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ms SharePoint – complete solution for creating an intranet SharePoint Services – software to create a common information space (enterprise portal), which improves communication between staff, promotes workflow automation, easier access to relevant information within the organization of almost any size. Create reports and documents in ms SharePoint to create Reports ms SharePoint proposes to use Excel Services, Access and Reporting Services. But these components are either generally can not solve the problem of creating complex or unusual records, or the development of such reports has been delayed for a long time. Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight – an advanced solution for creating reports of any complexity on the basis of any. Net data sources using the power of Silverlight. To integrate the report generator for Silverlight in SharePoint sites you only need to add Silverlight Viewer web part to the corporate portal, to introduce a component view reports for Silverlight in a Web page and enter the address of a wcf Service for a list of available reports.

Thus, you avoid problems such as: The use of bulky Reporting Services to create and view reports; Purchase and use of ms Office; Need to customize your reports under the form proposed by Excel and Reporting Services. And to receive such benefits as: Advanced features Silverlight technology; Use different kinds of records (multi-column, parameterized, Side-by-Side, subotchety, reports from groups, etc.), or create your own; Ability to perform various actions with the report: To view the report, zoom, pan it, to seek the necessary information; Export reports to pdf, rtf, html, Excel; Adding charts, diagrams or different indicators to the report; Timely provision of the required report to the client via the Internet. Integration Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight in SharePoint sites to create a powerful reporting system, able to satisfy any corporate documentation requirements. Now your customers can spend more quality business analysis of all sides of the company.

Name Hosting

CMS – a kind of constructors, where the right place to insert the planned content of your site. But to think that the designers do not work by themselves, and this is where your lack of knowledge of databases and other clever things you can do a disservice. Do not worry in advance, in the Internet based world there are plenty of sites offering support like you who are studying on the go. The path to the Internet. Domain and hosting should say a few words about how all the beauty you have created at home on your computer falls into the world wide web. To locate a site in Internet, you need to find him a home there. But before you look for a house, to determine the name of the site. Believe me, it's really important.

The name of the site is called a domain. The domain is bought for money, and then your site will be named after the type, or is free, and the name becomes Issued (or sold – it all depends on what type of name you choose yourself) names on hosting – a special site on the Internet, performing support work your site, or the names purchased from a registrar's name, and then the full owner of the site name get you and only you. Unlike them apart is that when registering your hosting provider when you run the risk of transferring your domain name to another hosting (well, you never know, you lose one's attraction this city, in another go!) lose the domain because the hoster does not want to give it to you, or will be a long time to pull and comb your nerves. Buying the same domain in domain name registrar makes you independent from any of the virtual city – your home on wheels where you want to and are going.

(Here it should be noted that very often on the Internet offers hosting – Providers of Granting the domain of the form free if you pay a hosting for a year. Do not buy, remember that the miser pays twice!) Hosting fee, the choice of the Internet great, but we must be careful, however, as in ordinary life. There is also a free web hosting, where you get the name of the site and type But we should remember that in a free hosting site you have not a serious build, besides there is often not all required for full site technical indicators. However, as a launch pad for beginners, free hosting is even suitable. Here is a brief description of where did come from and how to create websites. It should be said that the description really short, illuminating only the most basic concepts. Saitostroitel'stva process – a serious, difficult task that requires constant work, study and training. If you are setting up an easy labor – is not for you. Of course, if you want to create a truly interesting and attractive for visitors (a visitor – he is a god on the internet, believe me, everything is for him!), A site that will bring you a small but a nice income, then you have to work a lot, but "the road by walking." I wish you success and joy of accomplishment!

Car Repair

Diagnostic scanners, diagnostic scanners – this is not the device by which one can measure some parameters, or specifications, this work deals with the control unit and the scanner only reads the data from it by using the connection. Optimally the scanner will solve the problems that arise by chance, but at the time of diagnosis did not manifest itself, as well as using a scanner test conducted on the effects of various mechanisms that are switched on and off on command control unit. There are functions such as adjusting the composition of exhaust gases and adaptation of the replaced parts in case of malfunction, performance of which may be imposed only on the scanner. Recently, in connection with the development of science and technology, and expanding the list of functions that can cope diagnostic scanners. Control unit, in this case may exercise the functions and control the device, its electrical circuits. However, it should be noted that problems may arise and in the wiring, and therefore, the whole process of diagnosis can go the wrong way.

Thus we must understand that in the process of diagnosis can not rely only on one device, no matter how sophisticated and reliable, it may seem. Oscilloscopes Oscilloscope is used to measuring the voltage in the circuits, and while working on specific car diagnostician sites that allows you to define the work of the engine management system and, therefore, to identify emerging problems in this area. For implementation of the oscilloscope its diagnostic functions, a number of technical characteristics, knowledge of which will guarantee your successful collaborative work with the device. Such technical characteristics are the characteristics of the inputs, accuracy, service capabilities, synchronization, frequency characteristics. In an oscilloscope, there are several horizontal and vertical scans, which are continuously displayed for a certain period of time, and in this regard, fragments are displayed on the screen at regular intervals and creates a pattern of continuous receipt of signals.

Automotive The main function analyzer automotive gas analyzer, as intuition correctly tells us, is to control the concentration of toxic substances in exhaust gases of a car. But this is not the only function performed by the analyzer. Gas analyzer performs a series of actions to determine the technical condition of the engine and its systems. Diagnosis of engine starts with gas analyzer, which allows to conduct measurements of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, excess air in automobile exhaust. Conformity or nonconformity with these parameters, regulatory requirements and are one of the important characteristics technical condition of the motor vehicle. Engine Repair and ends test gas analyzer for compliance with the values of toxic gases regulatory requirements. Thus, there is no doubt automotive gas analyzer that applies to the basic diagnostic equipment.

The Art Of Oratory: Bright, Brilliant And Fascinating Speech .

Any human actvty s smply mpossble to magne wthout the pronuncaton of phrases and wthout communcaton. Publc speakng – t s part of the art, whch naturally meant by a knowledge of the prncples of publc speakng art. Oratory, lke any other art, has always been traned n the tmes of ancent Greeks. It s an art anyone can learn: You wll receve communcaton tranng courses on publc speakng. True eloquence sklls to express ther poston clearly, so that was not notceable art tself. The essence of publc speakng – to hold t so that the audence was attracted by the theme of speech and forgot about the speaker, and after speech remember only about the topc. Durng the tranng courses of oratory the speaker and all sklls are acqured.

Sklls are acqured as a result of repetton of ntellectual, motor and sensory acton on materals varous presentatons and speeches on publc nformaton, lterary texts. The tranngs of communcaton lad the man thng – speech technology. Technque of speech s a clear statement of hs thoughts, usng extensve vocabulary, possessed voce, facal expressons, gestures and posture, the correct constructon of hs speech. By the methods of the so-called non-verbal communcaton used n oratory are: the ablty to clearly control ther behavor, the dstrbuton of attenton when communcatng wth the audence, professonal observaton, the ablty to clearly express ther emotons and control them, the ablty to nteract wth people Art wth the audence. Oratory can be used for any communcaton. Partcularly acute n recent years the art of speaker s requred for presentatons and busness presentatons. The bass of sklls presentaton sklls are a detaled analyss, the study of necessary lterature on the topc and complng statements, the ablty to make a bref outlne of speech, composure n front of a large number of people and management attenton, skll and tme to end ths presentaton to answer questons. Equally mportant s the skll of orentaton n tme and the ablty to effectvely nvolve dfferent equpment for presentatons to more nterestng process communcaton. Oratory conssts of 4 basc rules: t s necessary to beleve n hmself expounded, t s mportant to gve the speech-and voce-contaned breathng apparatus n perfect condton, t s necessary to develop oro-pharyngeal muscles, always beleve n themselves and ther own forces. Of course, n the lfe of every human beng has ts own partcular purpose. It s through publc speakng communcaton sklls are your own goals can be acheved most quckly and easly.

Company Organization

To date, there are also actively developing new methods, whose effectiveness is much higher. The most interesting of them are methods Astropsychology – more precisely, a practical approach to use set of methods of astrology and psychology. These methods are not yet widespread. However, the number of managers using these methods in the recruitment and organization of work is constantly increases. Any organization is, above all, highly organized ordered system. And like any system, it can not be closed and unchanging. It actively cooperates with the outside world, processing incoming information, and at the same time – is actively working on their surroundings, realizing their potential. To expand its influence in the outside world, the system must possess a certain internal charge, which is formed when the system is used: the energy efficiently, while not completely consumed it on their livelihoods.

Biological organism, closed from the outside world and fail to fulfill at least its simple functionality, dies. Organization – is also difficult to arranged the body, having no longer the biological and social nature. The difference is that the structural units of this system, employees firm. It is only logical to assume that the organization as a system can effectively exist and develop only under well-coordinated and complementary work of its constituent elements (people), which provides the principle complementarity, when the system is greater than the sum of its constituent elements. And it depends on the personnel policy chief. This factor is crucial in any crisis situation, ie when entering the system, the organization of information coming from the outside world, can destabilize the functioning of individual structural elements and the whole system.

Sure, you as a leader, would prefer to meet any crisis head on with strong team of professionals dedicated. It is also impossible, and further development of the organization without a large internal capacity and a clear, experience accumulated internal structure. Management consulting is designed to help organizations and leaders, as key element in improving management practices to improve individual and collective performance and efficiency. These external intra processes inevitably have its effect on the domestic enterprise, and then to the external image of the organization. A key factor in the activity enterprise communications. Communication is the capital. Popularity and respectability of the organization – it's money. And who undermines the reputation, he steals the money the organization, and often – at myself! The aim of management consulting – make sure that management was a natural process, creating conditions for harmonious growth of the organization. Much of the responsibility to create such a productive atmosphere rests primarily on the shoulders of manager. He is the key and determining factor in the structuring of internal and external business processes. But before we effectively manage others, managers need to first understand the their capabilities as individuals and learn to govern themselves. Thus, it is obvious – the use of methods Astropsychology is an effective and innovative solution to personnel policies. Using advanced techniques such Astropsychology as many – now withdraw their business to a new level of organization of the labor process. In the future, the correct approach will inevitably make the company extremely competitive and ready to most difficult situations and working at their best.