Linux Apache

A Web server is a software installed in a computer, must own all the conditions necessary to serve or to give to pages Web that is asked for him by the navigators Web, guaranteeing that are to all the necessary elements for their operation and visualization correctly. Several types of Web servers exist, Apache are a software, free of use and totally configurable code, at this moment are used in the network, or in platforms Linux or Windows. When installing it in our PC we will have a complete servant with all the requirements to execute it of local form. Advantages that it provides to us to have installed the Web server Apache in our computer. With the installation of Apache it is possible to arrange in our PC of a small servant who will make possible tasks among others to us: To prove and to see the pages Web as truly they are going to be from Internet before raising them host or servant in the network. Useful and indispensable if you have or you are going to create your site by modest that this is. To create by means of Virtual unit Host multiple Web sites in our PC, that we can unload wget and accede to them just as in the network but this time of local form.

To be able to locally see pages Web done in language php. To serve to our pages or Web site to Internet directly, to which any person can accede and connect itself from the outside, in this case logically the operation of the servant will be limited while we have working the PC and the possibilities of our connection. It can constitute a very encouraging experience for any fan, this possibility gives the advantage of which it is not necessary to depend on any company nor remote servant to raise the network the content which we want to show. It is like mounting a small radio station and to begin to transmit, (a similarity) but in this case the reach is global. It can act like intermediary between our PC and Internet which gives several advantages us in the scope of the security.

Through him we can serve connected Internet to several PC in a local network. It is possible to activate a module that allows to keep in breaks all the loaded pages what will improve the yield of our navigation. In the following page you can read a tutorial that will guide to you step by step to install Apache, is done for people who do not own advanced knowledge, if it is thus sides that will be easy to you their installation and configuration. Like installing and forming the Web server Apache in Windows. This other page will be to you indispensable if it interests the subject to you, explains like forming VirtualHost that will allow you to have in your PC several virtual Web sites, is fantastic. To form in Apache Virtual unit Host to be able to have in the PC multiple virtual Web sites. To have Apache and not to use Wget are unacceptable, reads here on this amazing application.