The letters section the happened facts and the coming in such a way that the person who consults can see her own reality. In letters of the tarot the mind is the one that directs to the events through the energies spilled in the esoteric session, if the person speaks or acts with a negative thought, then letters will act in the same way. All the psychic states reside in the mind. The tarot and the videncia as it also cannot be otherwise. If the consulting one is put under a general distance it must be arranged to accept the cause that are from that distance, to take step later to decide by itself what it wants, but without a doubt when the letters speak the true nature it arises like the oil on the water. For the videncia and the tarot the thoughts that accompany in the session are the energies subtler than they are shown in the perception organ, to the service of the viewer with the unique intention to clear whichever doubts consider. In the videncia sessions the consultant must be arranged to control his mind, to investigate in the most intimate subjects of the human being. The wisdom of letters of the tarot usually is a guide very valuable to use it in videncia sessions, giving like result the vibration that bring about the events that are kept awake and feeling it like a smooth and subtle sound, since like so many other things of the life the moments of fullness and happiness, usually are those that usually we hope, although is possible to emphasize that the letters of the tarot or will point us to the videncia how and when we must give to the return to the periods of restlessness and insecurity produced by the experiences that will take the consulting one to happen per difficult moments, being these part of the learning which it must be put under in this called experience Life..