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Wools Vegas

Already ' ' simpatizantes' ' , that research according to carried through, approximately represents 59% of the North American population, what it would be approximately one 185 million people, limits its arduous colaborativa work to clicar in ' ' curtir' ' in Facebook, to twitar phrases, to repass e-mails, and in the best ones of the cases, to participate of below-signed and until donating some money. Now, the movement that clama for 99% of the population, of which 59% reveal favorable, not even is represented by o 0,00001% of these 99%, starting to become victims of the proper peripcias and subterfuges of the capitalism, proper target of its critical one. Inexorably, pop adds it the spectacle representative figures of the culture, of the alternating culture, the subordinate culture, the culture countercurrent and even of the one without chain, that next to opportunist politicians and traders, transforms the ideal into an unavoidable circus. The fight for the patent of the name of the movement, t-shirts, caps, flags, programs of television, musics, shows, etc. appears the same of skill that the lights in Wools Vegas to the blow of the 18 hours, involving the movement and its ideal in a strange paradox, something as well as a frozen cake stuffed of illusions, expectations, good will and dreams, that take covering of police abuses, commercial oportunismos and politicians, with delicious retouchings of meditico sensationalism, stop later being beaten by militant assets, inoperative, sympathetical useless, internautas, prepotent computer hackers, policemen, corrupt politicians, artists and other personages (to go) excellent. Of this paradoxical cookie, it does not have as if to escape, and lamentably, as many and until countless times, the nothing will not be arrived more than some type of ' ' acordo' ' that it finishes favoring only 1% it 99% that criticizes the other 1%. Thus, finally, while the whole world not to suffer same pains from childbirth, then its people never will see its son to be born, the fruit of the definitive revolt, arrives of it! The son of the world-wide hope, of which, very probably, the Occupy Wall street will not be mother of this time.

Gemini IPad

With the success of tablets, or better and more specifically of iPad, many people now desire to substitute its notebooks, desktops among others for Tablets, but many are not satisfied with iPad, if you are one of these people, not if she shakes, therefore you will go to know the Gemini now, of the ICD. First the great (I would say enormous and useless) advantage of the Gemini on iPad, is that it wheel Flash! (Palms, the president of the Adobe smiles of joy in some apartment at this moment), and if this is not the sufficient one for you, knows that beyond surpassing iPad in this question, it also it counts on a Tegra 2 of 1GHz, would obtain (it is a hypothesis) to twirl videos in 1080p tranquilamente, has connection 3G that it allows called voice, replaceable battery of 40Wh, reader of card SD, radio FM, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, conectividade MicroUSB for peripherals USB and PCs, loudspeakers stereo and webcam double (It gave a show in iPad now). Android wheel, that is a recognized system and with support, instead of some interface made to pressas or, worse still, a system desktop as the Windows (This does not arrive to be accurately one vatagem, or for you are). He was livened up, wants one n? , I feel to say to it, but grandinho is only one archetype and full of esterides of iPad, the price is not known or if really the project will leave the paper. It finds accessories and gadgets in the store of Tech computer science Club, beyond several other notice on technology in ours blog of technology.


(PMI, 2009, p.206) During the project it can appear the sprouting of other interested people that will need to be identified so that thus it can be reached by the management of the communications. The interested people of a project include mainly controlling of project, team of management of projects, customer or user, organization executor, members of team of projects, sponsor, influenciadores and PMO. Planning of the Communications To plan is very important in such a way in the personal life as in the professional, a good planning makes with that the manager of projects prevents problems that possibly come to appear in elapsing of the project, with the communication could not be different. According to PMI (2009, p.210), ' ' to plan the communications is the process to determine the necessities of information of the interested people in the project and to define a boarding of comunicao' ' that it consists of planning as an information will be registered, transmitted, who will receive which information, when, of that form, of who, for who etc. The project manager, by means of the planning of the communications, has the possibility to elaborate one better strategy for ' ' a communication, but efficient and efficient with the parts interessadas' '. (PMI, 2009, p.210) ' ' Efficient communication means that the information are supplied in the correct format, the adequate time and with the necessary impact.

Efficient communication means to only supply the information that are necessrias' ' (PMI, 2009, p.210). The communication in this in case that it is not only one communication on its project. The responsible person for the project, that most of the time is the project manager, will have to vender the concept of the project, its ability as manager and the potentiality of the project. Vender a project is not easy task, if it makes necessary that all understand the project as well as the manager or responsible understands so that they do not remain doubts on the objective to be reached.

Computers Hackers

Common to hear to nowadays say on cases of hackers and/or crackers that they invade system of definitive company or companies to test the system or same to practise the calls vrituais crimes as robbery of passwords of banks among others. But come the question there Which the differences between Hacker and Cracker? It will be that all the robberies of bank passwords happen by means of the action of a Havker or Cracker? The reply of the first question it is that the difference between hacker and cracker and well simple hacker it even invades systems of companies in some cases for being contracted by these companies to test and to verify the vulnerability of the segunrana of the system. It is understood as system vulnerability: the Capacity of a system to be invaded by not authorized people that is the security of the system and to point possible imperfections of vulnerability of the system. Whereas cracker he uses knowledge the same technician of a Hacker to invade systems of companies to catch and to commercialize through a black market passwords and accounts you would bank and of orkut, social nets among others types of accounts of computadotr going until robbery of industrial secrets. There we have another question which the ethical limits of this activity?

The ethical limits of this activity practically do not exist therefore of certain form the knowledge technician for these activities can be ultilizado in such a way to protect companies and customers of attacks of criminals as well as to invade companies and to practise the most varied crime. Everything depends and turns around one alone person who will go to ultilizar these conheciementos the behavior of this person and oque will define the ethical limits of this activity. For it saw generality to cracker ultiliza of programs of computers and nor does not send virus of computers for capture of password of users of computers generally who develops this the computer viruses professional are known as programmers who are contratatados by other people as: groups of people or same a person who can make possesss personal account a virus of same computer or to appeal to a programmer of computers to develop virus of computer and to vender these viruses for these people whom not necessarily they need to have some conhecimeneto computer technician to distribute virus of computers through diverse forms it saw Internet.

Meeting Northeastern

Interesting way, we would like to detach that the vignette, elaborated for the block, mentions a commitment with our way. Of the etimolgico point of view, the substantive commitment was chosen as form to send the listener to, voluntarily, if to tie or to assume an obligation with the cause. The feminine voice, in turn, tends to send the image of the care. Ahead of this, the Surrounding block in Focus aims at to stand out the importance and the cares with the Environment being told, knowing and arguing some modifications that the man makes in the same and its consequences. Moreover, the same it stimulates the population to respect the legislation and to act of form to preserve and to conserve the environment, promoting attitudes in favor of the support of the way, over all those that the proper ones can have day-by-day in its. CONSULTED REFERENCES BRAZIL.

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