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Some Christians exist who had not fulfilled the goals objectified for improvement of the kingdom of God it is not why they are activist much less for not knowing to use the factor time, the great problem of these brothers and that during the time never they had all strengthenn so that your projects left the theory for reality, and the question to strengthen or and a law that backwards its consequences in any area of the life wants either in the world spiritual does not want either in the secular world for these reasons and that the word of God approaches this subject in such a way. Joshua 1:6 Strengthens you, and has good spirit, because you will make this people to inherit the land that I swore its parents would give to them. If you to want to be a blessing at the hands of God you strengthen God you please of whom if they strengthen to be successful in the life and IT counts all on you during this year that this to initiate. When placing mint of improvement in our life and the workmanship of God, fights for cumpriz it and at the same time the God prays so that it helps you. However he makes goals that can be fulfilled and all we go in them to not only arrive at the end of the year of 2011 happy ones for cause only of parties, but because we contribute for the growth of the kingdom of the God. TM 6:33 But you search its kingdom and its justice first, and all to these will be added you things. Conclusion Part the God who helps you to reflect on your life during the year of 2011 you to be able to analyze that type of contribution you this giving for the kingdom of God, why God who to make of you a victorious, but well-taken care of Christian with the ativismo, also with the factor time who the times passes and people is stops backwards and never he forgets without effort you do not go the place none.

Car Life

And the car must be newer and greater than the one of the colleague, then everybody must realize that one is not any lagaa of mico. And the family demands and presses, because there is to occur to cache and estatus and the experience sample that is nobody no more self-seeking, snobbish and exhibitionist who the middle-class when she gives him by the social ascent. Then it is a vicious circle that never finishes, get into debt itself, consuming without limits, working without rest to be able to fulfill, etc. Often the unique thing that makes us stop to us to reflect, is not the product of a rationalization or a philosophical lucubration that makes us fall in account of which we are little less than slaves, but an sudden infarct, a demurrage in a unit of intensive cares, a separation, an infidelity, delinquency or drug addiction in the home and thousand tragedies more, each worse one than the other. It has that to remember that when we dreamed about studying and specializing to us, we among others made things to have one better quality of life.

Perhaps we have obtained yes it? Yes we lived better? Or simply we are enslaved with university title without time for we ourself, nor for our families, without place for the intellectual growth, the worldly enjoyment and aesthetic rejoicing, to feel in the body and the senses the sublime one to please to feel us alive and healthy and vigorous and to be thankful for to the life by so many privileges and benefits to him that have given to us and that often we wasted very stupid idiotly without at least giving account us. It is not necessary to try to become rich in the first year of exercise. The things are arriving, the rewards are obtained when the work takes control of responsibility, certainty and dignificando to the person like an integral being.

Projection Screen

better to use a projection screen. Modern projection screen is no longer a sheet on the wall. But, despite the fact that it's not complicated electronic equipment, newcomers may be disheartened by the number of must first decide whether the screen was installed in one place once and for all, or it is required for viewing in different rooms. If you intend to use the screen in different grades or classrooms, offices or come out on top, but the fact that their share will rise – no doubt. When you select a stationary model we do not divert these options, and will remain at the forefront of image quality. Choosing the least weight mobile options, do not forget about the rigidity and stability, and the choice of convenient and reliable locking in the unfolded state mechanism – is not desirable to increase the size too and the same weight.

If not known in advance, in which premises will have to deploy a mobile screen, you need to think about the rack on which it can be hanged. Typically, a mobile screen folds flat into a tube that serves as a plumb line to its tension in the suspension. it is desirable to do so. Variants of structural designs on mobile screens, we've already mentioned. Basically it is a collapsible tube (vertically or horizontally) models, which are held in a deployed position gravity, springs or special mechanisms. They can be hung on walls, on special racks or have the support of its construction. Stationary models can be of two basic types – and collapsible Deployed either manually or using electric (motorized versions). WEIGHT not so crucial as in a mobile version, and keep the canvas as a flat screen easier. If two opposite edge of the screen fixed tube and bar, the edges left free to hold in even more complicated.


With passing of the time, the government forms had finished showing to the people which of them would be more advantageous for the man (pg. 233). The people already accustomed the dependences, with the calmness and the comforts of the life, and already without conditions to breach its fetters, assented in leaving to increase its servitude to fortify its tranquillity (pg. 234). But according to auto the government form would have appeared of the following form: of elective form, chosen of a community where this after to be considered of good nature would govern this community, giving beginning thus to the monarchic state. But if all were considered people of excellent quality and that they wanted to govern together it would pass to the democratic state.

But the opposite of the virtues, the ambition, starts to appear, giving to beginning the origin the authoritarian and absolute in power states. The distinctions politics lead necessarily to the civil distinctions. The inaquality, when growing between the people and its heads, then if makes to feel between the particular ones and there it modifies in a thousand ways in accordance with the passions, the talentos and the occurrences (pg. 245/236). Any directed event is concluded that the change of the natural state for the social state, this finishes for dividing the man between rich and poor, dividing also the form of powerful government and weak peoples and consequentemente the sprouting of the absolute in power state, this everything finishes for giving origin to the inaqualities between the men.

Finally, the author in this workmanship looks for to analyze the society in a philosophical-scientific way, starting for a state of the nature. The author still makes comparisons in the notion of state of nature with our society, showing how much our society this far from its natural state, showing simply that the man does not remember the primary functions more than, it the man alone if occupies for the social subjects and the progress. All this social degradation simply was caused by the distanciamento between ‘ ‘ we-sociais’ ‘ , of our natural form in which we were one day. According to author: ‘ ‘ the savage lives exactly in itself; the sociable man, always is of itself, knows to live in the opinion of the others and only is, so to speak, of the judgment of them that the feeling of its proper existncia’ comes it; ‘ (pg. 242). HE ALL CRITICIZES OF the RESENHISTA This workmanship for the content, originalidade, context and the quarrels contained in it, we can aperceber in them of the importance of it for man, so that the same it can understand the reason that took it the inaquality between the men. The natural man was with passing of the time corrupted for the social sphere, and that the origin of these males comes of the proper man through the civilizations and not of the nature, as thus it said. In the nature, the equality exists. The inaquality comes from the men the author tries to show what still the man has of natural and what the society corrupted not yet it. The author portraies in them for the tickets of the time of as the man was in its state of nature.

Office Equipment

Someone liking bright notebooks, pens and pencils, notebooks, diaries and note books. To focus and not be distracted by color and pictures, someone chooses stationery in military style. It all depends on the nature and needs of the owner. To date, over the external appearance of the office works great Number of firms, but that we choose what a pen would lie in the portfolio, what the place of honor on the table, with coca to negotiate and sign documents. The success of a businessman, his independence, and emphasizes the character designer stationery, made from the best material, with inscriptions or logos, ideal size and shape. The original designer of stationery can brighten up the student and the student academic year. Pencils and pens with colorful tips in the form of animal figures cheer up and not give the bored in pairs. After all, enough to have only one handle and a pair of notebooks for notes.

Surround yourself with the necessary design things and feel the richness in their lives. Leather diaries, desk sets – it is necessary assistants in the work, which should ideally coincide with the needs of the owner. Holder for pens, palm documents skrepochnitsa, photo frames, paper tray, card holder, vase, Staple, Stapler, diary, punch, a knife for opening letters, staples – is not only the right things, they provide your interior, emphasizing style and character of the owner. Well have all that regularly need to hand. Various office supplies – an essential attribute of our lives, more in technological progress, where computers have replaced us all accessories to the letter. But more than that in fleeting hectic days it is hard not to notice how important it is to have a clerical assistant beside him. Because these products are not longer update, modernize. Constant novelty stationery and design know-how created in the Depending on the needs and concerns of our time. We strive to keep pace with the times, keep up, be stylish and modern. Every to do their methods, but inspire us to reach peaks, whatever they may be, first of all office supplies.

Advice Research

In accordance with the text of tetraidrocanabinol, that it is the responsible active principle for its effect, more powerful will be the cannabis. Thus, being, the hashish makes use of a great portion of this active principle, whereas marijuana is composed for a dose lower (TO EAT, 2003). In view of the effect of marijuana it can be said that this less modifies the chemical environment of the brain, becoming the individual most susceptible some activities and others (BURGIERMAN, 2002). The use of marijuana can bring some consequences to the user and these will be in accordance with the situation, the dose and the frequency. some of these consequences can be the physical and psychic dependence, cancergenas injuries, alterations in the brain, suspicion of sexual disfunes, possibilities of infarto, panic, madness, comprometimentos with the pregnancy, and others. To if thinking about these consequences it can be understood that it will be able to exist or not Pr.

A questionnaire elaborated was used for this research through> bibliographical analyses previously raised, composed of 19 closed, objective questions and some referring half-open dependents and to the subject. After the approval of the project for the Advice of Ethics with Human beings and by means of the term of assent signed for the representative who answers for the direction of the institution. The graduation courses had been chosen randomly, giving to privilege the pupils of 18 the 20 years attending a course the first year and of 21 the 35 years attending a course the third year, as well as that if they had declared through the questionnaire using of drugs. In the collection of data the identification of the citizens was not demanded, nor questions that would come to cause possible exposition of the same ones and these had been applied of collective form in classroom, with a previous communication on the objectives of the research and after the signature of the term of assent for the participant citizens of the research.


I want to interpose you this addend of the highest relevance. I ask for very, but very exactly, that if it gives to the due respect and value to this that is one of the divine laws of bigger gift and onipresena, alicerada since the beginning of ' ' tempos' '. Its value is so undisputed that its proper creator? God? he considers it untouchable. He is this same, friend (), never part in its conjuncts that God changes somebody acting in its exempts will. He stops already with this type of conjunct! He does not lose its time! These conjuncts are considered in go. Definitively It will not move one ' ' palha' ' to change somebody or a situation intervening with the free choice of the people.

It understands Since that God in them made its image and similarity, one of its gifts was of in guaranteeing the same inherent freedom to them It, in granting the capacity to make everything what we want to make, independent of its coherence, its risks or its consequences. Also to choose it enters the good and the evil, thus to trace our way. This, also expensive () friend (), in is guaranteed in all the types to them of decisions, where in we see dependents to them of our only exclusive will. Therefore if you one day asked for or simply she desired that somebody moved, in its conception is clearly, for better. It could evidence that no matter how hard the time passed this change not it confirmed. It has the absolute certainty that inside of the soul of this person it did not have for one alone moment to the sincere will of change. Because he had himself, wanted () friend (), God would take care of without delay its outcry. if at some moment in its life happened the inverse one? God moving the character, attitudes or same position of somebody, thus taking care of its conjuncts? he is because this person had in its heart, exactly for teeny that she was, a true desire of change or repentance, allowing in this manner the divine action in its life. He understands now? The divine action has that to be in common agreement with abita the sincere desire that in its heart, giving the necessary assent so that Mr. of all Prosperity (God), is present and works in favor of its intentions.

Our Relationship with Nature

Anaximander analyzes the material things of the world and they made some abstract representations. In nature we do not see an immediate no perfect geometrical figure. These figures are in our thoughts. But the same have a great relationship with nature, as the original image is that we see, based on the experience we went to the infinite universe of metaphysics where abstract reason develops its practices, then adapt to the experience where those entities take shape and consistency with the sensible reality we live every day. And what once seemed impossible or element of fiction becomes reality.

This is where science and technology play a decisive role, in order to implement the thoughts of reason in the fields of metaphysics. Note that based on the experience we can highly abstract systems of thought, and the domains of reason in the abstract fields that seem to be very far from reality we can get very complex material systems. Which we can provide different interpretations of nature and its alleged link with physical energy levels having a transformation different from ours. When we observe the movement of a mobile, three-dimensional study. Science and technology we can provide the discovery of other dimensions that have a direct relationship to objects in the universe. Since the discoveries of scientific philosophers of nature, applied to the universe, to the practice and demonstration.

Can now be applied to any object on earth. That is the great mathematical and philosophical complexity that handle the sciences. The infinite is characterized by no limits, that is what has not ended.

Media Ideology

It works in favor of the ruling classes and it offers to a false peace its fidiciary offices, locating them in a condition of submission better to be explored in the capitalist relations. Jesus did not participate nor followed this model for Its Church (Its Body), but, the model of Christ was guarded to enhance the model of institutions that use its name to increase its wealth and to support the luxuries of its mercenaries. Fragmentos Biblical I contend the teachings of Jesus are propagated by altars, pulpits, radios and TVs in the objective to articulate the ideas and values of each religious denomination, transforming them into ideological devices of State. The institutionalized churches, formed for the disfigurement of the teachings of Jesus use the medias of mass to attract fidiciary offices and to hide the authentic Church of Christ, except the Internet that acts of liberating form for the interatividade between its users. Words key: Institution, ideology, religion, medias.

According to registers Biblical, when approaching the thirty years, and, being responsible for its acts, Jesus it initiated its ministry communicating itself of intrapessoal form with the Father and – directing it the river Jordo – all was baptized by Joo, fulfilling justice. If it did not filiou in the organization of a Fariseus or the Saduceus, nor if it submitted to no human religious statute, but it was instructed by the Espirito Santo that went down on It in the corporal form of dove. After the baptism left in direction to the desert where he was attemped. Having resisted the temptations it initiated concernentes educations to the kingdom of skies, partilhando its knowledge with the disciples and the people, breaching the isolation with the world. It called the twelve first disciples it instructed and them of interpersonal form, in reduced number and particular, separate with they followed that to accuse them it before lei3 mosaica.

Mediating Process

Why to investigate the evaluation in the school? This thematic one it is argued in the half academics with deepening so that to the difficulties of the quantitative evaluation and its transistion for the qualitative way are identified. An immediate transistion of a meritocrtico and classificatrio avaliativo system for a cooperative and formative system would practically be impensvel. The qualitative evaluation still is atrelada to the behavior of the pupil, taking itself in account since its physical presence in room until the delivery of the pertaining to school activities with pontualidade. One searchs to understand the theoretical evidences so that if it considers a system, mixing and initially gradual, of evaluation. A procedure is considered in this research in order to make use itself of an only characteristic in the avaliativo process: to become instrument of accompaniment and development of learning. In practical pedagogical that evolved socially conceptual and, the educational axle passed of the centralidade of knowing in the figure of the professor, for the centralization in the citizen of the process of learning, the learning, placing itself currently practical the pedagogical one as product of the professor-learning interaction in partnership with important institutions as the proper school, in a vivified performance, and the society that it of the support. Studious of the area they estimate the existence in two ways of evaluation, calling the first way of ' ' tradicionalista' ' , where the professor represents a personage who if believes the center of the process when transmitting knowledge. The pupil, comumente represented as the social agent who learns, receives passively the knowledge that in it is deposited. The measure and the classification in this boarding are: the test, the test and ' ' trabalho' ' (a supposed research where the pupil copies the consulted workmanship textualmente). Of another luck, it has blunted a new speech of the formative evaluation, considered progressive or construtivista, preceituando that the professor is the mediating personage who carries through the diagnosis of the process teach-learning, instrument of reorientation in the process of appropriation of the knowledge for the evaluated one.