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Pro-Active Professionals

It requires proactive professionals, visionaries, highly trained, properly motivated to use their creative and innovative. True entrepreneurs that lead to creating a favorable organizational behavior for the company. The current reality in the Venezuelan case shows a turbulent scenario, requiring a willingness of the employees of the company that enable them to perform tasks which can meet the challenges that have been generated and give way to changes that ensure active participation of companies towards its development. It needs a new executive secretary, better adapted to the needs of the requirements of this, secretaries with another organizational culture, with greater vision sense of belonging, trained according to the requirements of language, this organizational communication. Changes that have been generated Restructuring organizations for their operation, a new architecture for addressing structural challenges, make way for the transformations that lead to productivity, interoperability, ensuring profits, market shares, growth, proactive management Leadership democratic, motivator, capable of develop strategic plans, action to enable the company to participate effectively in the current scenarios, to be competitive, win and remain in the markets, face the challenges, risks and uncertainties. Recently Alina de Almeida sought to clarify these questions. New technology to ensure competitiveness, innovation, product development, quality and productivity costs. Most qualified professionals according to the functions to develop professionals with well-defined sense of belonging, innovative, creative collaborators, responsible, productive. New openings, product of a policy of more open trade, which has led to alliances, agreements that favor the country, companies in their participation and integration with government economic programs.

New knowledge, skills, skills of administrative functions according to the competitive demands of this, knowledge have given way to new forms of training, learning more dynamic, more positive in terms of performance. Secretary This executive According to the above, this has led to that management counts in the present with an executive secretary efficient, able to get into their programs, plans, provide all those actions that promote their working relationships, spaces to provide the tools that will encourage the management. The executive secretary of this needs to be a professional with vision, dynamic, ready to perform her duties with the support of all the knowledge necessary to facilitate your exercise, properly handle the terms, scope of modern management topics, negotiating human relationships, knowledge of himself, optimistic, pleasant personality, presentable, good conduct, values, ethics, behavior that generates a positive organizational climate in their exercise, knowledge of languages, especially English, the basic aspects of computer technology tools. Being a secretary with the knowledge and application of basic tools personal growth to ensure conflict management, in passing to an organizational climate where his role is very positive for the performance of the functions of management. A secretary is needed where management put your trust, we assist in minimizing problems with the help of his comments, involvement in anything that benefits the manager’s performance. A secretary tolerant of uncertainty that move business. With ability to create, innovate and implement business with global vision of the firm, assertive and high self-esteem. To know how to plan your time and your boss, prepare and process the information appropriately, agree, accept and respond to visitors, preparing presentations for products or services, organize business trips, among other functions of modern management firm conclusions should be hired a secretary having all those features that work together to play their role effectively, well-trained secretaries, creative, able to contribute their knowledge skills that will help achieve a positive organizational climate conducive to his assistant fully identifies with their roles, responsibilities.

Japanese Management

Every company must be efficient, productive, must face the challenges, changes occur in the scenarios in which they operate, operate, which the management must know how to use properly all the administrative skills to work with the achievement of this objective, and ensure competitiveness of the enterprise Some of these significant contributions is that we lay the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, where McKinsey proposes a scheme to get companies to be effective, called the Model of the “Seven S”, which guides organizations in their daily work, with reference to seven factors, which must be treated equally within an organization. It is a true checklist for successfully putting into practice the strategy of the company.

Notes through seven words beginning with “that” the vital factors to consider and act in an integrated manner. The most outstanding feature of this model is that it has been widely used in various prestigious companies and schools administration, such as Harvard and Stanford. That is, a potent combination of theory and practice. Jorge Leon Rodriguez reminds us that the “Seven S” of the organizational structure were first mentioned in “The Art of Japanese Management” by Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos in 1981. These authors have been investigating how Japanese industry had managed to be so successful. About the same time, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman were exploring what makes a great company. Model “Seven S” was born of a meeting of the four authors in 1978. Also appears in the book “In Search of Excellence” by Peters and Waterman, and was taken as a basic tool for the global consulting firm McKinsey.

Technology Management

The technology management should conduct research, develop technologies, implement and provide services using techniques that ensure optimum productivity, and quality. It must also ensure that one has qualified personnel, which operates under a continuous improvement approach to quality, productivity and excellence in their commitment to people, clients and institutions with which it interacts. Consider, that the technologies of organizational change management and technology migration, have become increasingly more essential to help people to make transit systems dying to being born. The significant difference will be in favor of those who develop the ability to incorporate opportunities for their organizations, the skills required to manage productively advanced technological resources already available and will continue globally. Definitely, the issue of technology management is oriented as research, innovation, development and technological upgrading, aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness of business. The importance of technology management lies not only in maintaining the resources of companies, but the impact and benefits that may have on the business class and the business sector as it develops a purpose to improve the quality and competitiveness of services to users and provide the agency an area that serves as support for the development of its internal environment of the utmost importance to the survival of the company, and vocational training to achieve productive work.

Are currently carrying out processes that require changes in the traditional way of doing things in business do things that if at some point they thought they were never made before. It is necessary to impose new rules on each of the markets where it operates so that they can promote the “new crop.” Everything involves risk, but as stated in the golden rule of investment “to greater risk, higher performance” (Cesar Tinoco, Financial Analyst), to equal the pioneers and those who are always on the limit of their abilities, it is necessary to take risks a little more, we must go forward with ideas and actions that have never before been tested. It is necessary that businesses, especially SMEs, the sector in determining a country’s business operation, consider that preference should be given to both the technology and the human factor, a key determinant to compete and adapt to changes.

Integral Tango

Isdec has decided to offer new courses of Tango management in Mendoza, which is excellent news for all those who are involved in the management of enterprises, or wish to be. The Tango is a powerful software that allows you to comprehensively manage all the aspects that make the management of the company, be it large or small. Practically, its use is approved by the majority of Argentine companies. For this reason, who aspire to obtain an administrative position must, necessarily, know to handle any of Tango management modules. Tango management is an intuitive program, i.e. is friendly to your users. However, it has a lot of functions that need to know how to operate to take advantage of this application.

With the use of the Tango management it is possible to deal integrally with the management of a company, from all its aspects. Either stock control, handling of accounting nuances, cash flow, wages, liquidation of the VAT, or control fees, everything can be managed through the different features offered by this program, to name a few of them. One of the biggest Tango management advantages is the possibility of being able to parameterize or customize the final application. So, the program is extremely versatile and can adapt to the timely need for each company. It is logical to think that need for management of a manufacturing enterprise is not the same that another who engages in the sale to the retail.

Will be other expenses, other providers, and other accounting needs. However the management Tango has the possibility of leaving fully satisfied with both users. Once you learn to apply the management Tango, the user will find an unconditional ally that will give you all the necessary tools to manage their data in a reliable way, always with a copy of back up and a proper salvaguardo of critical information. Those who have worked with management systems know the importance that databases have for the solidity and coherence of the work. With the Tango management system this problem is definitely solved. In addition information is crisscross, so it is very easy to get the necessary synthesis for the specific task that has faced. Therefore, it is essential to make some Tango management courses in Mendoza, taking advantage of an operator of excellence as Isdec puts them so close to us.