The Next

But the question is not that we are confused by the technical complexity of the job, because something distant and like we have already taken place, and theoretically we are aware of the work at this time. And not that it is night, and we have three days on his feet, and before a final decision we took five minutes, but in a totally different – that this task should be executed in a joint group. Together with another pair of similar teams from different cities, who see each other here for the first time, with different levels of training, age, equipment, with its approach to problem solving, their psychology and experience, ambitions, views and aspirations of these opinions to defend. And it's terrible, because working with other people is much more difficult than working with his team alone. AKP – is when we go through the next stages of the block and looking at what they do and what they judge, and given his past experience, already know exactly what will now be free time.

But we suddenly give a regular stage, and we understand if we refuse, it means that we surrendered, we were broke. It does not matter, then what we have with all the long we can go further in the distance, just that it was our chance, our chance to prove to ourselves that we can do more than calculated at the beginning. This was our chance and we missed that chance, and another will be gone.