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Reiki To Grow Inwardly

I have spent many years making me reiki as a student, working with reiki as a therapist, teaching reiki as a teacher; and in common there is always a strong point of reiki that pleased: the capacity that has, for guiding inwardly towards the growth of people. If I had to define the greatest quality of reiki, for me it would be this. Heal, there are many therapies that are dedicated to heal.Relax, there are many therapies that help you to relax. But inwardly guide you towards the connection with your deepest being, or soul, and that this is who you orient toward where go, few therapies there are to achieve this objective. And which I domino is this: is the Reiki.

Reiki helps you see which are the locks that prevent you from being happy in this life. With a therapist once you’ve already found them, it helps you heal them facing them, not rejecting them or avoiding them. And once you’re overcoming them, every time you’re feeling inside of you, all the potential of who you are and what you want. Life normally live it simply taken into account where we want to go. If we get it, we are so happy. But if we fail, then we believe that we have failed. That our efforts have been in vain. But you have to see it from another perspective.

You have to see it as the tale of the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, where reflected that the most important is not to get the goal, but everything that we learn along the way that we walk to reach it. Consider all people we have known at that period of time. People who sometimes become good friends in life, others simply have passed through long. And this part of awareness and observation, is one of the parties that a measure which make you Reiki or that one same is made Reiki (provided that has previously been initiated by a Reiki maestro-maestra), are changing the way of seeing life. It is as if as you get that positive energy, were disappearing spines were found by the road, and you were seeing better all the beautiful flowers we saw not at that moment, so pending not to pinch us with thorns. Reiki helps you realize that each day grow with the experiences that we live, every day we grow with people who we know. And finally we are what we have decided at each moment, taking into account the decisions we have taken. Reiki helps you be aware of that you yourself who decides to become what you want to be. They are slow but sure steps. Harrowing in some moments, but satisfactory when you advance. Sad when revives painful but happy memories when you get to transform them into learning. Anyway from my experience of alumna, therapist and teacher, this is one of the great advantages of know reiki and working on it. Thanks for reading my article, based on my experience. Montserrat Oliveros Gonzalez teacher and therapist in Reiki (Reiki Spanish Federation member) web: original author and source of the article.

Art Through History

He defines art as the imitation of the invisible material or through matter or visible. It’s all man’s ability. It is opposed to nature. Art and Nature are the two most comprehensive genera formed by human intelligence within the genre as Nature and Art encompass all phenomena of the universe. Nature is designated, all that exists independently of study and work, ie phenomena as we find them and is designated as art, everything that we do not find, that is, is everything we produce with invention and effort .

The classical authors defined a fine art as the imitation of nature. With this definition a great field was opened to the controversy over the objectivity and subjectivity of beauty. The idea of art involves a set of procedures, a method to obtain specific results. Littre defined it as: “how to do something by a certain method,” and Joubert says, “is the ability reduced to theory. Usually reserve the name Art for the manifestations of human activity that has to do with feelings and imagination, like poetry, music, painting, sculpture and architecture. In a narrower sense, art is defined, as opposed to literature, in that order of creations that are directed to move through his eyes, such as architecture, sculpture and painting.

Throughout history philosophers have discussed at length the origin, the end, the nature and classification of the arts. One of them was Aristotle in his treatises on the Beautiful, The Imitation of Atre (Rhetoric Part III), analyzed and listed the essence and purpose of art. Hegel distinguished in art history three ways, corresponding to three states of civilization: “The first is the symbolic form, where only produced crude images of natural forces. “The second is the classical form, which is idealized matter, reaching the perfect balance of mind and its outward manifestation, and the third is the Romantic, is when art and seeks more spiritualized ideal within consciousness. The first is typical of the Orient, Greece’s second and third of the middle ages. According to Hegel the romantic forms characterized by expression rather than seek beauty, admitting real with their imperfections and ugliness. To top art is an instrument of government or religion, and later achieved independence by increasing their varieties to admit all sorts of representations and not merely representations of the sacred legends, as in the beginning. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with kevin ulrich. In the ancient works of conception is even, the attitude of the characters are identical, while in the modern are more diverse and heterogeneous. Poetry, music and dancing confused at first, gradually differ. So Spencer is in the historical evolution of art confirmation of its principle, all organic progress is a step in the homogeneous to the heterogeneous, from simple to complex.

Photography Exclusive

On 20 February, on the occasion of the launch of its new camera compact Sony Cybershot TX7, Sony convened the first photography contest female, exclusively for women, organized through the social networking site Facebook. What US interests women?, is the question posed by the competition and must respond to that with an image. Vidanta. To participate, women only have to share a picture on the wall of the official website of the contest on Facebook. Which accumulate most votes I like will be the winner of a Sony Cybershot TX7 camera. This simple mechanism of participation seems to be the key to the success of the competition. That has created excitement and achieved high levels of participation by contestants from its beginning. Atmos Energy often says this.

These, not only claim their vote, but judge the contributions of their rivals and express their opinions in comments beyond a single click. In the last three days of the contest, between 15 and 18 March, the comments of participants exceeded thirty and the votes surpassed 1,000. Throughout the campaign, the data speak for themselves. More than 3,500 fans in less than 30 days. In addition to an index of participation record being a competition reserved for women and limited to residents in Spain: more than 3,100 weekly that most interactions of 70% relate to the quality of the content. The female target seems to be the new vein of social networks and for this reason, Sony makes a bet without precedent for this avenue of contact with this profile pioneered the use of new technologies. Women already have a majority presence in Facebook, according to the latest studies, where photography is also the preferred format with more than 83 million new photos every day.

Social Media Predictions

Needless to say how difficult that has been selected the 15 best publications of Marketing Digital in 2010; and to not enter absolutism that adverbs as better means, let’s say that this is a selection of 15 items that you should not read you because of its high potential for Internet Marketing. Do we begin then with selection marketing 2010.? 1.-2011 Social Media Predictions: it is an excellent starting point with which without him, Internet would be nothing; the cooperation. He is an elaborate document between various experts of the internet including Marc Cortes, a document that collects ideas and projections relating to social media. As any collection can be lack of time of writing a good article; but a lot worth reading it. In the first place because everyone loves the predictions and we’ll be doing the network 2011 and, secondly, because the quality presented in this exhibition; It is meritorious, it’s nice to read it. 2. Here, kevin ulrich expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The new relationship marketing: A true class on relationship Marketing, a publication of Christian Palau Sanz that I liked for its educational value and by which means that materials such as this are disseminated on the internet.

I like, find me it useful and advisable, though not rescues in a complete sentence; the whole of this presentation, exerts a widely clarifying action on the subject. It is a hard work, no doubt, and to highlight is the power of awesome graphic synthesis that entails this presentation. 3, 2010 the year of cyberwar: by their realistic content and their global vision of an issue which is not so easy to find. Wars always, there was the ability to be and think differently; Luckily she continues intact in humans and almost all its manifestations which motor. Towards within himself quoted by Structuralists of thought as Ausubel and outward in the epistemological approach to Khun; the war of thought, the confrontation of old and new structures, is the engine of change and that is very good.

Photo Customized Buckets

These fantastic bucket of photos comes with a smooth weave to the tact that also gives the added advantage of a greater effect in the impression of its photography. The urban landscapes and the horizons are the ideal scene if it is decided on a photography of several buckets reason why it can create his own assembly, or to even leave young play them with them. The material of the bucket is smooth and cushioned, it is possible to be used perfectly in the room of a boy without risk of which it hurts or any site of his home. Customized gifts. The smallest buckets are a magnificent idea of customized gift.

It To the grandparents of the boys can decorate them with photos of the children and be #***aed-refl mng so that they have in an original format a fantastic memory of his grandsons. An attractive option is also the one to add customized messages in the flanks or to still more personalize the design with other ideas that come to him to the mind. The photo great buckets is ideal to show to their digital photographies with greater clearness and quality. The resistant foam material holds without no problem the weight of an adult man. Not only they are brilliant like ideas of gifts, but they can give a distinguishing touch him of personality to the interior of its home. Selection of the digital photos in the impressions. Any image can be used, although the design of the bucket is square reason why obvious the photo will be due to trim until obtaining the size of the bucket. An option available is to have the same image in the 6 faces of the bucket, or a different one in each side of the bucket for a greater diversion. The images can be of any thing that is happened to him, although the photos of first plane are those that better work. In any case it throws to roll his imagination and it will see whichever creative things can obtain with these photo customized buckets.


The most important aspect when the challenge is assumed to lead a work party, I fodder that is the deal with the subordinates, position that the conduct of the people is not predictable. When we assumed the leadership of an equipment we will most of find the occasions three types of attitudes towards us: 1. – A group of workers will show their unconditional support to us. 2. – A small group will be against to us abiertamente. 3. – Other that will do solely the necessary thing to stay in the position. But the suitable thing is that the leadership style that we use generates positive a climate labor with people who support and innovate in favor of the company, with this it will be possible to be obtained that the majority of our subordinates is located in the group of the people who show their support to us and who little by little are dissolved the group of which they are against to us abiertamente.

From my perspective, from a beginning, we must act as usually we do it habitually, is not recommendable to assume poses or gestures that do not represent to us, are necessary that we transmit a real image, practically does not pretend to be another one person who is not. The poses are open pies faster than we imagined and this will cause that the people hardly trust us when we communicate an order or we give some instructions. In order to begin to delegate we must consider the following aspects: 1. We must have the necessary knowledge, we cannot delegate functions or activities of subjects or aspects that we do not include/understand in its totality, it is important to be informed very well and updated. 2. We must develop to an effective communication one hundred percent, the principle of a successful communication constitutes the knowledge to listen and to analyze what they transmit to us, since this will help to give us account us that not necessarily all the initiatives must start off of us, because the other members of the equipment also can contribute valuable ideas.

Various Events

The topic related to the flowers Peru is quite broad and interesting at the same time. Flowers in its different presentations are ideal to give life to a room and enhance the decor of the same. Important on this occasion is to know what kind of flower is ideal to decorate the different scenarios of that special day. The flower type plays a very important role in creating the proper atmosphere. Not all decorations must be with roses, there are many other options to consider. One of the most beautiful events and therefore need many flowers are marriages. It is important to mention that the Peru flowers are varied, there are many types. In a marriage must be considered a separate budget only for the purchase of flowers.

The price of these varies depending on the flower type, size and quantity. Remember that a flower is not prettier by the simple fact of being more expensive. Large jobs can be made with enough creativity and good taste. Another tip to keep in mind is that if the flowers aren’t in season will be more difficult to obtain and therefore more expensive. A good decorator could guide you on these issues to make a smart purchase.

In a marriage flowers are needed to decorate the Church, to repair the House of the bride and to decorate the reception room. In the latter place known table centres are needed. These floral arrangements are considered one of the main elements of decoration at a party. Therefore, it should be selected in accordance with the rest of the decor of the place and following some guidelines. The Peru flowers are perfect for all kinds of arrangements. There is always a type of flower for every kind of celebration. The Peru flowers are really beautiful and decorate any kind of environment. Today, thanks to technology can be this kind of shopping over the internet. With Envios Peru won’t have that worry. Original author and source of the article

The Art Of Oratory: Bright, Brilliant And Fascinating Speech .

Any human actvty s smply mpossble to magne wthout the pronuncaton of phrases and wthout communcaton. Publc speakng – t s part of the art, whch naturally meant by a knowledge of the prncples of publc speakng art. Oratory, lke any other art, has always been traned n the tmes of ancent Greeks. It s an art anyone can learn: You wll receve communcaton tranng courses on publc speakng. True eloquence sklls to express ther poston clearly, so that was not notceable art tself. The essence of publc speakng – to hold t so that the audence was attracted by the theme of speech and forgot about the speaker, and after speech remember only about the topc. Durng the tranng courses of oratory the speaker and all sklls are acqured.

Sklls are acqured as a result of repetton of ntellectual, motor and sensory acton on materals varous presentatons and speeches on publc nformaton, lterary texts. The tranngs of communcaton lad the man thng – speech technology. Technque of speech s a clear statement of hs thoughts, usng extensve vocabulary, possessed voce, facal expressons, gestures and posture, the correct constructon of hs speech. By the methods of the so-called non-verbal communcaton used n oratory are: the ablty to clearly control ther behavor, the dstrbuton of attenton when communcatng wth the audence, professonal observaton, the ablty to clearly express ther emotons and control them, the ablty to nteract wth people Art wth the audence. Oratory can be used for any communcaton. Partcularly acute n recent years the art of speaker s requred for presentatons and busness presentatons. The bass of sklls presentaton sklls are a detaled analyss, the study of necessary lterature on the topc and complng statements, the ablty to make a bref outlne of speech, composure n front of a large number of people and management attenton, skll and tme to end ths presentaton to answer questons. Equally mportant s the skll of orentaton n tme and the ablty to effectvely nvolve dfferent equpment for presentatons to more nterestng process communcaton. Oratory conssts of 4 basc rules: t s necessary to beleve n hmself expounded, t s mportant to gve the speech-and voce-contaned breathng apparatus n perfect condton, t s necessary to develop oro-pharyngeal muscles, always beleve n themselves and ther own forces. Of course, n the lfe of every human beng has ts own partcular purpose. It s through publc speakng communcaton sklls are your own goals can be acheved most quckly and easly.