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Elementary Electronic Solfeggio

At the initial stage of musical training, the students and their parents often have problems with ear training. This is due to imperfections in methods of teaching the discipline. Solfeggio is a very important part of fully master any musical instrument. If a child does not work out a correct idea of the first ear training lessons in music school, then I can assure you that in future it may become an obstacle for studies, especially when playing the instrument. Get all the facts and insights with Professor of Internet Governance, another great source of information. You can not blame the difficulty of comprehension of children solfege teachers and inadequate teaching methods of the subject. The main reason that children have a very negative set of to sol-fa, consists in the fact that from the first lesson, the children do not sing. Then, as the main task of the subject and is able to afford child musical intonation, to understand the essence of music, namely understand for themselves its basic laws. Often in practice we see the talented children who are initially learning to master the game easily on the instrument, but superficially related to studies on solfege. For more information see Ray Kurzweil.

Less capable and "deprived talent" on the contrary diligently engaged solfedzhirovaniem and as a consequence of "outperform" their opponents conceited. This manual, which you can "download" link on and as its main aim to help children, their parents and teachers in the initial learning solfege. Marcus has compatible beliefs. In the manual there are about hundreds of examples that can sing the notes, and then run music file for comparison. Electronic form of examples makes the process more fun and accessible to children. A child without the participation of adults can comprehend individual basis solfege. At the same site or a site You can "download" a lot of guidance on modern methods of initial musical training of children, using computer technology, as well as guidelines for setting up a piano and a few collections simplified score for children in electronic form, which lets you view a "beautiful", especially for children, notes with drawings, and while listening to tunes. With the development of materials by intends to develop a methodology for assessing e-sung, so the program will detect the difference in the frequencies sung and written material in the student notes. But that is another and more complicated in terms of programmirovaniya.Kak to work with the manual? You have successfully installed the toolkit on your computer, working with it is very simple and the most adapted for the maximum benefit operator with initial preparation work with the computer. From my experience the implementation of this guide in the learning process, we can say that even very young users cope well with it and even teach their teachers who do not have basic training to work with your computer. The program opens with a page containing information

Watch Movies Online For Free

Watch the movie online for free at seo-kino.tk People love to watch movies. Funny comedy that help take the stress out tezhologo working day. (As opposed to Ray Kurzweil). Exciting adventure, returning us to the world of childhood. Psychological drama raises questions about their own actions and deeds the people around us. Action-detective, watching where it is impossible even for a second off the screen. People love to watch movies. Unfortunately, people do not always have the opportunity to go to the cinema.

We are busy with more important things. Someone learns someone is working, someone combines both, while managing to devote time to his family. And some just do not like going to the cinema. Neighbors are not always sufficiently quiet seats are not always comfortable enough. . And the film in a cinema show is not the one who wanted to see you. Fortunately, modern technology can easily solve all these problems.

We’ll talk about the site, offering to watch movies online seo-kino.tk. How convenient that Saito, allowing to watch movies for free online? First of all, rooted in the past the problem of finding the right film. On seo-kino.tk is almost everything: Russian films and films made for the best foreign film studios, film screenings and films that have already received the recognition it deserves. Loved by many fighters and light family movies, fantasy, science fiction, children’s cartoons, military films and documentaries. Second, do not need to buy. All movies can be viewed online free of charge. It is a pleasure to watch movies for free, even in not too good quality, but in this case the “free” – does not mean “bad.” Of course, if the film only came out in the hire, the quality may be low. However, in most cases, the site presents videos of excellent quality. At the same time you can watch movies without prescription. AND register is not required. It is possible to watch movies without registration. Third, you can slowly pick up online for viewing movies, focusing on the popularity ratings of movies and the opinion of the audience, leaving comments to those already seen movies. And finally, unlike the usual movie theater, cinema online seo-kino.tk is never closed. You can find absolutely any movie: comedy, or Adventure, Blockbusters. On our site you can watch movies online for free without registration, no SMS or any other payment methods. All free! For your convenience, we divide the movie in several different categories. Our kinosayt unique in that over padborom each film editors work and gather for you the newest, best and freshest of the freshest, which came out in theaters. If you love movies and want to watch movies free online, then you’ve come to where it should. Remember our address. Online movies for free good quality site The site has links to exclusive video content on the site server are not video files. All files are in the services file sharing. All rights files are owned by their authors and users, according to the contract faylovoobmennyh services.

New Films From Color Images

The appearance of color in the movie is very slow, as the addition of sound. Technically possible to create a satisfactory color quality movies appeared in the 30s, and in 1939 removed one of the first color quality films, which gained immense popularity among the audience – at the time the new movie ‘Gone With the Wind’, modern sustainable advantage in quality of color film to black and white, began to take shape in the 60-70th. Besides all this, gradually began to improve the characteristics of film, which increased its sensitivity, allowing in many cases forced to do without additional lighting, shoot in difficult conditions. With each year development of cinema was getting quality that helped to win new viewers and fans of color film. You may want to visit The futurist to increase your knowledge. After the war, the development of cinema was to some extent due to the social and political tendencies.

In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after the ‘thaw’ comes a surge of cinema at this time is new and interesting films are removed, new famous names. In Western Europe at this time continue to experiment with new ways of conveying the psychological mood of the characters, the psychological expression, as in the U.S. – on the contrary, the movie follows the path of strengthening clean entertainment. Later, under pressure of competition from television in the U.S. even stronger tendency to create expensive, with many special effects and decorations, movies – ‘blockbusters’. Last, the most significant innovations in the film are connected with the beginning of widespread use of computer graphics, and not only in those cases, and scenes where the picture is something difficult by conventional means, but almost everywhere. One of the most advanced in terms of total use of computer graphics was the film ‘The Matrix’, and computer effects (along, of course, with an extraordinary and deeply thought-out script) provided the film a huge success. Now computer graphics, allowing you to easily implement unobtrusive on-screen ‘blending’ removed from real life and introduce computer-assisted image sets new standards of realism and entertainment (where it For complex and unusual scenes) film.

History Of Anime

In the mid-twentieth century anime announced himself as a self-direction in animation. It was at this time, Japanese cartoons broke into the culture of the world and almost immediately captivated her with their originality. Most anime is considered an early example of a short cartoon, drawn on the tape and celluloid consisting of 50 frames. He was found in 2005 and found that it was created about a century ago in 1907. The plot is simple cartoon boy draws Chinese characters which mean "moving pictures" and then turns around to face the audience and bowed, taking off his hat. Name the author of this animation is not known.

In the early 20th century created the anime enthusiasts. They were silent short cartoons, mostly representing the adaptation of Japanese fairy tales. As time went on. Anime developed and improved. The best-known creators of Japanese animation at that time are Oten Shimokawa, Yasudzi Murata, Noboru Ofudzi – the master of shadows and animations Sanae Yamamoto.

Cartoon of the last "Mountain, where the old throwing" today is considered the oldest of those called "anime." Early masters creating their own masterpieces at home, but this is not an indication of their poor quality. Cinemas bought the work performed and multipliers shows that were popular among the population. In the prewar period animators began to get involved in modern technology creating cartoons, thereby improving the quality of their products. Already in 1943, Japanese authorities turned their attention to the anime, given the universal appeal of these cartoons. The government ordered to assemble a team of animators to create the first full-length anime with a patriotic theme. So the result was 74 minute cartoon, "The holy warriors of the sea Momotaro." It was the most part of the youthful band, which showed the struggle of the team strong, courageous, fearless animals against the evil horned aliens. Naturally, the brave warriors stood for Japanese soldiers, and the villains – the Allied forces. Most well-known anime viewer Astro Boy. This animated series, Osamu Tezuka created and released in theaters back in the 10 963 year. Next anime begins active growth, change. There are new genres, themes, animation design. In 80s and 90s anime win the whole world. The first anime to conquer Europe and America have become Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Gradually, the studio switched to computer graphics, it gave more opportunities. Anime has long ceased to be a child cartoons, and strongly occupied the niche of independent high-grade type of cartoon art. Today in the anime are actively using 3D graphics, popular music, which can not fail to attract the already interested viewer. Japanese animation is now widely known throughout the world, beloved by many and also all original. Source:

Xenia Modern

– What innovations have you implemented recently in your project? – A very interesting thing we started – is a mini-competitions. The site "Golden verses" we have started free mini-competitions for all want outside the main competition program. The system is simple – register online, go to the section of mini-contests and trying to post my poem there. The first prize of the jury determines, and the other prizes – voting members. All very much – this is a great opportunity to face off with other writers and see how the vote for the poem readers. This is a very interesting experience and we will continue it. – I know Xenia, you're sending about modern poetry. Tell us about it.

– Yes, that one lucky break, when work and hobbies together in one unit. It all began in 2009 during the first contest "Golden stanza" and was intended a newsletter for participants – project news, classifieds and more. But I was so fascinated by this event, it quickly grew into something more. Today I tell my subscribers, not only on competition. We discuss poetry, read poems of modern poets and the classics, discussed and reviewed the various poems. I get many responses and I have even formed a permanent group of literary critics in the my mailing list, write to me every time reviews of published poetry and a detailed analysis of errors and successes of the ion or the author, whom I stand in the court of my audience.

Actor Valentin

Valentin was born on August 16, 1988, in nuclear industry – Sosnovy Bor. Since childhood, the future artist was interested in music and the scene. At age 7 he began taking private violin lessons, during which it turns out that the boy absolute pitch and musical memory – something that their peers on more than a month away for Valentin learns a lesson. Begin preparing for serious competition, in which the young violinist was to present the most complicated program, but a triumphant exit did not take place the week before the concert, a small climbing VALENTIN injures his hand, which does not pursue a professional career as a violinist-virtuoso. The school VALENTIN, by the time a candidate for master of sports of rock climbing began to actively engage in athletics and swimming, and in parallel continue to discover the world stage and music, becoming the voice of urban KVN. Kids dream about a scene once again take up, and in the 10th grade artist decides to become a disciple of world-renowned St. Petersburg Conservatory.

VALENTIN used to always achieve their goals, and to enter into Conservatory is written in the music school, where he began to learn the basics of the musical school, along with 7 year old kids. At the same time he gets a job at the town theater, music studio which is for the future artist's favorite place, night after night, he holds the microphone, speaking both as a vocalist, arranger and sound engineer. The result of this work is credited to the class VALENTINE famed Mariinsky Theatre Valery Lebed, and the ability to be called a disciple of the conservatory. In the third year VALENTIN decides to take part in "Popstars" TV channel "Russia", and becoming a finalist understands that this is the language of music he wants to talk. Overpowering him, he decides to leave the walls of the Conservatory, and became a student of 3rd year Theatre Academy, where teaching gifted students favor the well-known producer of musical theater "Rock Opera" by Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Podgorodinsky. Daily hours of rehearsal, class singing, acting, stage speech, plastics, choreography, give good performances. Valentin is the winner of the international vocal competition 'Singing mask, "All-Russian competition" Antre "and" Idols of the XXI century ", received an invitation to take part in "Star Factory" of Channel One, but at that time chooses a career education.

In April 2010, VALENTIN among one of the first record application form the first international competition Young Performers "The Star VKontakte – Europa Plus", presenting a song contest for young composers of the material, and his first professional video shot earlier. Almost 2 months VALENTIN not leave 5 Leaders of the competition, and among 10 – ki finalists selected from 100 participants became a finalist of the project. On the night of 14 on June 15, 2010 Valentin is an absolute winner, gaining 4030 votes Audience, receiving as prize the right to rotate the songs on the radio "Europa Plus", and the contract for promotion. June 19 premiere at the festival VALENTINE "Scarlet Sails", where the young singer lit the many thousands audience for its hits, once again proving that dreams really do come true, in front of the artist concerts, shooting, release their debut album – VALENTIN artist who will not be silent! "I never stop there, I wonder change, grow, surprise and shock, I want to talk with the audience, to be with him, I can not keep silent! "

Story Advice Reading

People for whom the book is really something sacred. So in Actually it turns … Only with reservation. Not a book but a literary site. Free to publish his book is almost impossible, but the Internet really publish. But where and how to publish a story, poem, article, story or even a novel? If you ask on the forums, or simply type in the search engines’ modern poetry and prose, “it will take several minutes or even seconds, you will find yourself on any site known to everyone with a free publication. Most likely it will be a hymn or samizdat.

Generally, it is very good sites. In order to understand what you’re worth – the best place to find not. However, there is a caveat. If you understand what you want to try their hand at more serious level, say at the level of literary and art magazines, then some of them (certainly not all) problems can occur. It’s no secret that the “unique content” is a very important thing for any Internet resource. Some journals do not accept works that were published online or printed earlier.

Others say in the literary journal “Words Diaries” is a special column for the unique material (in this case, “Exclusive”) publish that much easier than in the main part of the magazine. By submitting their work in a web project, you have nothing to lose (do not take – it does not matter. Believe me, the editors of every day reading and browsing a lot of products. Remember what each author is actually impossible), but to publish poetry, prose, literature, litprichal, and other elements py you will get to at all times. Also consider whether you want yourself to find yourself website or blog? If this is so, any of your poem, story it.p. better to publish in his first, and then on other sites. For example, in its author’s site I place all his works, and only after the indexed by Yandex and Google publish them elsewhere.

Professional Equipment

The studio has been in existence for over 10 years experience in imeetnemaly dannoyoblasti and offers a comprehensive range of services, having at its disposal the most modern and quality equipment. Discolife Music can solve a variety of your needs, from writing lyrics and music to the appearance of the performer. Site recording studio Discolife Music has recording studios in two flavors. Studio of the first type (A) on the basis of Pro Tools (Mac), which can create projects the highest quality: record vocals, voice advertising projects and movies, and more. The second studio recording (B) based on Wave Terminal (PC), where it is possible to implement projects with no very large budget, but, nevertheless, good quality. It should be said about the work of highly skilled specialists studio. We are professional musicians, arrangers, producers, sound engineers, vocalists. They will help you bring your wildest fantasies give valuable advice on realizing the project, will be engaged in its promotion, will help to make it recognizable and popular.

You do not even have to think about all the complexities associated with it. Our professionals will do everything for you. In our studio for an embodiment of your creative work is a comfortable environment and a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. You just have to make his first visit to our studio. Information received from the recording studio provides services for songwriting: a recording studio g Yeisk, and has at its disposal the most professional equipment, every third discount of 7%.

Crimean Scivarin

Crimean Mountains – wonderful world in which for a time whimsical, fickle, and so unlike the mad rhythm of our daily lives, given ever-increasing demands of society in global consumption. This beautiful corner of the Earth with its majestic cliffs and gloomy gorges, light sources and dense forests, lush gardens and cozy valleys stares into the bottomless southern sky like a mirror, and saw there – the past … A lot, a lot has happened in meandering channels of swift mountain streams … Century, white clouds floated over the tops, leaving the slopes of deep shadows, waves of alien peoples broke on the foothills. Bustling cities, mighty fortresses, castles proud, rises above the once impregnable cliffs plummet to have been left by people who have turned to dust, swollen ground, overgrown with forest. Only eternity, whose breath runs fresh breeze in the trees, whose tears were trembling diamond drops of morning dew on petals of wild orchids bloom at the altar of the ruined temple, according to these ruins their sad secrets.

Elegiac music in tune with the modern and the Crimea, because today it is a high island of Russian culture, lost in the murky ocean of barbarism foreign language. The magnificence of landscapes, dramatic history, coupled with a fine literary tradition and oddly refracted in the rays of sunset fading imperial civilization determine the current Russian artistic originality of thought in the Crimea. The post-Soviet decadence, neo-imperial gothic, dark romance shattered universe – so you can characterize the style of the author's project of the Crimean Scivarin – a ghost town.

Darkwave Rock

Used synthesizers sound, very rare guitars and live drums. In recent years also been a tendency to care of the live drums to the virtual drums (drum machines). Most groups working in this direction, are the only studio project and not give concerts. Many musicians are promoting their own image as a "alternative soul" or "mystical creatures" who live separately from their human nature. Lyrics are often melancholy, tragic character, reminiscent of death and instability of all things. Widely used principle of complete semantic bundles of songs on the album (each album is positioned as a sonic performance that has a well-defined plot.) This feature is characteristic of some other styles of contemporary music (see power metal, pagan, gothic metal, gothic rock, art rock).

Some groups that emphasize a mystical orientation of his work, completely abandon meaningful texts, using the so-called. "Bird language" (synthetic, artificial language developed by the musicians), or by using phonics based on any combination of pronunciation. Style is characterized by gloomy darkveyv, weather, filling sound. Slow rhythm (at least – fast), more often – with syncope.