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Preparation Of Boats And Boats For The Winter Park

The opening of navigation has been steadily coming in and water spaces of the country soon flashed different boats, and other yahtochki swimming facilities. And in the best position among the lucky owners of these ships is the one who timely and properly prepared their small size craft for a long winter camp. So, maybe a few for the future, in this article we will give some tips on preparing boats for the winter. First of all, before getting to shore the vessel should be disarmed, that is, to remove from it all removed. A boat or a boat is usually recommended for winter quarters in a special room, placing them on wooden pads, keel blocks, or sled. Outdoors you can build a box or rack, dug into the ground. The distance from the earth must be at least half a meter – this will facilitate the repair and preventive maintenance. Lightweight Boats should be placed bottom up. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Atreides Management Gavin Baker on most websites.

If you can not put a vessel into a closed room, it is desirable to make a canopy over it to protect from rain and snow. In a pinch you can cover your boat or boat cover of canvas or other dense tissue. Corps of metal vessels, you must first thoroughly cleaned, then clean the aluminum hull of the stains oxides, and steel – brushed metal from rusting. Open the metal would be good to cover for the winter a layer of primer, and if the weather permits, we do well and the whole body.

The Form

The grid is tied to a rope, at 30-50 cm above the cargo terminal attached to the same rope. The load should be heavy enough about 3-5 kg. Check out BMC for additional information. It, along with filled grid, neglecting to three meters upstream from the expected start posting. In order to attract fish the regular portion of the bait, you need to make a few smooth stretches with a rope. And now another bite, fishing continues! Tackle for catching roach in spring – most common roach tackle for catching this spring with a float rod. It is about equipping the swing rods I will explain how.

Fly-fishing rod for roach fishing in the wiring – Since most of the catching roach fishing is carried out in the wiring, for ease of fishing, fishing rod should be as easy. What bait to choose? We will approach fly-rod 4-6 m long, made of carbon fiber, with a test of 5-25 grams. Someone who likes to snap the dead, and takes the rod without rings. For the universal gear, I advise you to buy a fishing rod with rings, and additionally it easy to buy inertialess medium-sized coil. Such a rod you can make long casts. Properly balanced tackle, with adjusted clutch, will be used for fishing line and a thin vyvazhivat big fish.

Float fishing for roach – should be as easy to ogruzkoy to 1.5 grams. The form of the float is chosen depending on the fishery. If the reservoir is present relatively strong emotion, then you will approach droplet form, and perfectly calm weather will manifest itself spindle-shaped, thin float. For longer casts samoogruzhayuschiesya use floats. The line – for the main suit the diameters of woods from 0.17 – 0.22 mm, and a leash for 0.08 – 0.15 mm. Long lead, at a throw better simulates a free fall bait, and often thereby provoking the fish bite, but then as they say double-edged sword, since too long a leash will be noticeable bite worse. Therefore, the optimum length of the leash 10 – 15 cm Happy fishing to you!

Choose Coils

Today we will talk about such a hot issue for beginners, but not the last challenge for the guru, is the choice of the coil. How to choose a reel? What to prefer? How do I know that on the counter are really qualitative and resembling you personally coil? How to be confident that the high price is an indicator of quality, the introduction of new technologies that make up the coil, and not arrogant way repurchased acquire Russian companies? And so, begin. What is the coil? This is a connecting link between you and spinning. Most of the general fishing market sharply distinguished two types of coils – the so-called high-speed reel and pulling the coil. High-speed reels designed for more precise control over the bait. Angler feels her fingertips, as is the bait when you need to make crucial breakthrough, that is, it allows him to gain complete control over the behavior of the bait. High-speed reels are easier to be sensitive, are made of light material types. What sways traction coils are designed for larger prey.

Such coils are used for a long game with the fish. They are made mostly of powerful, strong materials that can withstand enormous loads. Pens in these coils with a large shoulder. These coils do not break under no efforts (Well, if you ever got on the hook for not Shark:). Also on the powerful coils installed the appropriate video leskoukladyvatelya. It is calculated on a fishing line with a larger diameter.