Monthly Archive: June 2015

Technology Management

The technology management should conduct research, develop technologies, implement and provide services using techniques that ensure optimum productivity, and quality. It must also ensure that one has qualified personnel, which operates under a continuous improvement approach to quality, productivity and excellence in their commitment to people, clients and institutions with which it interacts. Consider, that the technologies of organizational change management and technology migration, have become increasingly more essential to help people to make transit systems dying to being born. The significant difference will be in favor of those who develop the ability to incorporate opportunities for their organizations, the skills required to manage productively advanced technological resources already available and will continue globally. Definitely, the issue of technology management is oriented as research, innovation, development and technological upgrading, aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness of business. The importance of technology management lies not only in maintaining the resources of companies, but the impact and benefits that may have on the business class and the business sector as it develops a purpose to improve the quality and competitiveness of services to users and provide the agency an area that serves as support for the development of its internal environment of the utmost importance to the survival of the company, and vocational training to achieve productive work.

Are currently carrying out processes that require changes in the traditional way of doing things in business do things that if at some point they thought they were never made before. It is necessary to impose new rules on each of the markets where it operates so that they can promote the “new crop.” Everything involves risk, but as stated in the golden rule of investment “to greater risk, higher performance” (Cesar Tinoco, Financial Analyst), to equal the pioneers and those who are always on the limit of their abilities, it is necessary to take risks a little more, we must go forward with ideas and actions that have never before been tested. It is necessary that businesses, especially SMEs, the sector in determining a country’s business operation, consider that preference should be given to both the technology and the human factor, a key determinant to compete and adapt to changes.

Human Resources

You will never be absolutely and totally ready or ultimately preparation. In most cases, just started, so build your courage and take the plunge! Commitment. Once you have decided to do, engage in carrying out the task. It’s a good idea to get your feet wet by completing the smaller steps of action related to the task in order to “test the waters” without spending all your effort and energy at a time. In any case, start small and see what works.

Course corrections when necessary, and remain focused and committed to completing the task, to overcome the main challenge or maximizing the opportunity. Conviction. Cultivating a passion and zeal for the task. No doubt or waver in their faith and confidence that you can succeed. Sure, they make mistakes and encounter problems along the way, but must be satisfied and have complete assurance that you can jump over these obstacles to achieve the objective. Every day, you embark on a journey into the unknown and experience what appears to be a life lived in 24 hours. Do not be afraid to get your feet wet. His first efforts may not be perfect, but you have to start somewhere. Use the wisdom gained from his experience to strengthen their character and competence, and prepare for future trips.