Monthly Archive: October 2013

Rancheria River

Colombia ranks 57 of the international ladder, so there is much to be done, but we demand ourselves and open ourselves to the possibility of achieving greater trade, provided that they are advantageous. But there is an espeanza light on the future of the Department, since several projects are being developed as the revolution of drinking water, the construction of the dam of the Rancheria River and its irrigation district, the viability of the Brisas port in Dibulla, spurs building breaks waves in Riohacha and the definition of the port society that manages the port of Manaurethat they incentivaran tourism, the great potential of indigenous crafts, agro-industry, the construction of a plant of sacrifice on a large scale and perhaps the creation of a free zone, where entrepreneurs and the community in general, benefit, tax reduction, increase of sources of work and general well-being. In conclusion, the free trade agreement with the United States, would realize more advantages than disadvantages, for enterprising people, who know that the goals and objectives are achieved with sacrifices, patience and understanding that you nothing It’s free in life. Everything comes easy and fast, so will also be. But as the saying, when one door closes, two open and is now facing Venezuela, with the possibility to realize a free trade agreement with that country, since exports there have increased, due to the deterioration of the productive sector that is experiencing, and the need to meet its domestic demand. Hence the importance of the training, to take advantage of the great opportunities that lie ahead.

Personal Decisions

Throughout my life I have found that many people blame others for their own situation, they think that the culprits are State, economy, family of birth, his wife, children, their heads, etc. The only truth is that one is solely responsible for and architect of his life, in all countries and under almost any circumstance has been as people progress in different aspects of life, this is very important, in fact if we know that something has been possible for others also it will be it for us when we are really determined to do so. I’ve heard a lot of people use supposed arguments for not doing things, they say that they have no time, knowledge or money, etc. What if I can assure you is that other people managed to overcome enormous challenges larger than theirs and however today they are enjoying the sweetness of being happy, healthy and successful people for example someone may say that he has no money to undertake their project, that’s a false perception, how many thousands of projects began only with the idea and once that idea was filled with energy emerged all the resources necessary for its realization. To achieve our goals we need to convince ourselves, that certainty will cause in the universe resources, people will realize our project, it is necessary to visualize the result we want, we never ask ourselves how appropriate, that task God will do it, you don’t worry about the details, these will arise once his mind is ready, the mind has the power to break all the barriers that now may seem difficult and even impossibleinternal forces given by God have no boundaries, the disadvantages are in ourselves because many times we don’t have faith, you begin your idea with determination, perseverance and surely you will get the idea that it was, what you should know is that you will have to pass various obstacles and have the sufficient courage to stay in an idea.