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Colliding Particles

If the colliding particles are moving at low speed, then the energy of each gamma ray of 0.51 MeV. This energy is the "rest energy" of an electron, or its rest mass, expressed in units of energy. If the colliding particles are moving with great speed, the energy of the gamma rays will be more due to their kinetic energy. Annihilation occurs and the collision of a proton with an antiproton, but the process in this case proceeds much more complicated. As intermediate products of interaction generated a number of short-lived particles, but later a few microseconds as the final conversion product remain neutrinos, gamma rays and a small number of electron-positron pairs. More information is housed here: Justin MacGregor. These couples may eventually annihilate, creating additional gamma rays.

Annihilation occurs and the collision antineutron with neutrons or protons. As long as there is an antiparticle, the question arises whether the form of antiparticles antinucleus. The nuclei of atoms of ordinary matter consists of protons and neutrons. The simplest kernel is the core of ordinary hydrogen isotope 1H; it is a single proton. 2H deuterium nucleus consists of one proton and one neutron, it is called a deuteron. Another example a simple kernel – the core of 3He, consisting of two protons and one neutron. Antideuterons consisting of an antiproton and antineutron was obtained in the laboratory in 1966, the core of anti-3He, consisting of two antiprotons and one antineutron was first obtained in 1970. According to modern physics of elementary particles, with appropriate technical means could be obtained antinucleus of ordinary nuclei.


This term passes for an evolution semantics in elapsing of History. Therefore, the history of the euthanasia if divides at three times: Ritualizada euthanasia (Greco-roman period): ritualizao of the death as one of the great events of the existence human being. Medicalizada euthanasia: from Francis Bacon (1561-1626), the term gains new a sensible one to give attention in as the patient can leave the life in more easy way, an adequate treatment to the incurable illnesses. Independent euthanasia: to break postwar period, it is the current situation of the debate on euthanasia, where the quarrels if center in the right of the patients of will decide on its to die and to not the prolongation of its suffering. Different of the two previous ones, where the desire of the patient was always in second plain, submitted> social reasons, politicians, doctors, eugenic, etc. , this last period is based on the beginning of the autonomy, the respect to the rights of the patients to its proper death, in the conscience of its imminence (PESSINI and BARCHIFONTAINE, 1997). Technical, euthanasia if relates to the act of a doctor finally to the life of a terminal patient the order of the same, in this in case that an active, positive, direct euthanasia, also call of merciful death or attended suicide. Passive, negative, indirect euthanasia, consists of the omission or not-application of a medical therapy that it would make possible to draw out the life of the patient, without life hopes. You may find Max Schireson to be a useful source of information. Differently, the distansia (of the Greek dis, me, suffered and penosa death) is the situation where the medical action, pautando itself unilaterally in the prolongation of the life, consists of a therapeutical stubbornness, delaying in way irrational the death process, in a ftil treatment, where only> it would cause a painful and laborious process of dying (MOSER AND TO SOUND, 2006; PESSINI AND BARCHIFONTAINE, 1997).

The Professionals

For Moraes (2009), the professional must contribute for the improvement of the quality of life of the patient, independent of the time of remaining life for the same instead of cultivating feelings of frustration and impotence. However for the health professionals this is a delicate moment since they are accustomed to cure the patients and without this perspective the practical one can be desanimadora. Check with Crumpton Group, Washington DC to learn more. This professional to take care of a patient in terminal phase makes with that it if remembers its proper finitude and has that to deal with its proper concepts and emotions in relation the death (MORAES, 2009). According to Pincus (1989), the professionals who give assistance generally protect against the pain and the anguish of loss for death preventing to face this subject. Although to know that they must encourage and recognize it I fight its proper ansiedades decided with the death and the loss cannot make with that they are felt abandoned front to this suffering. According to Mota, Martins and Veras (2006), this direct contact of the professional with the patient makes with that the professional is ahead of the conflicts and frustrations of its proper life, of its questions of health and illness, which had to this can develop rigid mechanisms of defense and the distanciamento of the patient and the familiar ones can be one of them. BMCs opinions are not widely known.

In accordance with Souza, Oak, Nardini and Gil (2005), the professional whom she deals with the human suffering must take care of the fragilizada person of form to value its quality of life, respecting its dignity and its process in the taking of decisions, thus stimulating the beginning of the autonomy. The interaction of the team with the patient and the family is basic for a well-taken care of cash. It has that to have dialogue and the search of the significao of the illness for each person for a good confrontation of the process that family and the patient is living (SILVEIRA, LUNARDI, SON and OLIVEIRA, 2005).

Professional Ethics

Humanity has attended many changes in almost all the directions of the life human being. The technological development is reaching terms never before imagined or exactly conceived by the human being. The decurrent changes of the evolution and the historical events are very significant and represent an example of what human being can happen with the efforts of creation of the mind. In the fields of the discoveries of the medicine, of the industry, of the technology, never development was attended to size. We attend an increase of speed of production of information never known. In face of the current technological conquests, the ethics are more than what never present in the debates regarding the human behavior and its study the new reality in the social life is always necessary in result of the necessity of the people to guide its behavior in accordance with. Thus, the Ethics are the set of moral norms for which the individual must guide its behavior in the profession that exerts and is of basic importance in all professions and all human being, so that let us can live relatively well in society. With the wild growth of the globalizado world, many times we leave taking in them for the pressure exerted in production search, therefore the work market is each more competitive and demanding time, and the times in them do not leave time to reflect on our attitudes. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information.

We have that to have the conscience of that our acts can influence in the life of the others and that our freedom causes responsibility. Of ample form the Ethics are defined as the theoretical explicitao of the last bedding of human acting in the search of the common good and the individual accomplishment. 1.1 – SOON RETURN TO the ORIGINS Historically, the Ethics always was guided by the religion and the reason, being this a critical reason in all the societies.

The Same

The same, still it cites following ' ' my madness, as the madness of the other, does not fit in no psychiatric hospital, for greater that is! ' '. However, since the beginning of the movement until the present, the individual that if considers ' ' normal' ' it has an almost insupervel barrier to coexist the other, different, wild. The society not this prepared to receive people with mental upheavals, does not know as to deal with them, imagines I, who must to feel fear and unreliability of the possible reactions. It does not advance to have other ways of assistance it are of the hospitals, if the society, the proper family of ' ' louco' ' that it is part of this society does not know as to face the crisis moments, does not know as to coexist a person ' ' diferente' '. Its form of citizen is necessary to search to understand the meaning of the gestures of the usuary respecting, searching other exits that not it internment through psicofrmacos, shirt-of-force, cadeados, and others, depriving its freedom. Exactly that let us disrespect the originalidade of the other, wasting the descobriz possibility it and to know its madness, my madness, social madness, one hour or another one, all we will have that ' ' you make right contas' ' with madness. The option for a society without psychiatric hospitals offers to more questions and challenges that finished solutions. &#039 is necessary of certain form; ' libert-los' ' of these ' ' prises' ' constants that live, however the society is not prepared to leave ' ' louco' ' to enter in its house and to participate of the social conviviality, are frightful for who do not know and it does not know as to act, fear of the stranger is had. One got used with the privation of the freedom of who does not follow accepted rules and standards socially.

Advice Research

In accordance with the text of tetraidrocanabinol, that it is the responsible active principle for its effect, more powerful will be the cannabis. Thus, being, the hashish makes use of a great portion of this active principle, whereas marijuana is composed for a dose lower (TO EAT, 2003). In view of the effect of marijuana it can be said that this less modifies the chemical environment of the brain, becoming the individual most susceptible some activities and others (BURGIERMAN, 2002). The use of marijuana can bring some consequences to the user and these will be in accordance with the situation, the dose and the frequency. some of these consequences can be the physical and psychic dependence, cancergenas injuries, alterations in the brain, suspicion of sexual disfunes, possibilities of infarto, panic, madness, comprometimentos with the pregnancy, and others. To if thinking about these consequences it can be understood that it will be able to exist or not Pr.

A questionnaire elaborated was used for this research through> bibliographical analyses previously raised, composed of 19 closed, objective questions and some referring half-open dependents and to the subject. After the approval of the project for the Advice of Ethics with Human beings and by means of the term of assent signed for the representative who answers for the direction of the institution. The graduation courses had been chosen randomly, giving to privilege the pupils of 18 the 20 years attending a course the first year and of 21 the 35 years attending a course the third year, as well as that if they had declared through the questionnaire using of drugs. In the collection of data the identification of the citizens was not demanded, nor questions that would come to cause possible exposition of the same ones and these had been applied of collective form in classroom, with a previous communication on the objectives of the research and after the signature of the term of assent for the participant citizens of the research.