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LCD Monitors

LCD monitor provides access to Internet radio, stored MP3, as well as the settings of the chair and the air conditioner. For advanced drivers (Like you), navigation system of the next generation, which applies to the concept of square 200C EV – this is what the doctor ordered. Its features include a connection to security cameras in cities, to receive notification of the traffic, and in addition to terminals of the airports and roads, to provide the driver advising routes. Socialization if you pay a visit to the next generation of vehicles, when you hear everywhere on the proposed projects 'networks auto'. Understand, the Chrysler 200C EV can 'talk' to other cars to create their own network (We are sure that have come a long way since the Model T!) Computer offers front passenger access to the web and navigation system, the ability to run system diagnostics car or reading the user's manual, as well as other options. Need to check email, take part in video conference or to find out the schedule of submissions to the the local theater? You right here – all the web can be accessed through the terminal.

Pleased to offer you dodge parts of the North American production. This option is not limited to front seat. PC may give passengers to the rear. Branch, under the control panel – this charger is for personal mobile devices. Batteries can be recharged mobile devices, just being on the charging panel.

Passengers in the rear seat, have access to the same devices that are under-integrated armrest console. Synchronization Synchronization (In sync) is not only the name of the defunct pop group quite a while – this is state in which your whole life may be behind the wheel of the Chrysler 200C EV. Vehicle, home, office – all harmoniously combined with advanced system features, which include monitoring of the home and office, the ability to control their lighting, running applications or the use of intercoms. Such a system can also apply for the transfer of diagnostic results on the car phone, keeping the owner informed of the systems machines, such as battery charge or needs something. We are glad to offer spare parts Dodge Stratus made in the USA and Canada. 200C EV concept can and has been designed to meet environmental requirements, but, rest assured that strict Chrysler quality standards are not sacrificed. On the contrary, frankly speaking, the concept of innovation as the 200C EV externally and internally. The concept car combines organic shapes and distinctive design has deep roots Chrysler with the noble proportions of the Chrysler 300, in the end we see this car that will satisfy fans and luxury and sports cars. We offer you parts Chrysler (Chrysler) in a wide range.

International Automboile Holding

Prepared by the Office of Strategic Development, international automobile holding "Atlant-M". May 2010. The full version of the document with tables and graphs can be downloaded here – 'Analysis of automobile market, January – April 2010 '. The economic situation in the countries where the "Atlant-M" in April 2010, has continued to evolve for the better, and her prognosis is generally favorable. Volatility in global financial markets could slow incipient restoration of production and consumption, including car sales, but talk about the second wave of the crisis, in our opinion, wrong. The April results of new car sales in Russia and Ukraine have confirmed the positive expectations. For the first time since October 2008 recorded growth in sales over the same month of previous year.

"However, the coming months, this process can be slow, for example, because of the unwillingness of market participants to growing demand and shortage of cars, but we hope that in the second half of 2010, these problems can be solved in part. In this regard, we continue to believe that the Russian market of foreign cars in 2010 could rise to 1.1-1.2 million cars in Ukraine most likely the result of 160 to 170 thousand cars ", – says Alexei Tereshchenko, director of the Office of Strategic Development" Atlant-M ". In Belarus the situation is much worse – rates falling car market is growing. Failure recent negotiations with partners in the Customs Union – Russia and Kazakhstan – as long mothballed anomalous situation of high import duties to legal entities in Belarus and the lowest – for individuals. In this regard, We continue to believe that lower taxes for individuals will remain at least several months (and probably before the end of 2010). The automobile market in Ukraine in April showed a slight increase.

Sales growth to the level of April 2009 and the monthly average in the I quarter 2010 – by 12% and 33%. Objectively, the growth should continue (with a dynamic, visually reminiscent of 2006 at a lower level), but much will depend on the work of the Ukrainian automobile industry, now experiencing operational problems. In the event that consumers will be asked quite inexpensive cars Ukrainian assembly under the Korean and Chinese brands, the market growth in the II half will be significant. Sales of all brands of the top 20 on the Ukrainian market, but Subaru (falling to 20%), in April 2010, grew up. However, despite the fact that the sales dynamics in grades varies, top-10 in April, compared with I quarter 2010 was not unchanged. So leaders are Korean Hyundai, Kia and Chevrolet-DAT, and close the top-10 Skoda, Volkswagen and Nissan. During the second ten major changes also did not happen at the same time very successfully completed in April Daewoo, Ford, Mazda and Fiat. Sales of Suzuki and Ssang Yong to remain the same level.