“Fernando Martin, a big Great Ba-lon-ces-to”

For those who like the Ba-lon-ces-to and small played, like me, there is a special team of basketball history who won silver in Los Angeles against the U.S. team, there would be the beginning of NBA came to us over time. A special player of the day was Fernando Martin, the power forward position and strange way to play by then .. . Needless to say I have to for me was a …do not know how to call it because they do not consider myself to have idols, but people are people because of that attitude to life and chores of them say it all, was my great favorite at a time when basketball was a balance in my life. Today more than 20 years after his death, when over gold this year for the Spanish Basketball victories have taken place have also been commemorated and remembered the beginning: that a silver medal in Los Angeles, and triples in the contest the NBA turned to reflect the image of Fernando Martin, as a tribute, by Rudy. In these days also in the ACB league honors a great of the greats. Fernando Mart n, the first Spanish player in the NBA, were the years of Jordan and Pippen, the Gordo Barkley, Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar (well this played until bored) and Hakeem Olajuwon, Dominique Wilkins and Vinnie Johnson microwave and Dr. Julius Erving.A coach Fernando who failed to understand past and change the way people play under the basket in Spain. He became a reference image of basketball in Spain and was conducted with him a video game player, Fernando Mart n Basket Master, “today we build on computing laugh but was also clear by developing and changing green screens, with which people had to leave the view, current in his day was a boom. That is why this entry was necessary and mounting it made me remember with affection and admiration at the same time I found a very present and that weaves the history of basketball in the NBA today. You enjoy the videos on the history of basketball in Spain. M Jos