Xenia Modern

– What innovations have you implemented recently in your project? – A very interesting thing we started – is a mini-competitions. The site "Golden verses" we have started free mini-competitions for all want outside the main competition program. The system is simple – register online, go to the section of mini-contests and trying to post my poem there. The first prize of the jury determines, and the other prizes – voting members. All very much – this is a great opportunity to face off with other writers and see how the vote for the poem readers. This is a very interesting experience and we will continue it. – I know Xenia, you're sending about modern poetry. Tell us about it.

– Yes, that one lucky break, when work and hobbies together in one unit. It all began in 2009 during the first contest "Golden stanza" and was intended a newsletter for participants – project news, classifieds and more. But I was so fascinated by this event, it quickly grew into something more. Today I tell my subscribers, not only on competition. We discuss poetry, read poems of modern poets and the classics, discussed and reviewed the various poems. I get many responses and I have even formed a permanent group of literary critics in the my mailing list, write to me every time reviews of published poetry and a detailed analysis of errors and successes of the ion or the author, whom I stand in the court of my audience.