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The Golden Years

The ship carried him to the United States met the woman who would become his second wife, Clara (no data on their first marriage.) Clara was a teacher of children who suffered from arthritis and during the trip who tried to relieve their pain. In 1926 he opened in Manhattan (New York), at number 939 Eighth Avenue, corner of 56th Street, a studio to teach his method. He began working with the equipment he had designed for rehabilitation, the cadillac and the reformer, and I think new ones, as the Wunda chair or barrel. It is said that the first barrel did it with a beer and clamps used to create the magic circle. The machines were manufactured by his brother Fred, who was a carpenter, which is why, following this tradition today are made of wood and steel. It soon became popular with choreographers and dancers, as in the same building were several dance studios and rehearsal spaces.His method helped the dancers to improve their technique and recover from common injuries resulting from intensive training. Began to come to his studio famous choreographers such as Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine and Martha Graham. Also other personalities such as actor Jose Ferrer and the writer Christopher Isherwood. The choreographer Hanya Holm began to incorporate Pilates exercises to their classes. In 1934 he published together with the Robins Judd Your health or: a Corrective System of Exercising That Entire revolutionize the field of physical education (“Your health: a corrective system of exercising that revolutionizes the entire field of Physical Education”), a small booklet just sixty pages in which, in language that at times it may be outdated today, explains his philosophy of life and, however, for the time revolutionary theories about health, hygiene and exercise.The book is accompanied by photographs of Pilates himself and others that clarify and reinforce these theories. In the last chapter even offers some new models of chairs and beds, which he built prototypes. The title of his ten chapters gives an idea of its content and the thought of Pilates: A serious situation Health, a normal and natural condition Deplorable conditions Down Remedios sense! “Contrology” “Balancing body and mind ” First educate children! fact! Beds and chairs and new style. Between 1939 and 1951, Pilates and his wife attended the dance festival, Jacob’s Pillow in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Many rich and famous, but also from other social classes, began to attend to his study and became a familiar figure, because despite their health care used to be the king of festivals and was a great lover of whiskey and smoking cigars, and show some pictures.It was also usual to see him running through the streets of Manhattan in the middle of winter wearing just a tiny swimsuit. Published in 1945, with William J. Judd Miller and also Robbins as or, his second and latest book, Return to Life Through Contrology (“Return to life through the Contrology”), a manual that, after an introduction by Miller explaining the basics of the method , shown with photographs of Pilates himself, who by then had 65 years of age, the execution of 34 basic exercises. Pilates died in October 1967, at 87 years of age. Two years earlier, the fire had destroyed his studio and, according to some biographies, her death was caused by wounds suffered the day after the fire to visit the remains of the gym trying to save some of their belongings. However, Mary Bowen, one of his students, says he died from emphysema . His wife took over the studio until his death in 1977.


Siglo In 1908, under the government of Colonel Carlos Sarmiento, a law was passed on August 25, which designated the area of present departments Rivadavia, Zonda and Ullum, under the name of Rivadavia, to give honor to former president. Also the same day and year, establishing the department Sarmiento, suprimindo Guanacache old jurisdictions and Flint, only to be districts in 1928, passed a new law of Municipalities, said that included the area within the department Rivadavia Capital . In 1931 he won the election Federico Cantoni. The railroad was opened J chal Department. Federico Cantoni, governor of the province, on two occasions. In 1935, the area known Rivadavia, Capital separated from the department and the area known as Zonda Rivadavia to finally begin building a new department. Is also recognized as a separate department Fertile Valley and establish the current limits.In 1936, he opened the bridges over the Rio San Juan, communicating Caucete departments, and Calingasta Albard n built with iron brought from Europe. In 1940, we present the first report on the importance of Ischigualasto. Begin to visualize the early works of industrial production as olive oil. On September 9, 1942, the law establishing the department Rawson, with Villa Krause, the head. Also on September 19 definitely establishing the department Rivadavia, setting the current limits and also created the department July 9, having been separated from Pocito. The former South Angaco Department is changing its name to the current department of San Mart n and the municipal organic law of September 4 was set definite limits Zonda department, being the village head, Villa Basilio Nievas in a small town that reminds one of the first settlers.In 1944, there was an earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter magnitude scale and a maximum intensity of IX grade modified Mercalli scale. The epicenter was located 20 kilometers north of the city of San Juan, near the town of La Laja, in the department Albard n. Be the earthquake of January 15 was the greatest tragedy to remind the people of Argentina. There is talk of 10,000 dead, an even greater number wounded, the almost total destruction of a city. On June 25, 1966, the provinces of San Juan and Mendoza signed an Interprovincial Boundary Agreement, which left the entire border demarcated between the two provinces. The limit was set by National Law No. 22 200 issued by the military government and published in the Official Gazette on March 27, 1980. Decree-Law No. 18 004 issued by the military government on 23 December 1968, established the boundaries between the provinces of La Rioja and San Juan.Previously, the military inspectors of both provinces entered into an agreement on March 12, 1968, in order to end a dispute secular boundaries. On December 21, 1973, the Legislature passed the law in La Rioja province No. 3468 disregarding the validity of Decree-Law of the military government. The government of San Juan passed in January 1969, the provincial law No. 3580, ratifying the interprovincial agreement signed by the military inspectors in 1968. The dispute centers on the glacier and Cerro El Potro “with potential mining copper and gold, where the Decree-Law No. 18 004 sets the limit starts from the Cerro El Potro, going from there south-easterly direction up to the Rio Blanco, but does not say what the southeasterly direction angle, so the area is enclosed but not demarcated. 1972, he organized the first National Festival of the Sun in 1973, establishing the Universidad Nacional de San Juan. On November 23, 1977 at 6:25 pm, San Juan again shook for telluric forces.An earthquake measuring 9 on the Mercalli scale or 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale, was the epicenter of Sierra de Pie de Palo and affected departments Caucete, May 25, July 9, San Martin and Angaco. Across the country felt the quake, long duration, which caused 65 dead and 300 wounded, destroying many buildings, almost all built without regard to earthquake standards, “in the city of Caucete and severely affecting agricultural activities Valley east of Tulum. In 1980, the work was finally inaugurated Ullum hydroelectric dam. Benefiting broadly to agriculture, causing a growing increase in acreage. In 1984, the department Rawson city is declared, based in Villa Krause. As one of today’s most important cities of the Great San Juan, where he developed an intense commercial activity. In 1994, finally ceased to circulate the passenger trains. In 1998, he began to execute the works Caracoles hydroelectric dam.

History The

History The program was developed by John S. Hoffman, inventor of EPA programs, and implemented by Cathy Zoi and Brian Johnson. The program was intended to be part of a series of voluntary programs, such as low power lights and programs to reduce methane emissions, which would demonstrate the economic and environmental benefit of investing in products and low-power and pave the way to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. It began as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote products for energy efficient elconsumo, and computer products were the first to be labeled. It has since expanded to larger applications, office equipment, lighting, white goods, brown, etc. . You can also find the tag in some new residential, commercial and industrial.The EPA estimates that about 10,000 have saved billions of dollars in energy costs until 2004. Energy Star has also been the driving force behind the extensive use of traffic lights with LEDs, efficient lighting using fluorescent lamp, energy saving systems in equipment office, and lower consumption of electrical brown goods (TVs, music channels, etc.). in sleep mode (stand by).

“Fernando Martin, a big Great Ba-lon-ces-to”

For those who like the Ba-lon-ces-to and small played, like me, there is a special team of basketball history who won silver in Los Angeles against the U.S. team, there would be the beginning of NBA came to us over time. A special player of the day was Fernando Martin, the power forward position and strange way to play by then .. . Needless to say I have to for me was a …do not know how to call it because they do not consider myself to have idols, but people are people because of that attitude to life and chores of them say it all, was my great favorite at a time when basketball was a balance in my life. Today more than 20 years after his death, when over gold this year for the Spanish Basketball victories have taken place have also been commemorated and remembered the beginning: that a silver medal in Los Angeles, and triples in the contest the NBA turned to reflect the image of Fernando Martin, as a tribute, by Rudy. In these days also in the ACB league honors a great of the greats. Fernando Mart n, the first Spanish player in the NBA, were the years of Jordan and Pippen, the Gordo Barkley, Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar (well this played until bored) and Hakeem Olajuwon, Dominique Wilkins and Vinnie Johnson microwave and Dr. Julius Erving.A coach Fernando who failed to understand past and change the way people play under the basket in Spain. He became a reference image of basketball in Spain and was conducted with him a video game player, Fernando Mart n Basket Master, “today we build on computing laugh but was also clear by developing and changing green screens, with which people had to leave the view, current in his day was a boom. That is why this entry was necessary and mounting it made me remember with affection and admiration at the same time I found a very present and that weaves the history of basketball in the NBA today. You enjoy the videos on the history of basketball in Spain. M Jos

Mexico World (1986)

Mexico World (1986) Interpretation of the Renaissance “hand of god” used in a graffiti in Helsinki, Finland. He’s going to play for Diego Maradona there has it, mark it two steps on the ball Maradona, the right boot for the genius of world football and leave the tendal Burruchaga going to play for … Always Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta … Gooooool … Gooooool … I mourn! Holy God, live football! Golaaazooo! Diegoooool! Maradona! It is to mourn, forgive me … Maradona, in a memorable run in the play of all time … Barrilete cosmic … What planet did you come to stop on the way to much English, so that the country is a clenched fist shouting for Argentina Argentina 2 – England 0. Diegol, Diegol, Diego Armando Maradona … Thank God for football, Maradona, for these tears, for this Argentina 2 – England 0. Victor Hugo Morales After the 1982 World Cup there were several changes in the selection of Argentina.The most important was the change in technical direction, as Carlos Salvador Bilardo had replaced Menotti. The second was a change in captaincy: while the representative for the captain was Daniel Passarella Menotti was during the era Bilardo would be Maradona, this would be one of the reasons that, years later, would start a fight between them. But since his ouster in the second round of the world on 2 July 1982 until 10 May 1985 are not played any games for the albiceleste, Bilardo because he wanted a team with players who played in the Argentine soccer. The return, after nearly three year absence, took place in a friendly against Paraguay team played in Buenos Aires in preparation for the qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup 1986. The meeting ended with a draw 1:1 with a goal from Maradona. The group in which Argentina would get the classification was made up of Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.The debut was on 26 May in a tough match against Venezuela in San Cristobal. The match ended with a 3:2 victory with two goals from Maradona and Passarella one. We follow a 3:1 victory against Colombia on 2 June in Bogot , another 3:0 victory in Venezuela on June 9 in Buenos Aires, another 1-0 win in Colombia on 16 this month, also in Buenos Aires, a 1-0 defeat against Peru in Lima on 23 and a draw in two goals against the same selection in Buenos Aires. The last match played on June 30, allowed the selection Argentina qualify for the World Cup, relegating the Colombia and Peru to the playoffs, which eventually won Paraguay.The poor performances during matches of preparation for the World Cup did not generate enthusiasm in Argentina fans: a 1-1 draw against Mexico on November 17, 1985, a 2-0 defeat against France on March 23, 1986 a victory by the slightest difference, 1:0, compared with Grasshopper-Club Z rich on April 1, a 7:2 win against Israel on May 4 and a goalless draw against the Junior of Barranquilla on the 15th of that month. The first match was played in the World Cup against South Korea on June 2, at the Olympic Stadium. It was a 3:1 victory with two goals from Jorge Valdano and one of Oscar Ruggeri. The second game was against defending champions, Italy, on June 5 in the city of Puebla. The game ended 1:1, with a goal from Maradona in the 34th minute of the half. The third and final game of the group stage was against Bulgaria on June 10, again at the Olympic.The victory by 2:0, a goal from Jorge Valdano and a Burruchaga, enabled him to gain the top spot in Group A and qualify for quarter finals. During this phase, both Maradona as Valdano criticized FIFA officials to schedule games at noon, although this time it was functional to the broadcast television, high temperatures could affect the health of the players. In the second round had to face Uruguay, theclassic duel River Plate on 16 June in Puebla. The selection charr a had qualified as the best third in Group E, so that at first seemed like a game accessible despite the presence of Enzo Francescoli. However, Argentina won for only the 1-0, goal by Pedro Pasculli. In the quarterfinals had to face England in the match most remembered for Maradona’s career.The party also had connotations extrafutbol sticas, as four years earlier had produced the Falklands War, which also produced incidents in the stands between Argentine and British sympathizers. The game, played June 22 at Estadio Azteca Mexico City, had two of the most memorable goals in World Cup history, known popularly as the Goal of the Century and The Hand of God.

Main articles ham

Main articles ham in Spain: Jamon Serrano ham from Spain and 2 hams on display for sale. Factories Trev lez hams (province of Granada). This product is traditionally consumed in Spain, so they are different denominations working or it there. Broadly speaking there are two types of hams by race from which the pig, is the Iberian pig (Iberian ham) or some variety of white pigs (“ham” or “ham”). Iberico ham comes from the Iberian pig. The main features that distinguish it in its capacity derived from the purity of the breed of animal breeding in extensive regime of freedom of the Iberian pig in wooded pastures where they can move, feed and cure the ham, which is usually extended from 8 to 36 months.Iberian ham itself apart by its texture, aroma and flavor unique and distinguishable but the taste varies with the degree of acorn you’ve eaten pork, and exercise he has done. It is generally classified by the number of acorns you have consumed before slaughter. The official classification allowed for the Iberian hams grouped into: Bait Iberico ham, Iberico ham from Bait Camp, Recebo Iberian Ham and Iberian Ham. Some regions with a tradition of hams created, along with the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Appellations of Origin which require control and Iberian hams that meet certain characteristics to carry its seal of quality. Appellations of origin are known from the Iberian pig: Iberico ham Jam n de Huelva DO Iberian ham DO Los Pedroches, OJ Jam n Ib rico ham Guijuelo, and Iberian Ham DODehesa de Extremadura. The designations of origin are legally protected by the European Regulation (EC) No 510/2006 of the European Union. Apart from that there are different trade names known to the Spanish consumer, but often confused by their ambiguity, as would be “Jam n de Pata Negra”, “Jabugo ham” or “Ham 5J. To assess the quality there is only the official classification, it must also be reflected in the identification label of the piece (band). The white prosciutto or ham comes from a variety of breed of white pigs, and ham is easily distinguished by the color of the skin of the leg. It is called the mountain when it heals Saw weather, cold and dry. It is currently governed by EC Regulation 2082/92, which defines the characteristics of the process and the finished product. This ham distinguishes three grades according to their healing: bodega ham, ham and ham large reserve reserve.They come in Granada, Salamanca and many other regions. These include different designations of origin and ham from Teruel, Trev lez Ham in addition to other productions without name but with ham as the ham tradition of Murcia flat or Duroc pork ham.

Dental Insurance For Students – Does It Exist

Tips when it comes to supplementary insurance with dental insurance benefits, it is there, the discounted specifically for students and trainees to provide Rates – this possibility does not offer any insurer. The services of special education rates are usually identical to those of the “dard”, ie you do not have to be satisfied here with stripped-down performances. Quite the contrary – some of them are even granted additional benefits, such as reduction or complete elimination of waiting times. The formation rates can not be unlimited, however, claimed – usually these are up to about 30 Year maximum. After being switched to the normal contribution for adults. Training tariffs may apply to our top-rates signal A / B, and the rate Continentale CEZK. Barmenia and offer ARAG for young people in education and training students, unfortunately, not discounted rates. The dental insurance: Continentale CEZK is run as a collective training with the name “AZ”- In addition to lower premium, no further benefits are granted. The signal dental insurance (more on this in the forum dental insurance click here … granted) the benefits of training only for the tariff rates GE (20% of dentures, glasses, and optical appliances, Kurtagegeld and international health insurance) and GE-PLUS (10% dental, medical – and aids, medical practitioners) – Z 50-3 (50% remaining cost of dentures,) can not, unfortunately, orthodontics and dental care will be offered as a training rate. The rates of the signal are marked with the designation “R” as a training rate. In the rates R-GE-GE-PLUS and R accounts in addition to 8-month waiting period for dental prostheses and the 3-month waiting period for supplementary benefits. If you want to use the training rate of the Continental or the signal, please request an application with training awards at a neutral mediator. The application, you can then alter itself accordingly (important: do not forget, aResolve training certificate). If you expect to complete any additional insurance for the dentist, you can also use a dental comparison (eg on a dentist’s recommendation), take advantage of in order to save money tips when it comes to the hospital’s supplementary There are also quite different than the deals Dental insurance. First, the same conclusion applies as above, there is a tariff with much lower premiums for trainees and students as usual for young people or adults are charged normally. But, as already stated, which are by far not all vendors in the market in the program. It is especially complicated in this area because of some insurance (auchnicht of all, there so-called option supplementary Hospital, which are usually supplementary insurance for hospital services for the chief surgeon, and usually for 2-bed rooms. These offers can students or to stop people in education up to max. 35. The premiums are sometimes only about half as high asNormaltarife.Nachteil: These rates are taken into account any reserves. This is also the reason why they can, the rates are offered so favorable. Most importantly: These offers have an option in the regular way on board, compensation for loss of insurance such as years later, then, for example at the end of the study, with possible inclusion of a doped Beitragsbemessuingsgrenze secured over the jobs of the Regulation, without a new medical test to a full KV-could change. If the option is not genonmmen consuming and / or end of training, falls away the privilege. If then the above option is not exercised. Normalprmien is switched on, then it’s much more expensive. Disadvantage: Then the premium is calculated according to the then reached higher entry age. Author: Florian Meier muenchen – Munich

Food & Drink

What a few decades ago solely to feed his destiny was now taking part in cult status. TV programs which address the topic of food & beverage can be received several times a day to the interest in the population is growing steadily, refined cooking has many fans. Whether simple dishes prepared with flair, destined for each day up to sterneverdchtigen Design, which is far Reportoire reichned. Try and let your taste buds enjoy The most important thing in the beginning are impeccable quality ingredients that are expertly processed further. Since, however, as indeed in all other areas are non-expert craftsmen and can not achieve lasting success, it is important to deal with the matter. From the basic equipment such as high quality knives, which has a price, to prepare for its normal use for almost a life long, about product knowledge up to the perfect combination of well-prepared dishes and matching wine to cover a wide spectrum of the audience enjoys cooking. Even on the Internet this development is taken into accountRecipes are quick to see, there are many informative websites. Several well known restaurants have long since discovered this trend and offer regular cooking classes. Clear that even here in a few hours or days, the entire range of cuisine is by far can not be covered, but influential and important insights can be merely observing tricks already. An original idea is always a cooking class, a voucher so you can prepare a joy. Most are offered on different days, different issues, and particular preferences of individual Interssensgebiete not be neglected.

On October 21,

On October 21, 1965, in the summary of activities to mark the anniversary of the V integration of the Cuban Youth Movement and the inauguration of the first National Sports Games, the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz announced the emergence of a new newspaper which had the historical background to the journal Mella (weekly) and the Diario de la Tarde, and should continue to collect and combative and exemplary traditions of Cuban youth press. On that occasion, Fidel Castro spoke at the Pedro Marrero stadium with members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the western provinces and emerged as a symbiosis of the meaning of the names proposed, that of Juventud Rebelde, which was adopted unanimously and democratically. Since then, their pages have displayed the most momentous events in Cuba and the world.The first copy circulated on October 22, 1965 16-page tabloid-size, and printed with three inks (red, blue and black), and remained in this format for almost three months until January 14, 1966, as an initial print run of 65,000 copies dropped to 45,000. A month after passing size “sheet” (broadsheet), the circulation increased to 80,000 copies. Juventud Rebelde evening started as morning in the capital and elsewhere in the country with two ions: one for the interior and the second for Havana (though could be considered one, as it only included the cinema and other entertainment for Havana ion).Juventud Rebelde was characterized in its early stages by having a large number of filmmakers, artists and designers who, together with the student publication of the Pioneer, which lay in the same place, allowed the publication of supplements such as humor (of a critical nature ) The Sable (November 15, 1965) and cultural The Bearded Cayman (January 1966), which later became a separate publication. Appears replacing Sable supplement the humorous The Chicharra, short duration, and on 25 February 1969 began to the Dedet (DDT) by a team of trained comedians in the newspaper. In the early months of 1968 actually began printing two ions: one for the capital (evening) and second (morning), that was made hours later, and was distributed in the rest of the country.In addition, the newspaper ed numerous special tabloids, for example, for the seventh anniversary of the integration of the Cuban Youth Movement (in four colors, October 1967), Mexico Olympics 1968, Apollo 11, Lunajod I, Summary of the Festival XI Youth and Students (with 48 four-color pages, etc.). On June 1, 1969, ceased publication Juventud Rebelde to circulate on Saturday morning to Sunday as the country, appearing and the Sunday ion of Juventud Rebelde. In 1969, Juventud Rebelde created the National School of correspondents with an enrollment of 18 partners, four of Havana and the rest from other provinces, and kept the circulation of the Bulletin Telex with useful information for youth newspaper correspondents on the island . In turn, Juventud Rebelde designed and drew up the paper in its infancy onward to victory for the Isle of Youth.On March 1, 1972, Juventud Rebelde began printing three ions: the first for Havana, the third to the then provinces of Camaguey and Oriente, and the second for the rest. On 1 December of that year came fourth ion (with the name of the third), Tuesday-Saturday, dedicated to students from Havana and rural schools in the Isle of Youth, with an emphasis in the news student. On several occasions, Juventud Rebelde used four colors: in December 1975, the numbers engaged in the First Congress of the Party, in December 1976, when it happened the Popular Power National Assembly, and in 1977, during the Third Congress of the UJC , among others. In 1977, the Juventud Rebelde emerged within’re young, youth bimonthly magazine became independent shortly thereafter. On January 11, 1987 Juventud Rebelde became off-set printed in its new polygraph Combined local newspapers Granma and returns to tabloid after 22 years, now A-3 format.From 1987 to 1990 were published at regular intervals and at different times various supplements as TeleGuia (with TV screens), LPV (sports), Permit (cultural), Fashion and Modes, CT-21 (scientific and technical).

In Leipzig, At Home

Sun, beach and – Leipzig But, do they fit together, because the Saxon metropolis has the longest sandy beach of Saxony. But this is only one small facet of the great job that awaits visitors in Leipzig. When you think of Leipzig, one thinks first of the Leipzig Trade Fair, at the Book Fair, on business trips to Leipzig, then. But why not combine a business trip with a family vacation or even once a tourist coming to Leipzig Leipzig is famous not only through the book, particularly by Bach, Johann Sebastian. He worked as cantor and organist at St. Thomas Church and has led the St. Thomas Choir, founded in 1212. Auerbach’s cellar, restaurant and restaurant in the Madler Passage, has been received by Goethe’s “Faust” in world literature. Leipzig has to offer for every taste: culture, nature, traffic noise, encounter with the past. The question of the lodging, a couple or for the whole family is easily answered: On this site, fourApartments available for two to five people. The apartments are located in and around the Winter Garden Tower, a striking building, centrally located, directly at the train station. All four apartments can be booked from an occupancy of two people – not counting children under six years, staying in charge. The prices are well below the cost of hotel accommodation in houses with comparable facilities. And what else is evidence suggesting that combine a business trip to Leipzig, with a family vacation: When booking a whole week, just six days to be calculated. These comfortable flats of apartments-Leipzig are fully equipped for self catering. Who needs a car-parking space, which should in time-let apartments in Leipzig. Long-term tenants are seen in a positive way. Simply send a booking request to rent apartments and viewed on its Web site at the homes in detail. Short or Long Term Rental: With your own four walls at the time can stay in Leipzig simply betterenjoy.