The Same

The same, still it cites following ' ' my madness, as the madness of the other, does not fit in no psychiatric hospital, for greater that is! ' '. However, since the beginning of the movement until the present, the individual that if considers ' ' normal' ' it has an almost insupervel barrier to coexist the other, different, wild. The society not this prepared to receive people with mental upheavals, does not know as to deal with them, imagines I, who must to feel fear and unreliability of the possible reactions. It does not advance to have other ways of assistance it are of the hospitals, if the society, the proper family of ' ' louco' ' that it is part of this society does not know as to face the crisis moments, does not know as to coexist a person ' ' diferente' '. Its form of citizen is necessary to search to understand the meaning of the gestures of the usuary respecting, searching other exits that not it internment through psicofrmacos, shirt-of-force, cadeados, and others, depriving its freedom. Exactly that let us disrespect the originalidade of the other, wasting the descobriz possibility it and to know its madness, my madness, social madness, one hour or another one, all we will have that ' ' you make right contas' ' with madness. The option for a society without psychiatric hospitals offers to more questions and challenges that finished solutions. &#039 is necessary of certain form; ' libert-los' ' of these ' ' prises' ' constants that live, however the society is not prepared to leave ' ' louco' ' to enter in its house and to participate of the social conviviality, are frightful for who do not know and it does not know as to act, fear of the stranger is had. One got used with the privation of the freedom of who does not follow accepted rules and standards socially.