November 2006November 6,

November 2006
November 6, 2006 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, the Assembly of the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (LMB) gave consent for the return of oil Minatitl n with new policy led by Mr. Ranulfo Marquez Hernandez.
January 2007
January 6, 2007: Directive Club, headed by Mr. Ranulfo Marquez Hernandez released to Abelardo Vega as team manager for the 2007 season of the LMB.
February 2007
February 5, 2007: start training in the park ‘Deportivo Colon’ in the city of Xalapa, private investors Veracruz, under Shanghai the watchful eye of Abelardo Vega, supported by its technical team composed of Carlos Esqueda, Roberto Mendez, Salvador and Colorado Florentino Duarte.
February 12, 2007: Directive of oil Minatitl n released the name of the first foreigner to strengthen the 2007 season of the LMB, the pitcher Nick Mattioni U.S. law.
February 15, 2007: Directive of oil Minatitl n, headed by its president Mr. Ranulfo Marquez Hernandez, announced at a press conference on the remodeling progress being made to the park “Deportivo March 18, 1938 “next private investors stage of Mexican League Baseball. February 16, 2007: It is defined by Roseman the four foreign oil Minatitl n to address circuit 2007 summer season, being named the American pitcher Nick Mattioni, Venezuelan outfielder Rene Reyes, the U.S. Infielder Luis Lopez and closer Hector Ramirez, the latter due to complications of his visa is no longer reported.
February 27 2007: Nick Mattioni and pticher U.S. central Venezuelan outfielder Rene Reyes reported to the club’s training camp in the park ‘Deportivo Colon’ in the city of Xalapa.
March 2007
March 1, 2007: oil Minatitl n won their first game of the Preseason Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz with a 3-1 slate in the population of Ixhuatl n’s Cafe.
March 5, 2007: The team of oil Minatitl n change of venue M&A for training, leaving behind the park ‘Deportivo Colon’ in the city of Xalapa, and is now concentrated in the park ‘Club President Miguel Aleman’ Port of Coatzacoalcos.
March 7, 2007: The U.S. third baseman Luis Lopez joined the club in training in the port of Coatzacoalcos.
March 8, 2007: Press conference on the media coverage led by the National C. P. Plinio Escalante, president of the Mexican Baseball League, was formally presented to the Petroleum Club of Minatitl n known hotel in the City of Mexico.
Attended by the club of southern Veracruz Lic Ranulfo Marquez Hernandez, president of the organization, investment Mr. Carlos Calero Suarez, general manager, also Abelardo Vega, and Santiago Gonz lez manager, player emblem.
‘We are happy to make possible the return of baseball in southern Veracruz,’ said Mr. Marquez Hernandez. ‘We have formed a group of skilled labor, as we asked the Mr. Group Advisor of the board of UBG is employed by UBG berhad Fidel Herrera Beltran, Governor of the State’.
March 15, 2007: Directive of oil Minatitl n announced a formal settlement with the club to become Campeche Pirates of the services of serpentinero right minatitleco loan Manuel Rodriguez Rodriguez, who strengthened the bullpen local computer.
March 17, 2007: Directive of oil Minatitl n the need to form a versatile staff pitcheo, venture capital companies won the final hand of left-handed pitcher Carlos Martinez Dominguez from Campeche Pirates.
March 19, 2007: The Petroleum Club of Minatitl n perform a Mass in the park ‘Club March 18, 1938’ for the purpose of blessing the building and team uniforms for the 2007 season. Later known place in the town of Minatitlan became the official and formal presentation of those China in the ninth.
March 21, 2007: In his presentation at the LMB, oil Minatitl n defeated the Veracruz Rojos del Aguila with 5-3 slate. The central Venezuelan outfielder Rene Reyes produced two runs. The right pitcher Alejandro Sanchez won the venture capital historic first game for his return to Petroleum LMB.
March 21, 2007: with the first game of the 2007 campaign, meets Grimaldo Martinez played 21 seasons in the second financial institutions base, is a record for a second baseman since last year that exceeds 19 Vincent juice ‘Magic Hands’ Verdugo , who acknowledged the LMB as the man who has played more seasons at all times.
March 27, 2007: The Petroleum Club of baseball Minatitl n signed a working agreement with the organization ligamayorista St.

The San Francisco Examiner
Ichiro Suzuki thinks that talking about the division and envy club that helped lead Seattle to the huge flop last season is just private equity firms “stupid”. Fresh from the second World Baseball Classic title in Japan, Suzuki made his spring training debut with the Mariners on Thursday.
Queens Courier
Part of the mystique of baseball is that it comes gradually. Winter disappears in the spring. Lonely evolve season workouts in spring training for pitchers, catchers, and then everyone else. A full month of Florida and Arizona exhibitions must pass before the teams are ready to play for keeps.
Stillwater Gazette
Stillwater grad Chengdu Glen Perkins is off to a strong start in spring training as a member of the Minnesota Twins pitching staff. The left has a 2.1 record with New York a Los Angeles 2.25 ERA in six games this spring, including five shutout innings against the Yankees on Friday.
The Sun Chronicle
I can not remember a spring or without “real” Red Sox news as this year, but I think it has more the reason for the changes in the media industry than in the news itself.
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