and spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air, eating natural products and playing outdoor games. And not all parents have time and opportunity to take their children to the seaside resort. If you believe the doctors, the minimum stay at sea – three weeks. It is so much the time required by the body to adapt to the climate and energy boost. Otherwise, the time spent at sea, will be spent in the shuffle. Of course, few parents can afford such long vacation with the kids. Another alternative – a children's camp on the beach or the mountains.