Monthly Archive: February 2016

LCD Monitors

LCD monitor provides access to Internet radio, stored MP3, as well as the settings of the chair and the air conditioner. For advanced drivers (Like you), navigation system of the next generation, which applies to the concept of square 200C EV – this is what the doctor ordered. Its features include a connection to security cameras in cities, to receive notification of the traffic, and in addition to terminals of the airports and roads, to provide the driver advising routes. Socialization if you pay a visit to the next generation of vehicles, when you hear everywhere on the proposed projects 'networks auto'. Understand, the Chrysler 200C EV can 'talk' to other cars to create their own network (We are sure that have come a long way since the Model T!) Computer offers front passenger access to the web and navigation system, the ability to run system diagnostics car or reading the user's manual, as well as other options. Need to check email, take part in video conference or to find out the schedule of submissions to the the local theater? You right here – all the web can be accessed through the terminal.

Pleased to offer you dodge parts of the North American production. This option is not limited to front seat. PC may give passengers to the rear. Branch, under the control panel – this charger is for personal mobile devices. Batteries can be recharged mobile devices, just being on the charging panel.

Passengers in the rear seat, have access to the same devices that are under-integrated armrest console. Synchronization Synchronization (In sync) is not only the name of the defunct pop group quite a while – this is state in which your whole life may be behind the wheel of the Chrysler 200C EV. Vehicle, home, office – all harmoniously combined with advanced system features, which include monitoring of the home and office, the ability to control their lighting, running applications or the use of intercoms. Such a system can also apply for the transfer of diagnostic results on the car phone, keeping the owner informed of the systems machines, such as battery charge or needs something. We are glad to offer spare parts Dodge Stratus made in the USA and Canada. 200C EV concept can and has been designed to meet environmental requirements, but, rest assured that strict Chrysler quality standards are not sacrificed. On the contrary, frankly speaking, the concept of innovation as the 200C EV externally and internally. The concept car combines organic shapes and distinctive design has deep roots Chrysler with the noble proportions of the Chrysler 300, in the end we see this car that will satisfy fans and luxury and sports cars. We offer you parts Chrysler (Chrysler) in a wide range.

Musicians Noise

" The most typical representatives: 'Maeror Tri', 'Troum', 'Crawl Unit'. 9. Ritual Ambient (Ritual Industrial) – this music is intended to convey the spirit of the ancient rituals of worship pagan gods. In the compositions often use a variety of complex percussion, ambient landscapes sometimes replaced or ethnic chants. However, music can also consist of a sound industrial or electronic origin – the musicians recognize the ritual and the spirit of modern technology. Often the songs deliberately doing monotonous and prolonged (10 to 30 minutes or more) to create a mesmerizing effect.

The most typical representatives: 'Hybryds', earlier 'Ah Cama-Sotz'. 10. Noise – One of the oldest styles of industrial music. The founder is considered to be an American Boyd Rice (project 'NON'), in the 70s for the first time began to produce in mass net, unmusical noise as complete pieces of music. Classic Noise is always devoid of melody and musical rhythm, and in fact goes beyond the notion of music. However, the compositions are often used by the vocals and vocal samples, in clean or distorted. Power Electronics and styles of Japanese Noise is often called species Noise.

The most typical representatives: 'NON'. 11. Japanese Noise – the most radical style of industrial music, which emerged in Japan. Music is particularly conceptual and the most difficult to understand. The compositions are pure noise, looped or relatively chaotic. Apparatus for removal and conversion often creates his own hand, and Musicians tend to limit themselves to the choice of sources of noise, which is part of the concept.

Story Advice Reading

People for whom the book is really something sacred. So in Actually it turns … Only with reservation. Not a book but a literary site. Free to publish his book is almost impossible, but the Internet really publish. But where and how to publish a story, poem, article, story or even a novel? If you ask on the forums, or simply type in the search engines’ modern poetry and prose, “it will take several minutes or even seconds, you will find yourself on any site known to everyone with a free publication. Most likely it will be a hymn or samizdat.

Generally, it is very good sites. In order to understand what you’re worth – the best place to find not. However, there is a caveat. If you understand what you want to try their hand at more serious level, say at the level of literary and art magazines, then some of them (certainly not all) problems can occur. It’s no secret that the “unique content” is a very important thing for any Internet resource. Some journals do not accept works that were published online or printed earlier.

Others say in the literary journal “Words Diaries” is a special column for the unique material (in this case, “Exclusive”) publish that much easier than in the main part of the magazine. By submitting their work in a web project, you have nothing to lose (do not take – it does not matter. Believe me, the editors of every day reading and browsing a lot of products. Remember what each author is actually impossible), but to publish poetry, prose, literature, litprichal, and other elements py you will get to at all times. Also consider whether you want yourself to find yourself website or blog? If this is so, any of your poem, story it.p. better to publish in his first, and then on other sites. For example, in its author’s site I place all his works, and only after the indexed by Yandex and Google publish them elsewhere.


Only the State reach to a little insulting. While lacking "petrodollars" from this "smallness" happily reconciled. But fell on hard times, and the State has demonstrated a turn to the official logistics. Not until a person is more in profile, but the trend is. "There is intense process of legalization of foreign supply chains and the knowledge possessed by the old ones – so called – "experts" in today's outdated, – said Kirill Durnev, ceo of the Unitrade (outsourcing FEA). – A professional who can work quickly and well, while respecting all the subtleties of the Russian Federation legislation, very little. Today a substantial portion of our clients – the companies have experienced the lack of competent professionals in result came to us.

" By the way, the closure of Russia's largest "flea market" gave an impetus not only to our logistics, but also Chinese. Celestial power first made known grave concern over the fate of tens of thousands of citizens trading in the harsh Russian conditions, and then hastened to call upon fellow citizens to respect our laws. And then there was a project to create a network in Russia Chinese trade and logistic centers. Will they work "on-and-white" or simply "Cherkizovsky market will become more – will, as usual, time. Chinese people in general can only envy. According to the study "International trade, rapid logistics and Globalization: an integral part of solving complex problems of the current economic situation, "presented by dhl, we have logistics costs 4 times higher than in China.

Professional Equipment

The studio has been in existence for over 10 years experience in imeetnemaly dannoyoblasti and offers a comprehensive range of services, having at its disposal the most modern and quality equipment. Discolife Music can solve a variety of your needs, from writing lyrics and music to the appearance of the performer. Site recording studio Discolife Music has recording studios in two flavors. Studio of the first type (A) on the basis of Pro Tools (Mac), which can create projects the highest quality: record vocals, voice advertising projects and movies, and more. The second studio recording (B) based on Wave Terminal (PC), where it is possible to implement projects with no very large budget, but, nevertheless, good quality. It should be said about the work of highly skilled specialists studio. We are professional musicians, arrangers, producers, sound engineers, vocalists. They will help you bring your wildest fantasies give valuable advice on realizing the project, will be engaged in its promotion, will help to make it recognizable and popular.

You do not even have to think about all the complexities associated with it. Our professionals will do everything for you. In our studio for an embodiment of your creative work is a comfortable environment and a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. You just have to make his first visit to our studio. Information received from the recording studio provides services for songwriting: a recording studio g Yeisk, and has at its disposal the most professional equipment, every third discount of 7%.

Eastern Europe

The advantage of this method is that it allows from the outset to work with a real physical model. Two years on the project … To better understand the modern computerized helmet design process, we visited the company Omega in Tortona, which is part of the Italo-Spanish industrial group, which has production in Eastern Europe and Asia. The Italian branch of the designs moto and veloshlemov. Design is not just for domestic orders of the company, but also in order for others manufacturers.

In Tortona is equipment and laboratories for the design and conduct various tests of finished products. There's also done the official certification and homologation of helmets. Computer designing a new helmet traditionally begins with sketches on paper. After selecting the appropriate options to pass to mathematical modeling. In 3D-programs in a short time, a mathematical model – a form of Future helmet. On the screen it looks quite realistic, even at this stage it can be visualized in detail with all the details and holes up to labels, seals, and options for coloring. Then the model-form turns into a complete three-dimensional object with all the details.

The programs used for simulation, also used in aerospace and the automotive industry. However, in aviation and even use similar composites, the products are not designed for survival in case of accidents. Accordingly, the materials do not need to set the behavior for multidirectional mechanical loads. In the auto industry, by contrast, used the structure of homogeneous materials subjected to preliminary molding of the plates.

Crimean Scivarin

Crimean Mountains – wonderful world in which for a time whimsical, fickle, and so unlike the mad rhythm of our daily lives, given ever-increasing demands of society in global consumption. This beautiful corner of the Earth with its majestic cliffs and gloomy gorges, light sources and dense forests, lush gardens and cozy valleys stares into the bottomless southern sky like a mirror, and saw there – the past … A lot, a lot has happened in meandering channels of swift mountain streams … Century, white clouds floated over the tops, leaving the slopes of deep shadows, waves of alien peoples broke on the foothills. Bustling cities, mighty fortresses, castles proud, rises above the once impregnable cliffs plummet to have been left by people who have turned to dust, swollen ground, overgrown with forest. Only eternity, whose breath runs fresh breeze in the trees, whose tears were trembling diamond drops of morning dew on petals of wild orchids bloom at the altar of the ruined temple, according to these ruins their sad secrets.

Elegiac music in tune with the modern and the Crimea, because today it is a high island of Russian culture, lost in the murky ocean of barbarism foreign language. The magnificence of landscapes, dramatic history, coupled with a fine literary tradition and oddly refracted in the rays of sunset fading imperial civilization determine the current Russian artistic originality of thought in the Crimea. The post-Soviet decadence, neo-imperial gothic, dark romance shattered universe – so you can characterize the style of the author's project of the Crimean Scivarin – a ghost town.

Darkwave Rock

Used synthesizers sound, very rare guitars and live drums. In recent years also been a tendency to care of the live drums to the virtual drums (drum machines). Most groups working in this direction, are the only studio project and not give concerts. Many musicians are promoting their own image as a "alternative soul" or "mystical creatures" who live separately from their human nature. Lyrics are often melancholy, tragic character, reminiscent of death and instability of all things. Widely used principle of complete semantic bundles of songs on the album (each album is positioned as a sonic performance that has a well-defined plot.) This feature is characteristic of some other styles of contemporary music (see power metal, pagan, gothic metal, gothic rock, art rock).

Some groups that emphasize a mystical orientation of his work, completely abandon meaningful texts, using the so-called. "Bird language" (synthetic, artificial language developed by the musicians), or by using phonics based on any combination of pronunciation. Style is characterized by gloomy darkveyv, weather, filling sound. Slow rhythm (at least – fast), more often – with syncope.

Homeland Lugansk

Real name is Julia. She was born February 12, 1989 Homeland Lugansk. Interests: showbiz, music, DJing, horiograffiya all kinds, computer technology, Internet, kasmetologiya, make-up, hairdressing, clothing design, sewing, sewing, traveling. Favorite styles: tech-house, techno professionally engaged tantsami.Ona can not live without a scene from childhood. Internal capacity to claim …. Being in the search for self, Julia understand that love for music was always the essence of her …

The impetus for the further development and the move to Kharkov was the desire to create something special that would have combined the music and the plastic of the female body. Giving young people through music and the energy relaxation, pleasure and zrelischnoe show, getting from this is that has always loved – the scene, a sense of happiness and satisfaction. This was the start of DJ career. The first step, which laid foundation for the further creative development, and in 2007 the year of becoming a resident working at the club "MISTO" with topless project "Giving all of myself," under the moniker dj MILeNA. At present my Julia, an unusual idea of submitting music. Each set – it's not just a compilation of progressive dance tracks, it's sensual revolution of the body on the dance performed by women's fragile hands. Through the work of a resident, DJing from a random hobby turned into profession. The next step in the implementation of creative ambition was a collaboration with Dj VinyloFF in the project Quattro hand s stuff . Sexy looks and natural charm does not leave indifferent foreign agencies, who have invited Julius to the role of photo-model.

World Wide Web

With the development of the World Wide Web, a large number of modes of communication in the virtual world. Much more than communication options, there are many programs that directly and allow such communication. At this moment, it is not possible to find any user of the World Wide Web, which would not have a mailbox and set the program helps not only to correspond in real time, but also to negotiate with using a microphone or make video calls using a microphone and camera. Among a number of programs, there is one, then it can be assumed according to the history of the program, the firstborn of the World Wide Web, and which began to help users of the Internet to correspond, in 1996. Many have guessed that this is precisely the program icq, or as its more known to each other – icq. Actually this program at this time is the leader in number of users wishing to take advantage of this type of communication. In addition, if the user wishes to have the ability not only to chat or make video calls, but also get your own page and a cell to store personal files of decent volume, it's easy enough to download icq on your computer.

And then the whole spectrum of service icq, will be available and will provide great satisfaction with the availability of easy and just chat with their friends in any desired time of day or night. You must also select and download your icq on your mobile phone, pda or smartphone. After completing the installation of icq on these devices, each person will always be online and able to communicate anytime and anywhere. Such prevalence, icq was not just only the number of functions, easy to use and free contributed to her to take this superiority. In addition, there is not a small number of sites that have not only advice but also offer a free download icq. As well as a variety of plug-ins, which are largely increase the functionality of this program. In addition to the fact that it is possible to freely download icq on your computer, it is also possible to download free and other devices. In this case, download icq for free, available any interesting version, and get great pleasure from this service. So by typing a query in any search engine you want – download icq, you can see about a million pages, with which you can download icq at all sorts of device, and addition is absolutely free of charge. A constantly attending such services can not only express personal opinions about this program by visiting the forum, but also be constantly aware of the latest products and versions, which, among other things regularly offered at special Internet portals, and it actually makes it possible to keep pace with the times, keeping up with progress.