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Right Way

For your way he will find friendships pure, but that human beings will be able to degnerate themselves ahead with the time of your precariousnesses, there you will remain alone. For your way he will know gotten passionate people, but that they will go to stop in the first show window with bigger brightness and bigger beauty, despite the price if to pay to enter in the store is more expensive. For your way you will cross with company ideal and perfect, but when the life to charge devotion, abdication and it will have that to open hand of something for the dream that together will construct, there will see as the love without attitude is susceptible and weak, leaving you to the edge of the life and one more time alone. Discord, indifference, fear It is the uncertainty of personal projects that can yes and must be shared. For your way it does not want to make of this allotment a conquest, not! The conquest is a sand castle that if more easy preparation of manioc meal of what you imagine. It makes of this, then, a project for the conquests, therefore a good project can support your dreams and ideals with bases solids.

It wants to grow to the side of somebody, it wants that this somebody grows as person when being close to you, or when passing for your life. It does not leave that pass for your life without she has taken some mark of your character. With firm intentions and of values. The growth for the growth kills! Therefore this is the beginning of the cancergenas cells that they provoke the cancer when they spread cancerous cells that they suffer from cancer. He is not frivolous and it does not make of the growth straightforward a reason to want this. What it is a lie, if counted some times, ‘ will finish if becoming one; ‘ verdade’ ‘. the problem is if you yourselves to believe this false truth. Therefore enaltea your projects of life and stops to depreciate yours ‘ ‘ quereres’ ‘ (after all, if it wants as much thing in the life, is not same).

It follows your way. Despite your heart beats calmer without as much euphoria, and from there? Great euforias take the disillusionments and frustrations of equal or bigger ratios. Either fort, tranquilo and night watchman! Your way is of resignation and great love of its part. If the disrespect, the rejection, the indifference and the preconception make of your intentions ‘ ‘ attitudes without valor’ ‘ for the others, if auto-it does not exclude from the world. It goes ahead, it follows in front, it fights for your ideal of life and in case somebody to dare and will have courage to go with you, simply, looks at inside of the eyes, extends the hands and leaves the love to illuminate this way. Under the light of the love your way could only be covered, without the ice of the fear and the indifference and without the bitter taste of the incompreenso.

Pedagogical Project

The PPP (Project Pedagogical politician) is a resulted document of the planning is in it that they are registered the decisions most concrete of futuristas proposals. It is project because it requires plans for the future, he is politician because all must participate and are pedagogical because it surrounds the education. One is about a natural and intentional trend of the human being. All project assumes rupture with the gift and promises for the future in the objective to reach. To project means to try to break a comfortable state to risk themselves, to cross a period of instability and to search a stability in promise function that each project contains of better state of what the gift. An educative project can be taken as promise front determined ruptures. The promises become visible the possible fields of activity, compromising its actors and authors.

To speak of a proposal pedagogical is to inside say in construction and definition of ideas of all the involved ones of the education. To speak in pedagogical project is to speak in future, in consistent planning and that it aims at a participativo context, where the initial step is the elaboration of the referencial landmark, being this the light that will have to illuminate making of the too much stages. All school must have definite, for same itself and its pertaining to school community, an identity and a orienting set of principles and norms that illuminate the daily pedagogical action. The Pedagogical Project sees the school as a whole in its strategical perspective, not only in its pedagogical and administrative or exactly bureaucratic dimension. It is used in order to carry through dreams, is a managemental tool that assists the school to define its strategical priorities, to convert the priorities in educational goals, to decide what to make to reach the goals of learning, to measure if the results they had been reached and to evaluate the proper performance.