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You wake up one morning and discover that world, which for years was seen as the background of your life changed … PS Gurevich 1 At all times people tried to understand and explain the society in which he lives. Philosophers, historians, Sociologists have tried to give an adequate answer to the question: "How can a society in which we live?" In answering this question, they considered the causes of the society, described the stages of its development, tried to analyze its structure and most probably relevant, were projections of future company, describing his ideal model. As a result of these attempts have been proposed and developed a number of theoretical models and concepts. In our work, we also try to consider how the sociology meets on the first issue appearing in the title of our essay, which she suggests ways to explain the current social reality.

We also try to answer the question that, in turn, is happening today with the sociology. It is impossible not to recall Plato's society based on justice, or the concept of the state of Aristotle, who allocates three of his "right" forms associated with the exercise of political power, authority 'rule' and the government. The main phenomenon, which has sought to explain the social philosophy of the time, this state. Despite prevailed in It unification of concepts of state and society, to the complete identification of the concept of the most famous philosophers (eg, the same Aristotle) is not reached 2. It seems to us, one way of comprehension of historical society as an object of philosophical reflection was in a kind of splitting society and political structures and in the disclosure on this basis, the causal connections between them, whole and part relationships.

Voronezh Reserve

In Moscow will be 'ER' for animals It is no secret that suffer from not only people but animals. Sometimes, when our pet is ill, I want to as soon as possible to return your pet to a healthy life. In the near future it will become very real – in Moscow will be a 'first aid' for the animals. However, the first time the veterinary services 'emergency' will take advantage of animals belonging to veterans, disabled, large families, other preferential categories of citizens, as well as in cases of non-transportable animals. According to the developed and adopted the project, until 2011 the station to fight animal diseases counties will be fitted with mobile laboratories of veterinary-sanitary examination.

The draft resolution states that six months must be made proposals for a system of training and retraining of specialists at the veterinary offices of state-veterinary service of Moscow, and in three term – proposals for the provision of benefits to pay for veterinary care of animals belonging to the first group of people with disabilities and families raising disabled children under the age of 23 years. The existence of the Voronezh reserve was threatened last week Lipetsk governor Oleg Korolev signed a decree according to which 5000 hectares of land of the Voronezh State Biosphere Reserve status lost protection zone. Recall that in the buffer zone is prohibited construction, hunting, any economic activity. Therefore, the appearance of pits, and later, perhaps, and homes, workers in the Voronezh Reserve compared with a natural disaster.

MRF Traffic

It turns out, the citizen and in this case is devoid of legal rights without a court order. To address this legislative gap traffic police, to develop further guidance on the implementation of administrative and jurisdictional activities within the new version of the Administrative Code. In addition, in all cases, except for an accident involving the infliction of mild or moderate injury, after the 2-month period if the person has been punished, the proceedings of the APS, subject to termination. Based on the foregoing, the actions of legislators are meaningless because the data has long been settled legal beyond measure and should not be regulated at all, especially at the legislative level. Against this background, additional terms considerably complicate the already tense relations between drivers and officials faces the traffic police. Such excessive and unwarranted legislative control promotes bureaucratic barriers, allowing officials to abuse of power. Now for each citizen, it is clear that comprehensive reform is needed not only of the traffic police and the judicial system, but the global reform of the legal system of the Russian administrative law particularly in the field of traffic safety.

Based on their research at an early stage of reform, may submit for consideration the following recommendations and suggestions: Recommendations and suggestions: 1). To stop tightening administrative responsibility for traffic violations. 2). In order to minimize legal conflicts should be taken of the Federal Law "On the road", and codify it into federal law and regulations of ministries and agencies on key areas of road safety. With a significant change in the legal regulation to add new rules. 3).

Cancel exit traffic police to the accident scene, without being affected, and continue with the victims mild or moderate step. gravity. At the same time consolidate the existing legislation the obligation to leave emergency Komisarov insurance companies the drivers. 4). To prohibit police officers, including the DPS to inspect documents on the right use and management of vehicles, as well as documents for operators and the cargo. Inspect the documents only in cases where there is credible operational information about finding a vehicle in wanted or use it for illegal purposes, involvement in the commission of crimes or offenses by drivers or passengers, as well as in war or emergency. 5). Step by step, moving to more sophisticated forms of mobile patrols, eliminate unprofitable and inefficient inter-regional defensive system of control police posts and stations MRF on the roads from 100 000 thousand TC / day or more. 6). Reduce by several times the number of employees in the units DPS due to the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of traffic safety. These recommendations and proposals aimed at significantly reducing corruption, eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic barriers and at the same time improve the efficiency of law enforcement. Thank you! Thank you for your attention.