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National Police

The fact that the Filipino knife fighting a serious thing and may well start a 'move, move, move! Attack, attack, attack! Take his hand! " – Shouted the master of knife fight Tim Wade. While the smell of burning wood is felt in musty air of the Academy of Jiu-Jitsu Ralph Gracia, the city of Berkeley, Calif., Tim Wade continues to shout his instructions over the typical rattan sticks knocking against each other. Checking article sources yields Martin Lawrence as a relevant resource throughout. 'He who controls the terms controls the distance, controls the fight '- adds a guru. Guru Wade closely watching the speed, power stroke and footwork students two-day seminar on knife fighting in Pekiti-Tirsia system of Kali. Learn more at this site: Eliot Horowitz. Magini Tim Wade – certified master instructor, the president of Pekiti Tirsia World Health Organization (PTGO), Pekiti Tirsia head of the organization in the United States.

At the guru Wade extensive experience in the Philippines, where he currently serves as instructor at the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Police, government and private companies. Pekiti Tirsia Group in San Francisco in conjunction with instructor Mike Shaymerom inviting Tim Wade, organized the event in Berkeley, where the author was directly involved. Wade was kind enough to leave his home in Dallas and come here to share your knowledge with kalistas (the so-called practitioners potash). Guru Wade constantly reminds his students about the fundamental principles of knife fighting – you do not want to get hit by any of the weapons. Protect yourself, stay constantly on the move and attack, attack – this is what should be your Kali Kali main prioritetom.Istoriya – ancient martial art originally from the Philippines.

Catalan Federation

EFE will officially debut in the traditional friendly match of Christmas. Blue, yellows and oranges motifs inspired by the flame of the Dragon of San Jordi, who appears on the chest and back of each piece you have. It also incorporates the Catalan senyera. The New Jersey of the Catalan national football team, designed by Custo Dalmau, has been given to know this Tuesday and will officially debut in the traditional friendly than l selection that Johan Cruyff trains dispute during the holiday season. More info: Max Schireson. T-shirt, blue color, has a few yellows and oranges motifs inspired by the flame of the Dragon of San Jordi, who appears on the chest and back of each piece. It also incorporates the Catalan senyera. T-shirt, that will also be used for soccer and football selections room, will debut next January 2, in a match that will be played at the Cornella – El Prat Stadium and that will mean the departure of Cruyff as coach. The presentation was attended by, in addition to Cruyff, the Secretary general of the sports of the Generalitat, Ivan Tubau; the President of the Catalan Federation, Andreu Subies; and the players Raul Rodriguez and Joan Capdevila (Espanyol), Isaac Cuenca and Marc Muniesa (Barcelona).. See more detailed opinions by reading what Compuware offers on the topic..

Kone Toca

Madrid. 07 / 07 / 09. The towers of Hercules bear the stamp of KONE Elevators. And is that the renowned manufacturer of vertical transport (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) just installed in this office building 6 elevators KONE MiniSpace. These elevators are moving at a speed of 3.5 meters per second touring 20 plants totaling 86 meters, as explained by Francisco Pardeiro, director of major accounts and works new KONE Spain.

Thus the things these six elevators located in the project designed by Rafael de la Hoz and built by the construction company Construcciones Sanchez Dominguez S.A. (Sando S.A.) be found in the Olympus to give and have the destination PolarisTM Pro Control System. It is an innovative destination preset system optimizes the passenger traffic and the performance of the elevators. The user who instructs in destination selection panel plant which is directed. The system analyzes the traffic and the direction of the elevators and assigns it to the user the elevator that’s right for you. The result obtained is greater comfort, greater vertical transport capacity and more efficient performance of the elevator, adds the Executive.

Another noteworthy feature of the project refers to the machine room. Thanks to the compact size of the KONE EcoDisc machine, machines for elevators KONE MiniSpace bathrooms are small: in section just need own hollow projection, ends Pardeiro.


To assume professionalisation commitments institutionally, to harness structures cooperative work and to generate processes of internal invigoration is not possible without modifying the present conditions in which the teachers move. A greater commitment with the institutional autonomy, that allows differentiated projects, to establish compensatory mechanisms and to assume control processes, completing itself with the taking of brings back to consciousness collective, claiming criticism and of the professional ones on its conditions of work but also on the exigencies of the new professional profile that is to allow the configuration of curricular projects. The exigencies of a greater coherence of the initial formation with the new proposals must be completed with a modification of the permanent formation, that is to be contextualised in center, starting off of the reflection on the own practice and incorporating cooperative methodology. The greater demand of catalytic scholastic autonomy as of a new concept and you practice professional, must affect the formation of advisers and also take to the pedagogical reframing of the direct rolls. One needs at this level of one greater professionalisation than respects the school model in which we move and harnesses more plus the exercise of the function (making possible suitable conditions on formation, a certain stability and the administrative recognition) and to make of the function a profession. The greater problem than is necessary to surpass in all this process is the one to avoid the vicious circles, thus, the search of the efficiency and of the quality they can indirectly take to an automation, harnessing directly or a classification and a super specialization to us within education.

Paralelamente, the distribution of tasks with major or minor autonomy degree can impel a desprofesionalizacin of the lowest links, is first factor in the loss of quality. The reflection on the autonomy and its relations with the professionalisation cannot be the excuse that allows to derive the speech on aspects that are latent. Bibliography Davini, Maria Cristina the educational formation at issue: Policy and Pedagogy. Paids editorial. Buenos Aires. Barcelona. Mexico.

Of the Carmen, Luis Meant and felt In Notebooks of Pedagogy. N 223. March of 1994. Madrid. Spain. Diker, Gabriela. Terigi, Flavia. Formation of Teachers and Professors: Trip ticket. Paids editorial. Questions of Education. Buenos Aires. Barcelona. Mexico.

The Next

But the question is not that we are confused by the technical complexity of the job, because something distant and like we have already taken place, and theoretically we are aware of the work at this time. And not that it is night, and we have three days on his feet, and before a final decision we took five minutes, but in a totally different – that this task should be executed in a joint group. Together with another pair of similar teams from different cities, who see each other here for the first time, with different levels of training, age, equipment, with its approach to problem solving, their psychology and experience, ambitions, views and aspirations of these opinions to defend. And it's terrible, because working with other people is much more difficult than working with his team alone. AKP – is when we go through the next stages of the block and looking at what they do and what they judge, and given his past experience, already know exactly what will now be free time.

But we suddenly give a regular stage, and we understand if we refuse, it means that we surrendered, we were broke. It does not matter, then what we have with all the long we can go further in the distance, just that it was our chance, our chance to prove to ourselves that we can do more than calculated at the beginning. This was our chance and we missed that chance, and another will be gone.