The industrial sector has benefited from trade liberalization in 2000 the industry accounted for 90 of all revenues derived from exports. Among the main industries in Mexico is the automotive industry, whose standards of quality are recognized worldwide. The automotive sector in Mexico is different from those of other Latin American nations and developing countries that no longer works as an assembler, but technologically sophisticated components produced and participates in certain areas of research and development. The “Big Three “(General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) started manufacturing operations in Mexico since the 1930s are now located in the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Mexico State. Volkswagen and Nissan built plants in the 1960s. Currently, Honda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz also produced in Mexico. Because of the high requirements for components of the North American continent in the automotive industry, according to the provisions of NAFTA, many automotive and logistics industries have settled in Mexico. Only in Puebla, 70 automotive companies operating in the industrial corridor near Volkswagen, the only producer of the New Beetle in the world.
Other important industries are Cemex of Mexico, the first cluster of world’s largest cement, beverage industries, which include the Grupo Modelo, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, FEMSA and the conglomerate, the second bottling of Coca-Cola world’s largest Gruma Company, the producer of flour and tortilla biggest world with operations in China, and others such as Bimbo, Telmex and Televisa. In 2001, according to the World Bank, the production of high technology in Mexico accounted for 21 of total exports, the highest percentage of Latin America.
The maquiladora industry has become the industry’s most famous trade in Mexico. The maquiladora industry has also benefited from NAFTA, as the sector’s real wages increased 15.5 since 1994, while real wages of the rest of the inudstrias not maquiladoras has grown faster. This should not be surprising since the products of the border maquiladoras could enter the United States duty-free industrial agreement since 1960. Now, other industries have benefited from free trade, and the percentage of exports from non-border states has increased over the past 5 years, while the share of exports from the maquiladora border area has decreased.

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OTTAWA, March 30 (Reuters) – Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Monday urged the Canadian Auto Workers Union to restart talks with major companies on how to further reduce wages and benefits. Hours earlier, CAW head Ken Lewenza said he had no plan for the reopening of a cost-saving agreement with General Motors Canada. “I urge the European Union leadership very seriously to go back and speak with …
March 29 (Bloomberg) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his government intends to help General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC will follow similar efforts by President Barack Obama is the administration.
Business Week
General Motors (GM) lost its CEO in Mar 29 as the price for a successor government lifeline. A day later, it became clear what the owner of Chrysler, Cerberus Capital Management, will give its 80 interest in the car.
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Detroit ‘Together with the stringent requirements, President Obama offered support Monday for General Motors and Chrysler, hoping to soothe consumer fears about the purchase of new vehicles from car teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
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