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Europeans African

This previous contact facilitated the appearance in Brazil of ritosreligiosos with African structures, but with the presence of elements catholics. Some originary Africans of the region of Angola and the Congo had accepted ocatolicismo or some of its elements, when dediferentes members became brotherhoods, predominant until today in some religions. They exist muitassemelhanas in here represented by rocks, wood sculptures, baskets -, images of saints ede Ours Lady. In the same way, in the cults jjes and nags, voduns and also orixsadotaram saints and prayers catholics, forming a panteo of representaese religious without modifying the nature of the old African beliefs and muitomenos rites its ways of relation with the supernatural one. On the other hand, costumede to cultuar domestically saints catholics was adopted in the cotidianabrasileira life and also the custom to use precious and sacred objects together aocorpo, thus, the catolicismo also started to be part of the life deafro-descendants. It is from this, ‘ ‘ therefore, that the kinship mitolgicoentre some African deities of the panteo, as well as its posiohierrquica established there, also must be> the Creation of the World (PRANDI, 2007) and Dicionriode Cultured Afro-Brazilians (CACCIATORE, 1988).

Such organization chart contemplates known osprincipais orixs in Brazil and still it shows some of main suascaractersticas. Exu 2 o orix that it is always present, after all, the cult of excessively orixs depends dasua task on messenger. Without its presence, orixs and human beings cannot secomunicar. Exu also is called Legba, Bar and Elegu and without the suaparticipao in the life and the nature, it does not exist change, movement e> reproduction. At the time of the settling and the first contacts of the religious missions cristscom iorubs in Africa, Exu coarsely was associated by the Europeans with odiabo and Exu still loads this weight until the present. The cult aosorixs feminine cannot total be carried through without Mrs.

Organizational Culture

Introduction In the analysis of organizational behavior, in this case SMEs, it is necessary to probe how it has been developing its organizational culture through its performance, where are their strengths, weaknesses, and management has an impact on that she understood, managed by its human resources, so that favors him. Unfortunately, many SMEs, which for lack of a proactive management, with current knowledge of management science, in addition to vision, strategy and initiative have been neglected which is the scope, the benefits of having a good organizational culture, especially if this is true of its operation it has held for their survival. General considerations, scope.

Every company must have a good organizational culture so that its human resources to identify with her, I remember how important, relevant information that is maintaining good organizational behavior thanks to this culture that has been going on which show the results achievements, scope and has enabled companies to get ahead in the operating environment. A culture in which they are embedded values, beliefs, commitment. For Katan, what matters is not what culture is but what it implies, a complex belief system consistent and interrelated values, strategies and cognitive contexts, that guides the sharing of knowledge bases. On the contrary to Edgard Schein, who notes that organizational culture is a pattern of basic assumptions invented, discovered or developed by a group as you learn to deal with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, a model that has worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore to be taught to new members as the correct way of doing, thinking and feeling with regard to these problems Schein (1988) refers to the set of values, needs, expectations, beliefs, policies and accepted standards and practiced by them.

Installing an Alarm

Installing alarm systems – this is a priority measure of protection car, without which today can not do, perhaps, no one car owner. Choosing a car alarm, you should pay particular attention to its protective features and functionality. Normal entry-level car alarm has a simple design consisting of the central locking, Locking motor, sensor and siren blows. Alarm management carried out by remote control, which allows you to remotely set / remove the vehicle with protection, and lock / unlock the doors. This kind of signaling, many motorists are choosing, as he available, does not require significant financial investment, and thus provides basic security functions.

Car alarm systems with feedback (two-sided) communication – not only to inform the owner of attempted theft (opening) car, but also point to the cause of anxiety. This becomes possible due to its location on the fob black and white or color lcd screen, which displays information about the condition of the car. Trying to opening doors (Hood, trunk), the temperature change compartment, triggering a siren or sensor alarms – all these activities will be transferred to the display, accompanied by different tones, alerts. Data from the car with the lcd display transmitted via radio or via sms messages, which means that you can not worry about the safety of your car, even if you are far away from him. Some models of signaling feedback can also transmit to the display current coordinates car. This function allows to locate the vehicle, which in turn makes it easy to find in case of theft. Installation car alarm means, including, and installation of the system simultaneously (central) locking the car. Central locking system can be controlled remotely by a small transmitter built into the key ignition, and the receiving antenna located in the central control unit. Lock the car doors occurs after pressing a button on the ignition key. If desired, the central locking system can be configured way to simultaneously lock the door came the rise of door glass that will significantly increase the degree of protection vehicle.


That difficult it is for girls make so many things at the same time in their day to day, but oddly enough, it is part of your lifestyle to the point of being their routine being present in a place doing several things while in his mind is in three places more. Many times you can notice while you are driving, and makeup in the car a woman, may be sending messages of love shorts by cell phone to her boyfriend, while he thinks that they go to dinner that night. For women it is apparently something normal. And if we go back to the stories of the girls, it could be said that from childhood they are so. While they play with dolls and taking tea with her friends, are also playing to learn how to apply makeup and telling the stories of the prettiest boys of the College. Instead, the boys are somewhat more basic, and perhaps by the physical nature that made when they are small. When they are at school and performed some sport, they are not doing anything more than that, they are concentrated in this activity and nothing more; and it is that if they arrived back to think of some additional thing to the game, most likely to carry a pitch by clueless. But regardless of the nature of each, it is inevitable that these two get together and complement each other, either the clueless boy with the multifunctional girl, or vice versa; There is so much diversity of personalities and character in the people of the world that it would be impossible to classify them. So whatever you are, always there someone with whom you agree in tastes and others that the idea isn’t getting along with people with whom we share our environment and thus try to take life in a pleasant way. Original author and source of the article

Random Interval

Use URL spielemoda URL Shortener Service: If you choose to use the URL short you should choose the service and enter the information they request. Default #hash tags for your tweets: for those who are new in twitter, hashtags are labels that are used on Twitter to classify our tweets in a theme and help others find them if they seek information about esa theme. For example, if our tweet is about music, can put you the hasgtag: #Musica at the end. Then, this option lets you put a hashtag your tweet depending on that topic try to your blog. Also here you should take into account the length of the tweet. Minimum interval between tweets: Here you can set the time interval minimum that you want that your items are placed on twitter, for example every 6 hours or every 24 hours, the minimum time is 1 hour. Random Interval: is the interval of time that will be added to the minimum interval of the previous option and is also a minimum of 1 hour. Minimum age of post to be eligible for tweet: this option will allow you to configure the antiquity of the item that you want to be published, it may be from the most recent to the oldest, say from a year ago.

Maximum age of post to be eligible for tweet: this option allows you to choose the old maximum for your article to be published on twitter, if you don’t want to use this option you must only leave it in White, in this case the plugin will take any article of your blog regardless of the seniority of publication. As you can see this plugin gives you a variety of options and a unique potential to bring traffic to your old blog items, while you feed information to your new followers. Do you know any similar to this plugin? share your information in the feedback form. Original author and source of the article

Insurance Of Cars Low Cost

Who has the car has a set of unavoidable expenses, and insurance represents a very significant part of the expenses. Fortunately, a few years ago that became the low cost car insurance, especially competitive for those who want to take out public liability insurance. Main features in addition to the price of such insurance is still lower than that in the traditional, generally there are promotions to attract new customers. Who has the time and patience can even change the insurance each year and regularly this kind of promotion, however, is necessary to cancel the contract in advance. The service is normally performed by phone and / or e-mail, that is practical and effective, but may also have some disadvantages if you need to complain.

My personal experience has been positive, because I have had the luck of not having accidents. Tips for choosing the best to choose an auto insurance should first of all define what he wants. Is that have both a more basic and an insurance against all risks there are a lots of options: protection against theft, breakage of crystals, the protection of the occupants, the replacement of vehicles, etc. The choice is wide, but is important to define clearly what you want, otherwise it will be to compare apples and oranges. Where you can simulate defined what he wants for the safe, then must perform simulations with major insurers to obtain quotes for your case. Enter data in a realistic manner in order to obtain reliable simulations. The decision with simulations in hand, compare prices, promotions and differences in conditions and choose which offers the best solution. Although it is a simple test that takes time, by what should not be precipitated. Must be take into account Aluguer car insurance cars em Espanha because it may be a little different original author and source of the article

Fray Bartolome

Synopsis: So far were the ancients think that there would be people in this new world, many of them did not want to believe that there was land of this part; and what is more than marvel, not missed who also refused here having this Sky we see getting us into the historical context as peculiar, as the of the 15th and 16th centuries, marked by a series of discoveries of new worlds, by the Elimination of the Muslim Arabs of the Hispanic Peninsula, and by the beginning of what would be a golden age for SpainWe find Fray Bartolome de las Casas, a meticulous and religious historian, with a peculiar and innovative vision on the issue of conquest, relationship and evangelization of Indians. The figure of Fray Bartolome de las Casas has been among the historical figures who took part in the first generations of travelers to America, after his discovery-as one of the more objective, with respect to others whose cargo is rather totally adverse and why not say it funestas, prosky Francisco Pizarro, Diego de Almagro, Pedro de Valdivia, Hernan Cortes, among others. This difference lies in its position belligerent against the injustice done against the Indians, since he was principal witness of this black process which lived millions of beings who inhabited this immense territory at the time of the meeting. Then there comes the controversy that still has very much alive signals and translates into the evangelization as a right of conquest, its legality or illegality, in addition to resources, which precisely Bartolome de las Casas fought or could be an accomplice. In this way, we develop a first approach to this author, to his life and work, his philosophy of history, to its scholarly apparatus, so strongly impregnated by their religious conceptions. Juan Jose Dimuro and Agustin V. Startari deal with drill down the rich life of peculiar figure, widening into a fascinating topic as it is the colonization of the Americas. MAAT Books Publisher.ISBN: 987-9974-8228-2-5Impreso in Montevideo Uruguay. 2009 Editorial Maat books original author and source of the article.

The Meaning Of Atapuerca

Ever wondered why you have as wide nose, small jaw or such long legs, beyond the close family resemblance? Or from which that capacity to retain information or the ability to design objects and as creative elements? Of 21st century man has something in common with which dwelt this earth a million years ago? The answers to these questions us back to our ancestors, to whom we can study through the human fossils found in numerous enclaves. The sierra Atapuerca Burgos is one of them, especially privileged because it allows to study human over a million years of evolution and provides data on the first Europeans, which makes this site a unique place in the world. The discoveries of Atapuerca Atapuerca is a small mountain range that extends from Northwest to Southeast in the Valley of Arlanzon River, just 15 kilometers east of the city of Burgos. The closest villages are Ibeas de Juarros, to about 4 kilometres to the Southwest, and Atapuerca, just on the Northeast slope of the Sierra and that gives it its name. As it is often the case with the prehistoric sites, the discovery of what is today known as Atapuerca was due to random. In this case, due to the construction, in 1901, of a mining railroad, which supplied the first Basque iron iron ore, and coal and whose works would leave visible the deposits that we know today. Although important archaeological discoveries have been made since 1910, it wasn’t until 1992 when Atapuerca would begin to acquire fame by which it is known today. In the same year is said to be, known as Sima of bones, various remains of incalculable value, among them, the first complete skull of the Middle Pleistocene (780,000 years and 127,000 years ago), the more whole and better preserved of all those found in the world, belonging to a boy of barely fourteen years.

3 Keys To Know How To Regain Your Partner

It is possible to regain your partner is very likely that your ex broke with you recently and is more than likely that at this time you heartbroken. First I want to tell you that I was in that trance and is the pain you feel, I’ve been there and know that it is one of the worst feelings you can experience. But as regain your partner? There are days when you want to just stay in bed all day and do nothing more than eat and scream to nothing! But I’m here to tell you that it is possible to regain your partner, you only need to know which path to take and that will win back his heart cone certainty! below I will give you three great tips to regain the love of your life in a short time. 1 Need to accept that the relationship has ended the more soon accept that the relationship has ended (for now) sooner you’ll be able to get an emotional relief and having an emotional relief is very important when you try to regain your partner. The reason of the because you need to be in control of your emotions is because if not it you do neediest close, and this is going to do and say things that normally would have not said or done and this can really make you more damage to the already deteriorating relationship.

2 You have to have patience I would like to be able to tell you that you can regain your partner today, but the truth is that it really takes time. You’ll have to wait a month or maybe more to finally recover that love. It is necessary that you commit today to have patience without losing emotional control. What I say to people is that adquieran a new hobby to them mantengue busy during the coming months. This keeps your mind occupied with negative thoughts. 3.

You have to be happy again! This is extremely important. Nobody wants to be with someone who constantly depressed and not without fun. Everyone (man or woman) wants that your partner will be exciting, fun and passionate. Even if you are depressed or sad it is very important that your ex does not see you as well. Everytime is to your around need to at least pretend to be happy. Trust me when I say that feeling sorry for doesn’t work, actually has the opposite effect, and even if it does not work the relationship is going to be horrible! Follow these tips really help you know how to regain your partner, but of all levers need a plan of action. I’ve seen a lot of plans, but if you want to have access to the best plan I’ve seen to regain your partner you must click here according to your gender


The letters section the happened facts and the coming in such a way that the person who consults can see her own reality. In letters of the tarot the mind is the one that directs to the events through the energies spilled in the esoteric session, if the person speaks or acts with a negative thought, then letters will act in the same way. All the psychic states reside in the mind. The tarot and the videncia as it also cannot be otherwise. If the consulting one is put under a general distance it must be arranged to accept the cause that are from that distance, to take step later to decide by itself what it wants, but without a doubt when the letters speak the true nature it arises like the oil on the water. For the videncia and the tarot the thoughts that accompany in the session are the energies subtler than they are shown in the perception organ, to the service of the viewer with the unique intention to clear whichever doubts consider. In the videncia sessions the consultant must be arranged to control his mind, to investigate in the most intimate subjects of the human being. The wisdom of letters of the tarot usually is a guide very valuable to use it in videncia sessions, giving like result the vibration that bring about the events that are kept awake and feeling it like a smooth and subtle sound, since like so many other things of the life the moments of fullness and happiness, usually are those that usually we hope, although is possible to emphasize that the letters of the tarot or will point us to the videncia how and when we must give to the return to the periods of restlessness and insecurity produced by the experiences that will take the consulting one to happen per difficult moments, being these part of the learning which it must be put under in this called experience Life..