Pro-Active Professionals

It requires proactive professionals, visionaries, highly trained, properly motivated to use their creative and innovative. True entrepreneurs that lead to creating a favorable organizational behavior for the company. The current reality in the Venezuelan case shows a turbulent scenario, requiring a willingness of the employees of the company that enable them to perform tasks which can meet the challenges that have been generated and give way to changes that ensure active participation of companies towards its development. It needs a new executive secretary, better adapted to the needs of the requirements of this, secretaries with another organizational culture, with greater vision sense of belonging, trained according to the requirements of language, this organizational communication. Changes that have been generated Restructuring organizations for their operation, a new architecture for addressing structural challenges, make way for the transformations that lead to productivity, interoperability, ensuring profits, market shares, growth, proactive management Leadership democratic, motivator, capable of develop strategic plans, action to enable the company to participate effectively in the current scenarios, to be competitive, win and remain in the markets, face the challenges, risks and uncertainties. Recently Alina de Almeida sought to clarify these questions. New technology to ensure competitiveness, innovation, product development, quality and productivity costs. Most qualified professionals according to the functions to develop professionals with well-defined sense of belonging, innovative, creative collaborators, responsible, productive. New openings, product of a policy of more open trade, which has led to alliances, agreements that favor the country, companies in their participation and integration with government economic programs.

New knowledge, skills, skills of administrative functions according to the competitive demands of this, knowledge have given way to new forms of training, learning more dynamic, more positive in terms of performance. Secretary This executive According to the above, this has led to that management counts in the present with an executive secretary efficient, able to get into their programs, plans, provide all those actions that promote their working relationships, spaces to provide the tools that will encourage the management. The executive secretary of this needs to be a professional with vision, dynamic, ready to perform her duties with the support of all the knowledge necessary to facilitate your exercise, properly handle the terms, scope of modern management topics, negotiating human relationships, knowledge of himself, optimistic, pleasant personality, presentable, good conduct, values, ethics, behavior that generates a positive organizational climate in their exercise, knowledge of languages, especially English, the basic aspects of computer technology tools. Being a secretary with the knowledge and application of basic tools personal growth to ensure conflict management, in passing to an organizational climate where his role is very positive for the performance of the functions of management. A secretary is needed where management put your trust, we assist in minimizing problems with the help of his comments, involvement in anything that benefits the manager’s performance. A secretary tolerant of uncertainty that move business. With ability to create, innovate and implement business with global vision of the firm, assertive and high self-esteem. To know how to plan your time and your boss, prepare and process the information appropriately, agree, accept and respond to visitors, preparing presentations for products or services, organize business trips, among other functions of modern management firm conclusions should be hired a secretary having all those features that work together to play their role effectively, well-trained secretaries, creative, able to contribute their knowledge skills that will help achieve a positive organizational climate conducive to his assistant fully identifies with their roles, responsibilities.