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Windows XP

It doesn’t matter if you have Windows XP, Vista or Windows installed on your computer. In each version of Windows, you can have problems with a file called DLL. What is a DLL? To understand the problem you have to have a minimum idea of the function that has a DLL on your pc. A DLL (some call it driver) is a file that provides a specific service and can be used for one or more applications. The drivers/DLL is used by developers to be able to recycle code and isolate different tasks.

The drivers cannot be run directly, you need to call them from an external code.It is quite technical, but it is not easy to explain in a few words. Here you can find a simpler description. Variations in DLL a DLL error error, it has a different name but the problem is for everyone the same. Side effects of DLL errors, Dll errors, slow down the computer in several ways: you may notice that the computer takes to boot, features programs stop working and in the worst cases, the program or computer It does not start over. In most cases, you will notice that your Pc and Internet is slower because each error consumes more of your system resources.

What causes DLL a DLL errors provides a specific service and an application. Windows depends on this service. The application that uses this service, expects a certain behavior of this service. If the behavior has changed the application it petara. What you can and what you can do when you have a DLL error? Never download a DLL from the Internet! There are websites where you can download a DLL. Do not do it, a DLL is easy to manipulate and there are hackers that add extra functionality to a DLL, you can damage your computer with Malware or a virus. If you have a DLL error or you’re not sure, but you notice that your computer is slow, I recommend you read the web page to fix DLL error. On the website cleaning my computer.It offers more explanations and solutions on how you can speed up your system.

The Meaning Of Atapuerca

Ever wondered why you have as wide nose, small jaw or such long legs, beyond the close family resemblance? Or from which that capacity to retain information or the ability to design objects and as creative elements? Of 21st century man has something in common with which dwelt this earth a million years ago? The answers to these questions us back to our ancestors, to whom we can study through the human fossils found in numerous enclaves. The sierra Atapuerca Burgos is one of them, especially privileged because it allows to study human over a million years of evolution and provides data on the first Europeans, which makes this site a unique place in the world. The discoveries of Atapuerca Atapuerca is a small mountain range that extends from Northwest to Southeast in the Valley of Arlanzon River, just 15 kilometers east of the city of Burgos. The closest villages are Ibeas de Juarros, to about 4 kilometres to the Southwest, and Atapuerca, just on the Northeast slope of the Sierra and that gives it its name. As it is often the case with the prehistoric sites, the discovery of what is today known as Atapuerca was due to random. In this case, due to the construction, in 1901, of a mining railroad, which supplied the first Basque iron iron ore, and coal and whose works would leave visible the deposits that we know today. Although important archaeological discoveries have been made since 1910, it wasn’t until 1992 when Atapuerca would begin to acquire fame by which it is known today. In the same year is said to be, known as Sima of bones, various remains of incalculable value, among them, the first complete skull of the Middle Pleistocene (780,000 years and 127,000 years ago), the more whole and better preserved of all those found in the world, belonging to a boy of barely fourteen years.

Antoni Gaudi Manufactures

In the figure of Antoni Gaudi, it is important to distinguish the task of the artist (architect and Designer) of the manufacturer’s. This planter would have as basis a Gaudi design, since the architect was always characterized by its total involvement in their projects, for which studied and designed from architectural spaces until the door knobs, thus controlling even the smallest detail of his work. Therefore, the safest is to deal directly with this design, which should also be especially to their liking, since repeated it in two of their most important houses. Passionate about both traditional and industrial materials combinations, Antoni Gaudi pursues a great naturalist dream, and in his work manages to blend the structure and decoration in a vivid plastic mass, in a totally unique and personal style. This planter has a belly as a traditional vase, that narrows toward the base and completely smooth surface, on which the decoration is developed as a central element freely. A constant in Gaudi is the harmonic combination of naturalism and abstraction of vegetal inspiration, with designs dominated by typical of Art Nouveau, in compositions marked by the asymmetry curve and the track.

. Two heads of Faun, modelled with great realism, which seem to lean, appear among a dense vegetation stand out at the top. The Faun represents the ideal union between man and nature, a concept which was always fascinated by Gaudi, and which was the basis of your architectural project.