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Pollution Control

Control of acoustic pollution: acoustic insulation, noise and vibration is the title of the given paper, on Thursday 13 may, by the general director of Audiotec, Ana Ester Espinel Valdivieso, within the framework of the seminar CTL acoustic environmental in classified activities organized by the Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Aigua, Urbanisme i Habitatge de la Generalitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the center of clean technologies (CTL). Addressed heads of environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, consultants and technicians from municipalities and public entities, among other professionals linked to the environmental quality-, and whose objective was to find solutions and measures of awareness about noise pollution and noise. Noise, regarded as a sound that is unwanted by the recipient or as an auditory sensation unpleasant and annoying, is cause for concern today by their effects on health and individual and group, human behavior due to the physical, psychic and social consequences that entails. In our days, the noise is regarded as an important form of pollution and a clear manifestation of a low quality of life. This conference served as a forum for open debate with the different agents involved, about noise pollution and noise to give solutions and measures of awareness. Highlights of the day the importance of controlling noise pollution in the classified activities (industry, catering, etc.) through three phases: the proper realization of the acoustic project, prior to the granting of the authorization or environmental license; Measurements in situ, together with the start of activity or opening license communication; the control and inspection, once the activity is in operation. In this sense, Espinel stressed the importance of having a competent acoustic project, since it is a way to act in a preventive way (shielded, springs, etc.) and avoid future problems of noise pollution. In addition, Espinel also stated that there are other factors of economic and administrative, as well as the contingencies arising from the implementation phase of the project, you are advised that specialized subject matter and qualified technicians are at the forefront of this type of projects.

In the implementation phase of the project is essential, said Espinel follow the instructions laid down in the draft, as well as employ materials and construction techniques recommended by the experts who drafted the same and taking care of all details that could affect the final outcome, such as fissures, acoustic bridges or damping of machinery, among other basic aspects. Finally, the general director of Audiotec spoke of that along with the start of activity communication, must submit a report that seacredite, by means of measurements in situ, featuring the acoustic insulation to regulated air noise, and Interior and exterior sound immission levels.

Constitutionalistic Revolution

As Raymond Faoro, it considered the Revolt of the Fort of Copacabana a prelude, for the Revolution of 1930, from this proper event, can be considered that if it would format the base politician-ideological-military man, for the definitive assault to the power for Getlio Vargas, with the New State in 1937. The call Age Vargas, who if uncurled in three stages, Provisory Government (1930-1934), Constitutional Government (1934-1937) and ditatorial Government or New State (1937-1945), was a turbulent period in the history of Brazil, passing for diverse episodes of violncias, attempts of taking of being able and the ideological polarization between Communists and fascists, these represented by the Action Brazilian Integralista the Communists, led for Luis Carlos You give. The instability climate politics, the division of the partisans of Getlio Vargas how much to the politician-economic routes of the country during the Provisory government, it only favored to the getulistas projects of permanence in the power, that also agreed with the violence used against its adversaries, as the depredation of the Carioca Daily periodical was emblematic, in 25 of July of 1932, for members of Club 3 of October, whose denomination was a homage to the beginning of the Revolution of l930. As diverse authors this violence had the beneplcito of the head of polices of the Federal District, that was nominated for the President of the Republic. The fact more important politician during the Provisory Government was the Revolt of So Paulo of 1932, called of Constitutionalistic Revolution, when the paulistanos had caught in weapons against the Federal Government and for the democratization of the country. Loosers militarily, the rebels had obtained of Getlio Vargas the guarantee for elections of a Constituent National Assembly, for the elaboration of a new Constitution. In 16 of July of 1934, the new Constitution of Brazil was elaborated, that in its diverse articles guarantee the private vote of the voters them executive and Legislative, guarantee diverse labor laws, the vote of the women, and also establishing, that the natural wealth would be properties of the government of the union. . .

Right Way

For your way he will find friendships pure, but that human beings will be able to degnerate themselves ahead with the time of your precariousnesses, there you will remain alone. For your way he will know gotten passionate people, but that they will go to stop in the first show window with bigger brightness and bigger beauty, despite the price if to pay to enter in the store is more expensive. For your way you will cross with company ideal and perfect, but when the life to charge devotion, abdication and it will have that to open hand of something for the dream that together will construct, there will see as the love without attitude is susceptible and weak, leaving you to the edge of the life and one more time alone. Discord, indifference, fear It is the uncertainty of personal projects that can yes and must be shared. For your way it does not want to make of this allotment a conquest, not! The conquest is a sand castle that if more easy preparation of manioc meal of what you imagine. It makes of this, then, a project for the conquests, therefore a good project can support your dreams and ideals with bases solids.

It wants to grow to the side of somebody, it wants that this somebody grows as person when being close to you, or when passing for your life. It does not leave that pass for your life without she has taken some mark of your character. With firm intentions and of values. The growth for the growth kills! Therefore this is the beginning of the cancergenas cells that they provoke the cancer when they spread cancerous cells that they suffer from cancer. He is not frivolous and it does not make of the growth straightforward a reason to want this. What it is a lie, if counted some times, ‘ will finish if becoming one; ‘ verdade’ ‘. the problem is if you yourselves to believe this false truth. Therefore enaltea your projects of life and stops to depreciate yours ‘ ‘ quereres’ ‘ (after all, if it wants as much thing in the life, is not same).

It follows your way. Despite your heart beats calmer without as much euphoria, and from there? Great euforias take the disillusionments and frustrations of equal or bigger ratios. Either fort, tranquilo and night watchman! Your way is of resignation and great love of its part. If the disrespect, the rejection, the indifference and the preconception make of your intentions ‘ ‘ attitudes without valor’ ‘ for the others, if auto-it does not exclude from the world. It goes ahead, it follows in front, it fights for your ideal of life and in case somebody to dare and will have courage to go with you, simply, looks at inside of the eyes, extends the hands and leaves the love to illuminate this way. Under the light of the love your way could only be covered, without the ice of the fear and the indifference and without the bitter taste of the incompreenso.

The Heading

with this decision, the military had in the mind that transferring dom Fragoso it would be condemning to the esquecimento and the silence, and had finished committing a great error, therefore Crates represented a form to come back the roots of that child that was created in Teixeira, hinterland of the Paraba, in a family of agriculturists without land. When interviewing dom Fragoso, the author perceives that the memory of the religious one is very organized, therefore, the words, the souvenirs, the reflections, said of very delicate form, if it associates with a firm way the positive of if expressing. Everything this, probably is resulted of long periods of reflections. Clearly becoming the agreement and the linking of the text with the heading. The text leaves well clearly that this personal memory always was a concern of the diocese of Crates in registering meeting, events, practical, reflections, projects, ways and embezzlements.

This because beyond the diocese to have a line directed toward the community, the problems of the life conditions and work, they are all folloied by a work of registers of the events of each parish, where the priest is the responsible one for describing the memory of the communities of its parish. With this artifice of documentation, the author reflects on the practical one of dom Fragoso to exert the memory, that with this activity transforms its way of craftsman stops architect, that is, dom Fragoso starts to stimulate this practical of memory for the continuation of history. This is plus a form of the search of the agreement of history through the memory assists with it of the orality. All the used writings as base for the construction of this text show the importance of the memory, and the use of verbal stories, as one of the principal sources of if searching the agreement and new questionings, with the objective to keep alive history..

Will the World End in 2012?

Why the End of the World in 2012? Most of the civilized world knows all about the predictions contained in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Of course, there is no exact date of the end of the world in the verses of Revelation. However, there are much better known predictions that are not in the Bible and to ensure that these events happen. All other predictions coincide with the same date for the end of the world: 2012. The date of December 21, 2012 arises from the Mayan calendar.

Many people think that just because the Mayan civilization ceased to exist centuries ago, this prediction is meaningless, and argue that these calculations do not match the timeline of our calendar. It is possible that throughout history have changed the procession of days, but mankind can not change the motion of stars and planets. A large number of other events were also predicted astrologically included in the Mayan calendar and have happened in the time they stipulated. It would be very foolish for an intelligent person like you discredit the vast knowledge of a people, simply because their time on Earth was long ago. The Maya had an amazing ability in mathematics and astrology. They created not only a calendar for 3500 years, but also a mathematical calculator. The Mayan calendar end date is determined using the calculator and studying the activities of the stars, and this and other Mayan predictions have been tested with modern computer programs used by prestigious institutions worldwide. Other sources, same prediction The prediction that the end of the world is coming is also reflected in the prophecies of the I-Ching, Merlin, of Cybil, Mother Shipton, the Native American tribes, the Bible and Nostradamus .

If these sources of information seem too dated, perhaps the Web Bot program will be most useful and will be more effective in its modern mind. Unfortunately, the end of the world in 2012 is closer There is never very important meanings related to the date of December 21 that are already known worldwide. This is the day of the equinox which marks the beginning of winter for the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere summer. In astrology, the date December 21, 2012 is the date at which begins the Age of Aquarius. This marks the beginning of a new era, not only for the planet Earth, but for our entire solar system. If you want more information about the end of the world in 2012 visit the following page or

Digital Light Processing

It is an array that manages the greater or lesser transparency of glass. It is a kind of network of switches (one per) pixel). In the street language the initials TFT or LCD are used almost interchangeably to identify this type of flat TVs. Plasma or PDP (Plasma Display Panel) a plasma screen is made up of a matrix of cells which in turn are composed of 3 sub-pixels (red, green and blue). Gas, xenon in plasma state reacts with phosphorus of each sub-pixel to produce colored light.

Each subpixel is individually controlled by a processor. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) are points of organic electroluminescence which are simply placed in a matrix on the screen and illuminate, forming the image. They have shorter duration than LCD but they also consume much less. FED (Field Emission Display) and SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) these very similar technologies can be understood as a combination between the CRT and the LCD. It is apply CRT miniaturized cell by cell of a flat screen, as if each cell is a minitelevisor.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology used in televisions is so called projection and rear projection. Basically a wheel of light emits the primary colors (red, green and blue) and they are redirected to the screen by a system of mirrors (one per pixel). Some models may show up to 35 trillion colors LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is very similar to DLP, also used in rear projection technology. The main difference is that instead of using mirrors use liquid crystals applied directly to the surface of a silicon chip. What is best? There is no one better than that. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. They may have greater or lesser life, higher or lower resolution, more or less contrast, more or less consumption, greater or lesser cost, etc. Assess the needs that you want to cover and choose one of these technologies as a result is best in each case.

Book Fat Burning

Years were those who had to wait to finally have a method that gave us real results in a matter of loss of weight, but of weight in fat. Fortunately already in Spanish the fat burning furnace book of Rob Poulos, method that is changing the way of seeing the world of weight loss dramatically by the brilliant results offered and in a very short time. The fat burning furnace book is a guide to burn and expel fat body but intelligent and comprehensive since it focuses on acceleration of metabolism to have a constant burning calories even while the body is at rest or while resting. Using the two main pillars to lose weight that are feeding based on a specific but non-restrictive diet that uses the nutrients as a main weapon to use those energy reserves that have accumulated for years in the form of fat, also supplementing the diet with a routine easy and quick exercises well focused in the same way in the stimulation of the body metabolism work itself only. On the other hand the fat burning furnace book achieves not only lose weight but having to change muscles strong, firm and marked as everyone wants to have. More than 35 thousand people are now that have found that the fat burning furnace book provides real results and in record time without spending on complementary products or appliances that never work, with only easy advice to follow this method guarantees lose 19 pounds and 25 centimeters of abdomen for men or 25 kilos and 8 sizes of dress for women. The decision to have a better quality of life is in you. Original author and source of the article..


Human nature has always tried to make sense of the world in which they live. In ancient times, without the benefit of scientific research and technology for empirical experimentation, people resorted to the arcane and today we would think as superstition. One of the techniques developed in order to explain the world surrounding them was the tarot. Tarot Chuck is done with a deck of 72 to 78 cards, depending on the type of harness; and the combination of these letters during a reading can be interpreted to provide predictions or insights into aspects of the life of individuals. All is not left at random in the art of predictions, given that there are certain rules for the kind of questions that can be asked during a print run of Tarot cards and responses that may be offered. For example, consultant may ask about him and their relationship with other people, but may not inquire about third parties or their relationships. Inquire about the lives of other individuals is considered lacking in ethics by many Tarot readers.

On the other hand side, are believed to be revelations that emerged from this type of readings (pertaining to third parties) completely erroneous and nothing effective. As for queries related to the material, tarot Chuck isn’t ideal. Tarot cards are second to none when it comes to answer specific questions, more questions too general. Perhaps practical to take into account that these readings may provide advice or certain revelations, but does not have the ability to determine the results in these situations. For example, letters will not give an affirmative or negative response, and consultant may alter, intentionally or not, the situation described during the reading, completely invalidating. As in all the techniques of divination, the question of free will takes part protagonist in the matter.

After all, the predictions arising from a circulation of tarot are considered looks to the future, and if you have access to the future, the question that underlies is if it can influence in it or not. Then, if it is accepted that you can effectively be amended, are precisely the future situations which are observed during a tarot card reading. From there, given all the uncertainties experienced in our human condition, tarot is a very interestingly circumvent them and exit gracefully.

Fad Diets

Insurance you’ve heard that fad diets don’t work to lose weight permanently. But what about when really need to lose weight quickly? It is very difficult to move from the promise of fast diets (such as lemon, soup of cabbage, or programs as you lose 21 pounds in 21 days) when you really need to come you dress for an occasion such as wedding, graduation, etc. Then what’s wrong with losing 20 pounds fast so that you can surprise your family and friends with your slender figure? The truth is that nothing wrong with losing weight quickly, as long as you do things correctly there is. In theory one could lose up to 20 pounds in a week following a very ambitious meals and exercise plan, investing 7 hours per week to a rigorous plan of exercises with the care of a trainer. But even if you can’t leave everything and go into a weight loss camp, you can safely lose 3 pounds of weight per week in your home with a diet plan and exercise (I’ll give a recommendation at the end of the article). In fact, get goal look great for a wedding or meeting can be great motivation when you follow a plan of thinning can be maintained after that special event.

Something very important is that you do not wait until a week before to try to lose those 10 pounds. How lose weight quickly? Losing weight is a simple mathematical formula: you need to burn more calories than you consume. Experts recommend create a deficit of 500 calories per day (with exercise and watching what you eat) so that by end of week when you upload to the scale notes that you lost 1-2 lbs of fat. With respect to what you should avoid eating: starches and flours, food or drinks with a lot of sugar, canes and products dairy products animal fat (such as whole milk).

Information Analysis

The techniques are analyzed to improve the interoperability and the recovery. Describes the initiatives of metadata applied to managers of content (Dublin Core, RDF (Resource Description Framework) and MARC format) and their importance for the formation of cooperating institutions for integration of contents and the creation of a semantic web. In addition, describes the markup languages such as medium for structuring information and encourage the XML interoperability. It concludes with the current existence of a consciousness of widespread adoption of standards for the web information management and the development of characteristic of eGovernment services. Today there is a wide range of free software applications targeted to content management, as well as to the management of digital information in web. These tools increasingly more have been gaining ground in the Middle Librarian, allowing in a flexible and economic way to handle referential information and digital content in full-text. Below are four of these tools, by its benefits and features have become preferred by this sector. Greenstone, is presented as the best option for its versatility in designing user-oriented, complies with the requirement of forming a cooperative network between institutions interested in sharing your information. KOHA, is one of the first system to automate libraries with free software, distribution that allows you to freely modify the source code, it is an individual program for units of information, basically covers at least three functions: circulation, consultation and acquisitions, its code has been in continuous movement, Openbiblio, it is easy to use offers an intuitive, interface usability in the administration of the online catalog, to equal than others offered at GNU General Public License and DSpace is a system that allows public access to one digital collection that requires pre-planning for your installation and is oriented to work collaboratively with peers themselves.