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The Decision

Phases I propose two phases to adopt a different mindset that will lead us more quickly and with less effort to be or get anything we propose. 1) Screening: In this first phase, we must clearly projecting our goal. What we want to be / get? We must be clear and include details, view our destination point as it would be if we had already achieved it. Many people come not to declare their goals clearly enough, and of course, the point that is not well defined in a map, is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve. It is essential that well define point B, and visualize it in detail.

If we want to achieve an economic goal, let’s set an exact number (20,000 euros), and that way we will have the accurate idea of what we want to achieve. In the next phase, we will work to implement at the present time, as if we had already reached, and therefore live in this guise to be able to approach quickly to achieve our objectives. (2) Discipline: In this phase, we will put emphasis on live from the outset in the B point or destination. It is not fake, it’s view and adopt the mentality of someone who is already at that point, so that no complicated mimic proves us their actions. Let us remember that the way to be happy is not expecting to be so, but taking the decision to live life as if we already are.

In the same way, achieve a higher salary is not to wait patiently to be promoted, but project it (accurately estimate the figure that we believe that it is fair for our current position), and live as if it were total justice giving us. Assume with discipline that we have already reached the destination point implies that a series of psychological mechanisms that enable the achievement of the goal activate. Most people close the step to mimas believing that they don’t deserve certain amount of money or that it is impossible to lose weight, when those limits are no more real than what they themselves believe. If we welcome the mentality of someone who had already reached the goal would be, we facilitate enormously the goal to materialize in record time, in addition to attenuate the fears and tensions of an elusive goal. In case you want to read more about setting targets and productivity, you can read my blog.

Sprayed Concrete Gunite

Shotcrete presents a drawback known as rebound. The rebound is the escape of part of the coarse aggregate of concrete as a result of the impact that gets on the stand. Obviously, to obtain economy rebound should be minimal. In projected with coarse aggregate concretes the rebound becomes important primarily depending on the skill of the operator. The shotcrete bounce rate depends on many factors such as: effectiveness of the hydration of the mixture that comes out of the nozzle relationship water / cement: the water/cement ratio usually oscillates at the nozzle between 0.33 and 0.50 depending on humidity having the sands. Lower values give highest percentage rebound but if these are too high cause the lift of the layer, in addition to give rise to a concrete porous and not very resistant. Granulometry of aggregates: the influence of the particle size is very large and should be carefully studied.

Sand and gravel content is very important. Speed and output volume of the mixing nozzle by unit of time angle and distance of the impact: on the rebound also influences the slope of the walls and the distance of the nozzle to the surface on which the application, which must be of 1,0 meter is done. Thickness applied skill of the operator. The amount of rebound in correct applications varies from 5 to 15% on floors or slabs, from 15 to 30% in vertical or inclined walls and 25-50% on ceilings. On the first layer of concrete gunite that applies rebound percentage is always excessive, but decreases as the cement mattress is forming and sand, by embedding the coarse aggregate in this mattress. In the first layer rebound can become 15% depending on many factors. A 2 or 3% of gunite special additives can improve much to the mix and reduce the bounce rate.

Architectural Study

Deciding on an activity to study which can very possibly develop into a lifelong proffession can be very difficult. The decision meant the path or the path to be followed in later in life, so it is a very important decision to be taken with patience and with the advice of those who know the areas or fields between schools can be decided by one run. Among the many options available to study and develop a field of knowledge, in this paper, we recommend studying architecture, a profession that will give an artistic touch to creating living spaces for people. This study architecture, is to obtain knowledge of a field of usefulness both intellectual and professional knowledge so imparted to study architecture, is the result of different schools of thoughts that will not only enable students to have basic architecture, but develop critical thinking, allowing those who want to study architecture to develop a taste or artistic trend. In addition to studying architecture in this field of study also addressed themes such as ecology, techniques and development work on group projects, as well as several branches of scientific knowledge. By studying architecture may attend a discipline, which often is taken as a response of people to the need to create spaces and environments of greater satisfaction because they have special conditions of structural conformation. In an initial stage architecture was a science without a theory, it was more like a mode of artistic expression through the construction of living spaces. Thus to make studying architecture was more than an empirical process of implementation techniques without theoretical foundations and evidence was introduced to the study of architecture until then different concepts, which were tied more to the artistic field, allowing be eliminated to some extent the typical employment empirical, but the point of the empirical application as a manifestation of expression is of great importance when studying architecture. In developing the task of studying architecture, he directed the vision of students to be excellent architects who can make use of their capabilities in regard to the solution of problems concerning the transformation of physical spaces that are liveable people, but always with an approach that meets the needs that are looking to supplement with the creation or transformation of spaces, whether they seek to perform certain specific activities that require a change of scenery or taking into account the different socio views and cultural. One point that becomes very important when studying architecture at present is the implementation of technology and based on this discipline to obtain the best results with the architecture, optimizing the proposed creation of new spaces.

Kone Toca

Madrid. 07 / 07 / 09. The towers of Hercules bear the stamp of KONE Elevators. And is that the renowned manufacturer of vertical transport (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) just installed in this office building 6 elevators KONE MiniSpace. These elevators are moving at a speed of 3.5 meters per second touring 20 plants totaling 86 meters, as explained by Francisco Pardeiro, director of major accounts and works new KONE Spain.

Thus the things these six elevators located in the project designed by Rafael de la Hoz and built by the construction company Construcciones Sanchez Dominguez S.A. (Sando S.A.) be found in the Olympus to give and have the destination PolarisTM Pro Control System. It is an innovative destination preset system optimizes the passenger traffic and the performance of the elevators. The user who instructs in destination selection panel plant which is directed. The system analyzes the traffic and the direction of the elevators and assigns it to the user the elevator that’s right for you. The result obtained is greater comfort, greater vertical transport capacity and more efficient performance of the elevator, adds the Executive.

Another noteworthy feature of the project refers to the machine room. Thanks to the compact size of the KONE EcoDisc machine, machines for elevators KONE MiniSpace bathrooms are small: in section just need own hollow projection, ends Pardeiro.

Magna Carta

It’s constitutions agreed from the consensus. Nobody gives them unilaterally, nor nor imposes them political conglomerate or group one because then devoid of a framework of legitimacy. These constitutions are multilateral and are therefore, contractual and says that they are based on the theory of the Social Pact. From them, and within their legal systems, are designed along the different history project-in-country, whose most notorious diversity we can observe in their foreign policies, or international relations with other States and Governments. The most obvious and representative sample the It has the distinct and quasi antagonistic projects-in-country two administrations of George W. Bush against the Obama administration project-in-country, and both projects so different from the Clinton administration, though everyone framed within the Constitution of the United States of America, which has a data previous to the establishment of our Captain General.

I agree with you in a statement: with only comply with laws is sufficient so that everyone can achieve greater material and spiritual well-being as possible. That possibility of material and spiritual well-being was also present in the Venezuelan Constitution of 1961. Didn’t need another Constitution; only suit, aggiornar the existing, and that was the objective that arose from the National Commission for the reform of the State, but everything indicates that its recommendations were not accepted (much less executed) because they were not covered in the country project of those then. Point No. 2: Applying for a national project is negative. It is to communicate that something is lacking, that our leaders forget something and are not competent enough. It’s put us to think about what is it that makes missing, confuse us.

It is distrust leaders who fight for democracy and who have done so well. Comments to point No. 2: false. A project-in-country is not a negative element, nor should per contradict the fundamental principles of the Magna Carta.


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Andrew Corentt

Then avoid all information that it is not useful, everytime we hear negative ideas around our project us what? It happens that our inner energy is lowered, for example if our parents tell us that that goal is a very bad idea we can enter into an internal conflict as large as the next if I am looking for this contradecire goal to my parents I assure that this internal conflict might be enough so you definitely leave his dream. When a person is on the path to success everyone congratulated regardless of what you do (logically licit activities), but when a person is successful, their success is heavily engraved in your subconscious mind. As Andrew Corentt tells us in his book the secret of the power of the goals its determination must be so strong that it must withstand any obstacle among many critics, through reading this book you may structure effectively their goals and achieve and maintain a level of internal motivation really spectacular, this will allow you to take great steps to achieve all its goals. When a person has got an idea and is not willing to relinquish it under any circumstance normally people qualifies it closed and stubborn, and so it must be, because it’s our dreams, our life, we must never allow ourselves that no one steals our dreams. From personal experience I recommend silence to the extent that you can, because this will prevent wear in discussions that literally steal him valuable energy that you occupies for actions that will lead to its achievement. People optimistic many times are never understood, for those who have big dreams people thinks she is mad, and tell them is that you don’t want to see reality, etc. You seek to do so in silence if possible. You can and should follow advice from competent people, who have had success in what you have achieved, that is something that you should consider, so read and educate people that will give you real guidance and materials. If the silence has been impossible for various reasons then you think, this opinion is based on what?, does this does the authority person to discuss these issues?, etc. Perhaps someone can give a correct opinion on subject you don’t know much but that is very unlikely, so you should be always guided by specialists, why risk it? Clearly define what you want in a methodical way as presented in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt to read this book, you may define your goals with clarity so great that the only option that will have is the get in the path of his achievement. Remember that your idea will take more force when it is shared with people who have your same vision, therefore when choosing their partners you must be sure that they share the same vision and wishes of triumph, forward you have everything in their hands to achieve the life you want, this trip on earth so fast, why should maximize your time, do it now!, visit: original author and source of the article