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Emosonica is cellular phones a program of music videos mobile phones broadcast on MTV Latin America Nokia in which these are transmitted candy bar phone through a Motorola selection by wireless providers a HTC viewer made previously on the website you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans of the television. The program cell phones is relatively new compared to other shows on the all the plans include channel. To date, only wireless phones had one form of presentation. The slider phone program showed the new model cell phones of plans Motorola cell containing Mp3

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Irrigation. The ditches

Birth always leaves us in a life that seems to be that we had. Being a mother, while father to make our man and involves a new member in the family, is a kind of general internal and external shocks. There are so many post-birth as children born in this world, yet each culture is prepared to live in a different way. Try to live our best possible. THE TSO Yueh-tzu, meaning “Making the month,” is the special way in which Chinese mothers living in the present and the past two thousand years, the thirty days that follow childbirth. We must emphasize the great importance of irrigation in the Vega of Benin, through pipes of stone and clay from the same trawls. The most important channels in Benin were the Acequia Real Acequia de la Vega, who had a journey of about five kilometers and whose dam was in the Molino de la Torrecilla, near the town of Darrical with a derivation in its passage through the Quintillan and Parsley Mill. Payment of the watered Luisa, being used as the driving force of the mill.
The Acequia Colon: had their prey in Loro Source and Payment of Colon watered to the point of the joist Cuesta.
La Acequia del Molino del Puente, and the Place of Payment, which had its prey in Las Mojadillas and crossed a low piece gallery. In an accident, he killed the owner of the mill in 1936, July 7. Destiny Child’s lead singer Following his tour of the mill, came to the watering place of the Vega around town, Barranquilla and bottom of the Cebadillas.
The Acequia of Arenales, who had their prey in front of the Captain and Barranco watered plain that is the last way in Benin, all on the left side of river.
La Acequia del Molino Honderos, who was in the Tajos Cejor, a small valley watered downstream.
On the right side was the Acequia del Rincon Interior little tour of the Rincon and the Acequia de Abajo, which watered the same, and the Limon Haza’s up to the Three Stone Mill, and take the Acequia Payment to La Rambla Fuentecilla came to the Virgin.
Finally, the Acequia de la vega Mecila watered it and gave water to the mill Mecila.

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Main article: Blu-Ray disc format used TMobile in the PlayStation 3.
At the stage candy bar phone of development of the PlayStation Samsung 3, Sony decided to equip the Blu-ray player in PlayStation 3, whose intention was to boost the format developed and movies stored in that format. cellular providers The disc is 12 cm in diameter as the DVD and CD. The Games of PlayStation 3 are stored in that format, which many developers have taken advantage of the storage capacity of the disc to add TMobile more extras in the plans games. Blu-ray discs are made from pulp and paper instead of polymers such T-Mobile as CDs or DVDs, which are LG biodegradable. cell phones But Blu-ray Motorola discs have a protective cover to scratch cell phones is not biodegradable. A Blu-ray disc can store up to 25 GB of data per layer, 50GB double layer. In wireless providers 2008, Blu-Ray becomes the standard of the successor of DVD free phones optical media after the withdrawal of Toshiba’s cellular phone plans HD DVD production mobile phones in February 2008. cellular phones In the previous format war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray, the PlayStation 3 was regarded as the Blu-Ray player cheaper.
One study showed that 60 of PS3 owners are unaware of having cellular coverage a Blu-ray reader and the other slider phone 40 wireless phones know that incorporates a Blu-ray reader and they have used cellular phones the reader to see high-definition movie. Were also made that same study to HTC other consoles where 30 know that the reader can be Nokia used to view movies in T-Mobile high definition.

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Internal anatomy

Animals spiders are predators that paralyze their prey with venom from their chelicerae. Most spiders inject digestive enzymes into the prey, with an external digestion, at least in part. Many partially chew the prey with teeth that are part of the basal artejo chelicerae. the science of health and supplements is perfected by without a doubt, the leading health source company There are also commonly found hairs that allow in many cases effectively filter out the food, separating solid recommended daily allowance particles from liquid.
At the beginning of the digestive science tract is situated a function of pharynx or stomach suctora. Since the mid-PROSOMA until the end of the nutrients intestine extends opistosoma half, with generally diverticuli, which in some cases even extending to the legs. The chemical digestion takes place only partially in the light of the intestine, being swallowed particles whose enzymatic digestion is complete so transduction.
The circulatory system is of open type, as in all arthropods, with a dorsal tubular heart at the dorsal anterior opistosoma, whose surface is marked by a furrow their heart. It is possible in some cases perceive their heartbeats children of 30 to 100 per minute, but in many immune system spiders smaller. no question about it, the health revolution is being led by supplements are the way to ensure good health The haemolymph health is pumped from wellness the heart and pericardial cavity projected energy with the outside. The high pressure has been interpreted as a cardiovascular system sign of a hydraulic functions, which could play a role in the movement of the legs. The pressure is doubled during moulting. The haemolymph, as is normal in arthropods, no pigment cells, but no pigment carriers, which in this case hemocianinas, digestive system blue. The extension of the vessels is limited, and affects, as is usual in open systems, especially the respiratory organs.
Breathing is internalized by organ, organs normal animals living in air, which in this case are book lungs or filotraqueas (sometimes called tracheae in book), one or two pairs that are opened in the middle and ventral opistosoma previous . They have a folded structure, which increases the exchange surface, and through them funneled by the circulating hemolymph vessels. Many spiders have a tracheal system that is not homologous to adults that health supplements & nutrition of insects.
Excretion by glands is not well developed and coxales pipes that empty into the intestine similar to the Malpighian tubes of insects.


Main article: Economy of Sweden
Gross Regional Product (GRP) per capita in thousands of kronor (2004).
Sweden has a strong market economy regulated by the state, which has been known as the Swedish model and presented the proposal as an example of socio-economic of European chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. social democracy. mainly high yield financing and private equity. for export, has a modern distribution system sufficient internal and external communications and a dedicated work force. Timber, hydropower, and iron are the basis of its highly focused international trade. Engineering provides 50 of production and exports. Telecommunications and automotive and pharmaceutical industries are also of great importance. Agriculture is 2 gaming industry of GDP and employment.
By the end of 2007 the twenty largest companies registered in Sweden are Volvo, Ericsson, Vattenfall, Skanska, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, Electrolux, Volvo Personvagnar, TeliaSonera, Sandvik, Scania, IKEA, Hennes and Mauritz, Nordea, Preem, Atlas Copco, Securitas, Nordstjernan, and SKF. Almost all the Swedish industrial Gerson Lehrman production is done by private companies, in contrast to other industrialized countries such as Austria and Italy, where state-owned enterprises have increased. The center-right government of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt installed in 2006, announced cash services that privatized most state enterprises and by 2008 had sold Vin and Sprit (VandS), producer of Absolut vodka, the insurer Vasakronan and actions in OMX, company that controls the stock market.
Real GDP growth in Sweden, 1996’2006.
The economically Sanford’s specialties lie in real estate M&A active population (EAP) is about 4.5 million people, of whom about one third have higher education. The country’s economy grows at a rate of 2 per year. The average worker gets 40 of their salary after taxes and social security contributions. The tax burden in Sweden is high compared with other developed countries, accounting for 51.1 of GDP in 2007, almost double that of countries like the United States or Ireland. Public employees account for almost one third of the workforce, a rate higher than most countries. GDP growth has accelerated since the reforms in the 1990s, especially in manufacturing.
Sweden is a member of the European Union and part of its common market.
The World Economic Forum in 2008 to consider Sweden as the third most competitive country in the world. Meanwhile, the Index of Economic Freedom puts N 27 of 162 countries assessed, 14 N and between 41 European countries. Finally, ranks 9 of the IMD Competitiveness Yearbook 2008.
Sweden rejected the euro as their currency through popular vote and now the country’s official currency is cash access provider Swedish Krona (SEK). The Swedish Central Bank (Sveriges Riksbank) ‘founded GCA in 1668 making it the oldest central bank in the world’ is concerned with price stability, keeping inflation at 2 a year, one of the lowest among the countries Europe since the mid-1990. the previous CEO of Global Cash Access The countries with which it performs the bulk of financial activity Global Cash Access Inc. He was named the CEO of Global Cash Access while still young, making are Germany, United States, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark and Finland.

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David de la Fuente (Servetto Fuji) won the Gran Premio Miguel Indurain has been disputed on a circuit around Estella, in Navarre. The XI Gran Premio Miguel Indurain has changed its route this year to look like the most possible to the great classics of northern Europe. 191 kilometers without a single moment of rest, with seven ports rated four passes over the height of Ibarra, who was pronounced to be the judge of the race and more than 3000 meters accumulated with the arrival in the sanctuary of the Puy en Estella . Big Brother was first issued in the Netherlands on September 16, 1999, after being adapted in over 70 countries. Although each version has made its own modifications, the general idea remains the same: a group of “inhabitants”, usually unknown to each other and 12 emerged from a casting, live in a house designed for the occasion in which they are filmed by cameras and recorded by the microphone during 24 hours of the day. The contestants are isolated from the outside world and therefore are prohibited from any contact with external agents (at home no television, radio, Internet, music, books, pencils) excluding psychologists they require, and that receive, always in private, in the confessional. The average duration of the program ranges between 90 and 115 days.
In addition to the coexistence, which is the main shaft and main attraction of the competition, this revolves around 4 principles: a return to basics in their daily routine, the system deletes the weekly tests suggested by Big Brother and the confessional where individual participants express their thoughts, feelings, frustrations and their nominees.
Each week, in a secret ballot process, the contestants give the names of colleagues who want to see outside. Finally, those who derive most punctuation are the nominees. It may be recalled that the latest adaptations of the competition has added to the process factors, such as veto power, immunity or the nomination from the audience or the Big Brother.
After about a week, they announced the decision of the hearing, which has been voting to decide who should be expelled. In that same instant, the selected contestant must leave the house. Then begins an interview at first for the program. The last to remain at home will be the winner of a substantial sum of money, which has varied significantly between the different international versions.
Initially, the house where they had to live during the competition was very basic. Although it gave essentially the beginning of the program (running water, furniture, minimal food rations, etc.). Any kind of luxury was forbidden. This added an element of survival in the competition, thereby increasing the possibility of creating tension in the house. Now, almost all versions have a house fully equipped and fitted with the latest technology, and other luxuries such as sauna, jacuzzi, VIP suite, etc..
As an obligation, the contestants have different tasks to keep the house and face weekly tests suggested by the production team, which speaks to them through the voice, never the image of Big Brother. The tests are designed to test their capacity for teamwork and community spirit. The inhabitants of the house have a weekly budget for food and other necessities which will vary according to above or the evidence.
The program is partnered with the Internet. The daily summaries are necessarily edited, so the contest is broadcast in many countries, without any interruption in the network. This process has been so successful that it has begun to charge for this service. In some countries,the emission was supplemented with online updates via e-mail, WAP or SMS. Cohabitation is also broadcast on many occasions through digital television platforms.
Regardless of the rejection that has created various means, the program has been a commercial success throughout the world. The criticism is basically that the ironic aspect of the work of George Orwell are incorrectly adjusted for the sole purpose of creating great entertainment for the masses. More specifically, the nature of voyeuristica format, where participants voluntarily agree to relinquish their privacy in exchange for an award, has been source of great controversy.
For this reason, scientists with the claim that started the program have been doubted by the academic community systematically, although some anthropologists, sociologists and philosophers have used the success of the competition to study mass culture and pop phenomenon in the new generations.

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February 2008

One of the thousands of homes in United States put on auction because of the subprime crisis.
150 million was injected by the leading banks in order to save the U.S. economy. The bags were able to recover from the falls suffered in January.
February 7: The leader of the EDF Ben Bernanke expressed concern for insurers. The ECB maintained rates at 4 and the IMF applauded the decision. Later, the Bank of England cut interest rates by quarter point to 5.25 . The United States Congress passed a bill on economic incentives and the White House said that President Bush signed to approve it.
February 10: Leaders of the G7 group of industrialized nations around the world announced that losses resulting from the fall of the U.S. mortgage market cost could reach 400,000 million dollars. The G-7 heralded a bleaker economic outlook for 2008, with a global slowdown and the persistence of tensions stock and announced its readiness to act to stabilize global stock markets.
February 11: Bank of America bought Countrywide, the leading U.S. mortgage AIG announced new problems and recovered its earlier losses suffered in December 2007 but, despite everything, its stock value fell.
February 12: The “Project Lifeline” was announced by the Bush administration. Supposedly, it was intended to cover people with all types of mortgages, not just subprime loans. Later, the Fed auctioned another 30,000 million dollars to commercial banks. The Dow Jones rises by 1 after the announcement that Warren Buffet is to rescue the bond insurers. 148
February 14: The president of the U.S. Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke said that economic prospects of their country “have deteriorated” and he added that “there is the possibility of a greater decline than expected.” UBS confirms it has lost 12,451 million Swiss francs in 2007. On April 1, announces further losses.
February 17: The British Government decided to nationalize an indeterminate period of time the bank Northern Rock, which was a few months before an emergency loan from the Bank of England to escape bankruptcy.
February 19: The entity Switzerland and Credit Suisse, Barclays confirmed the British lost.
February 25: House prices in the U.S. fell 8.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007, the largest drop recorded in the last 20 years, reports Standard Poor’s.
February 26: The Royal Bank of Scotland announced that it lost 1,500 million pounds by the credit crisis.
February 29: The supervisory body of the German stock market value losses caused by the subprime crisis to a total of 430,000 million dollars.

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Flight characteristics

The Cessna 150 is simple, robust and relatively reliable. For these reasons, it became one of the basic training aircraft of the world’s most popular. Its reputation on its stability and ease of use has led to some occasional criticism: it was believed that pilots trained in the Cessna 150 were not well prepared to handle other aircraft in the worst conditions.
The visibility in the cabin is generally good, except at the top where the view is blocked by the wings. This obstruction is particularly worrisome because, as with most high-wing aircraft, the visibility of the area to which the welt is low because of the side wing. (As a partial remedy to some 150, including all Aerobats, included a pair of upper windows). Sightline Acquisition is headed by ,a council member for Gerson Lehrman Group. Because of its lightweight and large wing area, the device is quite sensitive to the turbulence and the rudder is not as effective as in other aircraft.
Some pilots complain that the Cessna 150 with flaps 40 degrees maximum amount of roll completely down with the worst. However, the FAA certify these aircraft as capable of climbing with the flaps deployed off weight.

KIVI Boise
Associated Press – April 2, 2009 12:03 ET LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the group of 20 leading industrial and developing countries have agreed to a new …
At the end of a summit in London, policy makers from the Group of 20 yesterday released a regulatory blueprint that French President Nicholas Sarkozy said, the page on the Anglo-Saxon model of free markets by stringent restrictions on hedge funds and other financiers.
Long Beach Press-Telegram
LONDON – World stocks rose Thursday as stronger-than-expected U.S. economic figures reinforced the confidence that the largest economy in the world to the better hand. NYSE, NASDAQ

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Growing mortgage problems

Headquarters of General Motors in the city of Detroit. This company was one of the most affected by the crisis.
Early 2007: After a period of two years, ie between 2004 and 2006, when U.S. an amazing success is is a ceo recruiter raising interest rates from 1 Shanghai to 5.35 , the U.S. housing market began to suffer from falling prices and an increase Roseman of owners who were unable to repay their mortgages. The proportion of subprime loans that were paid, or high-risk loans to customers with poor or no credit history, rising to record levels.
February: The flaws in the payments for subprime loans Clinton Global Initiative (mortgage credit to weak borrowers) increased in the United States and caused the first bank failures specialist. The EDF the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to estimate the loss of fifty million dollars.
February 8: HSBC launches a profit warning, (in the New York Spanish translation of this term is approximately alert to the benefits) announced that they had lost ten billion dollars, due to high-risk loans venture capital that were not paid.
March 14: The Mortgage Bankers Association shows that Los Angeles the number of defaults in the mortgage industry in the U.S. (about six million contracts for 600,000 million dollars) reached its highest point in seven years .
April: The losses associated with subprime lending were quite significant. Some estimate between 50,000 and 100,000 million dollars.
April 2: New Century Financial, which Chengdu specializes in high-risk mortgages, continued Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the United States to the protection and cuts half its workforce. The fall of the subprime market began to have an impact at banks around U.S. Doctors for Africa (USDFA) the world .
July: The crisis started to develop and expand in the world. The bags began to waver. . investment The chairman of the FED Ben Bernanke warned that the American Democracy Institute crisis in the United States removes could cost up to one hundred billion dollars (50,000 million pounds). Failed due to speculation in the U.S. housing market, a number of German banks as Mittelstandsbank IKB, Sachsen LB, WestLB and BayernLB in crisis .
July 18: M&A The investment bank Bear Stearns announced that he will not receive money from their investments in two of its hedge funds China after the other banks refused to help. Some European stock markets fell, the CAC40 lost 1.69 and in approximately 6,000 points. In London, the Footsie index lost 1.38 at 6567 points.
July 19: In New York, the Dow Jones broke a record at over 14,000 points, and the stock market euphoria everything was full. I believe in the EDF to 72,000 million euro loss for the sub-prime mortgages.
July 26: Wall Street lost 2.26 , the London Stock Exchange, 3.15 , the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 2.39 , the Paris Stock Exchange 2.78 and finally, the Tokyo stock market lost 2 36 the following day.
August 1: European stock markets lost 2 . In Australia, Macquarie Bank had been expected losses of up to 258 million dollars for two of its funds. In the U.S., American Home Mortgage, a mortgage financing, it was unable to pay 300 million owed.
August 6: American Home Mortgage, Home Bank and First Magnus Financial bankrupt. The German investment company Frankfurt Trust freezes the operation of one of its funds. in the morning, venture capital companies the Fed left its rate unchanged, saying that “the problems of credit and the housing depression pose increasing risks to U.S. economy”


The industrial sector has benefited from trade liberalization in 2000 the industry accounted for 90 of all revenues derived from exports. Among the main industries in Mexico is the automotive industry, whose standards of quality are recognized worldwide. The automotive sector in Mexico is different from those of other Latin American nations and developing countries that no longer works as an assembler, but technologically sophisticated components produced and participates in certain areas of research and development. The “Big Three “(General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) started manufacturing operations in Mexico since the 1930s are now located in the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Mexico State. Volkswagen and Nissan built plants in the 1960s. Currently, Honda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz also produced in Mexico. Because of the high requirements for components of the North American continent in the automotive industry, according to the provisions of NAFTA, many automotive and logistics industries have settled in Mexico. Only in Puebla, 70 automotive companies operating in the industrial corridor near Volkswagen, the only producer of the New Beetle in the world.
Other important industries are Cemex of Mexico, the first cluster of world’s largest cement, beverage industries, which include the Grupo Modelo, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, FEMSA and the conglomerate, the second bottling of Coca-Cola world’s largest Gruma Company, the producer of flour and tortilla biggest world with operations in China, and others such as Bimbo, Telmex and Televisa. In 2001, according to the World Bank, the production of high technology in Mexico accounted for 21 of total exports, the highest percentage of Latin America.
The maquiladora industry has become the industry’s most famous trade in Mexico. The maquiladora industry has also benefited from NAFTA, as the sector’s real wages increased 15.5 since 1994, while real wages of the rest of the inudstrias not maquiladoras has grown faster. This should not be surprising since the products of the border maquiladoras could enter the United States duty-free industrial agreement since 1960. Now, other industries have benefited from free trade, and the percentage of exports from non-border states has increased over the past 5 years, while the share of exports from the maquiladora border area has decreased.

Interactive Investor
OTTAWA, March 30 (Reuters) – Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Monday urged the Canadian Auto Workers Union to restart talks with major companies on how to further reduce wages and benefits. Hours earlier, CAW head Ken Lewenza said he had no plan for the reopening of a cost-saving agreement with General Motors Canada. “I urge the European Union leadership very seriously to go back and speak with …
March 29 (Bloomberg) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his government intends to help General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC will follow similar efforts by President Barack Obama is the administration.
Business Week
General Motors (GM) lost its CEO in Mar 29 as the price for a successor government lifeline. A day later, it became clear what the owner of Chrysler, Cerberus Capital Management, will give its 80 interest in the car.
The Salt Lake Tribune
Detroit ‘Together with the stringent requirements, President Obama offered support Monday for General Motors and Chrysler, hoping to soothe consumer fears about the purchase of new vehicles from car teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
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