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Ideas And Impulses For The Future

State Secretary Hans-Joachim thumb to guest in the Offenburg youth village of Hans-Joachim thumb, Member of the Bundestag for the constituency of Calw/Freudenstadt, and since October 2009 parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs Ursula von der Leyen, attended these days the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg. In the dialogue with the leadership of village of youth, the politician received intensive insights into importance, use of funds, and sustainability of the work done in Offenburg, Germany. For specific topics, such as new training, competence analysis and the model project epilepsy was Hans-Joachim thumb valuable input. Youth Village Director Jochen Nordau informed the politicians on the establishment at the beginning of the relatively short term scheduled visit. So, their vocational training or a professional preparation in the CJD complete youth village for Offenburg currently over 580 young people. With a total 215 employees, the facility is an important employer in the region. At the careers offered in Offenburg, the trend shows out to the service: parallel to the more consistent requirements in the training area The professions in the fields of nutrition, home economics, business and management list “Business/technology” a higher demand.

Following this development, were discussed together with the politician youth village Offenburg also considerations for a new leg to secure the future of CJD. So also training courses in the field of maintenance and the so-called household-related services to offer is considered, in the future. Secretary of State recommended thumb, to establish contact with the Robert Bosch Foundation. There, the training to the “Service Assistant in the social and health care” will already offered in a model project. This training qualifies underachieving main school graduates for supporting activities of the elderly and handicapped and hospitalized. Here it go not to care, but, for example, to support the old or disabled people on walks, meals or housework. An adequate offer might be interesting also for the youngsters in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany.

Samuel Breisacher, formerly Head of labour market services and projects in Offenburg and today the CJD unit in Eberbach, then informed the Secretary of State’s profile-AC. Developed by the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg, Germany in collaboration with the Tubingen MTO psychological research and Consulting GmbH procedure is the analysis of the individual competencies of young people from the 7th grade, as well as by adults. As of the academic year 2010/2011 profile-AC is used extensively in all primary and special schools in Baden-Wurttemberg. To do this, intensively trained over 5,000 teachers. To promote the outstanding concept also nationwide, profile-AC is the focus of one trade day held on December 8 in Stuttgart. Finally, State Secretary informed thumb over the use of funds the epilepsy project, a pilot project funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs to improve the training and inclusion of young people with epilepsy. The now completed project recorded an overall positive balance, so the conclusion the project manager. It was however clear that the educational needs and advice is great. The three-year duration of the project proved to be too short. To achieve a lasting vocational integration of people affected, a follow-up project would be desirable.

Japanese Management

Every company must be efficient, productive, must face the challenges, changes occur in the scenarios in which they operate, operate, which the management must know how to use properly all the administrative skills to work with the achievement of this objective, and ensure competitiveness of the enterprise Some of these significant contributions is that we lay the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, where McKinsey proposes a scheme to get companies to be effective, called the Model of the “Seven S”, which guides organizations in their daily work, with reference to seven factors, which must be treated equally within an organization. It is a true checklist for successfully putting into practice the strategy of the company.

Notes through seven words beginning with “that” the vital factors to consider and act in an integrated manner. The most outstanding feature of this model is that it has been widely used in various prestigious companies and schools administration, such as Harvard and Stanford. That is, a potent combination of theory and practice. Jorge Leon Rodriguez reminds us that the “Seven S” of the organizational structure were first mentioned in “The Art of Japanese Management” by Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos in 1981. These authors have been investigating how Japanese industry had managed to be so successful. About the same time, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman were exploring what makes a great company. Model “Seven S” was born of a meeting of the four authors in 1978. Also appears in the book “In Search of Excellence” by Peters and Waterman, and was taken as a basic tool for the global consulting firm McKinsey.

Cerebral Cortex

Then, if there are questions of human beings are important for what they make in biosfera or for is in the biosfera. The human being is in the top of the alimentary chain, dominates the language written, has the opposing thumb and the developed super cerebral cortex, had had reproductive success, a demographic explosion, had developed the medicine, increasing with this the longetividade. What we make of the biosfera already is known: pesticide deforestation, use, contamination of body d, methane water, production, for cattle and the food production. The technology of exploration of the nature in extreme way modifies the habitat and natural resources, promoting wars between as many uses and abuses and with this appeared the ecology human being whom paper of prominence in science has gained and its ‘ ‘ objeto’ ‘ of study the human beings and have become an increasing focus of social and scientific attention. Forest fires and deforestation made by the human beings, age and need to be substituted generating lixos residues and.

Any substance or form of energy to the environment results in bigger concentrations that the natural ones. Pesticide is known that they contaminate the water and the adaptability of the nature, the pesticides weaken, one see that the plagues develop immunity. With the relation to the food production, exactly without the foreseen growth, we are citizens the sporadical crises of hunger and to the chronic and periodic malnutrition. The agricultural activities human beings produce deserts of salt in the valley of the rivers Eufrates and Tigres. The pasturing also can bring problems for the production of foods. In the long run it can provoke a heterogeneidade in the distribution of water, nitrogen and other resources of the ground, promoting invasion of arbustivas plants of desert and loss of fertility for the erosion. A historical continuous that extended horizontes of Biology for the Ecology in the end of years 1800, and of the Ecology for the interaction with the society in the end of the years of 1900.A variability of organisms livings creature of all the origins, understanding, amongst others, the terrestrial, marine ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of that they are part; understanding still the species diversity inside, between species and of ecosystems.

Oliveira Authority

In the same way, the authority of a superior is in its power not to give orders, but in an act, according to Gadamer, of the freedom and the reason that authority grants to the definitive superior. Without a doubt that to be able to give orders and to find obedience it is integrant part of the authority. But this only comes from the authority that somebody has. Also the anonymous and impersonal authority of the superior, who drift of the orders, does not proceed, in last instance, of these orders, but it becomes them possible. Its true bedding is (…) an act of the freedom and the reason, that grants authority basically to the superior because it possesss ampler vision or more is consecrated, that is, because it knows more (Ibidem). Therefore, the emancipation process, for Adornment, does not consist of the plea to any type of authority, but of a critical action and enlightening front all and the any mechanism of massificao, that it calls: cultural industry.

As Oliveira: According to Adornment, one of the characteristics of the current technological society is the creation of a gigantic apparatus of the cultural industry. The industry cultural it is an instrument of manipulation of the consciences, used for the system to conserve, if to keep or to submit the individuals (OLIVEIRA? , P. 39). This enlightening action, it considers as the act of professors and pupils to make joint visits the commercial films, in which the illusion could be shown to the pupils that is weaveeed in the films; also, the same it could be carried through with programs, musical comedies (Cf. ADORNMENT, 2003.

P. 183); in end, Adornment considers a critical vision of the individual in relation to all its surrounding reality. ' ' Thus, it is simply tried to start despertando the conscience how much the one that the men are deceived in way permanente' ' (ADORNMENT, 2003, p.183). Therefore, in this assay, whose objective was to carry through a critical one to the education way that it educates for the irrationality, Rubem Alves in them introduced in the question with the text Mouth of Oven. In this text, it in them it pointed an education that values not it thought, the art to create, the originalidade; but an education that it values the learning that if it bases on the repetition of contents. Ahead of this condicionante education, the kantiano concept was opposed: clarification, that according to definition of Kant, is the exit of the man of its ' ' menoridade' ' , of which proper it, the man, is guilty; that is, the exit of this of its state of irrationality for the state of the full and free use of the reason. Moreover, it was presented the proposal of Adornment for an emancipation of the citizen. For this, as well as already displayed, the emancipadora education must be an education for the contradiction and the resistance. However, not an education that denies any type of authority; but a critical-reflexiva education front to all the massificao mechanisms. Thus, if to want to prevent this state of present irrationality in the educational thought contemporary, is necessary each individual to have the courage and the ability of if serving of its proper agreement (Cf. ADORNMENT, 2003, P. 169); that is, each one to have the capacity of, by means of a critical-reflexiva action of its surrounding reality, to determine its autonomy front the all movement of massificao of the society.

Choose Coils

Today we will talk about such a hot issue for beginners, but not the last challenge for the guru, is the choice of the coil. How to choose a reel? What to prefer? How do I know that on the counter are really qualitative and resembling you personally coil? How to be confident that the high price is an indicator of quality, the introduction of new technologies that make up the coil, and not arrogant way repurchased acquire Russian companies? And so, begin. What is the coil? This is a connecting link between you and spinning. Most of the general fishing market sharply distinguished two types of coils – the so-called high-speed reel and pulling the coil. High-speed reels designed for more precise control over the bait. Angler feels her fingertips, as is the bait when you need to make crucial breakthrough, that is, it allows him to gain complete control over the behavior of the bait. High-speed reels are easier to be sensitive, are made of light material types. What sways traction coils are designed for larger prey.

Such coils are used for a long game with the fish. They are made mostly of powerful, strong materials that can withstand enormous loads. Pens in these coils with a large shoulder. These coils do not break under no efforts (Well, if you ever got on the hook for not Shark:). Also on the powerful coils installed the appropriate video leskoukladyvatelya. It is calculated on a fishing line with a larger diameter.

Classroom Dynamics

The social dynamics is changedded into the same speed with that if they spread the information in the virtual ways. In this context the paper is essential that the reading plays in the formal education of the individuals, since the permeia language all the activities human beings in all the sectors. In the pertaining to school scope verbal literature and writing are indispensable for the construction of knowledge in the most different areas and discipline. However, according to national programs of pertaining to school evaluation as ENEM and the SAEB the performance of the pupils in regards to the development of its reading capacities if has disclosed sufficiently unsatisfactory, fact that confuses the learning in the too much areas of the knowledge and that it stimulated the elaboration of this project. ‘ ‘ Twine in scene promoting interdisciplinaridade in classroom ‘ ‘ it is a dialgica suggestion between the Twine, you discipline them and the medias printed. Part of the previous knowledge, and the reality of the educandos and is justified for the necessity to raise the level of the pupils how much to its reading capacities.

The Twine has a playful aspect with characteristics and singular especificidades capable to promote the interdisciplinaridade for its wealth of contents, of significant details. It is presented of some forms: verbal, writing, declaimed, sung. thus awakes in the educandos the curiosity the desire to learn. On the basis of everything that already was explicitado the twine becomes wire conducting of this project that will extend the process of reading enjoyment, of new knowledge that in a perspective to interdisciplinar functions as passport for attainment of new learnings, abilities and abilities as to compare, to relate, to make transferences, to raise hypotheses from some data, to search relation of cause and effect, to make inferences, to synthecize, to generalize, to interpret. for the nature of the objectives of the work involving the different ones you discipline and some miditicas technologies it can still contribute decisively for the construction of essential values for the life citizen as: ethical solidarity, justice, autonomy, acceptance of the different one, affectivity, respect and social participation.

The Cases

To my designing friends I say that searches deeply experts of the product who vendem will make them better professionals and finally, my colleagues mounters: Lamentably, in all this chain does not have the account and the had respect and consideration to the mounter as the part most important of all this epic. In a synthecized way we can affirm that until arriving at the important mounter all history if of the one in a virtual environment with paper instruments where everything of the certainty, that is, accepted paper everything! Until this moment it is alone joys, expectations and an intricate and ardiloso game of interests until ' ' algoz' ' mounter makes to ruir all that magic elaborated in the paper, when evidencing that something unexpected is not incased in the real world there! I go to try to summarize everything what it happens in the sequence in the following phrase: ' ' In the sales if of the o to open of champagne in the assembly more only is that tim will become tim of copos.' ' I will list here some of the errors more comumente occurred in the elaboration of projects, that lead the customer the fury, disillusionment and dissatisfaction. Before everything, we must point out that in the majority of the cases (says of far) of direful misfortune, the customers tend to associate the guilt ace acquired product qualities, this does not proceed, we must attempt against for the fact of that this product had in its development the devotion of competent and enabled minds supported by voluminous investments and impressive technologies, in short, the error never will have to be attributed to the product. On the other hand, the responsible professionals for the mistakes and I the quality of the installation, in the attempt of if justifying and if exempting of the ability, costumam to point: – This was thus why its wall is pie! However, however, however! What I must speak ahead of baffling situation! The great basic rule to arrive itself at the result anxiously waited in such taken over on a contract basis is basically to follow the scratch the elementary plummet conditions and level in elapsing of the assembly and installation of the product disrespecting all and any another one reference as wall, floor or ceiling.