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Free Registration

'Free' registration or renewal of second-level domain can provide some of the servers – in fact, this cost is already included in them are not the cheapest hosting and there is no question about free. Free hosting Progress does not stand still, every year the technology cheaper and hosting in the Internet becomes more accessible. Offers free hosting are growing like mushrooms after radioactive rain. Benefit, no doubt, here alone – no need to pay for hosting service, which costs may be up for the year up to $ 100 or even higher (depending on the size of the site). But the shortcomings of even small – but so much more. Chief among them – it's hosted on your web pages compulsory advertising, limiting the scope of the site and size of file uploads. Your site will be of a low-cost platform for advertising and promotion of others. As at least, your visitors compulsory advertising can be distracting or annoying, and at best – they will go on advertising links to other resources.

But you might want to add more and their banners Usually, these free disease can be partially or completely cure the sum of $ 60-100 per year – ie, pay for 'free' hosting. Servers provide this service in order to save no hurry to increase their power and are often overwhelmed. Workload server, at best, lead to slow from opening pages and irritation of visitors and, at worst – not available site for users and search engines.

Trading Strategies

Many people know about the market forex. Someone is content to simply know about the existence and purpose of this market. But there are others who have acquired knowledge into practice. Indeed, to become a member of the foreign exchange market, at the moment it is not difficult, but worth a hurry? Perhaps we should start with the theory. Read, understand, try to understand. It is not difficult, just takes time. But even after this work, it is unlikely you will succeed overnight solve their financial problems, having made several successful transactions. The first thing you have to do is not to strive for profit, but merely not to lose their money.

What would make, you need to think about trading system which each develops, and eventually improves just by himself. It is understandable that at first create a truly workable trading system will fail. Exactly the same way as successfully carry out a fundamental analysis. But this does not mean that we should not try to understand all the subtleties. Reinvent the wheel does not have to, you just take the time to ready-made trading strategies, try them in action, and take something for the foundation.

This will be a win-win option. Since such strategies are used for decades by traders from all over the world. That is, we can only choose the one that meets your criteria. And then follow the "recipe". And that's what have. Trading strategy is. It is assumed that you are not lazy, and know exactly what signals it can serve as these signals are interpreted. At what time intervals, it works most closely, etc. And now, Add to all knowledge of fundamental analysis, technical analysis. Plus money management rules, some psychologists are also not hurt, maybe you'll add something else. Trading system, it is something individual, each developing it for themselves. As a result, at your disposal a set of rules to be followed to achieve the intended results. In my opinion, is not difficult, but for those who decided to take a good long time Monetary market, the process will still interesting. We need to understand that the creation of the trading system is not a waste of time, but a necessary step on the path to financial freedom.


ms SharePoint – complete solution for creating an intranet SharePoint Services – software to create a common information space (enterprise portal), which improves communication between staff, promotes workflow automation, easier access to relevant information within the organization of almost any size. Create reports and documents in ms SharePoint to create Reports ms SharePoint proposes to use Excel Services, Access and Reporting Services. But these components are either generally can not solve the problem of creating complex or unusual records, or the development of such reports has been delayed for a long time. Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight – an advanced solution for creating reports of any complexity on the basis of any. Net data sources using the power of Silverlight. To integrate the report generator for Silverlight in SharePoint sites you only need to add Silverlight Viewer web part to the corporate portal, to introduce a component view reports for Silverlight in a Web page and enter the address of a wcf Service for a list of available reports.

Thus, you avoid problems such as: The use of bulky Reporting Services to create and view reports; Purchase and use of ms Office; Need to customize your reports under the form proposed by Excel and Reporting Services. And to receive such benefits as: Advanced features Silverlight technology; Use different kinds of records (multi-column, parameterized, Side-by-Side, subotchety, reports from groups, etc.), or create your own; Ability to perform various actions with the report: To view the report, zoom, pan it, to seek the necessary information; Export reports to pdf, rtf, html, Excel; Adding charts, diagrams or different indicators to the report; Timely provision of the required report to the client via the Internet. Integration Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight in SharePoint sites to create a powerful reporting system, able to satisfy any corporate documentation requirements. Now your customers can spend more quality business analysis of all sides of the company.