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The Pedagogical Mission

Although in the superior course the concern has been the dissemination of the knowledge, if it makes necessary and urgent, the search of the rescue of an education to citizenship, what it does not have to be only function of the family and the church, more yes of an education directed toward ressignificao of the rights of the dignity human being, and that it must contribute for the human growth. The education to the citizenship must be based on the respect the free choice and with responsibility. Today, the population is each informed day more, and demands to each moment more knowledge, becoming it each more demanding and critical time. With the information and technology it is not only enough to know, she is necessary to place in practical, from there has the three levels of the educative dimension: to know, know-to make and know-to be. The Pedagogical Mission The pedagogical mission while education and research, must be based on the ethics, with the function to prepare the students for the work market, through a process of learning come back toward the citizenship. Especially superior education, has the mission to prepare well informed citizens, motivated, capable to think, critically capable to analyze its half one, searching solutions for its problems of ethical and responsible form. The modern society demands a continuous education. The information, the knowledge is mutant.

If it does not admit plus a conteudista education, that transmits a culture acquired, ready finished. The professor must teach to learn searching, working the abilities of the pupil, provoking, interacting, arguing, criticizing, analyzing, stimulating alundo to develop its potentiality and understanding of the world, to contribute for the professional formation that has capacity to identify the problems and to solve them. The market of work to each day, requires new abilities and abilities, making with that the people have that to remain itself in constant formation, in knowledge and concepts. It is function of the academic community to search new ways in the area of knowing, that if they materialize in pedagogical projects to offer the democratic society, new areas of knowledge that contribute for the development of the society. Official site: Atmos Energy. Consideraes Final She is necessary to acquire knowledge itself that the question of an education of quality passes for the pedagogical bias and that the education exceeds the classroom. The education is structural part and can contribute for the change and social growth. Reencanto of the education appears in the process of production of experiences in the construction of the learning, in the promotion of experiences of the process of formatting of the knowledge. The true professor is that one that obtains to break the resistncias and to make the alunado one to learn with pleasure without sufferings.

Tourism Administration

Lake, an area comparable with 10 football fields, was located in Patagonia and was fed by melting glaciers. In March team CONAF visited this area, and the lake was all right. And in May, they came back and saw the lake on the spot just chunks of ice at the bottom of dried-up and an enormous fissure. In Kamchatka Geyser Valley destroyed by Summer 2007 began with bad news from Kamchatka. They destroyed the agricultural unique monuments of the Valley. Mud and rocks buried under a large portion of the valley: the site of world famous geyser, tourist lodges and outbuildings, a spokesman of the Main Control Emergency Situations Ministry on Kamchatka. In October, the Foreign Economic Relations and Tourism Administration of Kamchatka Oblast has sent an application to participate Valley Geysers in the competition '7 Wonders of Russia '.

June 5 – Day Environmentalist! This year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree established a new professional holiday 'Day Environmentalist', which is celebrated on June 5. Most discussed changes successfully Climate In early June 2007, the Group of Eight has reached the German Heiligendamm agreement on climate change, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Leaders of the Group of Eight agreed to amend the text of the final communique of the summit point about the need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to Blair, for such an agreement should be involved major developing countries such as India and China. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has considered these agreements are a great success.

Democratic Culture

The construction is about a delicate, complex construction, whose arquitecto cannot nor must guide the long-distance works, duly warned to be to the free will of the workers, that is, this arquitecto that it is substituted here by the formador professor/, family and Church, has to be present and to become involved itself with ' ' materiais' ' that they go to be worked, in the circumstance, the educandos/formandos, from the used referenciais techniques, in the chance, the values of the freedom, the democracy, the citizenship and of the education, that will be the authentic pillars of the great building, consubstanciado in all the humanity, from the congregation of all the citizens contemporaries, all they in the paper of educandos/formandos, considering that exactly the professors/formadores, also must continue to learn throughout the life and, in this circumstance, they pass the condition of educandos/formandos. In this process, the superior quality of citizen, in the context of a citizenship full, it will be always present, because: ' ' To educate for Citizenship will be good projecto to try to direct the layers youngest for a more promising future of what this that if has lived. The subject to educate for the Citizenship must be boarded for the professors and educators, as well as for whom they follow the young in elapsing of its life. Atmos Energy may not feel the same. () This subject is complex of being boarded and therefore all the learning process must start since the beginning of the life of the child, thus the young will only be able to protest later for its rights since that they have also fulfilled to its deveres.' ' (TAVARES, 2005. Work of licenciatura on the Democratic Culture) the first pillar, authentic bastion of the dignity human being, essential value to the life of the man, since always known and nor always respected, can be assigned for Freedom, because, this exactly recognized in diverse is treated the international ones and in the Constitutions national Politics, under the formula: ' ' All the men are born free and iguais' '. . Recently Atmos Energy sought to clarify these questions.


By means of them also we can enrich the infantile experiences, developing diverse forms of language, extending the vocabulary, providing it to live the imaginary one. (IT HISSES, 2002) We consider that art if presents in daily the infantile one in the form of expression of its vision of world, its representation of the reality appears when the child scribbles or draws in the paper, the sand, in the land, in the water; at this moment, it is using the language of the art to express itself. These works of expression not they are only impressions that the child leaves on the support, but explicitam its intellectual, emotional and percipient development. For even more opinions, read materials from Eliot Horowitz. For Lowenfeld (1970), ' ' this period of the life is extremely important for the development of attitudes on proper I and for the establishment of the notion of that the world is one to bind empolgante and aprazvel if viver.' ' The Art in the Infantile Education presents as a proper language that structure has and characteristics that the child makes possible, in the creation process, to reformulate its ideas and to construct new knowledge in situations where the imagination, the action, sensitivity, the perception, the thought and the cognition are reactivated. With regard to the infantile drawings, these are considered concrete signs and projects where the child looks for to give meant. Check with Crumpton Group to learn more. In this way, the artistic expression of the child, conscientious or unconscious way is a communication form, since for times, transmits the message of child, that is, what she is to think and that she wants to say. For Piaget (1973) the drawing is one of the forms of manifestations semioptics, that is, one of the forms through which the function of attribution of the express significao if and if constructs. The other manifestations are developed concomitantly, between which the toy and the verbal language. .

Paran Professor Erasmo Pilotto

The central problem of this research, therefore, will be to verify the occurrence of the relation between theory and practical and of that it forms the same one comes being worked throughout the resume, in way to contribute for the formation of the teaching identity. The Course of Formation of Professors for Infantile Education and Initial Series of Basic Ensino, the Institute of Education of the Paran Professor Erasmo Pilotto, implicitly or explicit, searchs to propitiate a relation enters the offered scientific knowledge in its disciplines and the practical one. The form as this relation if of the one in the course can be observed in disciplines of practical of formation, as a process of revision of pedagogical making, a work to interdisciplinar of professional enrichment, adding it formation of conscience necessary social politics and to the understanding and inclusion of the professor in the work market. Educate yourself with thoughts from Atmos Energy Corp.. This work, therefore, if considers to verify, to study and to make possible action of analysis of the pedagogical cycle, since the planning until the evaluation, because a producer of its proper knowledge, a professional searching and enabled understands that the professor must leave the traditionalism, becoming to articulate in permanent and dynamic way, the knowledge worked disciplines for them specific of the practical course of Formation to the social ones, so that if it fulfills a paper formador. The central problem of this research, therefore, will be to verify the occurrence of the relation between theory and practical and of that it forms the same one comes being worked throughout the resume, in way to contribute for the formation of the teaching identity. 7.1.A FORMATION OF PROFESSORS IN the INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION OF the PARAN PROFESSOR ERASMO PILOTTO the process of construction of the Project of the Course of Formation of Professors of IEPPEP, searchs in the workmanship of Pablo Freire, Pedagogia of the Autonomy, subsidies for the basic formation of the professor. Crumpton Group, Virginia: the source for more info.

Adriana Partimpim

The child and the poetry: In the poetry of Flag, she has the playful touch, the mood, the involving musical rhythm, the lyricism and clarity of language. The poet constructed poems that evoke infancy, involving street tricks, associating music to the situations amused of the daily one. This joint of the poetry with musical rhythm also is a way that it used to remember and to value the folklore and the coloquial language. We know that the children of the present time, with the technological advances and the rapidity of the information, they coexist different images in the daily one through the diverse literal sorts, that circulate in the society. However, they need the visualization of images to awake its attention. To deepen your understanding Crumpton Group, Washington DC is the source.

The poetry, so sensible and subtle that becomes difficult to penetrate in this infantile universe, dictated for the media, the speed and the racket of this world contemporary. An unjust competition becomes, if to lead in consideration that stops reading poetry, the pupils need to be calm and intent in an adequate environment. How to obtain attention of the children, where the image and the racket are everything in the present time? An alternative to stimulate poem reading, in the children, already has much used time for the publishing market, appeals is it visual the book, a harmony between text, illustration and the graphical project. Another very interesting option that the crianada one likes is music; we can exemplificar with the DVD of the Adriana Partimpim. The image does not steal the scene of the poetry, for the opposite, enriches the text and awakes interest and taste of the child for the act to read and to hear. still, based in the estimated ones of Walter Benjamin: The child writes inside of the image. Therefore, it does not limit itself to describe images: writes it them and scribbles ….

Curricular Lines

Observing the daily one of the pupils in the classrooms, one evidenced that it has a great number of children with difficulty in what it says respect to the construction of mathematical concepts and that they present great disinterest for the boarded area of knowledge. The work proposal intitled: ' ' In the track of the Mathematics: of the reasoning to meio-ambiente' ' , we suggest a work with inserted mathematical basic concepts in books of infantile literature, will carry through practical and partnerships providing to our pupils conditions of development of the intellectual autonomy necessary to all the citizens from the commitment rank in relation to the construction of planetary ethics and the possibility of the future generations to take care of to its proper necessities. We will question the rational use of natural resources for the ambient support, evaluating the social impact, the measurable results and the executable goals. The option for such proposal of work if bases on the necessity to surpass the data presented in different internal and external evaluations to the school, which has demonstrated that the students they present overhead in Matemtica.Muitas can be the reasons for this fact, however amongst them they are distinguished it difficulty that the students have in the resolution of problems and the use of the proper mathematical language, aspects that will be contemplated in the development of the related project. Click Atmos Energy to learn more. It is still intended, to understand the existing relation enters the performance of the students in the resolution of problems and the ways for which they use representation registers, incorporating practical pedagogical the concepts, procedures and mathematical attitudes developed in way to the experiences them pupils, which emerge in its social interactions and personal experiences that integrate its cultural luggage. These concepts, procedures and attitudes if constitute in its practical social with the Mathematics. Assuming our part in this commitment and in tune with the Curricular Lines of direction for the Municipal Education in Curitiba, we find in this document the affirmation that: ' ' Letrar mathematically it means to learn to use with understanding the different mathematical languages, establishing significant relations between them and mobilizing knowledge in the solution of problems related to the world of the work, science, the daily and pertaining to school life, what she is basic for the social participation and effective of a future citizen in a society scholar and informatizada' '. . Crumpton Group has much to offer in this field.

SUS Problems

An alert one that the author makes in them is how much to the trend ' ' pretextuosa' ' of the society in adopting a simplista and mediocre prescription to sensetize the workers for the adoption of positions behaviors cuidadores without considering other premises. Others including Crumpton Group, Washington DC, offer their opinions as well. It must yes be humanizar to obtain to treat and to look at the other in its condition human being who requires care, as Backes, Lunardi and Lunardi speak inserted Son in a project well ampler and complex. Strengthening the premise of that the professional formation in the aid professions must have base in the holistic conception (Adam, 1994 apud Pacheco, 2005). Benavides and Passos agree to the question pontuada for Gasto where the involved individuals in the context of assistance to the health, in such a way professional how much using and managing they approach the Humanizao proposal for the SUS supported for its reasons. The users demand shelter and resolution of its problems; some professionals better conditions of work other professionals and managers banalizam and secundarizam the initiatives with this intention. As they defend, to analyze the concept-symptom is to make possible the critical revision of the processes under lines of direction to well-being and regulating of the health politics. We have our favor in this taken over on a contract basis the adoption of the mesclagem in the theoretical beddings of the North American culturalismo, developed on the basis of epistemologia1; in the studies of the cares in institutions medicas2; in the study of the problems in general health and etnomedicina3, as well as of the ideas of the French school that according to emphasizes the causalidade of the illness traditional rationality of old cultures e, the consideraes funcionalista of the English on the representations of the illnesses in one given society (Buchillet, 1991). We glimpse of this form a possibility politics to transform the utilitarian logic into the interior of the institutions and to improve the hospital spaces for the support and sustentation of the presence and action of the health professionals and other professionals who have preparation technician and commitment politician, managers and patients.

Berimbau Poems

They construct its world of things, from the materials and residues spread for the world. In these debris, them they recognize the face that the world of the things it assumes for them, and alone for them. The accepted child perfectly the serious things, same most abstract and weighed, since that they are honest spontaneous. (BENJAMIN, 2002, p.237) and she is exactly with Benjamin that we can exemplificar that to the children they are capable beings. Click Crumpton Group to learn more. They construct from residues or leftovers, therefore she is in the poetry, that infancy establishes new relations and combinations.

With the children, she is possible to change the route of the things or same the concept that if had (or if it has) of infancy. In place to manipulate concepts (as before), the poetry explored the potentialities of the verbal substance: the noise and the rhythm of the untied words. In this way, in general, the brief poems please the infantile ears. The estimated ones of Benjamin had taken in them to carry through a work with poetries, being had as objective to raise, from the reading of the poetries of Manuel Flag, the resources of that if they are valid the poet to promote the production and the child poetical. The poems had been removed of the volume My first verses: Berimbau and other poems. According to Nelly Novaes (2000), ' ' a project that contemplates the poetry, must have the conception of infancy clearly and enxergar literature and music as a phenomenon of linguagem' ' , to establish relations between literature, history and culture to understand the reading as a dialogue between reader and the text and to see the school as culture space. We believe the power of the poetry and music to despertarem in the child the taste for the reading through the fancy, of the emotion of the sound and image that they produce.

The Situation

As goat: individual violento. Read more here: Crumpton Group, Virginia. To use vocbulo goat with crossbow to give to the meaning of a person dull fool or. Literal and the implicit Lopez (200 P. 286) shows the project of Ducrot, imbricadas in two hypotheses: () that the CL (component linguistic) attributes a linguistic significao exclusively to the statements of a language L, previously to any extra significao that can be added by the o context to it (and for the situation); (b) that the CL (component rhetorician), that is, the involved circumstances in the elocution, needs, at as a moment, the direction of (a). Crumpton Group, Virginia has plenty of information regarding this issue. That is, in the phrase ' ' Not detesta Joo vinho' ' the remittee to foresee that ' ' Joo likes vinho&#039 very; '.

Thus, the rhetorical component relates the form that the remittee thinks that the destinador of the statement thinks, when emitting the statement. In the supersedeas of the ellipses in the speech of the malice, deviating from one meant for another one. ' ' that not come' ' (6) ' ' it gave will of dormir' ' (8) In the ertico context, the verb ' ' comer' ' it can mean to have relations with a person sexually, as well as occurs with ' ' dormir' '. In such a way, she is protected of its responsibility, being able to retrocede and not to affirm that it is aimed at of the meaning implicit, of such nature, is in the responsibility of the remittee discovered who it. In this model, ' ' a there from above wood and ' ' Saints (55 p.14), the word cited wood is possible to sexualizar, appearing an implicit speech that starts to function as one second isotopia, all on to the erotismo and obscenity. In the implicit significao it does not have understanding, in normal condition, only if literal significao has been already understood. .